Poinsett County Queries 1998

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26 Dec 1998
Carolyn Cleveland
John was married SIX TIMES . Did you ever hear of him? ? He came from the HARRISBURG and MARKED-TREE area. He was an old-man. I never met anyone that knew of him ever being young! The wives I Know of are STELLA MOBBS OLDMAN and LOLA DAUGHERTY. He had who knows how many children and I would love to hear more about all of this. I have heard he has 21 children, all from Arkansas. I know these OLDMANS already:
EARNEST-Oldmans Grocery-Hbg.
BERLIN- Taxi driver-Mkd.Tree
JOHNNY-A.K.A.-"Little Johnny-Bay
RUBY-Marked Tree
LINDA-Harrisburg, She was MURDERED in Oct 1991.( It is because of this,I will try my best to leave my SURNAME for my survivors.)
BRENDA-Marked Tree
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22 Dec 1998
Carolyn Cleveland
John was my Dad. I don't have any pictures of him at all.... I would greatly appreciate any info about him. He was from Harrisburg Arkansas, Poinsett Co. He was a logger in his younger days. His oldest son, Earnest had a store at the foot of the hills, "OLDMANS GROCERY. Daddy had a saw-mill at the top of the hill. Does anyone remember him? OR...Are you related in some way? Please contact me.Thanks!
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17 Dec 1998
V Horton
I am looking for information on the following Colliers that lived Tyronza, AR around 1932:

Zebual Collier (Husband)
Lennie Sue Collier (Wife)
Their Children:
Ernest Collier
Vernest Collier
Sam Collier
Mildred Collier
Wheeler Collier
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13 Dec 1998
Michelle Green
I am looking for information about the ancestors and siblings of my g-gm Lona BARNES b. abt 1861 in Poinsett County. Records show that she was md to Thomas Jefferson HARMON, b. abt 1850 in Jefferson Co, IN. Their first child, a son, was b. 30 Jan 1878 in Rockwood, Randolph County, IL.

They had 5 children: Ambrose, William, Thomas, Asa, and Albert (my gf). I did find an Albert BARNES in the 1860 Poinsett County census. Could this be Lona's father?
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2 Dec 1998
June Donnelly
I am looking for information concerning the family of Mrs. R. L. HALL. I don't know her given name...it may be Mollie. I'm just not sure. Her maiden name would be TUCKER and the last I heard she was living in Tyronza, AR
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26 Nov 1998
Gary Lesley
Any info on the above listed family would be appreciated. 1900 - 1930
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20 Nov 1998
Anne Condran
John William Singleton, mayor of Harrisburg 1919-1920, and wife Pearl Anna Sandlin. Children were William Robert, David Ashley, Myrtle Alice, Lina Mae, Elvis Lacy (my Grandfather), Ruby Mae, Itha Caroline, and Nell Hunn. David Nathaniel Singleton and wife Margaret Lucinda Taylor, children Jeffry Bealy, William Homer, and Thomas Oaty.

This Singleton line moved to Harrisburg, Arkansas 1903-1905 from Dunklin County, Missouri. Prior to that they were in Haywood/Dyer/Crockett/Launderdale, Tennessee. The Singleton's moved to Tennessee in 1838 from Beaufort County, North Carolina. I have much information on our Singletons back to 1696.

Searching for members of this family born after 1838 especially the members still living. Willing to share and include others in our Singleton research group. Contact me for information.
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6 Nov 1998
Update on an earlier query regarding RAY,LOWE,HILL,HENSON,BOX. Found out that my grandmother ANNIE LEE LOWE RAY was raised in Monette,Ark.I figure she moved there with her mother NOLA HILL LOWE after the death of her father JESSE JAMES LOWE. An Uncle, TOM HILL, has been mentioned. Annie's brother , WILLIAM BRYAN LOWE, married RUBY WILLIAMS and lived in Lepanto. They are both buried in Garden Point Cemetery along with their son BILLY CHARLES LOWE.

