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DOSHIER, JAMES, SUMMERS Death Date Sunday, February 8, 1920
The Mountain Echo, February 12, 1920 Issue: Two Deaths in Family. About three weeks ago Troy, eldest son of Mr. and Mrs. Boone DOSHIER, who reside on their farm near the mouth of Crooked creek, came to Yellville to go to school and was boarding with his grandparents, Mr. and Mrs. J. D. SUMMERS. A week ago last Saturday, he was attacked with the flu, and a few days later pneumonia developed. All was done for him that could be done, but Saturday night he passed away. Sunday his body was borne to the cemetery at Pleasant Ridge, where Eld. W. B. O'Neal conducted funeral services, after which it was laid to rest in the presence of a large number of sorrowing relatives and friends. Troy's mother was lying at the point of death at her home, and his father was at her bedside doing what he could to nurse her back to life, and arrived only a few hours before his son died. After making all necessary arrangements for his son's funeral, he returned home Sunday morning. When he arrived there he found his wife had grown much worse during his absence, and so intense was her suffering that she did not inquire concerning her son. She continued to grow weaker until Monday night when death relieved her of her suffering. She died unconscious of the fact that death had claimed her son. Tuesday evening Mr. and Mrs. Alex JAMES went to Mr. DOSHIER's home and brought the body of Mrs. DOSHIER to Yellville where it laid in state at the home of her parents, Mr. and Mrs. J. D. SUMMERS until Wednesday morning when it was taken to Pleasant Ridge and laid to rest beside her son in Pleasant Ridge cemetery. Funeral services were conducted by Rev. U. G. Reynolds of this city. The sympathies of the many friends go out to the bereaved relatives in their great sorrow; and especially do their sympathies go out to the heart-broken husband and father and his four motherless children in their home which death has made desolate and drear. [Troy DOSHIER died February 8, 1920, and Emma Jane (Mrs. Boone) DOSHIER died February 10, 1920.]

DOSHIER Death Date Sunday, February 15, 1920
The Mountain Echo, February 19, 1920 Issue: Guila, the little 2-year old daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Harve DOSHIER, after a protracted case of the flu, complicated with pneumonia, died at their home in Hull bottom Sunday night. The body was buried Monday in Pleasant Ridge cemetery, funeral services being conducted by Rev. U. G. Reynolds. The bereaved parents have the sympathies of their many friends in their sad bereavement.

CALLAHAN Death Date Thursday, August 5, 1920
(Death Date is NP issue date) The Mountain Echo; August 5, 1920, Issue: After suffering for several days with flux, Loyd, the three-year old son of Mr. and Mrs. Harve CALLAHAN, near Freck, died Thursday of last week, and was buried Wednesday in the Pleasant Ridge Cemetery. The bereaved parents have the sympathies of a host of friends. Funeral services was conducted by Rev. O'Neal.

BOGLE Death Date Thursday, August 26, 1920
(Death Date is NP issue date) The Mountain Echo, August 26, 1920 Issue: Mother And Son Die Suddenly. When Mr. Monroe BOGLE returned to his home last Tuesday evening after plowing all day, his son put his horse in the barn and fed it. Mr. BOGLE went into his tobacco patch just back of the barn and his son went on to the house. A few minutes later Mrs. BOGLE passed the barn on her way from the spring to the house, and heard groans, but thought they came from the barn and that it was some of the children trying to frighten her as they often did. When she arrived at the house and her husband was not there, and being informed that he had gone into the tobacco patch, she went to hunt for him, and found his lifeless body where it had fallen. Her screams attracted other member of the family, among whom that was his mother, Mrs. Taylor BOGLE, who was quite old. When she saw the lifeless body of her son, she fell prostrate to the ground; and died instantly. It was presumed Mr. BOGLE died of heart trouble, and that his mother died from the shock. Mr. BOGLE was buried at the Pleasant Ridge graveyard, and his mother on Water Creek. The bereaved relatives have the heart felt sympathies of their many friends in their sad bereavement.

