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CARSON Death Date Friday, August 11, 1899
The Mountain Echo, August 18, 1899 Issue: --A little daughter of J. F. CARSON died on Monday last and was buried at Pleasant Ridge. "I take those little lambs said he, And lay them in my breast, Protection they shall find in me, In me be ever blest." [Ruth Carson died August 11, 1899.]

WATTS Death Date Saturday, August 26, 1899
The Mountain Echo, September 1, 1899 Issue: After a long illness the babe of Alfred WATTS and wife, died on Friday night last, and was buried on Saturday at Pleasant Ridge. The Echo joins their many friends in extending sympathy in this sad bereavement. [Mary Gracy WATTS died August 26, 1899.]

DILLAHUNT, DILLAHUNTY Death Date Friday, March 2, 1900
The Mountain Echo, March 9, 1900 Issue: Mrs. J. O. DILLAHUNT, of Bruno, died on last Friday night, after several weeks of protracted sickness, and was buried Saturday at Pleasant Ridge grave-yard. Mrs. DILLAHUNT was an estimable Christian lady, a kind and affectionate companion, and a loving and tender mother. She leaves a husband, several children, and a host of friends to mourn her death. (Amanda J. DILLAHUNTY died March 2, 1900.)

MALLOCK, MATLOCK Death Date Monday, March 4, 1901
The Mountain Echo, March 8, 1901 Issue: Mrs. Mat MALLOCK died at her residence near Rush. The funeral took place from the residence Tuesday, and interment in Pleasant Ridge cemetery. [Rosa B. MATLOCK , not MALLOCK, died March 4, 1901.]

PENCE Death Date Tuesday, April 9, 1901
The Mountain Echo, April 12, 1901 Issue: [From Snap Shots Column] George PENCE's infant child about 2 months old, died, night before last, of pneumonia. Mr. PENCE is a farmer and lives about 2 miles south of town. [William Floid PENCE died April 9, 1901.]

ROWDEN Death Date Sunday, September 15, 1901
The Mountain Echo, September 20, 1901 Issue: Benton ROWDEN of Rush creek died Sunday and was buried in the Pleasant Ridge cemetery Monday.

ROWDEN Death Date Sunday, September 15, 1901
The Mountain Echo, September 20, 1901 Issue: Benton ROWDEN of Rush creek died Sunday and was buried in the Pleasant Ridge cemetery Monday.

CARSON, EVANS Death Date Sunday, January 5, 1902
The Mountain Echo, August 15, 1902 Issue: Mrs. Emma R. EVANS, wife of Mr. Z. G. EVANS and daughter of Mr. A. M. and Mrs. A. J. CARSON of Marion county Ark. died Jan. 5th, 1902. Deceased was born Aug. 17, 1874, in Giles county, Tennessee. In the winter of 1880, she with her parents, moved to Ark., near Yellville. At the early age of twelve, she joined the Presbyterian Church with her parents, of which she lived a consistent member until her death. Nov. 1892, She was married to Mr. Z. G. Evans, who with her mother and two brothers mown her loss. Through a quite disposition she exerted a good influence for religion upon others. Why mourn! She is not lost but gone before to join loved ones who preceded her to an eternal home. She possessed the highest esteem of all who know her. As a daughter she was dutiful and thoughtful, as a wife kind and loving, and a devoted sister. "A sleep in Jesus blessed sleep, From which none ever wake to weep; A calm and undisturbed repose, Unbroken by the last of foes." "A sleep in Jesus; Oh how sweet; to be for such a slumber meet; with holy confidence to sing That death hath lost its venomed sting."

DOSHIER, FIRESTONE Death Date Friday, March 21, 1902
The Mountain Echo, March 28, 1902 Issue: Death of a Prominent Citizen. The death of Uncle Henry DOSHIER last Friday, while not wholly unexpected was learned with sorrow by all who knew him. Mr. DOSHIER was 77 years of age at the time of his demise and had been a citizen of this state for practically fifty years, coming here from middle Tennessee in the early 50's. He served with distinction in both the Mexican war and war of the rebellion and no man in Marion county was held in higher esteem by the people; his sterling qualities endearing him to the hearts of all. His wife died some years ago but seven children, all grown, survive him. Uncle Henry's last days were passed at the home of his son-in-law, Fate FIRESTONE, his death being due to a complication of diseases. He had for many years been a devout member of the M. E. Church South and was buried with Masonic honors at the Pleasant Ridge cemetery on Saturday last. [John Henry DOSHIER died March 21, 1902.]

