McCool - Lively Murder Trial

Source: Biographical and Historical Memoirs of Perry County
Goodspeed Publishing Company - 1889

pg 666
The most notable case that came before the circuit court in the county before the Civil War was the McCool and Lively murder trial. Lively was arraigned for the murder of McCool. The case was in the courts for several years and was finally settled by the death of Lively, who was shot and killed while lying asleep and under guard. The supposition was that a brother of McCool did the deed, but no one was apprehended and the matter was dropped.
pg 688
The first court of justice ever held in Perry County was presided over by Judge Claudman and the most notable case brought to trial at that period was that of a man named Lively for the murder of a fellow being named McCool. The case dragged along for several years and was finally settled by the defendant being killed while under guard.