MATLOCK Death Date Friday, September 9, 1921
The Mountain Echo, September 15, 1921 Issue: Judge Sanford MATLOCK. Judge Sam MATLOCK was born near Salem, Dent County, Mo., January 9th, 1855, and died September 9th, 1921, at his home near Pleasant Ridge church, in Cowan barrens. He leaves six children and a host of friends to mourn his loss. The large number who attended his funeral was evidence of the high esteem in which he was held. The Judge, first of all, was devoted to his family which speaks well for any man. Then he was a christian gentleman, holding firmly to that he deemed right. He upheld the church and was a regular attendant on religious services. Home was dearest place to him, and next, came Pleasant Ridge Church. He was a useful, public man, and at the time of his death he was our efficient County judge. He has gone to a better land and bye-and-bye, we shall see him again. On Saturday, September 10th, we laid him away in the Pleasant Ridge cemetery in the presence of a large congregation. Religeous services were conducted by the writer, his pastor, and with Masonic honors his body was interred to await the resurrection of the just. I. L. Claud. [Also] Judge MATLOCK Dead. The many friends of Judge MATLOCK throughout the county were grieved to learn of his death which occurred on Thursday night of last week. Several weeks ago he suffered an attack of typhoid fever, and being over anxious to get out and look after the duties of his office as county judge he, against the advice of his friends, got out before he was really able to do so. An abscess developed on his right lung which caused his death. He was serving his second term as County judge, and his whole soul was in the discharge of the duties of the office, and his friends regret that he could not live to serve out his term. The Echo joins his many friends in extending sympathies to the bereaved relatives.

DOSHIER Death Date Saturday, October 1, 1921
The Mountain Echo, October 6, 1921 Issue: W. T. DOSHIER Dead. On last Saturday night about ten o'clock Mr. W. T. DOSHIER, familiarly called "Uncle Will DOSHIER," after more than a year of patient suffering passed from this life to the life beyond, at his home in Cowan barrens. Mr. DOSHIER was about seventy years old, and had spent most of his life in the Cowan barrens where he reared only one child, a son, Mr. Tom DOSHIER, who owns and resides on a farm adjoining the one owned by his father, and was at his father's bedside when the summons came. Mr. DOSHIER became ill about one year ago, and while he was able to be up part of the time, he had been in a very critical condition. He was in Yellville two weeks before his death, and in conversation with friends, he expressed the hope that he would wholly recover. Friday of last week he became steadily worse and continued to grow weaker until the end came. Sunday evening his body was laid to rest in the Pleasant Ridge Cemetery in the presence of a host of sorrowing relatives and friends. Rev. I. L. Claud conducted funeral services. He leaves an aged companion, a child, several grandchildren and a host of friends to mourn his death. His family has lost a devoted father, and the community an honorable upright citizen.

CANTRELL Death Date Saturday, February 11, 1922
The Mountain Echo, February 16, 1922 Issue: Vernon CANTRELL, the nineteen year old son of Mr. and Mrs. Walter CANTRELL, two miles south of Yellville died Saturday night Feb. 11, after an illness of more than two months. Vernon was a good boy and loved by his young associates. He was always tender with his mother. He made a profession in Christ a short time before he died and gave his loved ones every assurance that he was going to a better place. A large audience assembled at Pleasant Ridge Sunday afternoon at two o'clock where the writer conducted services. Interment was made in the Pleasant Ridge cemetery. The family have our sympathies. J. L. Claud.

AVEY Death Date Tuesday, April 4, 1922
The Mountain Echo, April 13, 1922 Issue: Mrs. Francis AVEY died at her home about 2 1-2 miles south of Yellville on April 4th, and was buried on the 5th in the Pleasant Ridge grave yard in the presence of large number of sorrowing relatives and friends. Rev. I. L. Caud conducted funeral services at the grave.

NEA Death Date Wednesday, September 27, 1922
The Mountain Echo, October 5, 1922 Issue: Little Scottie NEA. Little Scottie NEA, Jr., two year old son of Mr. and Mrs. W. S. NEA, who lives about ten miles south of Yellville, died of Diphtheria Wednesday night Sept. 27, 1922. Mr. NEA was working in Oklahoma at the time and did not get home till Friday 29th. Little Scottie was their only child and his going has made their home very sad. He was the jewel of their hearts, a precious baby boy, just here long enough to entwine himself with tender cords of love about their hearts. Plucked, a bud on earth, we think to bloom in heaven. The father and mother have the sympathies of their many friends. Services were held by the writer and interment made at Pleasant Ridge. I. L. Claud.

