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Jerry McKelvy is making this terrific offer about maps and land descriptions:
Are you confused by the term township, or do you have a land description from a land patent or deed and are wondering in what part of Nevada County the land was located? I have over 25 years experience working with maps and land descriptions. I will be willing to help answer any questions you might have about townships and their locations, or help you pinpoint a location from a land description. Jerry

Rayedene Graves has offered to do lookups, limited to Nevada County in the Arkansas Death Record Index, 1914-1918.
Please make your email request as specific as possible.

Doris Lindblad
CONFEDERATE SOLDIERS: I have acquired a book titled "Confederate Dead" Rock Island Illinois, compiled in the Office of the Commissioner for Marking Graves of the Dead, War Department, 1912. There is no further information of publisher, etc. It is typewritten and some information is beginning to fade. It lists Name, Rank, Company, Regiment, Date of Death, Number and Locality of Grave ( Most state "Confederate Cemetery"). I will be happy to do lookups for anyone sending their confederate ancestors name. Please bear with me as I do have limited time, but I will get to everyone. Thanks, Doris Lindblad

You are invited to check out the Arkansas Family History Association's website.

They offer many FREE lookups from Arkansas resource books with many more sources comingonline. So, stop by and see if they can help you find your ancestors!

If you'd like to sign up for their email list, just send the following word:

Jerry McKelvy
I have copies of the church records for
Pleasant Hill Missionary Baptist Church No. 1, which existed from 1891 to 1911 in eastern Nevada Co. The church was known by several different names over that time period. There are lists of members for various years.

Surnames mentioned are: MOORE, KIRK, PURIFOY,
SANDERSON, and a few more.

I would be happy to help anyone researching those families.

Teresa Highlands has offered to do lookups in three volumes of Hempstead County cemeteries; 1830-1850 Census; 1828-1849 Tax Lists. Please make your request as specific as possible.

Marie Harvey has offered to do lookups, limited to Marriages 1817 - 1875
and the 1870 Census of Hempstead County.
Please make your email request as specific as possible.

Brenda Troegle has the 1850 Hempstead Co. Census and will do lookups. She will need the page #.

Doris Lindblad has copies of "Southwestern Arkansas Death Record Index, 1914 - 1923" and "Southwestern Arkansas Death Record Index, 1924 - 1933."
Both are prepared for publication by Desmond Walls Allen and published by Arkansas Research. They were purchased from J & W Enterprises, Shreveport LA.
They are INDEX ONLY and provide only a name and date of death by county. She will be happy to do lookups as time permits. NO complete SURNAME SEARCHES, please.

Doris Lindblad has the books: "Marriages, Nevada County, Arkansas 1871-1901," and "Nevada County, Arkansas United States Census of 1880." Both were published by the Hempstead County Genealogical Society. She will be happy to do lookups. Please specify Nevada County Lookup in the subject and be specific in the request.

Linda Martin has 4 books that she will lookup names:
Marriages, Nevada County, Arkansas 1871-1901
Hempstead County, Arkansas Cemeteries, Book 2. Includes Hope and surrounding area.
Hempstead county, Arkansas United States Census of 1870
Hempstead County, Arkansas United States Census of 1830, 1840, 1850
Tax Lists 1828, 1829, 1830, 1831, 1832, 1839, 1841, 1842, 1847, 1848, 1849
All are published by the
Hempstead County Genealogical Society
PO Box 1158
Hope, Arkansas 71801

"Rex" has a website of look-up resources pertaining to not only this state, but many other states as well. He has numerous sources listed which he is willing to do free look-ups from. Many of these are KY resources, but he has sources for other states as well.
The web address is http://www.digginbones.com/
"I do look-ups at the Second Largest Genealogy Library in the Country. Email me directly."

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