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Information Submitted by Nell Cassatta


Claunch's Chapel, METHODIST EPISCOPAL Church, Poinsett County;
There are 98 members on the initial entries, I'll begin listing 
them as they are entered:


Wright, Jasper; received Aug. 1866
Houston, James H.; deceased, Oct. 1890
Needham, James W.; lettered (no dates)
Sherrod, James L.; dropped (no dates)
Harvey, M.F.; lettered Aug. 11, 1981
Houston, John F.; (no dates)
Majors, John L.; (no dates)
Lenard, W.B.; dropped, Feb. 27, 1893
Thorn, James F/T?; deceased, Dec. 17 1888
Thorn, Jesse H.; Expelled, June 27, 1885
Pruit, W.T.; deceased, Apr. 24, 1888
Roberts, W.P.; withdrawn, 1889
Simmons, Wm.; received, July 27, 1883; deceased, July 1884
Needham, J.M.; dropped, 1888
Copeland, S.E.; deceased, Jan. 12,1888
Folks/Polks, W.S., dropped (no dates)
Epps, B.H.; (nothing else)
Thrower, Wm.; removed by letter, 1889
Jacobs, W.T. (nothing else)
Rushing, R.H.; Expelled, June 27, 1885
Scott, Robert D.; Expelled, June 27, 1885
Needham, James W.; withdrawn, Feb. 25, 1889
Jacobs, T.J.; accepted, Aug. 24, 1883
Bradley, J.W. (nothing else)
Gray, James R.; deceased, (no dates)
Stephenson, Mary H/A?; deceased, May 25, 1885
Sherrod,Carrie; dropped (no dates)
Majors, N.J.; deceased, Jan. 20, 1894
Harris, Mattie; deceased, June, 12, 1891
Roberts, Catherine; deceased, Aug. 10, 1885
Members, Continued; page 2 of 4:

Jacobs, Sarah E.; deceased, June, 1887
Johnson, Sarah V.; deceased, May 18, 1895
?Fawcette, Malinda; (nothing else)
Houston, Lucinda; died, Aug. 22, 1886
Wright, Laura; died, Apr. 24, 1884
Ainsworth, Sallie W.; transferred to Harrisburg (no dates)
Houston, Elizabeth; died, Feb. 23, 1887
Bennett, Mollie Wilson (line thru Wilson) Gone to Baptist, no dates
Pruitt, Mary F.;  joined Baptist (no dates)
Lenard, Mollie; dropped Feb. 27, 1893
Harvey, Sarah T.; Lettered, Aug. 11, 1891

The following were all received July 27, 1883:
Webster, M.E.; gone to Baptist
Simmons, M.E. (note that initials are the same as the one above)
         transferred to Burrows School House
Simmons, M.H.; transferred to Burrows School House
Baker, Dora; withdrawn, Feb. 25, 1889
Roberts, Alice; withdrawn, Feb. 25, 1889
Thrower, Francis, removed by letter, 1889
Epps, Florence; nothing else
Rushing, Sallie; Expelled, June 27, 1885
Folks, E.L.; dropped, Aug. 22, 1888
Harvey, L.E.; gone to Baptist
Albright, Hattie Wright; line thru Wright; nothing else
Roberts, Sarah; Scot written beside it, nothing else
Bradley, M. ?O/Q; deceased May 7, 1895
Wright, M.J. McClelland/McClellon; died Jan. 13, 1892
Boggs, Annie; failed to take vows

The following were received July 29, 1885:
Roberts, Wm.; nothing else
Gray, Rhoda; nothing else
Rhoads, C.L.; Expelled Feb. 25, 1889
Members Continued; page 3 of 4