JENKINS, MURRY, PASCO, PASCOE Death Date Wednesday, March 14, 1923
The Mountain Echo, March 29, 1923 Issue: Mr. J. A. PASCOE. Mr. J. A. PASCOE, husband of Mrs. Deliar PASCOE, of Ralph, Ark., passed away at 6 o'clock March 14, 1923, (unreadable). The above was married to Deliar MURRY the 24th day of March, 1889. To this union was born four children, Mrs. Roy JENKINS, of Denova, Okla., Mr. Loie PASCOE, of Shideler, Okla., and Mr. Ralph PASCOE, of Ralph, Ark., Miss Dulcy PASCOE, who departed this life April the 8th, 1897, and six grand children to mourn the departure of this loved one. At the age of 24, he was converted and joined the Missionary Baptist church and passed from this life to a life beyond at the age of 59 years 9 months and 20 days. He lived a consecrated christian life and died praising God. He was a devoted and loving husband and father. Funeral services were held Friday at the home at the 10 o'clock by Bro. M. C. McCuiston of Gassville, Ark. He was laid to rest at the Pleasant Ridge cemetery in the presence of a large crowd of sorrowing relatives and friends to await the resurrection morn. A voice we loved is gone, A voice we loved is still, A vacant place is in our home That never can be filled. God took thee in his mercy A lamb untask, untried He fought the war for thee-He won the victory-And thou art sanctified. M. C. McCuiston. [Also in the same issue] Card of Thanks. To those who so kindly assisted us during the late illness and death of our dear husband and father, we desire to express our heartfelt thanks. Mrs. J. A. PASCOE, Mrs. Roy JENKINS, Mr. Loie PASCO, Mr. Ralph PASCOE.

BIRRER, MAGGINIS, SODTMAN, TINGLER, WARD Death Date Saturday, May 5, 1923
The Mountain Echo, May 31, 1923 Issue: Mrs. Sophia SODTMAN. Mrs. Sophia SODTMAN was born May 25th, 1834, in Germany, Died May 26th, 1923, at Yellville, Ark., age eighty-nine years. She was married to Jacob SODTMAN in 1861, in Germany and came to America in their early married life. To this union were born nine children, three boys and six girls, four of whom are living. Mrs. Minnie MAGGINIS, Auburn, Indiana, Mrs. Anna WARD, Findley, Ohio, Mrs.Lena TINGLER, Mooreland, Okla., and Mrs. Augusta BIRRER of Ralph, Ark. Mrs. SODTMAN was a good mother, a christian for seventy-four years, and a member of the Lutheran church. Services were held by the writer May 27th, and interment was made at Pleasant Ridge. God bless the bereaved. I. L. Claud, Pastor.

CARSON, NANNY Death Date Wednesday, May 9, 1923
The Mountain Echo, May 17, 1923 Issue: Mr. Edgar CARSON. Mr. Ed CARSON was born Nov. 16, 1871, in Tennessee. Died May 9th, 1923, at the home of his cousins, Mrs. Will NANNY south of Yellville. Mr. CARSON lived for a few years on Greasy creek, this county, but most of his time was spent in the Cowan barrens. He was happily converted when a young man and united with the Methodist church at Pleasant Ridge and was ever a faithful and consistent member. He was truly a good man, firm and frank about his convictions, but always considerate of others. He was an honest, hard working man. The trait of making others feel good was his. A good citizen, a true christian has passed to his reward. He never married and his closest kindred were cousins. Mr. Carson spent his last Sunday in the worship of God and his last well day in honest work. His large circle of friends was evident by the way funeral services were attended. The writer, his pastor, conducted services at Pleasant Ridge and interment was made in Pleasant Ridge cemetery, May 9. I. L. Claud.

