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For Marion County, AR


At this time I have very little information about Funeral Homes in the area. Here is what I have and hopefully I'll be able to acquire more information when my letters are answered. This information was furnished by Mysty McPherson.


Burns Funeral Home
Yellville AR 72687

Bull Shoals Roller Funeral Home
1409 Hwy 178
Bull Shoals AR 72619

Kirby and Family Funeral Directors
Hwy 178
Bull Shoals AR 72619




FYI: Both Roller and Kirby are Baxter Co. based - these are branches. Because I don't see them in obits much, I'd guess they deal mostly with Bull Shoals folks and they're about 99% transplants from Chicago etc.

Might as well list them, but info on locals will most likely totally come from Dan Duren at Burns.

 There is a new web page up and although it is a commercial site it does list some of the funeral homes in other counties. Cemeteries


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Linda Haas Davenport