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SIMS Death Date Friday, January 3, 1888
The Mountain Echo, January 6, 1888 Issue: The Echo chronicles with sadness the following deaths: The little girl of Mr. and Mrs. Jno. P. SIMS, who live about four miles south of town, died Monday night, aged about two years. [Audry Elizabeth SIMS died January 3, 1888.]

DOSHIER Death Date Saturday, April 16, 1888
The Mountain Echo, April 20, 1888 Issue: Mr. Peter DOSHIER, Jr., died at his home, four miles south of town, Monday evening, of pneumonia. He was a good, industrious citizen, just in the prime of life, aged about 35 years. He leaves a wife and three children.

BEARDEN Death Date Tuesday, February 7, 1890
(Death date is the NP issue date) The Mountain Echo, February 7, 1890 Issue: "Uncle" John BEARDEN, who lived a few miles south of town, died last week. He was a splendid citizen, and was soldier during the Seminole war. Why was it that the Mexican soldiers were allowed a service pension when none was allowed to the Seminole soldiers who served several years before the Mexican war began?

HAM, WATTS Death Date Sunday, May 10, 1891
The Mountain Echo, May 22 1891, Issue: Death Notice. WATTS: Nancy WATT's, nee HAM, was born in Bolinger Co., Mo., Oct. 18th 1834, and died at her home in Marion Co. Ark., May 10, 1801 [obviously a misprint, and should be 1891], aged 56 years 6 months and 22 days. She was married to Wm. C. WATTS July 15, 1854. This union was blessed with six children, three of whom and her husband had preceded her to the spirit land. She professed religion when about 18 years old and joined the M. E. Church south, in which with a consistent christian life she "Adorned the doctrine of Christ" down to the day of her death. No one knows the intense suffering she endured, without a murmur, for several months during her last illness while the weary and well-worn wheels of life were gradually slowing up for the last station just at the gates of heaven. She met the last and solemn hour with a cloudless sky, exhorting her children and friends to be faithful and, rejoicing in God with exceeding great joy she bade them adieu and falling asleep in Jesus her spirit sped away to the city of God. She leaves as a legacy to the church a daughter and two sons one of whom is Rev. J. H. WATTS of the Arkansas Conference. Her's was ever a pleasant home for the care-worn preacher, and in her prayers and counsels he always found support and comfort. What she publicly professed, she privately demonstrated in a practical way. The Lord bless and comfort the hearts of the bereaved. D. C. Ross. [Also in the same issue:] Rev. J. H. WATTS of Wiley's Cove attended his mother's funeral south of town. [Also, The Mountain Echo, July 10, 1891, Issue:] Rev. P. B. Summers and D. C. Doss will preach the funeral of Grandma WATTS next Sunday (2nd Sunday) at 11 a.m. at Pleasant Ridge. [Nancy A. WATTS apparently died May 10, 1891. It appears as if a burial and graveside funeral were held at that time and a more complete funeral or memorial service was held July 12, 1891. A death date of 1888 is inscribed on the tombstone.]

STOKES Death Date Thursday, February 24, 1892
The Mountain Echo, October 28, 1892 Issue: Dead. Died-Fannie Ellen, infant daughter of J. H. and Amy STOKES. Was born October 5th and died October 24th. Little Fannie was a sweet babe, and her stay with us was short but it is a great consolation to know that if we will only live faithfully we will one day meet our loved more where death comes no more. Mother.

HOLLIS, SNIPES Death Date Friday, April 12, 1892
The Mountain Echo, April 29, 1892 Issue: Death Notice. Mrs. Mary A. SNIPES, nee HOLLIS, wife of Joseph SNIPES, was born in Warren Co. Tenn. July 17, 1851, and died April 12, 1892. In her death a faithful, helpful and affectionate wife was lost, seven precious children are made orphans, and husband, host of relatives and friends stricken with grief. She had been a member of the M. E. Church South, since (date is unclear, probably 1866). She was of gently, loving disposition, a consistent christian and loved by all who knew her. She will be greatly missed in the church, community and home circle. She was ill only a few days, yet she was ready and met death with praise and rejoicing on her lips. She told her husband at the first of her illness that he need not send for a physician that his medicines would not do her any good. She asked for the pastor to come, that she might talk with him and he might pray with the family as before. She sung several songs a while before she departed this life and among them that was remembered was I have a sweet hope that in Heaven above, My Savior is waiting for me, and I have a home above. While we mourn the one so good should be taken from us, yet we recognize that our loss is her eternal gain. She died as she had lived in the pure atmosphere of heaven. The burial service was conducted by Bro. Moss and the writer in the presence of a host of weeping friends. We shall say good-bye dear friend! With the hope we'll meet again, May God comfort the grief-stricken hearts. L. L. Seawel, Pastor.

THOMPSON Death Date Saturday, September 19, 1892
The Mountain Echo, September 23, 1892 Issue: [From Local Echoings Column] Mrs. Ammon THOMPSON, an estimable lady, died at her home on Clabber creek Monday. She had many friends in Yellville that received the news of her death with sadness. [Perilda J. THOMPSON died September 19, 1892.]

