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Melissa Agnew Sun, 17 Jun 2001 19:37:16
Subject: Emmet School 1927 Nevada County, AR.
I saw that you have some pictures of the early schools
in Nevada County and thought you may like another
to add to your site. This is from my grandfather's
box of pictures that my dad has passed on to me.

The Emmet high School class of 1925: the only one I know in the picture is my grandfather
James Commodore Snell first one on the bottom row.

I am also sending the 1927 Basketball Team the Emmet Eagles.
Well they are called the Eagles now,
but I am not sure if they were named that back then.
Hope you enjoy them. Oh, I almost forgot
in the basketball pic, my uncle Harvey Snell
is the first player in line and my grandpa
James C. Snell is the third.

Melissa Snell Agnew