Casa Township

Towns/Cities: Casa
Zip Code: 72025
Area Code: 501

1880 Population: 398
1880 Occupations: Farmer, Farm Worker, Teacher, Machinist, Blacksmith.

1900 Population: 487
1900 Occupations: Farmer, Farm Laborer, Day Laborer, Machinist, House Servant, Teamster, Seamstress, Lumber Manufacturer, Mill Sawyer, Mill Fireman, Engineer, Accountant, Railroad Laborer, Railroad Section Foreman, Blacksmith, Lumber Dealer, Newspaper Editor.

1910 Population: 466
1910 Heads of Household: 91
1910 Occupations: Farmer, Farm Laborer, Railroad Laborer, Railroad Section Foreman, Theater Actor, Well Drilling Laborer, School Teacher, Merchant, Veterinary Surgeon, Teamster Hauling Logs, Servant, Saw Mill Laborer, Saw Mill Foreman.

1920 Population: 399
1920 Heads of Household: 84
1920 Occupations: Farmer, Farm Laborer, School Teacher, Blacksmith, Physician, Railroad Section Laborer, Railroad Section Foreman.

1930 Population: 270
1930 Heads of Household: 59
1930 Occupations: Farmer, Farm Laborer, Railroad Section Laborer, Housekeeper, Blacksmith Laborer, Carpenter, School Teacher.

Blacksmiths: James Higgins, Thomas H. Higgins, Willie McGhee, Green Whitfield

Lawyers: James Shackleford (Casa town)

Pharmacist/Druggist: J.E. Jessup, George W. McConnell, Ernest Wade(Casa town)

Physicians/Doctors in Casa Town: James Cleveland, George Paullus

Physicians/Doctors in Casa twp: George Crawford (Student), Robert Janes, Josiah Thatford

Postmaster/Postmistress: Robert H. Huggins (Casa town)

Public School Teachers in Casa town: Florence Huggins, Ella Lewis, Nettie Lyon, Ruth Lyon, Victor Redditt, Willie Tucker

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