1880 Census Soundex for Arkansas

Typed and submitted by Darlene Pace on September 17, 2001 who would love contact from anyone researching in Perry County Arkansas for Holcomb, Halcumb. My Grandfather was Wm Halcumb b-1870 Perry Co Arkansas he had two half brothers Jasper Ragsdale/Ragsdill b-1850s/o Oliver Ragsdale Robert Willliams b- 1865 Sweethome s/o ?? William Halcumb b- 1870 s/o ?? My Grandfather

NR not reported. I did not list the word wife, or son & daug on most unless otherwise specified.
1880 Soundex for Halcumb, Holcomb, Halcum Etc. in Arkansas
Where I have typed colored the Census show B at one time Indians were noted as colored or Black.

William Halcomb age 4 Ark in HH of William Halcomb Lonoke Co
Halcom, Webster 38 yr Mississippi living in Lincoln Co
Halcolm Luisa wife 33 Mississippi
Elizabeth Daug 8 Ark
William 10 yrs s/o Webster Ark
Alla daug 6 Ark
Dora 4 yrs Ark
David 2 yrs Ark
Hatsell William Father in Law 62 NC
Halcolm, Rosa Niece 11 Ark
Samuel nephew 14 Ark
Holcom, Wesley colored 8 yrs Ark living in Jefferson Co
enumerated with Burrill Holcom
Holcomb, William 41 yrs b-abt 1838-9 Ark
living in Perry Co Twp Fourche, Lafour
wife Margaret E 26 Ark
William E. Son 6 yrs ark
Missouri F 4 Ark
Halcomb first name not reported.
wht female 33 yrs Ark living in Jefferson Co
Geni dau 19 Ark
Irene dag 14 Ark
Nettie 12 Yrs Ark
Ann 9 yrs
Brad 6 Yrs Ark
Holcombe, A. J. female 25 yrs Ark living in Jefferson Co (women often used initial only)
Bamina 3 Yrs
They were living in HH of F. G. Vaugine
Holcomb, Benjamin 34 yrs Ala living in Howard Co Ark
Martha 35 yrs Ark
Mary 8 Yrs ark
Thomas 7 Yrs Ark
Laura 5yrs Ark
Ida 3yr Texas
Benjamin 1 yr Texas
Holcom, Burrill colored 47 Ark living in Jefferson Co
Bob Son 18 Ark
Mark 17 NR Ark
Wesley 8 NR Ark
John NR 5 Ark
Holcomb, Calvin 23 yrs Ark living in Washington Co
Margaret E wife 26 Tenn
James R 1 yr Ark
Huffmaster, John M bro law 23 Tenn
Halcum, Charity A. R. 3 yrs Ark livin in Izard Co
enumerated with John W Radferd. Grandfather
Halcum Charles 48 Ga living in Izard Co
Martha wife 47 Ga
Effe Wolfin (Ad D6 yrs
Halcomb, Cora 8 yrs Ark living in Lonoke Co
enumerated with William Halcomb relation not reported
Holcom D. Y. 10 yrs Ark living in Nevada Co
enumerated with Butcher, T. J. Son
Holcomb, David E colored 49 yrs Va living in Yell Co
Sarah Wife 44 NC
Nancy 7 Yrs Georgia
Holcomb, Elihu 48 yrs Indiana living in Washington Co
Wilson C son 13 La
Rhoda dau 22 Yrs Ark
Frank Grand son 2 Tx
Halcomb, Ely D 43 Yrs Tenn living in White Co Ark
Margret 41 Tenn
Georgia 15 yr Ark
Thomas 13 Ark
James H 10 yr Ark
Marvin 5 Yrs Ark
Lenox 2 yrs Ark
Halcomb, Daniel 51 yrs Ark Perry Co
William son 22 b-1858 Ark
John 15 yrs Ark
Rosa I ..7 Ark
Owens J. E. Sister 33 yrs La
Owens Nancy E (Bo)33 Tenn
Owens Mary l (Bo) 7 yrs Ark
Owens john W (bo) 4 Ark
I do not know what b o is
see below Owens names appear again
Holcomb, Daniel colored 45 Yrs N. C living in Drew Co
Sarah Wife 38 NC
Fletcher 14 Ark
Charles, 12 yrs Ark
Tasquina 10 Ark
Crawford 8 Ark
Francis 3 ark
Moses 1 Ark
Holcomb, Henry 47 Tenn living in Clay Co
Sarah F 36 Ark
Martha 15 Ark
Menry M 13 Ark
Esenuth C or E 11 yrs
Fredric J 10 Ark
Alpha 8 Ark
Daniel M 6 Ark
Aura L 5 Ark
Rhoda M 3 Ark
Nancy P 2 Ark
Mabell 3/12 Ark
Holcomb, Jno H 37 Ind living in Washington Co
Rhoda 27 Ark
cener 10 yrs Ark
Belldora 10 Yrs must be twins
Stephen H 6 Ark
Matilda B (NR) 4 Ark
William T (NR) 2 yrs ARk
Halcomb. J. M 38 Missouri living in Searcy Co
Mary 21 Mo
Matilda 9 Ark
Enoch A 5 Ark
Arminta 3 Ark
Holcom Green D 32 Yrs Ark Perry Co
Catherine C 31 SC
Willim H 4 yrs Ark
Viola 2 Ark
Margarett J (NR) 10/12 Ark
Bowie, Franklin B bro in law 29 SC
Cartherine probably a Bowie and Margarett His Child ??