GENTRY Death Date Wednesday, April 16, 1902
The Mountain Echo, April 18, 1902 Issue: [From Snap Shots Column] Hiram GENTRY of Rush, died Wednesday morning of pneumonia fever. [Harmon GENTRY died April 16, 1902.]

DICKERSON Death Date Sunday, June 29, 1902
The Mountain Echo, June 6, 1902 Issue: From Snap Shots Column. Last Saturday morning, Mrs. J. H. DICKERSON after a lingering illness, departed this life at her home on Rush creek. Her remains were entered in the Pleasant Ridge cemetery Sunday morning in the presence of a large concourse of sorrowing friends. She leaves her husband and an infant babe to mourn her death who have the heart-felt sympathy of a host of friends. (D. M. DICKERSON's tombstone shows death date of June 29, 1902.)

CAMPBELL Death Date Thursday, July 31, 1902
The Mountain Echo, August 8, 1902 Issue: Uncle John CAMPBELL of Rush died last Thursday night, July 31, and was buried at Pleasant Ridge cemetery August 2. Uncle John had lived long and well having almost reached his four score years. For the last few years he has been almost totally blind. He leaves a wife and several children.

KEETER Death Date Monday, August 4, 1902
The Mountain Echo, August 4, 1902 Issue: Obituary. In loving remembrance of our dear brother W. H. KEETER, who departed this life Aug. 4, 1902 at the age of 48 years. He leaves a wife and ten children and a host of friends and relatives to mourn his loss. He professed Christ and joined the Missionary Baptist Church at the age of 25 years-he lived a Christian life until death came. He called his friends around him one by one and bade them good-by and fell asleep in Jesus' arms: Asleep in Jesus, blessed sleep Where none ever wake to weep. A precious one from us is gone, A voice we loved is still, A place made vacant in our home, Which never can be filled. We loved him, yes we loved him, But angels loved him more, Angels have sweetly called him To yondors shining shore. Mary KEETER.

FLETCHER, HICKS Death Date Sunday, August 10, 1902
The Mountain Echo, August 29, 1902 Issue: Obituary. In loving rememberance of Mrs. Fannie FLETCHER. Fannie departed form this life Sunday Aug. 10th 1902 at the age of 18 years, she professed religion and joined the South Methodist Church at the age of 13 and has lived a devoted christain life since and all through her troubles and suffering in this world every word and deed was of a christain which leads us to know she is safe in the arms of Jesus. A precious one from us had gone, A voice we loved is still. A place is vacant in our home Which never can be filled. God in his wisdom has recalled The boon his love has given, And through the body slumbers here, The soul is safe in heaven. Sarah HICKS.

CARSON Death Date Wednesday, August 20, 1902
The Mountain Echo, August 22, 1902 Issue: The infant child of Mr. and Mrs. Oscar CARSON died last Wednesday morning at 7 o'clock. [Eugene CARSON died August 20, 1902].

CULLUM, EVANS Death Date Tuesday, December 23, 1902
The Mountain Echo, January 16, 1903 Issue: At Rest. Mrs. Lou EVANS, wife of W. R. EVANS was born Nov. 18, 1841 in the state of Tennessee, and came to Arkansas in the year 1854. Was married to W. R. EVANS March 7th, 1858. Their union was blessed with 9 children, 6 boys and 3 girls. She embraced christianity early in life, and became a member of the Methodist Episcopal Church South in which she remained until the Civil War, after which she joined the M. E. Church. This good mother in Israel was not afraid to die, for nearly 50 years she had held sweet communion with the Heavenly Father, and with an ever increasing richness of experience, by reason of a conscious knowledge of the divine presence, she had been brought near to her eternal resting place, and when the veil was gently removed by the divine presence, she had been brought near to her eternal resting place, and when the veil was gently removed by the invisible hand, she joyfully, yet calmly entered. Sister Evan with her last words recommended the religion of Jesus Christ to her children and friends. May her dying request be fully realized in meeting her loved ones, safe on the other shore. We laid her to rest at Pleasant Ridge cemetery Dec. 24, 1902. A. J. CULLUM.

REED Death Date Sunday, February 1, 1903
The February 6, 1903 Issue: Riley REED, a well know citizen of the Cowan Barrens died at St. Joe last Sunday and was buried at Pleasant Ridge Tuesday. His ending was a most sad one. While he had a farm and had made quite a good crop last year, he decided that he could make more to hire his own crop gathered and take his large family to the Arkansas river to pick cotton. Cotton picking last fall proved very unprofitable on account of bad weather, and Riley lost instead of making money. Not only did he lose money but his family got sick and he could not get away. About three weeks ago he got back as far as St. Joe on his way home when his son Jewell died. Before the boy could be buried Riley, himself was unable to be moved and grew steadily worse until last Sunday when he died. He was a good citizen and the bereaved wife and children have the sincere sympathy of many friends.

