Army & Army Air Force WW2 Casualties List
Perry County AR
File contributed for use by: Kathy Stokes Hudson
Transcribed from the National Archives

DNB - Died non battle
DOI - Died of injuries
DOW - Died of wounds
FOD - Finding of death
KIA - Killed in action
M - Missing

Name Selective Service # Rank Status
Blackard, George J. 37068806 PFC DOW
Blythe, Clevie U. 37069923 PFC FOD
Camp, Burl M. 38517248 PFC KIA
Coates, Clarence L. 38511578 CPL KIA
Cook, Augustus L. 0-737002 2 LT DNB
Crain, Everett E. 38289083 CPL KIA
Crain, Odis O. 38353755 PFC DOW
Fawbus, Chesley A. 38517127 PFC KIA
Hale, Samul E. 38294556 PVT DNB
Hambright, Dale W. 38516284 PFC KIA
Hill, James E. 38667007 PVT DNB
Lawrence, Myrl V. 20741658 T SG DOW
Mallinson, Earl B. 38178092 PVT KIA
Mitchell, Author L. 38293207 PFC KIA
Mitchell, Raymond A. 0-432003 CAPT KIA
Pudinas, Charles J. 37066163 PFC DOW
Rehm, Carl F. 38664776 PFC KIA