Queries for Perry County
2000, 2001, 2002, 2003


Kathy February 14, 2002
I am seeking information about the following Perry County GROSS family.
1900 Hollis, Perry Co., Howell Tsp, AR
Gross, Mike  Head  W M Sept 1868  31  M 7       IL  IN  IL
       Hatti  Wife  W F  Oct 1874  25  M 7 4/3 AL AL AL
       Olla A. Dau  W F  Nov  1895   4   Indian Terr, IL AL
       Edgar  Son   W M  Mar  1897 3             AR IL AL
              Son    W M  Oct  1899  2/12        AR IL AL
Hatti is Matilda Ann Montgomery of Johnson county according to their marriage record.  Shannon William GROSS  was also known as Mike GROSS. He ran a store ,was postal clerk and also did some doctor in in the Hollis community.  Mike and his Wife Matilda are buried at Carters Cove Cemetery, near Plainview.
According to land records on Sept. 30, 1899 Shannon Gross purchased land in Johnson Co. AR Land office of Dardanelle  Homestead Entry (12Stat.392) for 40 acres
Married Mayors Office, Crawford Co., Van Buren, AR February 27, 1893  I am trying to find additional information on Matilda MONTGOMERY in hopes of discovering who her parents were.


Ola Titus March 16, 2002
I am searching for info on William Thurstan GLASSCO.   I do know that he was listed in the Perry Co. census in 1920, I think he lived in Perry Co. up until the early fiftys.  His first wife was Genny Harris, his second wife was Atha Goodman.  William and both wives were blind I would appreciate any info.


Becky Anderson Rouse March 17, 2002
I am looking for information regarding my great, great grandfather Jonathan Wills WALKER.  He abandoned his family in Oklahoma around 1880's or 1890's.....it was thought he had been killed when away from home to buy or sale horses but was later known to be collecting his Civil War pension from this county.

I would like to know if he started another family and who they might be and if he ever explained why he abandoned my great, great grandmother, Martha Ann Elizabeth Justus WALKER; she later married Cullen Green CRIBBS.


Bettina Sparrowe March 23, 2002
I'm looking for parents of Will FLOOD (born 1873  married Mary A. TURNER 1894).
Looking for parents of Mary A. TURNER (born 1873, first married Will FLOOD, second married Henry P. EUBANKS).
Looking for parents of Thomas Jefferson BROWN (born 1867 married Theodocia Caldonia TOMLIN).


Gerald Loftis March 28, 2002
My Great Grandfather, Joseph (J. H.) SAPPINGTON is on the 1900 Perry County, Perry Township census with his 5 children.  His wife is not listed.  I think she was America Watson SAPPINGTON and she died sometime around 1897-1900.  J. H. married Maude Belle Holder in Perryville in 1900.  Any information regarding J. H. or America would be most welcome. 


Sally Nevin (Nee Marshall) March 31, 2002
I am looking for Sonya WOOD who I went to school with at Embleton Primary in 1987 and John Forrest High in 1988, in Western Australia. Hoping someone who sees this knows her. 



Wesley Sanders April 25, 2002
I am looking for information on Emmet Nathan HALL and Edgar Nathan HALL. Emmett is my great grandfather and Edgar, my grandfather, was born in Casa, Perry County, Ark. on April 16, 1893. I have a copy of his birth certificate.



Reginia Tilmon-Klamner June 3, 2002
I am trying to find information on my family's past and who my relatives are.  Flavel (Bill) TILMON was my grandfather and Ima Jean (Jean) GRIMES (TILMON) was my grandmother.  They both died in Ark but I know there are lots more, too.  I have also heard stories about an Arthur Charles TILMON and his Jr.  and some kind of scandel where Jr was hung for something his father did. 


