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HAND Death Date Friday, January 22, 1904
(Death Date is NP issue date) The Mountain Echo, January 22, 1904 Issue: Aunt Margaret HAND who has for a long time been in feeble health, died at her home on Clabber creek last Monday night. The sorrowing family have our deepest sympathy in their bereavement.

SIMS Death Date Saturday, February 27, 1904
The Mountain Echo, March 4, 1904 Issue: The infant child of Mr. and Mrs. James SIMS, living four miles south of town, died last Saturday. [W. A. SIMS died February 27, 1904.]

CAMP Death Date Friday, March 4, 1904
The Mountain Echo, March 11, 1904 Issue: Don CAMP, one of the best citizens of the county, died last Friday at his home on Greasy creek after a brief illness with pneumonia. He leaves a wife and several children who have the heart felt sympathy of the community.

SIMS Death Date Friday, March 11, 1904
The Mountain Echo, March 18, 1904 Issue: Mrs. James SIMS of Cowan barrens died on Friday of last week after a brief illness from pneumonia. Only a short time before their infant child died. Jim we all sympathize with you in your affliction. [Hannah L. SIMS died March 11, 1904.]

CANTRELL Death Date Saturday, March 12, 1904
The Mountain Echo, March 18, 1904 Issue: Thomas CANTRELL, formerly of this place, died at Oakland last week after a lingering illness of several years. He was buried at Pleasant Ridge last Sunday.

MATLOCK Death Date Wednesday, March 30, 1904
The Mountain Echo, April 1, 1904 Issue: Uncle Smith MATLOCK, one of the oldest citizens of the county, died at his home in Cowan barrens Wednesday. He leaves a large circle of relatives and a host of friends.

DOSHIER, DOSIER Death Date Saturday, September 17, 1904
The Mountain Echo, September 23, 1904 Issue: The infant child of Mr. and Mrs. Silas DOSIER died Sunday. The parents have our sympathy. (James N. DOSHIER may have been the child of Mr. & Mrs. Silas DOSIER that died September 17, 1904. There is a well worn tombstone in the Pleasant Ridge Cemetery marking the grave of James N. DOSHIER, and the year of birth and death are no longer readable. The marker shows that he was born June 23, and died September 11 (or possibly 17).)

NORMAN Death Date Wednesday, July 5, 1905
The Mountain Echo, July 14, 1905 Issue: The two year old child of Mr. and Mrs. Tom NORMAN died on the 5th inst. of July. The sympathy of the community is with the parents in their sorrow. [Florence NORMAN died July 5, 1905.]

DOSHIER, WEAST Death Date Wednesday, August 9, 1905
The Mountain Echo, August 11, 1905 Issue: Della, the 15 year-old daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Bob DOSHIER of Cowan barrens, died last Wednesday from slow fever. [Also, The Mountain Echo, August 25, 1905 Issue:] Obituary. Editor Echo:--Please allow me space in your valuable paper to pay a tribute of respect to Dellia, the loving daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Robert D. DOSHIER, who departed this life Aug. 9th 1905. A loved one from your home is gone. A voice you loved so well is still; a chair is vacant in your home, That never can be filled. Death has been there and bore away a loving daughter from your side, Just in the morning of her life, As young as we she died. Perhaps our times may be too short; Our days may fly as fast, O, Lord, impress this solemn thought, This day may be our last. We cannot tell who next may fall; Beneath the chastening rod. One may be first, but not lot us all, Prepare to meet our God. Mrs. Charity WEAST.

MATLOCK Death Date Thursday, August 10, 1905
The Mountain Echo, August 18, 1905 Issue: Mrs. MATLOCK died at her home near Pleasant Ridge on Thursday of last week. [Harriet MATLOCK died August 10, 1905.]

CHEEK Death Date Tuesday, August 22, 1905
The Mountain Echo, September 1, 1905 Issue: Obituary. In memory of Florence, the infant daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Charley CHEEK. Born Sept. 12, 1904; departed this life August 22, 1905; aged 11 months and 10 days. She is gone, the sweet, precious one, but we all know where to find her little sweet spirit. I would say to her parents, Look up dear papa and mamma; trust in the Lord, and live so as to meet your sweet little Florence in the Sweet by and by. Yes, she is gone, but not forever. There will be a glorious dawn. We shall meet, to part no never, In that Resurrection Morn. Her Aunt Sue.

DOSHIER Death Date Thursday, September 14, 1905
The Mountain Echo, September 15, 1905 Issue: The infant child of Mr. and Mrs. King DOSHIER died suddenly Thursday morning after having apparently recovered from a spell of fever. (Howard DOSHIER died September 14, 1905.)

