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Spoke Plant, Arkansas

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Spoke Plant Lodge # 376 - Independent Order of Oddfellows


J.R. Cowan           Initiated December 1905

S. J. Cowan          Initiated December 1905

Andy M. Cowan    Initiated December 1905

A. J. Coleman       Initiated December 1905

T. J. Lowe             Initiated December 1905-----------DNPD July 20, 1917

J. P. Mills (?)        Initiated December 1905

J. T. Mullins          Initiated December 1905

M. B. Ozbin          Initiated December 1905

J. B. Tompkins      Initiated December 1905

N. C. Burns           Initiated December 1905

George S. Brown   Initiated December 1905

L. Dorethit (?)                                            ----------DNPD January 1, 1913

N. R. Sanders       came in by card June 30, 1913--DNPD March 7, 1914

J. M. Eldredge                                           ----------DNPD December 30, 1914

Jerry Gilbert                                              ----------DNPD August 5, 1914

L. Harvey                                                  ----------DNPD January 1, 1914

M. F. Ritchie                                             ----------DNPD August 5, 1914

John Southern                                           ----------DNPD January 1, 1914

E.M. Hickens                                            ----------DNPD July 5, 1914

Ile.(?) Witherly                                           ----------DNPD July 5, 1914

L. Harvey                                                  ----------DNPD January 1, 1914

Lee F. Bailey                                            ----------DNPD June 30, 1915

W.W. Burns                                              ---------DNPD June 30, 1915----Reinstated June 30, 1916

R.H. Tassey        Initiated June 30, 1915    

J.P. Davis                                                 ----------DNPD June 30, 1915---Returned by card April 27, 1917

Thomas Newman  Initiated June 30, 1916

John Durham                                             ---------DNPD July 20, 1916--Reinstated June 30, 1917

W.R. Evans                                               ---------Expelled September 2, 1916

Manson Mays      Initiated March 11, 1916   ---------DNPD  February 2, 1917

M. Patrick                                                 ---------Reinstated December 30, 1916

H.C. Ritchie                                              ---------Reinstated June 30, 1916

J.R. Williams       Came in by card December 30, 1916

W. F. Riteline (?)  Came in by card November 28, 1916---DNPD February 2, 1918

George Carr                                              ---------Reinstated June 30, 1916

D.J. Mays                                                 ---------DNPD June 30, 1916---Reinstated February 2, 1917

W.A. Stepp         Initiated June 30, 1916     ---------DNPD January 1, 1920

Joe Brandenburg    Came in by card           ----------DNPD July 20, 1917

J.H. Gilbert                                               ----------DNPD July 20, 1917

James Hammons  Initiated April 4, 1917     ----------DNPD June 19, 1917

W.M. Wetherly                                        -----------DNPD July 20, 1917 ---Reinstated July 17, 1923

D.M. Holland                                            ----------DNPD February 18, 1918

W.P. Harris                                             ----------DNPD February 21, 1918 ----Reinstated December 31, 1918

? W. Hamilton                                          ----------DNPD February 2, 1918

Joe Hammonds                                        ----------DNPD September 14, 1918

George Karr                                             ----------DNPD February 2, 1918

Mace McGuire                                         ----------DNPD September 14, 1918

W.C. Ritchie                                            ----------DNPD September 14, 1918

J.J. Stepp                                                ----------DNPD February 2, 1918

J.W. Harris                                              ----------DNPD July 1, 1919

T.F. Ritchie                                              ---------DNPD September 8, 1923

R.E. Hedges  Initiated April 4, 1926            ---------DNPD December 31, 1928

W.M. Wright                                            ----------Reinstated April 4, 1926


Explanation:  DNPD means they were dropped for non-payment of dues.

                    Came in by card means they transferred from another lodge.

                    Reinstated means they paid their dues and were restored to membership.


Spoke Plant School

The picture was taken in the early 1940's. Spoke Plant was 7 miles south of Pettigrew, right on Little Mulberry River, and about half a mile from the Johnson county line.

