Perry County Queries - 2003
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Kathy January 7, 2003
I am looking for info on Dave W. DOLLAR and his wife Sarah Jane CLINTON. They were living in Perry Co. in 1910. I also would like to know if anyone does any look ups in Perry Co. I am trying to find Dave and Sarah marriage record.

Elizabeth Kelley-Gregory January 26, 2003
I'm seeking info on my Great Grandmother Janie Ellen HANDLIN, born March 10, 1885. She had a son, my Grandfather, Noah KELLEY, born March 5, 1900 in Casa Township, Perry County, Ark. Janie was 15 at the time and I don't know if she was married or not. Noah's death certificate only lists his father as unknown Kelley.
I'm not sure if Janie Ellen actually lived in Casa Township when she had Noah because the July 1900 census for Petit Jean Township in Conway County shows her living in Petit Jean Township with an older sister Etter or Etta HANDLIN-KELLEY, Etter's husband, Elige KELLEY and a younger sister Allus or Alice HANDLIN but no baby Noah who would have been over 3 months old at the time of the census.
This info leads me to believe that Janie may have been staying temporarily in Casa Township until she had my Grandfather Noah, and then moved back to Petit Jean Township alone. She also may have relinquished Noah to a William Franklin Short and Martha Tucker for raising. Some fellow researchers have also suggested that Janie's brother in law, Elige KELLEY may have been Noah's father.
Does anyone have a record of HANDLINs living in the Perry County area between 1885-1910? Also where would Janie have gone in Casa Township to have Noah in March of 1900? Which hospital(s) were in the area or if she had a home birth would it have been with a family or perhaps her parents? Does anyone know of any KELLEY's living in the Casa Township area between 1899 and 1900?
If anyone has any info it would be appreciated.

Jamie January 31, 2003
I have my WEDDEL families living in Perry Co., Ark. In the 1870.
Here is the Census of the 1870
Page 1 Frankie Lefoie Twp Perry Co, Ark.
July 5,1870
Line 13 WEDDELL, Richard B. age 40 M W Farmer 200 250
WEDDELL, Sarah J. wife age 25 F W
WEDDELL, Hershel V. age 9 son M W
WEDDELL, Tanthus M. age 4 mo. M W
WEDDELL, Rufus R. age 4 mo. M W

Hope to find more about Richard having Lands as you see here.

Carol Day February 17, 2003
Doing some research and am looking for a Luna E. BURGE born in Houston. Perry Co. Arkansas in 1897. Trying to find her parents name. Any help will be appreciated.

Carolyn April 8, 2003
Searching for the family of Pernel Oscar CHANCE that was in Perry Co, AR. This family moved to Faulkner Co, Arkansas. this would have been in the late 1800's to early 1900;s. Any information appreciated. thanks

Rhonda April 14, 2003
My family surname is HILBURN. I have some information on them as well as the MUNNs and CASHNER families. They can email me at this address if they would like more information on any of these families. Thank you.

Floyd O White May 8, 2003
I would like to hear from anyone with information on John William WHITE & Minnie DAVIS m. 1909 , lived in Bigelow 1920 ,listed Alvie son, Lula dau. there were children or grand children of Minnie. Minnie died in 1920s """ no date. J.W. married Myrtle Lindsey in 1929 , lived in Bigelow until 1944. any one who knows anything.

Charlene July 7, 2003

I am searching for information about a family who seemed to be in the area in the early 1900s and maybe the 1890s.

Parents, John C. Fowler b. @1818 KY d. @1889 Searcy Co. AR & Olivia Heath Fowler b. @1824 KY had the following children:
1. Ellen Fowler b. @1843 MO m. Cornelius Lewis in TX then I don't know if he died, she died or what but I never located them after the 1861 marriage in TX. He could have been killed in the Civil War and she may have remarried and had another last name.

2. William D. Fowler b. @1845 MO m. Cassandra Minerva Jane Enterprise Goodman 1878 then he died prior to 1884.

3. Isabella Fowler b. @1850 MO. She disappeared after the 1860 Denton Co. TX Census. She may have married or she may have died but she was not with her parents on the Newton Co. MO 1870 Census.

4. Mary Ann Fowler b. @1855 TX. She married 1. Robert Meek, 2. James Clark Thomas Jan. 1879 3. Henry Britton 1889 Conway Co. AR 4. Unknown first name Tucker, 5. Henry Ha 1931, Okla. City, OK.