Houston, William B.; received, July 29, 1885--withdrawn, no date
Rhoads, Theodotia A. Lenard, line thru Linard; received July 29, 1885--
        Expelled, Feb. 25, 1889
Dean, Etta (York)  nothing else)
Weaver, B.Y.; received, Oct. 26, 1885
Weaver, Lucia F.; received, Oct. 26, 1885
Harden, Sarah E.; received, July 22, 1887
Heffner, Barby A.; received July 22, 1887; Expelled, Feb. 25, 1889
Seton, Wm.; received, Feb. 26, 1888-transferred to Pleasant Valley
       Feb. 9, 1890
Seton, Susan S.  SAME AS WILLIAM
Seton, James T.; SAME AS WILLIAM
Clayton, Mary E SETON; line thru Seton, SAME AS WILLIAM
Roberts, Elizabeth C.; received Oct. 1, 1888
Kelley, Z.W.; received Aug. 18, 1889-- Joined Baptist 1895

The following were all received Aug. 18, 1889
Poff, M.E.; Joined Baptist 1892
Jacobs, M.E.; nothing else
French, R.B.; transferred to Pleasant Valley
Wilson, M.W.; transferred to Bay Village
Hindman, R.A.; nothing else
Epps, Carrie; dropped, no dates
Edwards, Emma, dropped, Nov. 1894
Childres, Sarah; transferred to Pleasant Valley 1890

The remainder of the members were received Aug. 20, 1892:
Allen, Lillie C.;
Gray, Nancy M.
Epps, Mary D.
Epps, Dora L.
Edwards, Nathaniel; dropped Nov. 1894
McClelland, Reubin B.
Dillon, James H.
Harden, James A.
Harden, Sarah B.A.

End of page 3

Members Continued, Final page, 4 of 4:

Rhodes, Theodocia A.(could this be same person listed on page 3?)
       received, Aug. 23, 1892
Edwards, Mandy M.; received Aug. 23, 1892; dropped Nov. 1894
Carpenter, Fannie; received, Sept. 1893
Mills, W.O.; received, May 1894
Allen, J.W.; received, Sept. 1894
Allen, J.H.; received, Jan. 1895
Allen, Ruth E.; received, Jan 1895
Allen, Hester A.; received Jan. 1895

End of page 4; first set of members entered.

I found this book at a flea market in Memphis, TN; several pages are
missing, not all pages are complete, not all lines are complete & some
lines are illegible.  The book is from CLAUNCH'S CHAPEL, White River
Conference, and lists Pastors, Members, Baptisms,some marriages & some
dispositions (died, moved, removed,etc) 

The information that I will list will include every item in the book,
and will be listed in segments as I have a few minutes.  If anyone finds
a family connection, email me privately  at the address below & I'll TRY
to copy the page for you. 

Apparently the book was last in the possion of Will WRIGHT, Buffalo
Lick, Poinsett Co., since his name is penciled in the front inside
cover, along with Lizzie WRIGHT.  Following are the Pastors listed on
the Register of Pastors page: The date indicates the date of

GRIFFIN, A.C.  1882
FOSTER, W.R.   1887
MAYNARD, John P.  1889
BLAKIMIRE, Andrew J? or G?  1890
JOHNSON, A.J.  1903
RUTLEDGE, J.D.  1905
RUFF, J.P.  1907
STEPHENS, Joe A.  1908
BRADFIELD, Lee T.  1910
STEPHENS, Joe A.  1911 (second entry)
WARD, A.R.  1913
MOODY, E.A.  1917
FINDLEY, Olin R.  1918
GRAVES, M.A.  1919
MINTON, Robert W.  1921
MINTON, Robert W.  1924 (second entry)  
End of Pastors page.

Hope this helps someone,
Nell    rebel1@dixie-net.com
in Mississippi
This is the second list of members, it includes 19 names, some are
duplicates of the first list. No date of death or disposition is
included on this list and the hand writting is different.  Keep in mind
that none of the pages are numbered in the book, I've assigned numbers
when the list spans more than one page.

