Confederate Cemetery

Located on a high hill in the southwest corner of Maple Hill Cemetery is the Confederate Cemetery, which was started through the efforts of the Phillips County Memorial Association, organized in 1869. The Association arranged for the interment of Confederate soldiers buried in the local area after the Battle of Helena and some who were buried at more distant places. Of the latter, General Patrick R. Cleburne's remains were brought from St. John's Cemetery, Ashwood, Maury County, Tennessee in 1870. Major Sam Corley's remains were also brought from his original burial place at Little Rock in 1870. As the years passed, many old soldiers elected to be buried there.

There are no Union soldiers buried here. Their remains were removed shortly after the Civil War from burial places in and around Helena to National Cemeteries at Memphis and possibly Louisville.

The Helena area gave seven generals to the Confederate Army. Major Generals Pat B. Cleburne and Thomas C. Hindman, and Brigadier Generals Charles W. Adams, Arch S. Dobbins, Dan G. Govan, Lucius C. Polk and James C. Tappan. General Hindman and General Tappan are buried in Maple Hill Cemetery.

The results of years of effort to raise funds on the part of the Association members were two monuments. In 1891, a marble column was erected to the memory of General Cleburne, and in 1892, a granite shaft called the Confederate monument, was erected in the center drive of the Confederate Cemetery. The following is copied from the monument.

Confederate Memorial to Unknown Dead

The nameless dead, the fameless dead
yet they made the fame of others
This lofty shaft is witness mute
Of the love we bear beyond compute
For our southland patriot brothers.                                                        Deo Vindice


This monument represents and embodies hero worship at the shrine of patriotism and sacrifice, devotion of the memory of the lost cause, and honor to the soliders, known and unknown, who rest in it's shadow.

- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -

Confederate Grave - 2 markers
Confederate Dead - 7 markers
Confederate Dead / Killed at Helena - 17 markers

Also, one broken marker:
---, Dok E.          Maj. Hart's Reg't, McRea's Brigade - July 6, 1863

- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -

Agnew, --- Dobbins Reg't Killed - 1864
Anderson, DeWitte     - Aug. 21, 1902
Bagwell, Lieut. McGee's Reg't., Ward's Co. Killed - 1863
Barker, C. C. Confederate Dead     No dates
Beard, Abner   1814 - 1872
Bibb, A. S. Born in Alabama 6/4/1829   - March 10, 1904
  Died in KY. He enlisted in the Confederate service in 1861, Captain of Company C, 12 Reg't of Alabama Volunteers. Promoted in 1862 to General Forrest's staff with rank of Colonel. He was a farmer and husband of Margaret, lived in Spring Creek Township in Phillips County.      
Brown, John Parsons MO Brigade   - no dates
Burrus, Lucien B.   May 17,1829   Dec. 11, 1892
  Born in Rutherford Co., TN, died in Helena      
Burton, Dr. R. A.   Jan. 20, 1822 - Jul 7, 1874
  Physician, b. NC, husband of  Louisa, lived in Helena in 1870      
C. (no other initials or name)     - No dates
C., S. (no name)     - No dates
Calvert, W. T. b. KY Age 88 years - Jan. 28, 1929
Casteel, James McGee's Reg't. Jones Company   - No dates
Clark, Capt. John C. b. KY Jan 27, 1825 - Jul 7, 1863
  Died of wounds received battle at Helena, Arkansas on July 4, 1963      
Cleaveland, John S. 21 TX Cavalry Killed - 1863
Cleburne, Maj. Gen. P. R.   Mar 17, 1828 - Nov 30, 1864
  b. County Cork, Ireland - killed at battle of Franklin, TN      
Cook, J. W.   1845 - 1913
Corley, Major Sam Killed at the battle of Little Rock   - 1863
Crews, R. H. Parsons MO Brigade   - No dates
Confederate Soldier Hindsman's Legion   - No dates
Davis, Theodora Jerome b. SC Oct 31, 1836 - Dec 3, 1925
  Christian Minister, Son of Theodore Davis, born England      
Dillard, P. H., M.D.   Died - May 13, 1911
Dooling, S. H.   Killed - 1863
Fine, Fleming Parson MO Brigade   - No dates
Foley, Watson   Died - Oct 6, 1906
G., D. Killed at Helena   - No dates
Hall, Christopher C. b. TX 79 years - Nov 21, 1919
Hastecock, John     - No dates
Haynes, John W. Parsons MO Brigade   - No dates
Head, William Parsons MO Brigade   - No dates
Henderson, L. B.   Died - Oct 12, 1905
Higgins, H. V. Parsons Mo Brigade   - No dates
Hooker, James 19th LA Regiment   - No dates
Jones, --- Dobbins Reg't   - No dates
Jones, --- Dobbins Reg't Bateman's Co. Killed - 1863
Jones, William Henry   Oct 7, 1838 - Apr 3, 1922
Jordon, Jack   Died - Jul 10, 1909
Kelly, William   Died - Feb 13, 1910
Kerr, W. E. Parson's MO Brigade   - No dates
Lamb, Meadie b. MS age 85 years - Nov 1, 1924
Lambert, A. P.     - No dates
  Vell Rifles C.S.A. Cleburn's 15th Arkansas Regiment      
Lambert, J. E. Parson's MO Brigade   - No dates
Lane, A. Parson's MO Brigade   - No dates
Lanford, Richard J.     - No dates
  13th Arkansas Reg't Lambert's Co.      
Lanford, W. H.   Died - Jan 30, 1910
Lewis, Larkin   Died - Apr 22, 1911
Litrell, Ed Parsons MO Brigade   - No dates
McClellan, W. A. 4th AL Infantry   - No dates
McCulllock, J. R. Parson MO Brigade   - No dates
Martin, Major Joe     - Jul 6, 1863
  Hart's Reg't., Brigade 5th Arkansas
Wounded at Battle of Helena, died at Col. Jarman's
Moore, J. W. Dobbins Reg't   - No dates
Morgan, George     - 1864
Oates, Colonel J. T.   Age 64 years - Jan 4, 1892
Pernellon, (no name) Killed at Helena   -  
Quarles, Pom Confederate Soldier Died - Sep 14, 1878
Quarles, Pom   Died - 1878
  Two different stones, one on east side and one on west.      
Quinlin, Captain Thomas (Erected by his wife) Age 34 years - Dec 31, 1861
Rounstill, Henry Parsons MO Brigade   - No dates
Royal, J. H.   Died - Apr 1, 1911
Sewell, Lieut. Dobbins Reg't   - No dates
Smith, --- Parson's Reg't Killed - 1863
Smith, Major Q. M. Shelby's Brigade   - No dates
Stone, John A. Parson's MO Brigade   - No dates
Sullivan, John   Died - 1863
T., W. Killed at Helena   - No dates
Tackett, D. T. Hart's Reg't   - No dates
Tolbert, William Parsons MO Brigade   - No dates
Treadway, D. T.   Died - 1863
Underwood, Fred Parsons MO Brigade   - No dates
W., B. Killed at Helena   - No dates
Walker, John F. Dobbin's Reg't Nov 25,1846 - Dec 7 1864
Watson, B. F.   Died - Apr 26, 1910
  Benjamin F., a farmer, b. AL ca 1834, husband of Susan C., St. Francis Twp 1870 US Census      
White, William S.   Jun 24, 1840 - Dec 7, 1891
Williams, E. C.   Died - Feb 13, 1913
Williams, D. E. Parson MO Brigade   - No dates
Wynne, L. D.   Jun 19, 1833 - Mar 8, 1862
  Died at Iuka, MS      

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