Donna Holt August 12, 2002
The surnames of my family are ADAMS, WALDEN, and BOSTICK in fact we were up in Casa this weekend and we found in the Casa Cemetery Dr. Wm B. BOSTICK which is one of my distant grandfathers.  He was a Dr. in and around the Casa area in the mid to late 1800's.   He was married to an English woman by the name of Martha Elizabeth Crouch BOSTICK Born Jan 12, 1841 and died March 31, 1890.  When they got married she was a widow and her last name was Decco and her maden name was Booth.  They had 11 children, John Alfred, Sarah Elizabeth, Mary Jane or (Lane), William Asberry, Rebecca Lucinda, Martha Arbelle, Dicy (Dicia) Caldonia, Benjamin Frankin, Evie Arizona, Ella (Ellie) Arkanaw, Charles Floyd All born between 1862 an 1885.  Some or all of these children may have been born in or around Perry or Pope Co. Ark.   He was born April 4, 1841 and died Jan. 12, 1899.   His head stone is at the very back of the cemetery, just to the right of the middle looking towards the back almost under the trees, but there is no record in the cemetery. He also is suppose to have two brothers that are buried in the Casa Cemetery by the names of John R. and Hick BOSTICK.   It was also told that he was also a Church of Christ preacher and his brother John also purchased about 3-4 acres of land and built a church of Christ where also another preacher came once a month to preach.   We would appreciate any help in finding any more history of his family. 



Ltc Leon Rowland Moore AUS Ret. September 8, 2002
Seeking information on William Monroe THEDFORD who married
Oma WILLS. Monroe was born in Nov. 1884 and was married to Oma WILLS about 1908 probably in Perry County. Oma was dead by 1919. Monroe and Oma had two children, James Henry and Daisy Thedford. James Henry died 1981.
Oma Wills THEDFORD sister' Rachael Wills married A. V. PITTS of Perry County on 10 May 1909 in Saline County, AR. I have not found A. V. or Rachael in the Saline county or Perry Counties Census. I would love to exchange information on these persons.


Frank Hendrix September 13, 2002
I have just spent some time in Perry Co. trying unsuccessfully to find some information about my Great Grandfather George Washington HENDRIX.  He died in about 1946 and was supposedly over 100 years old.  Does anyone know anything about him?  I am at a deadend.   Also, I know that my father, Marvin HENDRIX, always told us that he had a cousin, Claude HENDRIX, who lived in Perryville.  Does anyone know if Claude's Father was a son of George W. Hendrix?   Another question that I cannot answer is were Roe and Claude related?  If so, how?    I would appreciate hearing from anyone who might have some information or interest along this family line.  


jdoll15@aol.com September 14, 2002
I'd like to submit the surname HAWKS and hope to hear from any decendants
left there from the family.
Alfred Hawks was in Perry Co AR in the 1850 census age 34
Martha (wife) age 30
Richard P (son) age 8
Pleasant J (dau) age 6
Alfred J (son) age 4
Joseph P (son) age 2
Greenville (son) age 5 months

Alfred and Martha (Grimmett) HAWKS married in Monroe Co TN  Feb 20 1838
In the 1860 census of Perry Co, little Joseph P and Greenville were missing, so assume they died, but 2 more sons were listed
George W age 8 and John S age 5.
I thinking maybe Alfred Hawks may by my great great uncle.  He was born in VA abt 1816 as was my great great grandfather, Greenville Hawks born abt 1820 in VA.  By Alfred naming a son Greenville is a pretty good indication thay were from the same family.
I would very much like to hear from anyone with information on this family.


fs Bran September 24, 2002
We are looking any information about James HICKMAN and Nettie PERMENTER.  They lived in Petit Jean Township, Perry County in around 1920 and had three children Erie, Aden and Flora.  They are my husband's family and we are gathering information for the family tree.  Any information would be appreciated.


Lolita Christian September 26, 2002
I am looking for information on Walter and Rebecca (SMYERS) THETFORD and their children Malinda and James. Walter & Rebecca and baby Malinda are found in the 1860 census living with a family named Brandon. In the 1870 census Rebecca is with the two children only. I have family records that there were more children  born in the 1860s. By 1880 Rebecca had apparently remarried (Brandon) and divorced and had another child. I would be very interested on information on that. I have the  Perry County "Living the times" cemetery book and none of these names appears in any of the cemeteries. The Smyers Cemetery (her family) does have some THEDFORD's. No first names that I recognize. Of course, there are a lot of unmarked graves. Smyers cemetery also has several HARMON's. They include Malindas' mother and father-in law. I have no idea whether Walter and Rebecca died in Arkansas but both children, Malinda and James, left the area before 1900.
Does anyone know how interchangeble the names THETFORD and THEDFORD are? I do know of at least one instance that my Thetfords are referred to as Thedfords. I have cousins who say they are all one family???
I would appreciate any information on THETFORD, HARMON, and SMYERS  and am willing to share what I have with relatives.