DOSHIER Death Date Friday, February 6, 1903
(Death Date is NP issue date) The Mountain Echo, February 6, 1903 Issue: [From Snap Shots Column] "Uncle" Peter DOSHIER, on of the oldest citizens of Marion county died at his on Blue John on Thursday of last week. He had reached of age of four score years and was ever a good, honest, peaceable citizen.

CANTRELL, HORNER Death Date Tuesday, February 24, 1903
The Mountain Echo, February 27, 1903 Issue: [From Snap Shots Column] Mrs. Jesse HORNER, of this place died in childbirth last Tuesday morning, an hour after the birth of an infant son, which lived and is a fine and healthy child. Mrs. HORNER was loved and respected by all who knew her, and her bereaved husband is one of the best men in Marion county. She leaves eight motherless children, one of whom is the infant above named. The entire community, without exception, is saddened at the great calamity that has befallen this respected family. She was not buried until today, in order that her mother could arrive. Her brother, Rev. J. M. CANTRELL, will accompany his mother here. The interment will take place at Pleasant Ridge. [Also in the March 6, 1903 Issue:] Obituary. Mrs. Sarah Alice HORNER (nee CANTRELL) was born in Missouri, March 18, 1866, and died at her home in Yellville Feb. 24, 1903. She was married to Mr. Jesse HORNER Oct. 7, 1880. To them were born ten children eight of whom are still living. She died in childbirth leaving an infant only a few minutes old. She leaves her husband, eight children, an aged mother, and many friends to mourn for her. Sister HORNER professed faith in Christ and joined the Methodist Church in childhood, and lived a devoted and earnest christian life until the end. Her last words were "All is well with me." She's gone to her home above. May her Lord and Master guide her sorrowing husband, motherless children and friends until they shall meet her again. We laid her body to rest beside her sleeping friends in the Pleasant Ridge cemetery. May God's grace be sufficient for her sad and lonely friends. Lee Bearden.

HORNER Death Date Thursday, April 9, 1903
The Mountain Echo, May 1, 1903 Issue: Obituary. God in his providence has permitted the death angel to visit the home of our dear father and sister John and Julia HORNER, and taken from them their little son, Billy, age 15 years, 8 months and one day. He left a father, mother, three sisters, and a host of friends to mourn his loss. He was a loving son and bother. Little Billy was afflicted in various ways, yet he was permitted to die in his right mind, and the last words he said were: "Pa, let's go," and t'was here he laid his armor down, and changed his cross for a crown. Fifteen short years they spent together, and he has gone to rest-Gone, forever and forever, To dwell among the Blest. Their home is almost broken up, And they are sad and lonely, But they must drink the bitter cup, To end in Heaven only. There are no heart-aches over there, No more storms to beat, No more sorrows, no more deaths, But all is calm and sweet. To us for fifteen anxious years, His pleasant smiles were given, And then he bade farewell to earth, And went to live in Heaven. Shed not for him the bitter tear, Nor give the heart to vain regret; T'is but the casket that lies there, The gem that filled it sparkles yet. There is one sweet comfort left you yet, The sweetest comfort given-That when your latest sun is set, You will meet again in Heaven. Aunt Mary. [Billy C. HORNER died April 9, 1903.]

CANTRELL, GOAD Death Date Thursday, April 23, 1903
The Mountain Echo, May 1, 1903 Issue: Aunt Martha CANTRELL one of the oldest women in the country died at her home here last Friday of lagrippe. The relatives and many friends have our sympathy. Also, The Mountain Echo, July 17, 1903 Issue: Obituary. Mrs. Martha CANTRELL nee GOAD was born in White county Tenn. Jan. 23, 1831. She moved to Marion county soon after the civil war where she lived until her death in Yellville, April 23, 1903. She professed religion and joined the Free Will Baptist church in her sixteenth year. After coming to Marion county, she joined the M. E. Church South and remained a faithful and consistent member until about one month before her death when she joined Congregational Methodist church from whose roll her name has been transcribed into the heavenly roll. Aunt Martha, as she was familiary known, was loved and honored by all who knew her. Her christian life was perfectly consistent at home and abroad. She had for many years kept the fires of the family alter burning. Around that alter gathered the children often. She lived a joyous christian life with her children, her lord, and her bible. She has gone home where all the sorrows and pains of life are over. She left five children and many friends to mourn for her, but they know where mother has gone. May God bless the children and bring them at last to that "rest that remains for the people of God." "Asleep in Jesus, blessed sleep. Lee Bearden.

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