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Prescott, Arkansas Businesses - 1912

Submitted by Jerry McKelvy.

The August 30, 1912 issue of The Nevada County Picayune was a special edition which profiled many of the prominent people of Prescott and various businesses. Some even included pictures. The microfilmed copy of this paper can be found at the library in Prescott. Here is a list of those profiled. Most are several paragraphs in length.

James Kershaw (grocery)
Regan Brothers (pool hall)
Douglass Brooks (café)
J. R. Harrell (bicycle and gun hospital)
J. C. Walloch (bakery)
T. F. Dixon (blacksmith/horseshoer)
Lynn J. Harrell (electrical supplies)
Mrs. A. E. Shankle (millinery)
Jack McKelvey (barber shops)
Newth and King (blacksmith and wagon works)
Dio Lewis (jeweler)
Stinson and Keltnor (cleaners)
J. C. Sitzman (jeweler)
C. B. Andrews (newspaper editor)
J. M. Carter (circuit judge)
A. M. Denman (county and probate judge)
D. L. Dillard (sheriff)
H. D. Holloway (deputy sheriff)
J. A. Bailey (county clerk)
W. C. Felts (county treasurer)
R. B. Hamilton (chief of police)
E. E. Davis (superintendent of municipal plant)
Finis Murrah (circuit clerk)
Hesterly Drug Store
J. K. Hamilton & Co. (store)
J. O. A. Bush (attorney)
J. B. Jordan (store)
Newth Studio (photographer)
J. C. March (pool room)
A. O. Wyrill (tin and sheet metal; operated Gem Theater)
L. H. V. Barger (barber)
H. Staunton (drug store)
The New York Store
Z. R. Green & Co. (new and second hand goods)
Ozan Mercantile Co.
Prescott Steam Laundry
Wat White (store)
R. L. Blakely (insurance)
Week & Simpson (blacksmith/wagon works/grist mill)
C. W. Tittle D. V. S. (veterinarian)
Imon Gee Mercantile (store)
M. W. Greeson (abstract business)
W. A. Hatley & Co. (real estate)
Wm. W. Rice (druggist)
W. J. White & Son (livery/feed/stable)
O. S. Jones & Co. (blacksmith/wagon works)
Moore & Martin (real estate)
Nevada Co. Gin Co. (gin)
J. M. Duke (merchant)
A. M. Ellsworth (auctioneer)
Wm. V. Tompkins (attorney)
Rose Hill Dairy
McDaniel Hardware Co.
Prescott Ice and Milling Co.
W. B. Waller (store)
Prescott Hardware Co.
W. R. Barham & Sons (general merchandise)
Buchanan & Co. (grocery)
J. W. Tavenner (superintendent of schools)
Bank of Prescott
H. A. Hamilton (store)
Fred Murrah (café)
Nevada Supply Co. (general merchandise)