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Marion County, AR Census Records
Index to 1840 Federal Census Records
From Federal Census Microfilm M704-19
Transcribed by: Linda Haas Davenport

Dividing Line

There is another Index to the 1840 Census on the Census Index Page. It is a just a list of names that I abstracted from the Ancestry Site. Some names on that list are not on this one and some on this one are not on that one. Be sure to look at both lists.

If you have any corrections please be kind and send them to me. Thanks

Want / need to know more about the 1840 census? Go here

Dividing Line

Click on the letters below to be taken to that section


Head of Household Page # Township
A   Top    
Adams, George 044 Buffalo Fork
Adams, James 044 Buffalo Fork
Adams, John 047 Union
Adams, Mathew 047 Union
Adams, Robert 044 Buffalo Fork
Anderson, Moses 047 Union
Anderson, Abraham 045 Little North Fork
Anderson, Elias 045 Little North Fork
Atkerson, James 045 Little North Fork
B   Top    
Backharenon, (Buchannan?) James 049 White River
Barretts, William 050 White River
Bass, Sarah 045 Little North Fork
Bennets, Joseph 043 Blythe
Bennets, Noah 043 Blythe
Bennett, Richmon J 046 Sugar Loaf
Beshear, William 047 Union
Bivens, Mary 045 Little North Fork
Blythe, Jackson 047 Union
Blythe, John 043 Blythe
Bratten, Benjamin 048 Union
Bratten, Milcean 047 Union
Burns, Alfred B 048 Union
C   Top    
Carter, John 046 Sugar Loaf
Cates, Benjamin 050 White River
Chambers, Lames 050 White River
Churchman, John 043 Blythe
Cobb, Caleb 046 Sugar Loaf
Cobb, Lerner (Lemar?) 046 Sugar Loaf
Cockran, James L 044 Buffalo Fork
Cockran, Jonathan 044 Buffalo Fork
Cockran William 044 Buffalo Fork
Cockran, Charles 046 Sugar Loaf
Coker, Edward 046 Sugar Loaf
Coker, Washington 042 Bylthe
Coker, William 046 Sugar Loaf
Colder, Peter 045 Little North Fork
Cooper, Levi H 048 Union
Cowen, John 047 Union
Cowen, Silas 047 Union
Cower, Henry 046 Sugar Loaf
D   Top    
Dabs, Calaway 042 Blythe
Denton, Samuel 049 White River
DeShields, William 042 Blythe
Dickerson, E H 049 White River
Dool, Thomas 049 White River
Duggans, Alexander 045 Little North Fork
Duggins, James 044 Buffalo Fork
E   Top    
Egel, Izaiah 042 Blythe
Everett, J B 047 Union
Everett, John L 048 Union
Everett, Thomas E 048 Union
Everts, Jessee N 050 White River
F   Top    
Farrier, Thomas 049 White River
Fellow, David 045 Little North Fork
Flippin, Allen 049 White River
Flippin, Thomas H 050 White River
Framne, Philip 047 Union
Francis, Silas 048 Union
Freeman, William 042 Blythe
Friend, Alex 046 Sugar Loaf
Friend, Peter 046 Sugar Loaf
G   Top    
Gage, James 047 Union
Garrison, William 046 Sugar Loaf
Gideon, William 049 White River
Glen, Jacob 042 Blythe
Goodall, Robert 043 Blythe
Goodall, William 043 Blythe
Goodman, George 050 White River
Goodman, Isaac H 049 White River
Goodman, Jesse 049 White River
Goodman, Luiza 050 White River
Gray, Robert 047 Union
H   Top    
Hall, Abslom 049 White River
Hall, David, Jr 045 Little North Fork
Hall, John 049 White River
Hall, Joseph 049 White River
Hall, Thomas 045 Little North Fork
Hall, Willeby 045 Little North Fork
Hardon, Asher 042 Blythe
Hargrave, John 049 White River
Harris, John 050 White River
Hogan, Joseph 045 Little North Fork
Howard, William 046 Sugar Loaf
Hightowner, H 049 White River
Hill, A M 042 Blythe
Hogan, Ewing 045 Little North Fork
Hogan, Meldger 045 Little North Fork
Hogan, Young 045 Little North Fork