CALAHAN, PHILLIPS Death Date Wednesday, September 20, 1905
The Mountain Echo, September 22, 1905 Issue. Miss Effie CALAHAN, aged 16 years, died Tuesday night of heart trouble. Also The Mountain Echo, September 29, 1905 Issue: In Memory. We as school mates and teacher, in memory of our beloved school mate and student, Effie CALAHAN, who departed this life Sept. 20, 1905. She was a loyal and obedient student and a kind and loving play mate, loved by all. Her greetings were always with a smile that scattered sunshine among those throughout the school. They will be seen no more. No more will her voice be mingled with those of her class mates, nor respond to the roll-call. She has answered to that final roll-call to which all others must soon respond. She leave unfinished, the labors which she set out in life to do. The desk left vacant in the school room will stand as a memory to her once loving presence. Parents, brothers and sisters, words fail us in our deep sorrow and sympathy for you. A tender, clinging vine has been tore from the boughs of your household, leaving on your hearts a sadness that time can never heal. No one can take her place in the home or in your hearts. It will ever be a fond recollection to know that she lived to love and be loved by those who knew her. It is in such afflictions as these that we love to cherish the hope that our loved one is not gone from us forever, but is singing with the angels in Paradise, there to be again united with all the loved ones left behind who will go to her. May God bless and comfort the grieved ones. Leonard PHILLIPS.

MORROW Death Date Tuesday, September 26, 1905
The Mountain Echo, September 29, 1905 Issue: John MORROW who was taken to St. Louis some weeks ago for treatment in a hospital, died Tuesday night form the effects of an operation. The body was shipped home for burial in the family graveyard near Cowan. [Also] The Mountain Echo, October 6, 1905 Issue: John MORROW died Sept. 26, 1905. He professed religion and joined the church at the age of 16. The deceased was a great sufferer for twelve months, all was done for him that kind friends and physicians could do, but God said: 'Tis enough, come up higher. Companion, parents, kindred and loved ones, take courage; your darling one is not dead, but gone to live with the redeemed. He has crossed the river, and will be waiting and watching for his companion and dear little girl, who now mourn his death. ' Tis hard to break the tender cord, When love has bound the heart. 'Tis hard, so hard to speak the words, We must forever part. Dearest one, we must lie there, In the peaceful grave's embrace. But the memory will be cherished, Till we see thy heavenly face. Our dear John we all did love, But now he is gone to Heaven above. With angels clothed in garments white, In that fair land where is no night, His gentle voice is hushed, His beating heart is still, And on his innocent brow Is resting death's cold chill. Aunt Ann.

SIMS Death Date Saturday, November 18, 1905
The Mountain Echo, November 24, 1905 Issue: Home to His Reward. On last Saturday morning the sad intelligence reached Yellville, that Prof. Jim SIMS had died at 7:30 that morning at his father's house, about 4 miles south of town, of typhoid fever. Mr. SIMS was one of the Professors in the Graded school at this place, and about four weeks ago he became indisposed, and was absent for a few days from the school room, but having rallied to some extent returned again to his work, notwithstanding his associate teachers entreated him to remain at home until he was stronger, but his earnest desire to do his duly, prompted him to remain until two weeks ago last Friday, when he left Yellville and went to his father's never again to return to the school room where he was universally loved and admired by all of his students. Although everything that medical skill and loving hands could do was done, he grew steadily worse until Saturday morning when death kissed his brow, and his spirit took its flight to the celestial home on high, there to join his companion who had preceeded him about two years ago. He leaves upon the rough shores of time three little children, two girls and a boy, who will be well cared for by relatives; also an aged father and mother, three brothers, five sisters, and friends by the score, who assembled at the Pleasant Ridge cemetery Sunday evening to pay to him their last respects and to consign his body to the grave-Rev. Lester of this placed conducting the funeral exercises. Measured from every human standpoint he filled the measure which constitute of men a noble christian gentlemen. His life while short-he being only 33 years of age-was of such character that the world is better for him having lived in it. To the bereaved relatives, the Echo extends heart-felt sympathies.

