Perry County Photos

Casa, Arkansas
Photos taken by Mark Simmons

Looking west on Highway 10 in the middle of Casa. The white building on the left is where General Holmes' store used to be.

Eastern view of Casa from Highway 10.

The white buildings are the school. The red truck is parked in front of the only store left in town.

The red van is parked where Mr Holmes' store used to be. The corner by the stop sign is where the post office was.

Street where the post office and Alexander's store used to be.

Looking south on the same street, the old brick building as where Alexander is store was.

A hay field north of Casa on Highway 155.

Bridge over the creek at the Narrows, north of Casa on Highway 155.

Up Highway 155 north of Casa - main industry of the area, chicken farming.

North of Casa on Highway 155, the intersection with Highway 247.

Cemetery under the rimrock on Highway 155 north of Casa.