Maumelle Township

1880 Population: 141
1880 Heads of Household: 28
1880 Occupations: Farmer

1900 Population: 182
1900 Heads of Household: 34
1900 Occupations: Farmer, Farm Laborer, Physician, Housekeeper

1910 Population: 206
1910 Heads of Household: 39
1910 Occupations: Farmer, Trader, Servant

1920 Population: 296
1920 Heads of Household: 60
1920 Occupations: Saw Mill Laborer, Railroad Laborer, Railroad Fireman, Railroad Car Repairer, Railroad Engineer, Railroad Brakeman, Railroad Section Foreman, Railroad Night Watchman, Saw Mill Carpenter, Boarding House Cook, Commissary Clerk, Doctor, Saw Mill Log Camp Superintendant, Saw Mill Log Camp Assistant Superintendant, Farmer, Farm Laborer, Log Sealer, School Teacher.

1930 Population: 173
1930 Heads of Household: 38
1930 Occupations: Farmer, Railroad Brakeman, Saw Mill Log Cutter, Saw Mill Laborer, Mechanic.

Doctors/Physicians: John T. McClain, John B. Rodgers
School Teachers: Lottie Boshears, Edney E. Hill

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