Dr. Perry Glenn Lovett October 17, 2002
Old Andy or great-grandfather Andrew JACKSON first appeared (or at least I heard) in  Perry County from the Carolinas (North or South depending on what one reads), and in Perry County he married a lady named MASSENGILL. What
happened to her I do not know but wonder.  At any rate he eventually married Margaret FRIED in Polk County , which was fortuitous for me.  Is there is kind soul able to extend a few crumbs of information regarding old Andy? I should be most appreciative. Thanks.  Box 2505, Norman, OK 73070 .Telephone:405-899-7131. E-mail: jalteach@yahoo.com and pgl_lovettoilco@yahoo.com.


Sherry Steelman October 29, 2002
My family, the FOWLER's and McGHEE's,  lived in the Adona area of Perry Co., Ark. until some time around 1912 when my gr-grandparents moved to Oklahoma.  We have several pictures that are said to have been taken in Perry Co. but we aren't sure of where or exactly when.  One is an old school picture that appears to be much older than the ones you have posted.  There is another that appears to be a baptizing which shows a lot of people (probably 50 or more).  In the background you can see the mule teams standing behind a rail fence. 



Dan and Kathy Harper November 9, 2002
 I am searching for information on C. S. Denton HARPER b. abt 1876 in Perry Co. Arkansas. I believe he had a sister named Rebecca Catherine HARPER VAUGHT. C. S. Denton HARPER married Ida Jane KEELING abt 1906 in Conway Co. Arkansas. They had two sons, James Walter (Walt) HARPER b. 1909 and Claude HARPER b.1911.   C. S. Denton HARPER was killed between 1911-1914. Ida Jane KEELING remarried to Leonard Sanders in 1914 in Hot Spring Co. AR. and migrated to California with family.   please contact me if you have any information on this family. I have lost touch with a genealogist that has information on Catherine (Kate?) VAUGHT. It is believed that Denton lived with his sister for a time prior to his marriage.   



Jenny Henry December 25, 2002
I am seeking information on William Henry WHITFIELD.  He came from the line of Thomas Tinsley WHITFIELD line.
Thomas Tinsley WHITFIELD b.16 Dec. 1806 d. 22 Dec. 1878
(M) 1st Lucinda Hyde b. 11 Feb.1809 d.2Nov.1849
(M) 11 Aug. 1825
Thomas Tinsley WHITFIELD b.16 Dec. 1806 d. 22 Dec. 1878
(M) Sina Adlend Cobb b. 28 Dec. 1828 d.17 Oct. 1875
(M) 9 May 1850
Thomas and Hada's son
Henry Thomas WHITFIELD b.5 Dec. 1852 GA d.3 Jun.1885 AR
(M) 1st Hada Fitch b.1853 d.13 Jul. 1880
(M)18 Feb.1872
(M)2nd Nancy Jane Moore Mitchell b.4 Jan.1851 d. 2 Mar.
1924 (M) 26 Sep. 1880
Henry and Nancy's son
William Henry WHITFIELD b. 15 Mar. 1885 d. 21 Jan. 1946
(M) Ellon Catherine Boshears b. 8 Jul.1889 d. 1 Jul. 1987
(M) 4 Dec. 1904.
We were told that William's father died when he was a small baby.  He had one full brother and the brother was sent to live  with an Uncle and William was sent to live with his half sister.  Could anyone shed any light on what happened to Nancy Jane Moore Mithcell.  We are told she married  again to a man named Vint.  This set of WHITFIELD's were raised in the Cardon bottoms area and Casa.