Halcomb, Gusstavus 6 Yrs Ark living in lonoke co
enumerated with William Halcomb not reported
Holcomb, J. R 29 Yrs Ark Living in Clay Co
Mary 34 Ill
Sarah l 11 Yrs Ark
Henriettee 9 Yrs Ark
Samuel C 7 Ark
William R 5 yrs Ark
Andrew J 1 yr Ark
Halcombe, Jack N 22 Yrs Ala living in Howar Co
Sallie C 22 Ark
Emett 2 Ark
Palina (NR) 8/12
Hill Margrett mother 52 SC
says see page 8 line 1
Holcomb, James 5 yrs "Ark living in Monroe co
enumerated with Susan A Bishop her Son
Holcom, James 25 Yrs Mo living in Lawrence Co
L. J 22 wife Mo
Crockett, Jamie Father -law 65 Tenn
Liza A 6 Mo
Holcomb Jefferson 25 Yrs Ark living in Washington Co
Amnda J 18 Yr Ill
Silles (NR) 10/12 Ark
Holcom, John 5 Black or Colored 5 Ark Jefferson Co
enumerated with Burill Holcom not reported
Holcom Margarett J 10/12 Ark Perry Co
Enumerataed with Green D Holcom not reported
Halcomb, John J 25 Ark living in Sharp Co
Susanna 22 Ky
Mary l 4yrs Ark
Samuel S. 3 Ark
William B 1 yrs Ark
Owens Caroline sister in Law 18 Mo
See other Owens abv
Halcombe, John R. Ark living in Hemstead Co
Enumerated with Chas M. Morgan Step son
Halcombe, John R. 40 yrs Ga living in Howard Co
Hariett 38 Ala
William 18 yrs Ala
Emma 13 Ala
Whitter, Sarah (si) 42 Ga
Colton, Elbert Nephew 21 Ala
Colton, Della niece Ark
Holcomb, John W 35 Ark living in Wash Co
Martha M 34 Ark
Stonewall J 9
Walter m 6 Ark
Holcomb, Jos 54 Indiana living Wash Co
Belle E 26 Ark
William W 18 Ark
Cener 10 Yrs Ark
Bruce 6 yrs Ark
Jo Belle 3 Ark
Dupree, Emma B (S D) 15 Yrs Ark
James W (S S) 13 Ark
I think S D is sister daug & S S sisters son
Holcomb, Joseph 10 Yrs Ark Monroe Co
Enumerated with Susan A Bishop her son
Halcombe, L. S 70 Yrs SC living in Jefferson Co
E. wife 47 La
Jos S G-son 8 Ark
Birr, Emma ( S D 19 Ark
Sallie (S D 17 Ark
Halcombe, Gellie (G D) 10 Ark
Holcomb, Luther 7 Ark living in Clay Co
Emumerated with Mary Merideth Grandson
Holcom, Mason 29 23 Ky
living in Franklin Co Ark
Polly wife 23 Ky
Charles 5 yr Ark
Louiza 2 Ark
Sarah 3/12 Ark
Holcomb, Matilda B 4 yrs Ark living Washington Co
Enumerated with Jno H Holcomb apparently
daug of Jno H
Hulcn, Ms 45 Tenn living in Nevada Co
N. E. wife 35 Ark
I.D. 5 Ark
J. H. 3 Ark
Halcum, Matilda M. 27 Yrs Ky living in Izard Co
Sinthy C 6 Ark
Charity A. R 3 Ark
living with John W. Radferd
Holcomb, Margarot 61 Tenn living in Wash Co
Barnes, Herbert H. Grand son 3 Ark
Holcomb Pinkney 40 Male Ark living Wash Co
Mary R. 43 Tenn
Ellen S 12 Yrs Ark
Sarah T 9 yrs Ark