My grandfather ROBERT M. RAY died in 1938 and is buried in an unmarked grave in Mangram Cemetery. Robert's mother and father were MARTHA & SIMON RAY. Simon had a brother,TAYLOR RAY, who ran a store in Caraway back in the 1920's. Robert's sister TINY RAY married BEDFORD BOX. Tiny died in Riverville(?) in the 1930's. Robert's other sister MYRTLE RAY married a HENSON. Myrtle was born Dec 25,1902 and died in Nov 1968 in Caraway. She has children still living in Lepanto. One daughter in particular that I would love to get hold of. All I know is that her given name is Bonnie Beth and she presently lives in Lepanto.

2 Nov 1998
Bob Adair
Looking for the family of Hattie Mathis Palmer of Marked Tree. She was known to be living there in 1939. Hattie Mathis was from Jackson County, she married George Coleman in 1890, and sometime after 1915 married a man named Palmer. Also interested in talking with any other researchers with Mathis Family from Marked Tree originally from Tippah Co. MS.
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28 Oct 1998
Betty Hopkins
I am researching the family of William L Walker that came to Poinsett Co Ar by 1848. He was the son of Buckner & Peggy McKamy Walker of Roane Co TN. I do not have any information on him except that he was in Poinsett Co. I am interested in Census records that names his family, wills, land, etc. Please contact me if anyone is researching this family. Thanks!
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23 Oct 1998
Paul Wright
Searching for TOM STUCKEY family from Poinsett County and would apprecaite any information on the family.
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18 Oct 1998
Anne Welch
I am researching WELLS, does anyone have a connection to these people?

Schuyler Francis Wells 1873-1955

Mary Margaret Durkin 1884-1920

       Virginia Marguerite Wells 1903-1982

       Geraldine Alice Wells 1905-1938, born Weiner, Poinsett Co., Arkansas

       Louise Elizabeth Wells 1908-1948

       Dorothy Lucille Wells 1911-

       Francis Henry Wells 1913-

       Rinnah A. Wells 1917-1922

       Schuyler Francis Wells 1920-1920, born Weiner, Poinsett Co., Arkansas

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17 Oct 1998
Missy Jeffrey
Seeking information on Charles and Thomas L. STANLEY who are listed on the 1860 Census of Poinsett Co. Please email me.
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15 Oct 1998
Carol Lolli
I am looking for the marriage of ROBERT DANIEL WOODLEY (born in NC in 1848) that took place in Arkansas (not sure what county, possibly Poinsett) between the years 1880 and 1885. Please HELP!
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11 Oct 1998
Vonda Clark
Does anyone have a connection to Nancy Josephine (REYNOLDS) SNELSON b.05 Apr 1862 in Crawford Co MO and Died 05 Jan 1929 in Harrisburg AR? I would like to know who she was residing with at the time and where she is buried. My mother told me that James and Elphia (SNELSON) FARRIS lived in AR. somewhere. That was Nancy's daughter. She also had daughters Bessie (MORGAN) and Iva (SNELSON) PITE/PYATT/ PIATT who may have lived there.
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3 Oct 1998
Ann Adams McPherson
I am researching Joe Lee and his spouse Belle. His siblings were Rob, Tom and Tennessee. His children were Stella Leona (my grandmother), who was born Apr 1896 in Truman, AR. Her siblings were Grover, Clarence, Tommy, Tennessee, Evelyn and Jenny. I have hit the proverbial brick wall and would appreciate any help on these people. Thanks in advance.
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15 Sep 1998
Sharon Smith
I'm looking for information on Allen Carter b. AR 1864 and Ida Bryant b.1868 MO, They are the parents of my grandfather Jesse Dale Carter of Truman, AR. Also, on the 1920 census there is an Arlie Lawson residing in the household of Jesse and Zelle (JOYCE) Carter. I would like to find out how he is related to the family.
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9 Sep 1998
My husband's family is from Grubbs, Arkansas & Marked Tree. Their names are Tubbs and Butts. The Tubbs moved from TN in 1880 and all settled in Grubbs and then moved to Marked Tree some of them anyway. Joe Butts was from Illinois and moved to Grubbs probably around 1900. Do you know if these names would be listed in this family history edition. How could I find out????? Also I heard the Harrisburg Newspaper was putting out a big family history edition soon. Do you know anything about that also? Any help would be appreciated.

