Peggy Sue Wilson Sun Jan 19 22:29:29 1997
WILSON, John Monroe b. 1849 in Brisbane, Nevada Co, AR. Son of William Rance WILSON born ca 1822 in Scotland. Only known child was John Monroe WILSON who married Lucinda (Lucy) Emma ABBOTT ca 1876. Lucy is the daughter of Elijah and Mary (VANCLEAVE) ABBOTT. John's family was first found in Zephyr,Brown Co, TX in 1872. John Monroe WILSON was first Worshipful Master of Zephyr Masonic Temple. I am interested in any knowledge about this family, or an area known as Brisbane. Family History says William R. WILSON was first in Vermont, and that J.M. Wilson met and married Lucy in Springfield, MO. Thanks for any information. Peggy Sue Wilson

Martey Massey Mon Jan 20 07:43:01 1997
Seeking information on the MASSEY, ATLOM, BISHOP family. L.P. Massey and Parthinia WOFFORD born and married in South Carolina moved to Mississippi and then to Arkansas about 1850. He joined the Falcon Guards Co. E. 11 Arkansas and died as a POW at camp Douglas. Parthina was on a later census with only children. Young son W.W. Massey later married Martha Jane Altom from hurricane mills about 1880.Father David and mother Hanner (Eliza) Cooper two of L.P.'s daughters-Julia and Margaret married David and Joseph Bishop about 1870. W.W. and Martha moved to Hunt County Texas about 1890 where they are buried and some descendants still live.

John Purtle Sun Jan 26 11:01:03 1997
Does anyone know whether L.C. PURTLE is my great grandfather? Here is my "hunch". The full name may be Leon Columbus Purtle. He is old enough to have served in the Civil War as my great grand father is susposed to have done. He is from Laneburg as my ggf is susposed to have been. My grand father was Christopher Columbus Purtle (Lum). He father 3 children who live to adults. Leon N. Purtle, Thomas Watson Purtle, Ruby Purtle. I am the only child of Thomas Watson Purtle. They all grew up in Navada County especially around Laneburg and Sutton. Any help appreciated.

Francy Thompson Tue Jan 28 21:35:29 1997
Looking for more information on family of Levi Newton HILL (born Aug 31, 1835 in SC) and wife Lucinda ______ HILL (born April 12, 1833 in SC). They married about 1868 (I don't know where) and had at least four children: Maston, Nancy (born Apr 22, 1878), John Elihu (born Mar 31, 1874 in Mountain Fork, Polk county, Ark), Robert N. (born Oct 1880 in Mountain Fork, Polk county, Ark). Nancy married Neal Williams and my great-grandfather, John Elihu Hill married Sarah Amelia SMITH (born Oct 4, 1879 at Big Fork, Polk county, Ark), daughter of Berryman Jasper SMITH and Elsie Malinda Sicly Jane "Jane" SHED.

Francy Thompson Tue Jan 28 22:17:29 1997
John SHED/SHEDD born about 1831 in SC died about 1866 in Polk county, Ark. Married Martha Ann COX born Jun 4, 1846 died about 1920. She remarried Benson Goss after death of John SHEDD. Children of John and Martha Shed: 1) Elsie Malinda Sicly Jane Shed born Oct 6, 1858 Mt. Ida, Montgomery county, Arkansas. Married Berryman "BJ" SMITH Dec 23, 1875 in Montgomery county, ARK. Died 1939. 2) Martha R. Shed born about 1860 in Big Fork, Montgomery co, Ark. John SHED's father was Seaborn Shed born about 1808 in SC and died in Arkansas. John's siblings: Thompson Shed, Rebecca Shed, James Shed, Lorensa Shed, Nancy Shed, Sarah Ann Shed, and Malissa Jane Shed.

