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Nevada County People

Jerry McKelvy

There is a roll of microfilm at the Southwest Regional Archives in Old
Washington that has several pages at the end of the roll dated 1900 that
gives short biographical sketches of some of Nevada County's most
prominent citizens. There are pictures of some of the people as well as
pictures of many of the old homes and businesses in Prescott at that
time. The following list contains the names of the people profiled.
The information is at the end of Roll # 2. This is next to the oldest
roll of microfilm and is in a white box.

Nathan Fairchild
Mrs. Laura A. Potter
R. L. Hinton
Jno. R. Marsh
P. B. Jones
W. V. Thompkins
J. T. & I. D. Nichols
R. L. Blakely
Mrs. E. A. Shankle
H. W. Patton
E. Y. Blakely
Capt. William J. Blake
M. W. Greeson
H. Greeson
J. W. Baker, Esq.
J. H. Watson
Prof. N. B. Burrow
Prof. P. L. Burrow
Judge Jno. M. Pittman
J. T. Brooks
Dr. Jno. W. Peebles
W. B. Waller
A. Monson
G. B. McGraw, Esq.
W. H. Mack
Tracy R. Thomas
J. B’Shers, Esq.
T. W. McDaniel
Col. H. G. Brooks
Rev. J. H. Riggen
W. A. Hatley
F. R. Thornburn
I. W. Johnson3
Crawford Andrews
S. B. Gee
R. P. Arnold
P. Norman
O. R. E. Whitten
H. M. Hannah
J. D. Taylor
B. H. Logan
Mrs. Steve Hardin
I. E. McMillion
W. A. McMillion
J. C. Young
A. M. Denman
P. S. & J. R. Harrell
O. R. McDaniel
A. J. Lavendar
J. B. Higgins
Jno. Cope
O. S. Jones
A. J. Weaver
J. H. Kershaw
W. F. Evans
Mrs. G. S. Merritt
W. B. Croker
Capt. I. L. Adair
Dr. A. Harris
Dr. R. L. Hinton
Dr. Will B. Rice
Dr. Lee Gee
Dr. S. R. Crawford
Dr. J. M. F. Gill
Dr. E. R. Armstead
Ed F. Gee
Mrs. I. S. Black
F. M. Smyth
P. C. Hamilton
Geo. W. Terry
Hugh Montcrief
Mrs. Alice Bascom
Rev. R. H. Lantham
O. B. Gordon
Jno. M. Milburn
J. H. Barkewell
Eld. E. DeLaughter
S. G. Ashbaugh
W. T. Hart
Mrs. Lucy J. Barham
Stephens R. Stewart
S. D. Carman
Allen Francisco
William Peachey
Jas. W. Brooks
Dr. E. A. Lowdermil
Francis Newth
Rebecca Wathall
A. W. Montcrief
G. M. Franks
Dr. J. M. Powell
J. M. Price
Capt. Jno. Parker
W. S. Caldwell
Daniel Pipkin
G. B. Jobe
Eld. L. W. Hitt
H. W. White
S. A. Scott
J. T. Stewart
Jno. B. Williams
J. W. Lightsey
J. W. Bennett
G. W. Bennett
W. S. McDaniel
Mrs. Louise Sampson
Mrs. M. A. Morris
John R. Atkins
Thos. Alsobrooks
J. M. Rhodes
Jno. Honea
Eld. W. R. Barham