Abstract of Early Marriages Records of Phillips County

As recorded by the Tri-County Genealogical Society

January 1, 1821 to February 21, 1832

As you will note, this list is sorted by page number. Since the original marriage book is not available and exact marriage dates are not listed. Hopefully this particular sort will help you in approximating a marriage date by the page number and the marriage dates that have been added later (shown in blue).

RAIMER, Phillip to Isabel LISTER Page 1
TINDALL, Isaac to Sophia BARNHART Page 1
ANDERSON, Thomas to Polly LANE Page 10
DUNN, William to Sally MURCH Page 10
ROBBINS, Joseph to Nancy DUKE Page 10
CHAMBERS, Jerry to Elvy BARTON Page 11
FERGUSON, Champion to Margaret HAMLIN Page 11
HAMBLIN, Elisie (Elkie) to Nancy MITCHELL (He died 29 Dec 1824) Page 11
FOGLE, George to Sally BALEMAN (Bateman?) Page 12
LARRICK, John to Brunetty CRAFTS Page 12
KELLY, Arnold to Frances BONEN (Bowen?) Page 13
TRIMBLE, John to Polly CHILDERS Page 13
MALLOY, David to Winnafred JONES Page 14
PATTERSON, William to Fanny O'CONNOR Page 14
WYLDS, David to Mary CREABY Page 14
DUKE, Major to Elizabeth McLAIN Page 15
McRARY, Hughes to Jane HOUSTON Page 15
STANLEE (Stanley?), Joseph to Harriett TYER Page 15
JONES, Barnell to Phebe DODSON Page 16
LEWIS, Thomas to Martha MITCHELL Page 16
TRENT, Simon to Nahala WILLIAMS Page 16
CARSON, Samuel to Drucilla RICHARDSON Page 17
DRURY, Silas to Eliza J. OAKLEY Page 17
FISHER, Jackson to Jane DOUGLAS Page 17
CLAYTON, James to Malinda WILLIAMS Page 18
FRANKS, Chesley to Jerusha MAY Page 18
NEEDLES, Nathaniel to Nancy BENTON Page 18
DUNN, Samuel to Mary McCally (McCauley?) Page 19
FORBES, James to Rachel FRANK (Franks?) Page 19
JOHNSON, James to Sarah DUKE Page 19
LAIN, Jas. to Effam BELL Page 19
REESE, Alexander to Alice DUKE Page 2
TIER, Stephen to Lyddia BUFFORD Page 2
BISCOE, Henry to Phebe CARPENTER *m Nov. 20, 1825 Page 20
COURTNEY, James to Loucreary WILSON Page 20
JONES, Joseph to Elizabeth SIMMONS Page 20
LEWIS, Eli to Marriet PHILLIPS Page 21
MITCHELL, Abner to Polly JONES Page 21
STORY, Green to Matilda HENSLEY Page 21
BURRESS, John to Sally COOPER Page 22
DAVIS, Holly to Elmira JACOBS (handwritten - ca. 1826?) Page 22
HART, John K. to Harriet BURRESS Page 22
PAPANS, Dvid to Ann DECKER Page 22
EDWARDS, Peter to Elinna F. HORNER Page 23
McGONIGLE, Jacob to Harriet HORNOR Page 23
STANLEE (Stanley?), James to Charlotte DAVIS Page 23
PATTERSON, John to Elinor GLASS Page 24
WOOD, David to Margaret HOUSTIN Page 24
KINE (King?), George to Laura P. CRAIG *m Aug 12, 1826 Page 25
DYE, John K. to Amelia PEYBURN Page 26
GORDING, Abraham to Fanny (Frances?) JACOBS Page 26
COUNCIL, Simion to Rebecca LEAN Page 27
DUNN, Gideon to Hester STANFORD Page 27
DAVIS, Hiram to Sally STANDLEE (Stanley?) Page 28
HOUSTON, Aaron to Rebecca ROBINET Page 28
CAROTHERS, John to lavina SLANKARD Page 29
EAST, Isaac to Jerushe TURNER Page 3
RAINEY, Samuel to Nancy R. SMITH Page 3
CLARK, Edwin T. to Harriet SANDFORD (Stanford) *m Apr 16, 1827 Page 30
HANKS, James to Flizabeth WILLIAMS (James Hanks divorced Hannah Kiser Nov 1826) Page 30
PERCIFULL, Bruce to Matilda EMBREY Page 31
O'DEAR (Adair?), Belitha to Ely CHAMBERS Page 32
HILL, John to Mary BALLINOR Page 32
O'DEAR (Adair?), Belitha to Ely CHAMBERS Page 32
HINSON, William to Ruth ROLLISON Page 33
TALBOT, Isham to Rebecca DAVIS Page 33