CANTRELL, ESTES Death Date Friday, June 27, 1893
The Mountain Echo, June 30, 1893 Issue: We chronicle with regret this week the death of Uncle Billy CANTRELL which occurred last Tuesday at the residence of his daughter, Mrs. Lydia ESTES. [The rest is unreadable].

MORROW, WATTS Death Date Saturday, June 25, 1894
The Mountain Echo, June 29, 1894 Issue: Mrs. Alf WATTS, who resided south of town a few miles, was taken with Phlegom erysipelas last week, on her first-finger, which continued to spread until the entire system became involved, from which she died last Monday about 2 o'clock p.m. She leave a husband and three children, and a host of relatives to mourn her untimely death. [Laura MORROW WATTS died June 25, 1894.]

DOSHIER Death Date Thursday, June 27, 1894
The Mountain Echo, June 29, 1894 Issue: [From Local Echoings Column:]-"Uncle" Henry DOSHIER's wife after lingering for several days with typhoid fever, died Wednesday night. The bereaved husband and relatives have the heart-felt sympathies of the entire community, in this, the hour of their greatest trouble. (Martha A. DOSHIER died June 27, 1894.)

SNIPES Death Date Saturday, March 4, 1895
The Mountain Echo, March 15, 1895 Issue: [From Local Echoings Column] James SNIPES, son of Joe SNIPES of Rush creek, died Monday last, of fever.

THOMPSON Death Date Wednesday, April 25, 1895
The Mountain Echo, May 3, 1895 Issue: Uncle Ammon THOMPSON of whom we spoke last week as being dangerously ill, died on Thursday evening of last week, surrounded by his family and a host of friends.

COKER Death Date Tuesday, August 23, 1895
(Death date is NP issue date) The Mountain Echo, August 23, 1895 Issue: The little babe of Dr. and Mrs. J. M. COKER of this place died last Saturday and buried at Pleasant Ridge Sunday. The sorrowing parents have the sincere sympathy of their many friends.

WOMACK, WOOD, WOODS Death Date Tuesday, September 13, 1895
(Death date is NP issue date) The Mountain Echo, September 13, 1895 Issue: [From Local Echoing Column] The infant child of John T. WOODS died last Sunday night of slow fever. Mr. WOODS lives about three miles south of town. [Also in the Cowan Barrens Column] John WOODS' infant child was buried at Pleasant Ridge grave yard last Monday. [John WOODS' infant child was probably Grover WOOD. Grover WOOD's grave is marked Grover WOOD, son of Julie WOOD, 1892-1894, but it is a relatively new marker. Julia Ann WOMACK WOOD's grave marker indicates that she was the wife of J. T. WOOD.]

SNIIPES, SNIPES Death Date Monday, November 9, 1895
The Mountain Echo, November 15, 1895 Issue: [From Cowan Barrens Column] The 16 year old son of Joseph SNIPES was buried at Pleasant Ridge Sunday. [Charles SNIIPES died November 9, 1895.]

MEEKS Death Date Tuesday, February 21, 1896
(Death Date is NP issue date) The Mountain Echo, February 21, 1896 Issue: From Cowan Barrens Notes. Grandma MEEKS died last Thursday night. The bereaved family have the sympathy of a host of friends. [Grandma Meeks may have been Emmaline MEEKS.]

PATTERSON Death Date Sunday, March 8, 1896
The Mountain Echo, March 13, 1896 Issue: [From Local Echoings Column] "Uncle" Jehu PATTERSON one of the oldest citizens of this county, died last Sunday, after only a few hours illness. He was nearly 84 years old. He was buried with Masonic honors at the Pleasant Ridge grave yard last Monday. A suitable obituary will be furnished us in a few days. "Uncle" Jehu was for many years a local preacher in the Methodist Church. He died in full hope of future happiness.

CAMP Death Date Wednesday, June 4, 1896
The Mountain Echo, June 12, 1896 Issue: Mrs. S. H. CAMP died at her home at Ralph, five miles south of Yellville, on Thursday of last week, after several days' illness. Mrs. CAMP was post-mistress at Ralph, and was universally loved and respected by all who knew her. [Harrett A. CAMP died June 4, 1896].

SUMMERS Death Date Tuesday, May 13, 1898
(Death Date is NP issue date) The Mountain Echo, May 13, 1898 Issue: Uncle Calvin SUMMERS, one of the oldest and best citizens of Marion county, died at his residence south of town last Tuesday night. We expect to be furnished with a suitable obituary next week.

EVANS Death Date Saturday, October 24, 1898
The Mountain Echo, November 4, 1898 Issue: Local Items-Mrs. John EVANS, of Cowan barrens, after an illness of about four weeks, died on Monday of last week. She leaves a husband, several children and a host of friends to mourn her death. (Sallie E. EVANS died October 24, 1898.)

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