Members, page 1 of 1: ( List 2)
Wright, Jasper
Magert, John L.
Epps, B.H.; received, July 27, 1883
Jacobs, W.T.; received, July 27, 1883
Jacobs, T.J.; received, Aug. 24, 1883
Bradley, J.W.; received, Aug. 24, 1883
Bennett, Mollie; received, Aug. 24, 1883
Epps, Florence; received, Aug. 27, 1883
Allbright, Hattie; received, July 27, 1883
Gray, Roadie; received, July 28, 1885
York, Odie; received, July 29, 1885
Weaver, B.Y.; received, Oct. 26, 1885
Weaver, Lucy W.; received, Oct. 26, 1885
Claton, Mary E.; received, Feb. 26, 1888
Roberts, Bettie C.; received, Oct. 1, 1888
Kelly, ?T/Z W.; received, Aug. 18, 1889
Jacobs, M.E.; received, Aug. 18,1889
Hindman, R.A.; received, Aug. 18, 1889
Epps, Carrie; received, Aug. 18, 188

End of List 2.
Members, List #3, 1 page:
Again we find duplicate names, different spellings, etc.

Wright, Jasper
Houston, John F.
Majers, John L.; dropped, Apr.23, 1899
Epps, B.H.; received, July 27, 1883
Jacobs, W.T.; received, July 23, 1883
Jacobs, J.T.; received, Aug. 24, 1883
Bradley, J.W.; received, Aug. 24, 2883
Gravett, Malinda; dropped, Feb. 23, 1896
Bennett, Mollie; received, Aug. 24, 1883
Epps, Florance; received, July 27, 1883
Albright, Hallie; reveived, July 27, 1883
Scott, Sarah; received, July 27, 1883
Roberts, Wm.; received, July 29, 1885
Barber, Rhoda; received, July 29, 1885--join Baptist, 1898
York, Otie; received, July 29, 1885--joined CAMILITES Apr. 23, 1899
Weaver, B.Y.; received, Oct. 26, 1885--dropped, Feb.23, 1896
Weaver, Lucy F.
Harden, Darah E.; received, July 22, 1887--dead, 1898
Roberts, E.C.; received, Oct.1,1888
Jacobs, M.E.; received, Aug. 18, 1889
Hindman, R.A.; received, Aug.18,1889--dropped, Feb. 23, 1896

The following were all received Aug. 28, 1892
Houston, Lillie C.
Gray, Mary M.; join Baptist 1898
Epps, Mary D.
Epps, Dora L.
McClellan, R.B.
Dillon, James; dropped Feb. 23, 1896
Harden, J.A.
Harden, Sarah B.A.; dead 1897
Rhodes, Theadoshia; died, Mar. 15, 1896
Carpenter, F.A.; received, Sept. 1893; transferred to Burrows
Chapel         1902
Mills, W.O.; received, May, 1894; dead 1898
Allen, J.W.; received, Sept. 1894
Allen, J.H.; received, Jan. 1895;joined the Baptist 1901
Allen, Rush; received, Jan. 1895; joined the Baptist 1901
Allen, Hester A.; received, Jan. 1895
Locke, T.J.; received, Sept.1, 1890
Locke, Dorah; received, Sept.1, 1890; joined the Baptist 1898
Holder, M.J.; received, Sept.1, 1890
Holder, Lula; received, Sept.1,1890
Linord, Jessie; received, Sept.1,1890--died June 1901
Carpenter, Frank; received, Sept.1, 1890

Written on the bottom of page
"Closed up and transferred to page 1 (see over 2 pages) May 25, 1899"
End of members list #3
There are 90 individuals named on this list.  Top of the page reads:
"Transcribed from Old Roll, May 26, 1899"