Lady Mary Hendrickson Thu Jan 30 11:42:05 1997
Looking for the following, and his ancestors: James Monroe SINGLETON, b 24 Jul 1862, AR. Died 22 Oct 1899, possibly Wood County, TX. Married to Ida Abiah or Abigh MASSEY, dau of Mr. Massey and Ms. White. James' parents possibly married in TN, travelled to AR and TX? James and Ida's children, all born TX: Lillie C., Mary Cordelia, John Robert, Claude, Bertie B., Ocil James, Eula Ellen, Booth, Ruthie Omega, and Laura Bell. Any help with this search to find James and his ancestors will be appreciated! Please email or snail mail Lady Mary Hendrickson, 5970 Gaskell Road

Leslie Ferguson Sat Feb 1 21:30:54 1997
Trying to track down my gggrandfather's family. It appears that his father was Rucker TANNER who was born in Arkansas abt 1826, married Martha A. ANDERSON, also born in Arkansas; and had a sibling born in Arkansas, also - Jessy Tanner -born abt 1828. Martha would have been born Abt 1835. Any info greatly appreciated - thank you!

Bobbie Wright Sat Feb 1 22:04:38 1997
Anyone with Family Tree Maker Marriage Index CD #6? Would really appreciate the information on Mrs. Susan P. HOUSTON which is supposed to be listed on this CD.

Chris Spears Sat Feb 1 22:05:03 1997
Looking for Archie SPEARS Sr., lost relative. Pinkie JONES <sp> was his wife. They were married in Arkansas and lived in Marriana.

linda Wed Feb 5 19:59:42 1997
Researching the STEPP and BOHANNON families of Madison Co, Ark. Any information, stories, biographies please e-mail.

Dan Manson Fri Feb 7 20:32:51 1997
I am looking for ANY information related to the Andrew J. and Saly? MAYS family Andrew J Mays born July 1861 born in KY father born in NC? Mother born in NC? Wife Saly? _____ born Nov. 1862 born in KY; father born in KY; Mother born in KY; Daughter Lulu born Mar. 1885 born in KY; Son Monroe born Nov. 1889 born in ARK; Daughter Dikes born Nov. 1890 born in ARK - married a DAVIS ? Daughter Dora born Feb. 1892 born in ARK - married Toy Fredman RITCHIE. Daughter Ida M. born Jun. 1896 born in ARK - married a MARTIN. Also, can anyone look up the birth records of the Arkansas children, likely born in Newton County, Arkansas. Send email to:

Chris Schmidt Sat Feb 8 21:51:32 1997
Information on a Curtis GUNTER or Ethal Marie CRANE may have been spelled Crane or Craine lived in Harrison around 1900's trying to find Grandmothers Family Line

Win Terrell Wed Feb 12 14:28:06 1997
I am looking for connections to Daniel ABBOTT family and FINE family and EPPERSON family in or around Little Rock before 1857. Frances Elizabeth FINE b. c 1855. Daniel ABBOTT b. c. 1830. Thanks for any help you can give.

R. L. Demry Wed Feb 12 18:11:13 1997
I am looking for any information that you may have on the following names, DEMRY, DEMERY, DEMORY, FRITZ. Will share any information that I have that may be of interest to you.

Barry Dunagan Fri Feb 14 20:15:43 1997
Searching for info on SCRIVNER family, James Scrivner married Veddie Lou FOWLER.This is all I know about them.

Carol Baudat Sat Feb 15 22:12:46 1997
Looking for an Arthur O'KEEFE, I'm told he lived and was buried in Gillum, AR...I'm not sure how to spell it, maybe Gilham, AR. He Was my Grandmother's father, her mother was Rosetta Pearl HUNTER. He had a brother named Patrick O'Keefe. Would appreciate any info I could get, even if it's just how to spell "Gillum, AR?" Thanks!

RONALD ROSS Sun Feb 16 21:11:44 1997
Looking for Silas Dinsmore ROSS, our missing link, to John Ross.