Mary F 8 Ark
Robert E 5 Ark
Lenora 2 Ark
Halcum, Riley 25 yrs Ark living in Lawrence co
Sarah H 26 Ark
Caleb 2 Ark
Halcomb, Shella 2yrs Ark living in Lonoke Co
Enumerated with William Haocomb (NR)
Holcomb, Thomas 8 yrs Ark living in Monroe co
enumerated with Bishop Susan A Her son
Holcomb, Tom age 7 Ark living in Dorsey
Enumerated with John Covington Step Grand Son
Holcomb, Nathan T age 36 Ark living in Dallas Co
Emma C. H 27 Ark
William P. J 11 yrs Ark
Mary L. 8 Ark
Clarra G 4 Ark
Robert E 2 Ark
Halcombe, Palina 8 Month Ark living in Howard Co
Enumerated with Jack n Halcombe not Reported
Remarks Head of family found on Sheet 6 line 48
Halcomb, William 36 A Yrs MS living in Lonoke Co
Elizer E 36 yrs Tenn
Edeard 10 Ark
Cora 8 NR Ark
Gusstavus (NR 6 Ark
William 4 yrs NR Ark
Shella 2 yrs NR Ark
Holcomb, William R 55 yrs Ark living in Boone Co
Martha 43 Tex
America daug 20 Ark
Thomas J 17 Ark
James F 13 Ark
Harvey A 3 Ark
Wells William T (SS)18 Tx
Jasper Wells 16 (SS) 16 Tx
Halcombe, Joel E 63 Georgia living in Howard Co
Sarah 37 NC
Henton 16 Ala
Albert H 13 Ala
Martha 11 /Ark
Minnie E 7 Ark
Frank 9 Ark
Robin C 5 Ark
Ellen E 3 Ark
Lucinda 5/12
Halcomb, John 56 Ga living in Pike co
Nancy 46 Ga
Mary 22 Ark
William L 20 Ark
Sarah M 17 Ark
Emily 13 AR
Sherman 11 Ark
Thomas C 7 Ark
Martha n 3 Ark
Halcombe, J. R Ga living in Pike co Ark
Salane 37 Ga
Pierce W 18 Ark
Cornelia 15 Ark
Nancy 12 Ark
Thomas 10 Ark
Joseph 9 Ark
Larissa 6 Ark
Margaret 4 Ark
John F 2 Ark
Holcom, James R 40 Ga liviing in Bradley Co
Jamos R. wife 39 Ga
Aseriah 12 GA
Emma J 12 Ark
Ellon L 5 Ark
Mary V 1
Halcombe Jas S 8 Ark living in Jefferson
Enumerated with L. S Halcombe Grandson
Halcomb William T Ga living in Howard Co
Louisa E 32 Ala
Sarah T 11 yrs Ala
Margrett E 0 Ala
Macy E 6 Ark
George W 3 Ark
Joseph 1 Ark
Halcombe, Andrew G 36 Fa living in Howard Co
Rebecca 34 Ala
Judie E 13 Ala
Mary E 10 Ala
Louisa E 8 Ala
Andrew 5 Ala
John W 3 Ala
James A 1 Yr Ala
Arther, Louci Mother 66 Ala
Halcomb, Demosthenes 31 Ga living in Hot Spring Co
Sarah mother 74 yr SC
Josephine 9 Ark
Jesse 7 Ark
Holcumb, Dick Black/or colored 30 yrs Ark living Quachita Co
Hanna 25 Ark
Osker 3 Ark
Cicero 4/12 Ark
Virgil Mother 50 Tenn
Halcombe, Gellie 10 Yr Ark living in Jefferson co
Enumerated with L. J. Halcombe Granddaug
Holcomb, George, 28 Ga living in Drew Co
Martha 20 Ark
William H 4/12 Ark
Halcum, Amose H. Ga living in Izard Co
Rebecca 19 Ark
Mary J 4 Ark
Charles 2 Ark