29 Aug 1998
Randall Baker
I am looking for information on any MORRISETT family members from Poinsett Co. I know that some of them were living in or around Marked Tree at some point. I believe this family is related to my grandmother, so am interested in finding the link. Any help at all would be greatly appreciated.
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21 Aug 1998
Todd Garland
I am having a hard time finding anything even after I have been doing this a few years. I am little discouraged when this is my line I wanted to work on and cannot get past my father. I just hope someone out there can help. I contacted the MI. Genweb they could not find anything they said to write the ARGENWEB.
My grand fathers full name is Cecil Edward Garland. The information I have connecting to Poinsett County is his marriage certificate he was married 20 Oct 1934 it has his name as Edward Garland to Fay Barber he was 21 yrs and she was 18 yrs old they were married in Lapanto. Originally it was Garling my aunt changed it after he died and all his kids moved in with her. This might not be true because it was changed in 1934. I do know most of his children were born in AR My father and some uncles. I have looked in Census records and have not been able to find anything else except for what I have. I know his fathers name but information is not coming up to continue. Here is everything else I do have. A copy of his SSN application July 1, 1940, it had Garling as the last name says his present address was Lepanto, AR. And was married to Fay Barber. The birth date is 25 Sep. 1914 Calhoun, Calhoun Miss. his fathers name is Sam Garling and mother is Mary Walls.
Now for a twist a letter that accompanied the application said the application form SS-5 was issued in Arkansas, as earlier the application had Calhoun County MS. but in the computer record of his SSN number has his place of birth as Ashdown, Little River County Arkansas.
Copy of obituary talks about him dying in a car wreck in Freeburg Ill. It had him born in Arkansas Sept. 10, 1914. it then talks about his mother and father it had correct names and said they were from Mississippi. it then goes through and lists my father and all the aunts and uncle most of the were born in Lapanto AR. or Ill my aunt Dorthy Faye Garland says she was born July 29, 1939 Slate Springs Mississippi Calhoun County. and a couple in Florida
The last piece of information I have is my fathers birth certificate he was born August 19, 1948, in Lapanto, AR, and it has Cecil's place of birth as AR.
If there is anyone that cold help or point me in the right direction I would appreciate it very much.
mailto:Todd Garland

10 Aug 1998
Elgin Mayfield
My name is Elgin Mayfield. I am researching the families of James Henry Mayfield, my grandfather, Ruben Mayfield, my great grandfather. They lived in the Weiner area. They died in Sept 1931 hours apart. They are buried Weiner. They had family in Heber Springs, Cleburne Co. AR. I was born in Heber Springs in 1950. Any information would be helpful. Other family names relating to them are Winters, Connor, Wright, Henshaw, Carey, and Gage. We lived in Weiner 1951-53. My fathers name was Clavin L. Mayfield
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2 Aug 1998
Tere Fisk Woolery
Searching for family of Tom Clark living in Marked Tree Ark. Tom Clark was half brothers with my grandfather Christopher C. Fisk born 1881. They also had a sister Etta Clark that married a Columbus Channey. I am tring to find out more on their parents. Etta and Christopher lived in Ms. but belived they were from Marked Tree also where Tom Clark lived. Any info on this family would be very helpful.
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02 Aug 1998
C Turner
We are trying to locate a name for my mother in law. Marvin Richard Tubbs was her dad, born 1903 in Grubbs, Ark., settled in Marked Tree, Ark had five children. John, Bob, Inez, Margaret Ludean and Don. He was married to Cecelia Butts daughter of Joe and Margaret Butts. Marvin's mother was Margaret Tubbs. We don't know who his father was, he must have died at a very young age. How can I search this name. Everthing is listed in men's name (census etc.) Any help - Thanks.
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1 Aug 1998
Scott Byrd
My great-grandfather, Joseph Elisha Byrd, died in Poinsett County on October 24, 1904 and is buried in Wilson Cemetery. Since death records do not exist for Arkansas back that far, I have absolutely no luck in finding information on his death. I called the Trumann Public Library looking to see if they kept microfilmed copies of local newspapers to no avail. I am now at a total loss as to how I will ever find any more information on him. My biggest problem is that I cannot prove his parentage and this was almost a last gasp effort to find them. If you could direct me to where I might look, I would be extremely grateful. Thanks.
mailto:Scott Byrd