BAILEY, Boyd to Rosanne MCGARNIGLE (McGonigle?) Page 34
CLARY, Urial A. to Adella LATIMORE Page 34
DRUSMUSKY, Andrew to Polly Ann SPIRA Page 34
DEEN, William to Nancy MULLINS Page 35
MAUNTYER, John to Elizabeth CROUSIN Page 35
ADAMS, Thomas to Rachel WHITE Page 36
McCrary, Hugh to Polly HAGLE Page 36
CAMPBELL, William to Delia HAMPTON Page 37
HANKS, Fleetwood to Frances SANFORD *m Oct 2 1827 Page 37
MARTIN, William to Nancy EMBRE Page 38
TAYLOR, Wm. H. to Nancy CASEBEARE (Casbeer?) Page 38
TYER, Davis to Elizabeth CASEBIER (Casbeer?) Page 38
FLANDERS, Simon to Elizabeth BOON Page 39
McADOE, Lewis to Sara EAST Page 39
MILLER, David to Hannah MONTGOMERY *m June 11, 1828 Page 39
HAMPTON, Henry to Rhody DANIELS Page 4
JOHNSON, Jesse to Sally DODSON Page 4
CONNELL, Robert S. to Lucy Ann GOINGS Page 40
GOINGS, Henry to Margaret SEABURN Page 40
BARRETT, Elijah to Sarah GITTINS Page 41
PIQUE (Pike?), Dedrick to Jane WOLFE Page 41
KELLEM, James J. to Eliza ROBERTS Page 42
McKENZIE, James to Eliza BRICKLEY Page 42
CRISA (CRISP?), Phillip to Ann WOLFE Page 43
DEVANT, William to Mary Ann HANCOCK Page 43
McLAUGHLIN, Jesse to Elizabeeth JONES Page 43
DOZAN, Alexander to Elizabeth PLEDGER Page 44
HOUGH, William H. to Nancy Dukes Page 44
METTS, John to Jane BRIGANCE Page 44
ROBERTS, Benjamin to Betsy CUMBER Page 45
WILLISON, Conrnelius to Rhoda HAMPTON(See Book A, pg 4, Rhoda Daniels to Henry Hampton) Page 45
FISK, James to Nancy EVANS Page 46
HOWARD, John to Elizabeth EDWARDS Page 46
LUNSFORD, Bartholemew to Nancy EDWARDS Page 47
TURNER, James D. to Eliza MOODY Page 47
GARRISON, Thomas to Elizabeth HUDSON Page 48
KENDRICK, Austin to Martha PORTER *m May -, 1830 Page 48
LANE, James to Mary LOCKETT Page 49
SINGLETARY, Isam to Elizabeth BEECHY Page 49
SMITH, Edward to Mary POWERS Page 49
JOINER, Zachus to Anne BOWEN Page 5
MARTIN, Jesse to Elizabeth OWEN Page 5
LAFERRY, Joseph to Louisiana LEITHAM Page 50
THOMPSON, Goose to Patsey LUNSFORD Page 50
BRIGANCE, Alfred to Lydia Ann King Page 51
WILLIAMS, Elisha to Catharine HARTIN Page 51
HANN, Jonathen to Temperance DUNN Page 52
JONES, David C. to Elizabeth SMITH Page 52
LUNSFORD, Solomon to Betsey MOONEY Page 53
MOONEY, Steward C. to Betsy Ann BURRESS Page 53
MORELAND, John W. to Priscilla PORTER Page 53
MONTGOMERY, Farris to Hannah WOODS Page 54
WHITTEN (Whilton?), Luther to Nancy LUNSFORD Page 54
WILLIS, Greenbury to Mary Ann McGONIGLE Page 54
JONES, John C. to Martha Ann BYAN Page 55
LAW, T. T. to Nancy GLASS Page 55
STEEL, Clifton to Mary REYNOLDS Page 55
FISHER, Arnold to Polly SEABURN Page 56
SCOTT, William to Polly KENDRICK Page 56
HARRIS, Love M. to Frances BURRESS Page 57
MORRISON, Hiram to Parthenai BEAL Page 57
BURGESS (Burress?), John to Augusta LOOMIS Page 58
WILLIAMS, John H. to Mary A. F. E. MARTIN Page 58
ROBINS, Joseph to Martha A. E. MARTIN Page 59
MOSS, Ebenezer to Catharine STANLEY Page 6
STANLEY, John to Lavinia CULLY (Tully) Page 6
WILLIAMS, John to Susan WINPHY Page 6
HICKS, Joshua to Umilky TYRE Page 7
MITCHELL, Michael to Polly FILLINGIN Page 7
SINCLAIR, Joseph to Elizabeth PRICE Page 7
DUKE, John to Sara DICKSON (John Duke died 23 Nov 1824) Page 8
RAIMER, Phillip to Sarah B. BAILEY Page 8
RICHARDSON, David to Hannah FLETCHER Page 8
CAMPBELL, John to Elender CAMPBELL Page 9
DUNN, Hiram to Patsey JENSLEY Page 9
WILLIAM, Enos to Elizabeth HANDLE Page 9

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