MATLOCK, THOMPSON Death Date Saturday, October 13, 1923
The Mountain Echo, October 18, 1925 Issue: Robert Green THOMPSON. Robert Green THOMPSON was born in the year 1886, died Oct. 13, 1923, at his home in Marion county, age 37 years. He and Laura MATLOCK were married Oct. 25, 1911. Their married life was blessed with three children, all living. He was baptized in infancy, and professed faith in Jesus Christ in 1921. Since that time he has maintained his belief in the gospel, and lived according to its teaching. He suffered greatly for four years or more, but bore it with patience, and stood bravely when the end approached proclaiming everything was well. Those who heard him talk in his dying hours could not but be helped, and their faith in reality of Christian religion strengthened. He leaves a broken hearted wife and children, one brother, J. H. THOMPSON, and three sisters, one in Eureka Springs, Ark., another in Oklahoma City, and the other in California. A simple and brief service was held at Pleasant Ridge amidst a large and sorrowing congregation, where he was lain away beside his mother to await the call of the resurrection. May the gospel of Jesus comfort those who mourn. I. L. Claud.

BEARDEN, GAINES, KRUGER Death Date Thursday, December 4, 1924
(Death Date is NP issue date) The Mountain Echo, December 4, 1924 Issue: A Good Citizen Gone. Mr. N. J. BEARDEN died Monday evening at his home on Clabber creek, near Rush, after a brief illness with pneumonia. He was buried Tuesday afternoon in the Pleasant Ridge cemetery. Rev. Yates conducted funeral services, after which the body was laid to rest by tender hands. Besides his widow, he leave six children, three sons, Rev. R. E. L. BEARDEN, pastor of the First Methodist church in Batesville, Will, who is principal at the school at Flippin, Walter, who is engaged in farming near where his father lived. One of his daughters, Mrs. KRUGER lives in St. Louis, and his other daughter Mrs. GAINES lives at some point in this state. All three of his sons were at his bedside when the end came. Marion county never had a truer, better citizen than was Mr. BEARDEN. He was a Christian gentleman in all the word implie. In his death the community and the county sustained a great loss. His hundreds of friends throughout the county extend heartfelt sympathies to the bereaved family.

COOPER, EVANS Death Date Saturday, March 14, 1925
The Mountain Echo, March 19, 1925 Issue: W. R. EVANS. W. R. EVANS was born in 1839 in the state of Tennessee, and died March 14, 1925. Bro. EVANS came to Arkansas from Tennessee when he was six years old. He was married in 1858 to Miss Lou COOPER. Their union was blessed with nine children, six boys and three girls. Mrs. EVANS passed away several years ago to that land of sunshine and flowers forever and ever to stay. Bro. EVANS was a great Christian character, and a blessing to the community in which he lived. He was loved by everyone. It was the pastor's privilege to be in Bro. EVANS' home a few days before he died, and that visit was an inspiration to me. His faith in God was as strong as it could be. He was not afraid to die. He told me how he wanted to be buried, what songs he wanted sung at the funeral. Funeral services were held at Pleasant Ridge Sunday afternoon at 2 o'clock by the pastor assisted by Rev. W. A. Lindsey, P. E. and T. J. Seay. There were a large number present to pay their respects to such a great and good Christian man. May God bless the children, and may your father's Christ be your Christ. If so, all will be well with you in the last hour. Like John Wesley said in his last hour: "The best of all, God is with us." D. L. Yates.

DOSHIER, PATTERSON Death Date Thursday, March 19, 1925
The Mountain Echo, March 26, 1925 Issue: Obituary. Mrs. Euna PATTERSON, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. A. S. DOSHIER, was born in Marion county, near Ware's Chapel, March 21, 1892; died March 19, 1925. She was married to Fulton PATTERSON Feb. 13, 1910. Their union was blessed with four children, two boys and two girls. She professed faith in Christ at a very young and united with the Methodist church. Mrs. PATTERSON was a great Christian character, and her life was an inspiration to those with whom she came in contact. As a mother she was devoted to her home and her children. Mrs. PATTERSON was not afraid to die. Not long before she passed away she told her companion and her loved ones that she was not afraid to die. And one by one she kissed them goodbye, and then departed to that place of sunshine and happiness, where there will be no sickness and no death, where she can walk down through the park of the Universe of God. Besides her husband and her children, she has a father, a mother, two brothers, three sisters and a number of relatives and friends to mourn her loss. Funeral services were held at Pleasant Ridge on Friday afternoon, at 2 o'clock by the pastor. A large number were present. May God bless the bereaved. D. L. Yates.