24 Jul 1998
Dub Harms
Searching for the descendants of the SPRAGGINS family who lived in Poinsett County, Arkansas, in 1850 and 1860. Namely, searching for descendants of Nathaniel S. SPRAGGINS who was born in 1805 in South Carolina and lived in the Mitchell Township of Poinsett with his wife, Catharine SPRAGGINS, who was born 1822 in Tenn; children shown with Nathaniel S. SPRAGGINS on 1850 Poinsett Census were: Lucinda C. SPRAGGINS who was born in 1832 in Alabama; Thomas J. SPRAGGINS, who was born in 1838 in Alabama; Emily J. SPRAGGINS, who was born 1840 in Alabama; Jane J. SPRAGGINS, who was born in 1842 in Arkansas; Rebecca T. SPRAGGINS, who was born 1844 in Arkansas; and George W. SPRAGGINS, who was born in 1848 in Arkansas. Any information on any of descendants of Nathaniel S. SPRAGGINS would be appreciated.
mailto:Dub Harms

17 Jul 1998
My grandmother. name Laura Jones Bergeman, married to Joseph Oberg around 1900. She is buried in Greenfield, in Poinsett County. Trying to find out where she was born, what her parents name are etc. Any info would be appreciated. I have cousins in Harrrisburg, however they do not know my grandmothers ancestry, only that she was married to Joseph Oberg and is buried in Greenfield.

21 June 1998
Jon Castle
Good day to you sir. I'm looking for information on my mother's relatives. Uncle Arthur Bentley B-3/26/1906 Marysville, KS D- 12/31/1982 Harrisburg, Poinsett, AR. Buried Harrisburg Memorial Park. M- abt 1939 Vivian Hazelwood B-10/3/1904 D-10/4/1994. Also buried in Harrisburg Memorial Park. I have a complete history of Bentley family, but no information on any children of this marriage or the Hazelwood clan. Last know address Rt3, Box 348, Harrisburg, AR 72432. All veified by presonal papers and SSN index.
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20 July 1998br> Elaine Rolf
I am looking for any information on William Dillihay / Maybelle Allison whom I believe may have been connected to Poinsett county in the 1840s. I am specifically looking for spouse name and number in household.
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29 June 1998
Sandra B. Rabalais
Looking for information for Sam Ed Curry, died 1951 Lepanto, Ar. Any further info concerning my grandfather would be appreciated.
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2 July 1998
Christine Gann
I am looking for any information on Wheeler Gann and Mary Palestine White Gann who lived and died in Harrisburg. Their children's names were Charles, Harold, Audrey, Nellie, and Mertie. Each were previouly married to other people and their names are unknown. Wheeler and Mary also lived in Carraway for a short time.
mailto:Christine Gann

30 June 1998
Edna Harget
Do you have any information on the Robert Payne 1850---or Moses Payne families 1855. Do you know anyone reseraching these families???
mailto:Edna Harget

22 June 1998
Sherri Nail
Looking for links to Clark or Glaze surnames from Poinsett Arkansas, also Bob James any information is great , just beginning my search grandparets were William Franklin Clark and Eva Rosie Glaze. Born in or around Truman Ar. 1908-1910. Siblings paents or Children?
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14 June 1998
Judi Schuerman
I'm looking for an obituary for Luther Irwin Hosea. He died August 1932 in Tyronza, Poinsett Co. Arkansas. He was born March 9, 1873. He is my gggrandpa. His wife died in Savanah, Tenn. Dec. 16, 1903. I would appreciate any information.
mailto:Judi Schuerman