Susan Santoli Mon Feb 17 14:31:58 1997
I am looking for information on the parents of William Sidney PRIVETT who was born 9 Sept. 1835 in Washington Co. and also information on the parents of his wife, Martha Elizabeth Pierson GILLILAND Privett born 17 Feb., 1851 in Washington Co. They were married on 11 August 1887. Any information anyone can give will be greatly appreciated. I have the names of Willas Hill Privett and Serena Flack Privett as the parents of William Sidney Privett,and John Pierson and ? REED as Martha Elizabeth's parents, but know nothing about them. Thank you.

Shauna Gilliland Beal Wed, 13 Aug 1997 17:46:37
I have the GILLILAND query there and my e-mail address has changed to Thank you, Shauna Gilliland Beal coordinator, USGenWeb project Maricopa County Arizona

Frances Bunch Mon Feb 17 17:14:36 1997
Researching all family members of the BUNCH surname and allied lines.

Kathryn L Garcia Mon Feb 17 13:02:01 1997
Looking for any information on the GOODNIGHT family of Arkansas. Mainly those that came from Van Buren and Stone Co..I would like to know if any one has the maiden name for the wives of Henry Goodnight and his son Philip.

Wanda Johnston Tue Feb 18 09:10:31 1997
I am looking for any information on family of Clarence Allen WILSON b1886 in Little Rock, Arkansas and maybe of Native American decent. He served in WW1 and may have had a son named Jack. I am his granddaughter and have been searching for many years. Please contact me with anything. Thank you.

Tami Ramsey Wed Feb 19 10:51:31 1997
Searching for information on C. Adison LEE, wife Pamela or PaureliaYaudle LEE. Children Dora, Cora (twins), Amos, Luna, George, Adison, Elbert, Lennie, and Berthenia Ida Jane b. November 18, 1867. The only information I have is that he fought in the Civil War. Any info is appreciated as I do not have much to go on.

Shawn Miller Wed Feb 19 14:29:58 1997
HASLEY-- Looking for HASLEYs in Saline, Nevada, Pulaski and Clark counties. Donnie Hasley we believe was born in Mablevale.

Linda Cortez Thu Feb 20 13:12:03 1997
I am looking for any information that I can find on Lee MORGAN and Lula Adkisson Morgan. Lee died in Little Rock. It seems that he left a blank trail. His children do not know about his past. I am looking for any information on these people.

Steven Dhuey Thu Feb 20 18:23:32 1997
Harry BURGESS (b. 1875-76) married Anna BARNES (b. 1878-79) in Lee Co., AR, on 22 March 1899. Daughter Edith born in Marianna on 16 July 1901. Anna was a widow by 1920 census. When and where did Harry die? Where did they live between 1899 and his death? Where was Harry from?

Rhonda Hawkins Fri Feb 21 07:04:11 1997
I am searching for my Grandfather's People. Nathan BIGGS was married to Eliza TWEEDLE. They had 5 daughters. The 4th was my GGGrandmother Francis Elizabeth BIGGS. B-1866 Dardanelle, Yell Co., AR. Francis Married a Mathew BROWN and moved to OKLA to have her children about 1891. Also on 9 Sept. 1868 my GGGrandfather John Maxfield WILLIFORD was born in AR. His parents were Maxfield Hensley WILLIFORD b- 5 SEPT 1824 of TN and Cynthia Ann LEWIS of AL, TN or England. John WILLIFORD's wife was Zelpha Lucinda BOEN born 1876 of AR. Her parents being Christopher Columbus BOEN b-1858 Boston Mountains, AR. and Poll Ann RUSSEL b-1858 Boston Mountains, AR. I have not been able to trace any of these names any farther. They are all buried in the same Cemetery and I have actual photos of that place. I would like to give my Grandfather some insight to his past. He left the family at the age of 14. He is 83 and still rodeos for a living. The last of the TRUE COWBOYS. Any help will be most appreciated. I'd love to find living relatives.