Hurst, Abram 047 Union
Hurst, John 047 Union
Hutson, Jesse 048 Union
Hutson, John B 048 Union
Hutson, Thomas 048 Union
I   Top    
Ingram, John B 047 Union
J   Top    
Johnson, Samuel 049 White River
Jones, Isaac 047 Union
Jourdan, Nelly 044 Buffalo Fork
K   Top    
Keath, John B 042 Blythe
Kesler, Isaac 042 Blythe
Kidd, Francis M 044 Buffalo Fork
Kilough, Hannah 044 Buffalo Fork
King, Andrew J 042 Blythe
King, James 043 Blythe
King, Joel 042 Blythe
King, William 043 Blythe
Kipp, Dality 045 Little North Fork
L   Top    
Landgone, Richard 050 White River
Land, Jacob 042 Blythe
Linam, Thomas J 049 White River
Lney, Peaches k 046 Sugar Loaf
Lord, Levi 048 Union
Lovel, William 047 Union
Lowther, Robert 047 Union
M   Top    
Magness, James 042 Blythe
Magness, Joseph 046 Sugar Loaf
Marks, E H 045 Little North Fork
Marshall, John H 042 Blythe
Marshall, Thomas 042 Blythe
Master, James B 046 Sugar Loaf
Mathews, Michael 047 Union
Mathis, Stephen 049 White River
McCary, Massy 046 Sugar Loaf
McDaniel, James 049 White River
McGlohlen, Joseph 045 Little North Fork
McVey, James 045 Little North Fork
Middleton, William 050 White River
Montghomery, James 049 White River
Mooney, Edward 049 White River
Moore, William 042 Blythe
Moreland, John 047 Union
Moreland, William 044 Buffalo Fork
Moreland, William L 044 Buffalo Fork
Morris, Washington 045 Little North Fork
Mosse, Thomas 048 Union
Mulloy, Johnathan 050 White River
Murphy, Johnt. 048 Union
N   Top    
Nave, Abram 049 White River
Nave, Jacob 046 Sugar Loaf
O   Top    
Owens, Perry J 047 Union
P   Top    
Pain, Joseph 050 White River
Perkins, David 050 White River
Perriman, Joel W 042 Blythe
Pierson, Levi 045 Little North Fork
Pierson, William 045 Little North Fork
Q   Top    
Quarles, Thomas 043 Blythe
R   Top    
Reynolds, Martin 049 White River
Reynolds, William 049 White River
Ritter, Duwry 042 Blythe
Roberts, R C 048 Union
Rogers, John R 050 White River
Rose, Silas 048 Union
Rowletts, Moses 045 Little North Fork
Rutherford, James 049 White River
Rutherford, Thomas G 050 White River
Ryals, William 042 Blythe
S   Top    
Scaff, Kimrod 043 Blythe
Semmons, John W 042 Blythe
Shipman, William 046 Sugar Loaf
Snap, Madison C 045 Little North Fork
Stallings, John E 042 Blythe
Steward, James 049 White River
Stinnett, David 048 Union
Sutt, Davis K 048 Union
T   Top    
Tabour, Elijah 046 Sugarloaf
Tabour, John 042 Blythe
Talburt, Bazzle 050 White River
Talburt, Frederic 049 White River
Talburt, G W 049 White River
Talburt, Walter 049 White River
Trimble, Allen 046 Sugar Loaf
Trimble Robert 044 Buffalo Fork
Turner, John 045 Little North Fork
Tutt, Hansford 047 Union
U   Top    
V   Top    
Vanegands, Martin 045 Little North Fork
W   Top    
Walker, Joseph 044 Buffalo Fork
Weaver, Isaac 045 Little North Fork
Wilburn, John 049 White River
Wilburn, Julden 042 Blythe
Williams, Allen 044 Buffalo Fork
Williams, Thomas G 049 White River
Womack, David 050 White River
Wood, Abram 047 Union
Wood, Benjamin, Jr 047 Union
Wood, George 047 Union
Wood, George W 048 Union
Wood, John 042 Blythe
Wood, Obediah 047 Union
Wood, Solomon 042 Blythe
Wood, William 047 Union
Wood, William J 047 Union
Wood, William, Sr 047 Union
Woodard, Barney 047 Union
Woodward, John 047 Union
X   Top    
Y   Top    
Yocham, Michael 045 Little North Fork
Young, Eli 042 Blythe
Young, Michael 042 Blythe
Z   Top    

Dividing Line

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Linda Haas Davenport