Teachers at Spoke Plant school 1926—1948:

            Alden Hazen------------------------1926
                                                  Joe Anderson-------1927 and 1928
                                                  Maggie Marshall Hamilton---1929
                                                  Troy Lane----------------------------1930
                                                  Hazel Keck--------------------------1931
                                                  Elzada Griffith Acord-----------1932 and 1933
                                                  Jimmy Yarbrough----------------1934
                                                  Bob McIlroy-------------------------1935
                                                  Essie Barker------------------------1936
                                                  Pauline Jackson Thacker----1937
                                                  Bessie Cornett---------------------1938
                                                  Reba Clark Reed-----------------1939 and 1940
                                                  Irene Van Landingham Drain-1941
                                                  Florence Easley------------------1942
                                                  Helen McCullough--------------1943
                                                  Mr. Brisco---------------------------1944
                                                  No school in 1945. The school either had no money, or couldn't
                                                     find a teacher.
                                                  Mabel Smith----------------------1946
                                                  Aileen Vire------------------------1947
                                                  Opal Stepp Williams---------1948
The school was consolidated in 1949  with St. Paul school district.

Spoke Plant Students

Here is a picture of the last students there before consolidation with St. Paul in 1949. This picture was in 1948. In the back is Tommy Lucille Hoskins and Charles ( Joe ) Stepp. In the front is the teacher, Opal (Stepp ) Williams, Fawn Stepp, Fern Stepp, Rita Stepp, Reba Stepp and the photographer Marshall Eldredge.

Spoke Plant Store and Post Office Building, taken in 1938.

Some people living  in Spoke Plant area about 1915. Henry Campbell, W. J. Campbell, George Clark, Sid Clark, J. Cowan, Shortie Ritchie, Arthur Ward, J.J. Evans, W.R. Evans,
Walt Evans, William Evans, J.H. Gilbert, Wilse Holland, Squire Holland, P.B. Hamilton, Finley Hoskins, Squire Hoskins,
W.B. Holcomb,Thomas Holland, Joe Hammond, Pollie Holland, George Holland, S.D. McAdoo, Sam Mayes,
R.D. Ritchie, H,K. Mullins, B. Masterson, Clero Mullins, Frank Patrick, Frank Phillips, Toy Ritchie, M. Shipp, M.F. Ritchie,
J. Stewart, J. Riley,  J.W. Ritchie, T.R. Roberts, H.C. Ritchie, J.J. Stepp, D. Radford, Alf Cowan,  John W. Evans, Harve Ward, Jubal Stepp, R.H. Tassey, Ed Thacker,  W.A. Taylor, Jack Ward, B. Wright, Wick Wages, J. Whitmire, Jim Acord,  Anthony Hammond, W.H. Osgood, Nancy Hoskins, M.M. McGuire, W. Smith,  Milton Patrick, J.H. Davis,  W.R. Adkins, Spencer Holland, Bill Clark,  Riley Evans, Jane Evans, May or Mary Brundage, Manrow Mays, Sidney Clark,  T.J. Lowe, A. B. Hoskins,
Tom Newman, John Hunter,Claud Skaggs,  Hugh Killian, Sid Miller, Otis Eldredge, Elisha Vire, R.D. Vire,Ed Barber, F. Waters, Walt Hamilton, N.S. Harrison, E.A. Black, Claud Carr, J.H. Harris,  Tom Holland,Millard Wages, Luster Mulland, Ona Mullins, Dillard Rose, A.H. Rose. 


In the early 1900s, there was a mill at Spoke Plant that made spokes. To haul them out a narrow trestle was built and an engine called the Tram pulling a flat car hauled them out about 2 1/2 miles up the steepest part of the mountain, and there they were transferred to wagons and hauled in to Pettigrew  and transported by  train from there.  In later years, when a road was built, it followed the same path as the Tram, and is still known as
"The Tram Road."      

 Thanks to Doris Dewberry and Shiloh Museum for the photo.


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