14 June 1998
Melvin Aycock
I am searching for information on the family of George Walter REED (1877-1954) whose first wife Amanda Elisabeth DARNELL died in Lepanto, Poinsett Co. Arkansas May 12, 1914, George married his second wife Annie DURLING and he and the kids continued to live in Lepanto.
Children by Amanda include George Jr, Clyde, Joseph, Lois, Dorcie, Frank, Glenn, Walter
Children by Annie include Sarah, Emma, Al Joe and Walter
mailto:Melvin Aycock

13 June 1998
Kenneth Milton Wright
WRIGHT Looking for anyone who may know of relatives of Milton E. Wright. Especially parents of, brothers, sisters etc. I am at a loss to find any relatives of my grandfather other than my uncles and aunts. Milton's and his wife Tennie's children were Marie, Milton Jr., Morris, and Muriel.
mailto:Kenneth Milton Wright

13 June 1998
Sarah Parmley
Searching for William Birdeye Norman
b. June 1891 IL
Last area known in Harrisburg ARK Living with his sister Vina Norman Bonham and her husband Lee Bonham.
mailto:Sarah Parmley

19 May 1998
Gene Bedford
I am searching for information on william Ashley SHAVER b:1818 wife Matilda C. STONE b:1822 Tenn. children were all born in Poinsett Co. Ark. ,H.Alonzo b:1845, Robert Charles b:1846, Mary (Malvera)b:1848,Josephene and Jereline b:1850 Thomas b:1857 Rebecca b: 24 Apr 1859.
mailto:Gene Bedford

15 May 1998
Linda Dorle
I'm looking for any information anyone has that can help me. My parents lived in or around the Marked Tree area in the 1950's they had a son born between 1953-1955 named,Mack Robert Ratton,he died at approx.6 weeks old,and is suppose to be buried around the Marked Tree area.
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7 May 1998
Thomas L Manley died Poinsett County 7/30/1924. Is anyone familiar with the county, and would there be a way someone could help out with an obit. I could trade some work in Kansas if they would. Out of curiosity would there have been a prison in that county? Any and all help will be appreciated.

5 May 1998
Sandra B. Rabalais
Looking for Sims (Simms), Charlie, died 1949?, Poinsett County, Arkansas. Have had no luck in tracing this person. Any help appreciated.
mailto:Sandra B. Rabalais

25 Apr 1998
Rob Woods
Alfred William WOODS (1877-1932) and wife Alta lived in Harrisburg when Alfred died in 1932. How many children they had is unknown. They had one child who is known; Alta Sylvia WOODS(b.abt 1918-1981) she lived in Poinsett county. Nothing is know of her or if she had siblings. Do you know this family?
mailto:Rob Woods

24 Apr 1998
Ken Howie
I am looking for the family of Rebecca Shores that married John Preston Oliver in Harrisburg 1899. She attended a Baptist church outside Jonesboro in the 1900's. Any leads or help would be greatly appriciated.
mailto:Ken Howie

09 Apr 1998
Terri Smith
Looking for information on SHIPMAN/TABOR family of Greenforest, Arkansas. My grandfather George Amon Shipman b.February 07, 1912 in Greenforest, to George Washington Shipman b. 1875 loc. unk. and Lily Bertha Tabor b. January 17, 1885 also in Greenforest. I don't know anything more about the Shipman family, but Lily's parents were James Thomas Tabor (October 28, 1860-December 30, 1937) and Ida Lavinia Jordan (June 03, 1861-June 27, 1934).
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27 Mar 1998
John Alamo CARTER b. unk in Arkansas. d. unk. m. Florence Bell PICKLE unk where or when. They had at least one son: Cranford Mercus CARTER b. in Arkansas. d. 1935, unk where. He married Mary Ella LESTER bef. 1908. She was the daughter of John LESTER & Mary BRYANT. They had 6 children: 1. Connie Lee CARTER (male) b. 01-18-1908 in Nettleton, Ar. d. 05-1960 in St. Louis. It is believed he is buried in Arkansas. He married Nora Margarite CHRISTIE. They had 4 children, all born in Trumann, Ar. They divorced after 1936 & Nora took children & went with William Perry HESS to California where they married. Connie remarried a woman with several children & moved to St. Louis, Mo. 2. May CARTER. Believe she also married a CARTER. 3. Vida CARTER, 4. Ora CARTER, 5. Jack CARTER, 6. Opal CARTER. Any information you can give me on the above would be very much appreciated.