BEARDEN, HUDSPETH Death Date Saturday, August 8, 1925
The Mountain Echo, August 13, 1925 Issue: Mrs. N. J. BEARDEN. Mrs. N. J. BEARDEN was born August 8, 1854, and died August 8, 1925. She died on her birthday and was 71 years old. She was married to N. J. BEARDEN in 1871. To them were born eight children, five of whom are living. Her husband died last December, since which time she has been homesick for the heavenly Home. She had not been well for some time but her friends were not alarmed until a few days before her death. She gradually grew weaker until the machinery of life had run down and she quietly and peacefully fell asleep. She had lived from childhood in the old home community. Here she reared her family. She was known by all and loved by those who knew her. From early life she was a consistent and useful Christian. She loved God and her neighbors and did all the good she could. She was a devoted mother and left the influence on her life upon her children. She has gone to her reward and the world is better for her having lived in it. R. E. L BEARDEN. (Mrs. N. J. BEARDEN was Margaret Elizabeth HUDSPETH BEARDEN).

DOSHIER Death Date Friday, October 30, 1925
The Baxter Bulletin, November 6, 1925 Issue (Re-printed from Arkansas Gazette): Farmer Ends His Life By Hanging. Ill Health and Brooding Over Death of Daughter Caused Rash Act. Yellville, Oct. 30: Brooding over the death of his daughter and the almost fatal injuring of his son recently, Amond DOSHIER, 63 year old farmer, ended his life in the smokehouse on his farm, three miles north of here, this afternoon by hanging. DOSHIER also has been in ill health for some time and this caused him to worry. The farmer was missed this afternoon and later was discovered hanging from the rafter of the smokehouse by his wife. He is survived by his wife and three children. Funeral arrangements have not been made. An inquest will be held tomorrow morning.

CALLAHAN, JOHNSON Death Date Thursday, July 15, 1926
The Mountain Echo, July 29, 1926 Issue: In Memoriam. The passing of Mrs. Sarah Elizabeth JOHNSON CALLAHAN to the home of the soul on Thursday, July 15, is the going away of one of Marion county's oldest citizens. Mrs. CALLAHAN was born in North Carolina 81 years and 16 days gone. She was married to James CALLAHAN in 1872, living with this good man more than 54 years. They reared a family in extreme respectability, having lived on the same farm for 48 years. Their home has always been the home of ministers of the gospel. Mrs. CALLAHAN was a faithful member of the Methodist church for more than 61 years. She had been a great sufferer for nearly four years due to a fall from a ladder. Her great suffering caused her to draw closer to Christ from day to day and died in perfect peace and was buried in the Pleasant Ridge cemetery after funeral services in the Pleasant Ridge church on Friday, July 13, at 3 p. m. A large crowd was present to honor this good woman for the great life she had lived. This pastor does not recall a more remarkable life in all the years of his career as a pastor. We thank God that Sister CALLAHAN is alive for ever more. B. A. McKnight, Pastor.

CHEEK, DUNLAP, HARRIS, LOWERY Death Date Saturday, January 1, 1927
(Death Date 1927 no month and day). Martha D. CHEEK. Martha D. CHEEK, nee DUNLAP, died in 1927 at her home just south of the Pleasant Ridge Church six miles south of Yellville. She was born in Georgia in 1847, and married Sylvester CHEEK in that state. They moved to Marion County shortly after the end of the Civil War. They first settled near the old community of Powell, west of Yellville. After living there for a year, they homesteaded the farm were they continued to live for the rest of her life. Mrs. CHEEK was a member of the Baptist Church. She and her husband donated five acres of land to the Pleasant Ridge Church and Cemetery in 1902. Mrs. CHEEK is survived by her husband of the home. Their children include Nathan Matthew "Mel" CHEEK, Mary B. HARRIS, Charles Sylvester CHEEK, Martha B. CHEEK, B. E. "Bud" CHEEK, Louise "Louie" CHEEK, and Aggie LOWERY. Burial was in the Pleasant Ridge Cemetery. [

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