Olive Branch Masonic Lodge Charter
Nov. 13, 1868
The framed charter on the wall of the Olive Branch Masonic Lodge near Bright Star, Arkansas, dated November 13, 1868, granted a Royal Arch Chapter to petitioners

M. T. Embree
Philip S. Lively
C. T. Fields
S. R. Dodd
S. W. Mays
F. M. Porter
Nelson Porterfield
I. A. Murphy
M. C. Lively

A duplicate charter establishing Olive Branch Lodge No. 136 as a Masonic Blue Lodge was on another wall and was dated November 7, 1865, with E. R. Dodd Worshipful Master; J. M. Patterson, Senior Warden; J. M. (John M.) Stuckey, Junior Warden.

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