PENCE, WATTS Death Date Tuesday, January 16, 1906
The Mountain Echo, January 19, 1906 Issue: As we go to press we learn that Frank WATTS Jr., stepson of Geo. PENCE was killed Tuesday, near Houston, Tex., by falling from a bridge, where he was employed. The remains are being brought home and will be intered in the family grave yard at Pleasant Ridge. [Also The Mountain Echo, January 26, 1906 Issue] Remains of Frank WATTS Brought Home for Burial. The remains of Frank WATTS Jr., of whose death, by accidental falling from a bride, the Echo made mention last week, reached here on the 3 o'clock train, Friday, in charge of his brother, Gus, who was attending school at Houston, Texas, at the time of the fatal accident, and accompanied by a young man named Smythe, who had been a co-laborer with Frank for three years and was with him at the time he met his death. The body was taken to the home of his mother and stepfather, Mr. and Mrs. G. O. PENCE, living four miles south of town. The funeral services were conducted by Rev. Griffin, Saturday, at Pleasant Ridge church where the remains were consigned to their last resting place in the presence of many friends and sorrowing relatives. From Frank's companion it was learned that the deceased was employed as foreman on the construction of a steel railroad bridge over the Brazos river, and was tightening a bolt, near the top of the structure, when the wrench slipped off, causing him to lose his balance, and which in trying to recover, the gang plank on which he stood, slipped from the support on which it was resting by a very narrow margin, letting him drop 90 feet. Death resulted instantly, the body and limbs being terribly crushed and bruised. Frank had been engaged as a Structural Iron workman for eight years. He was with the crew that built the bridge over North Fork, on the White River road, more than two years ago, and came from there home visit his mother, staying with her about a month. The bereaved family have the sympathy of their many friends.

ENGRAM, INGRAM Death Date Thursday, June 28, 1906
The Mountain Echo, July 5, 1906 Issue, From Cowan column: Mrs. Winnie ENGRAM died Wednesday morning of last week and was buried Thursday at Pleasant Ridge. She leaves a multitude of friends to mourn her death. [Winnie INGRAM died June 28, 1906.]

HALOWELL, HOLLOWELL Death Date Thursday, August 9, 1906
The Mountain Echo, August 31, 1906 Issue: George HALOWELL who lived on R. L. Berry's farm three miles east of town, died Tuesday evening of Paralysis. The remains were intered Pleasant Ridge cemetery Wednesday. [Grave is marked George W. HOLLOWELL.]

CANTRELL, REA Death Date Friday, May 10, 1907
The Mountain Echo, June 7, 1907 Issue: At Rest. Sister Elizabeth CANTRELL departed this life on the 10th of May after an illness of only a few days. We deeply regret the sad event. Mother CANTRELL was converted when but twelve years of age. Coming up as she had from humble life, she had written her name upon the records of her church in a way never to forgotten. She was a woman worthy of superior honors, she won her place among the Saints, not by advantages of birth or inheirited wealth, for she was left an orphan when young. She was married to Bro. CANTRELL when but fourteen years of age, became a mother and religious teacher when very young. We believe that God, who had need of Miran, who sang the sweet songs of deliverance to the children of Isereal, and Anna the spiritual, who entered the Temple praising God, still has a place in his Kingdom for those women of mighty deeds who have worked for the salvation of the lost. They are types approved of by the mother church. Sometime devotion to duty and faith in God constitute true religion. Such, Mother CANTRELL possessed. Unpretentious, sincere, brave and reverent of God and a lover of all, possessed of a bright intelligent and praiseworthy ambition, clothed as with a garment with the beautiful womanly qualities of modest energy and courage, to her, more than any other woman in Marion county, the Methodist church owes its progress. She has been to members of the church friend, Monitor and counselor. Faithful to the last with a heart almost breaking, she stood by the grave of her husband. Proud of his history and grateful for the sympathy manifested on every side, she took up the burden of his life where he had laid it down, to train her boys that they might represent their father in some measure. May their affections be arrested by the holy spirit, turned and drawn upward that they may catch a ray of light and love through the open door through which mother passed into heaven. God bless the children and relatives that they may meet with mother upon the other side. That in the great hereafter our father will say, "come up higher and live with mother in the city of God." For she dwells in the light of God. His image stamps her brow. Her feet, the valley of death have trod. She reigns in glory now. Aunt Sue. Also The Mountain Echo, May 10, 1907 Issue: Grandma CANTRELL is in a critical condition, suffering from strangulated hernia. Telegrams were dispatched Tuesday to her sons, Drs. Charles and Will CANTRELL at Wolf City Texas to come. Mrs. T. M. REA of Onset and Geo. CANTRELL of Bruno are at her bedside, while she has the constant attention of Dr. Coker, assisted by other physicians of the town, who are doing every thing in their power for her relief.

MELTON Death Date Friday, May 31, 1907
The Mountain Echo, June 7, 1907 Issue: The remains of Ona, the little daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Jolly MELTON came in on the south bound passenger train Monday evening, and were conveyed to the Pleasant Ridge cemetery where they were laid to rest in the presence of a number of sorrowing friends. Owing to the fact that she was a deaf mute, her father, last fall, taken her to Little Rock and placed her in the Deaf Mute institute where she was making great progress, until a few weeks ago when she taken measles, from the effects of which she died Friday of last week. The officials of the Institute wired Jolly that his child was very low and for him to come at once. He started on the receipt of the message, but her little spirit had taken its flight before he arrived in Little Rock. The bereaved parents have the sympathy of their many friends.

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