5. Martha Olivia Fowler b. @1862-1868 TX m. Francis Matchett and lived in areas of Searcy & Yell Co. AR.

We know that Mary Ann Fowler's 1st son, William Francis Meeks (b. @1874 AR), owned a barber shop and died in Casa, Perry Co. AR 1906 when he was shot by Jeff Hunter. William Meeks left a wife, Corrinda "Cassie" Bagwell Meeks and a small daughter Rose. I do not know WHEN they came to Casa and I have never located him on a 1900 Census.

I have never located Mary Ann Fowler's 2nd son, James Clark Thomas b. 1879 Searcy Co. AR on a 1900 Census but I know he married Myrtle Booze and they had a child 1904 AR. I do not know where they married.

I have never located Fannie Beatrice Thomas b. 1882 Searcy Co. AR on the 1900 Census but the man she married 1st, Clarence C. Archer was on the Yell Co. 1900 Census with his 1st wife, Maud, who would die 1 year later. I do not know when or where Clarence Archer and Fannie Beatrice Thomas married but they had a son 1905 b. AR.

Mary Ann's Fowler, b. 1855, was abandoned by her 1st husband, Robert Meek, her 2nd husband, James Clark Thomas died in 1886 in Searcy Co. AR. She married Henry Britton in Conway Co. AR 1889 but I heard he did not care for her children and she is said to have divorced him, I don't know when or where or whether they had children. I do not know the 1st name of her 4th husband but he is referred to as Mr. Tucker from TX and I have no idea of when or where she married him. Mary Ann Tucker is shown owning and running a hotel in Ada, Pontotoc Co., OK still married to Mr. Tucker in 1910 but he is not shown on that Census. By the 1920 Maud, Pottawattomie Co., OK Mary Ann Tucker is shown as a widow. I don't know if Mr. Tucker died in OK or what? I have really tried to locate a marriage lic. for them in order to find his first name.

If anybody can help me on any member or members of this family who played fast and loose with ages and places of birth on the census records and moved every time they thought about it I would REALLY APPRECIATE it. I am sure at least SOME of them were in Perry Co. AR area in 1900.
Thank you very much.

Joy Wright July 20, 2003
I am looking for my grandparents. Jencie Cordelia Hines was born on 8-19 ( or 29) in Bigelow Arkansas. She married Harry Harold Hines, who was born in AR (maybe Little Rock) or environs. Can you help me? They also had three children, born in AR-- Little Rock? Opal Beatrice Hines, Harry Harold Hines, Jr., and Netta May Hines.

SMITH July 29, 2003
My grandfather, William E. Smith and his first wife, Netsey F. were enumerated in the Perry County 1900 census, living on First Street. The census indicated that he owned his home free and clear. Is there a record of this in Perry County that I might obtain a copy? Also, is there a record of this marriage? When asked how many years married, the new wife or husband responded "0", so they must have been newlyweds. I would like to know the marriage date and her maiden name.

Karleen Cox September 11, 2003
I am looking for information regarding a school teacher that taught in Lee County in 1900 her name was Georgia Blount. I need information regarding what happened to her mother Laura Lewis who married Richard A. Blount.
I also would like information on Georgianna Lewis she was the mother of Frank Cox.
Sudie (Susan Lewis) sister to Frank and Laura and also Fielding Lewis. They all lived in the Lee County area in 1880. Any information regarding any individual related to this family would be most helpful. Thank you.

Elizabeth Kelley-Gregory October 23,2003
I'm searching for any information on Casa Township, Perry County, Arkansas from 1880-1910. The info I'm interested in is the history of Casa Township, what type of community it was during those years and what life was like.

I'm also researching my Great Grandmother Jane HANDLIN, born 1885 somewhere in Arkansas, who at the age of 15 came to Casa Township from Petit Jean Township in Conway County, to give birth to my Grandfather Noah Kelley in March of 1900.
Sometime after Noah's birth, Jane HANDLIN went back to Conway County but without Noah.
I found Noah Kelley on a 1910 census listed as an orphan living with an elderly couple in Hot Springs Township, Garland County which tells me Jane did not raise him. Would anyone happen to know if there was a hospital and/or orphanage in Casa Township during 1900? Thank you.