Velma Tompkins Hancock Sun, 21 Sep 2003 20:20:44
TOMPKINS: Am looking for grandfather's parents. Charley Jefferson, B: Sept. 1, 1886 Laneburg, Arkansas. Velma Tompkins Hancock --

Vicki Cosby-Jefferson Mon, 18 Aug 2003 12:39:36
I am trying to locate any descendents of SIMPSON, Allen and not necessarily his wife Leah (Lear). I noticed that in the 1880 census for Jackson Twp, Nevada County there were two Simpson families with children: Francis Simpson, Age 45; Children: Bolton Simpson (b. 1868 or 1869); Washington Simpson (b. 1871 or 1872); Bee Simpson (b. 1874 or 1873); John Simpson (b. 1861 or 1862); Mary Simpson (b. 1865 or 1864); Allen Simpson (b. 1837 or 1838), w: Lear, Age 25 (b. 1863 or 1865); Children: Jerry Simpson (b. 1864 or 1863); Louzinra Simpson (b. 1868 or 1867); Mary C Simpson (b. 1876 or 1875); Washington Simpson (b. 1866 or 1865); Lizzie Simpson (b. 1873 or 1872); Lou E. (b. 1877 or 1876). The second set are my family but there is mentioned a Bee Simpson in the first family, and my mother had made the comment that she had an Uncle Bee. The Mormon genealogy says it is possible that he had two wives at the same time. This is likely since some of the children were born during slavery, and some directly after, along with some born all the way until 1880. Is it possible that the oldest children in the second set belong to Francis too? Either way, we are all related. I am trying to find out.

Jan Morris Fri, 15 Aug 2003 11:13:12
Is there a list somewhere of funeral homes in the area and the dates they began? Thanks! Researching BREEDLOVE, BROWN, FRAZIER, HATLEY, MADDEN, ROGERS. Jan Morris --

Derek K. Rodgers, Sr. Thu, 24 Jul 2003 03:00:34
I am looking for information on the following surnames and/or their descendants: JONES, Benjamin "Ben" Henry & Caldonia "Puss"; WESLEY, Coffee & Catherine; Wesley, Henry C. & Rosa (MOSS) 1st wife and Mrs. Ellen McKINNIE 2nd wife; Jones, William "Bill" & Anne (BURNS) McBATHEY; LOUDERMILK (all or any); SCOTT, Ardella (Wesley) & Alfred 1st hus. TUCKER, James W. 2nd hus.; DEMPSEY, Tom, Mal, and other Dempseys; HOPSON/HOPKINS (any); BEASLEY (any); KING (any); NELSON (any). All are from Nevada County and some moved/lived in Hempstead County. Any help give will be appreciated. I will also share information that I have. (*Note the race involved here is Black, White, and Mulatto; some Indian.) Thank you for your help. Respectfully, Mr. Derek K. Rodgers, Sr.