14 Mar 1998 (updated 12/28/2007)
Denise Woodside
Charlie and Zora E.(Hicks) WOOD, lived in Poinsett County during the 1920 census. They moved there from Webster County, MS. Zora is buried in a cemetery in Nettleton (Craighead County). Any information on this family, or if you are researching this family also, please contact me.
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15 Mar 1998
John Morrison
Seeking information on the family of George Washington UNDERWOOD and Delilah FISSEL. She was born 4-30-1849 in Wayne County, MO and died 10-22-1906 and is buried int he Philadelphia, AR Missonary Baptist Cemetary in Poinsett County. She was the daughter of John FISSEL and Jane COX. He was the son of Jonathan Underwood and Mary STATON (STATEN). He was born 8-2-1840 in Hamilton County, TN and died 11-29-1905 in Poinsett County. Would appreciate any information. I am attempting to find information on the origin of the Fissel line, and the parentage of Mary STATON.
mailto:John Morrison

14 Mar 1998
Todd Garland
I am trying to find information on my grandfather on my dad's side. His name was CECIL EDWARD GARLAND born Sept 10 1914 in AR not sure where. His parents names were Sam Garling ( I had an aunt that changed the name to Garland at that time) and Mary Brasfield. Cecil maried to EMMA FAY BARBER on Oct 20 1934 in Ar. She was born in Mississippi on May 10 1918. Cecil died in Nov 16 1957 in O'Fallen Mo, and she died in July 1965 Freeburg Ill. Together they had 11 children both my father and another of my uncles were born in Lepanto AR 1946/48. This is all the information I have on my grandfather. I live in Jacksonville Ar and have researched all I can think of everyplace I look nothing comes up with his name. I have a copy of my fathers birth cert. and a copy of Cecils ssn aplication all stating he lived in Lepanto. I have checked all AR census record ask the county for copies of marriage and birth information they were unable to find anything. Every place I look is a dead end and it has been like that for a few years now. I am very discouraged and don't know what to do. If anyone has any ideas please let me know.
mailto:Todd Garland

24 Feb 1998
Norma Bullard Helms
Would appreciate any information on the Bullard Family that lived in and around Lepanto, Marked Tree and Tryronza, Poinsett County, AR in the l940's. The Bullard's migrated a little later to the area around Batesville, Independence County, AR. My grandfather and grandmother lived in Poinsett County at the time of my birth in l945. I would appreciate any information that someone might have available on my family. I'm at a loss for even my Grandfather's first name.
mailto:Norma Bullard Helms

20 Jan 1998
I am looking for the Wrights from Poinsett County. Would like to find the parents or siblings of Joseph Henderson Wright. He was called Joe. Joseph Henderson Wright b 1850 d 1926 m Melvina Pierce 1876. She was called Mrs. Joe. The children were Edward L., Etta, Monroe, Will, Robert E. Lee, Dove, Jane, John. Any informantion is welcome. I think Will was a Policeman in Manila, Ark.

19 Jan 1998
Ann Davis
Thomas O'Oconnor born KY 1877 died AK abt 1951 md Dora Frazier. I have been told he went to Marked Tree, Ak where he was city Judge and had two children Thomas and Mary. Thomas was my g.Uncle. Any information will be appreciated. I will gladly exchange any information I have on the O'Connors. Thanks
mailto:Ann Davis

12 Jan 1998
Judy Gay
ROBINETT, Nancy Ann Fletcher b. 9/15/1866, married James Madison Robinett, died 4/7/1926. Nancy and Matt lived in Fisher, Ark. Had children Ellen, Maggie, J W, M A, Claud, Ida Mae, Matt, J R, Bert?. Nancy remarried after her husband died in 1902. Had a son, Orville Henson, with second husband. Part of this family is buried in Fisher, but I cannot find burial place of James Madison Sr or Nancy. Am trying to find names of Nancy's parents. Would appreciate any help. Thanks
Judy Gay P O Box 1125 Kingsland, GA 31548
mailto:Judy Gay

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