Wright, Jasper
Houston, John F.
Epps, B.H.; dropped by order of Church Conference
Jacobs, W.T.;T has line thru it, L.
Jacobs, T.J.; died in the Faith 1919
Bradley, J.W.; dead, 1911
Bennett, Mollie
Epps, Florence; dropped
Allbright, Hattie
Scott, Sarah; gone-Colorado
Roberts, Wm.; died, Aug. 1902
Roberts, E.C.
Jacobs, M.E.; married R.R. Rude Nov.10, 1902; lettered Sept. 1908
Houston, Lillie E.; died, June 4, 1908
Epps, Mary D.; dropped
Epps, Dora L.; dropped by requeat
McClelland, R.B.
Harden, J.A.; transferred to Burrows Chapel
Carpenter, F.P.
Allen, J.W.; withdrawn
Allen, J.H.; withdrawn
Allen, Rush E.; dropped
TERRY, Hester A. ALLEN; dropped
Locke, T.J.; 
Holder, M.J.; gone
Holder, Lula; dropped by order of Church Conference
Lenard, Jesse; died in St. Joseph's Hospital June 24, 1901
Carpenter, Frank; dropped by order of Church Conference
Frost, A.J.; received, July 1896
Frost, J.T.; received, July 1896

End of page 1, List #4
Members, continued, page 2 of 3, List #4

The following were all received Aug., 1897
Rhodes, C.L.; dead 1898
Murrell, Lula L.
Woods, James T.
Fry, Joe; dropped by order of Church Conference
Page, L.T.
Osborne, W.W.; dropped
Allen, Fannie; married to Green; dropped
Murrell; Cora S.
Roberts, Bulah A.; received Aug. 1898; joined Baptist
Osborne, Harriet A.; received, Aug. 1898, dropped
Jacobs, Nannie L.line thru L, O.; married 1902; transferred to
Pleasant       Valley
Wright, Faney; received, June 1902; transferred to Harrisburg Station
Jacobs, H.L.; received, Sept. 1902; moved to Harrisburg
Jacobs, Mattie; Line thru entire name; beside it, Riley, C.C.
reeived,      July, 1902
Jacobs, Cora; received, July, 1902; died, Jan.30, 1912
Thorn, Essie; received July, 1902; moved to Harrisburg
Brownfield, J.W.; received, July, 1902; dropped
True, Tempie; received, July, 1902; dropped
Carrel, George; received, Aug.1903
Carrel, Cleavy; received, Aug. 1903
Huston, Wm.; received, Aug. 1903
Huston, Norra; received, Aug. 1903
Carrel, Mama; received, Aug. 1903; joined Baptist, 1905
Allen, Eter; received, Aug. 1903; joined Baptist, 1905
Murrell, Emma; received, Feb. 1906; gone
Rudder, Richard; received, Aug. 1906; moved away
Rudder, Ellen; received, Aug. 1906; died, Feb., 1907
Murrell, Sarah F.; received Aug. 1906; gone
Murrell, Robbert L.; received, Aug. 1906; gone

End of page 2 List #4
List #5, 32 individuals named; appears to be a recap of people still on
the church roll in 1920. The remaining pages remain empty with the
exception of Baptisms and Marriages that I'll post later today or in the
morning. written at the top of the page:
"Revised Roll of 1920"

Wright, Jasper; Aug. 1866
Houston, John F.; Aug. 1882
Bennett, Mollie; Aug. 1882
Albright, Hattie; July 27, 1883
Terry, Hester; Jan. 1895
Jacobs, Nannie L.; Mar. 1902
Wright, Fannie; June 1902
Wright, Julia; June 1902
Ripley, Mattie; June 1902
Carrol, George; Aug. 1903
Houston, Wm.; Aug. 1903
Houston, Nona; Aug. 1903
Ward, Andrew; Aug. 1911
Ward, Lola; Aug. 1911
Ward, Shirley; Aug. 1911
Terry, Julia; Sept.8, 1911

The following were all received Aug.12, 1912:
Teague, Elton
Teague, Bertie
Duty, Ethel
Ward, Mattie
Workman, Media
Houston, May
Turman, Mary Jane
Turman, Celia
Turman, Rev. W.K.

The following were all received in Aug. 1919
Winningham, Celia
Thornton, Henry
Thornton, Nannie
Denham, Ruth
Hunton, Velma
Myers, Willie
Loggins, Vicie

End of List #5, page 1 of 1
This concludes the Members Register
Register of Marriages; Page 1 of 1

Mollie Wilson to Jerry Bennett; Sept.13, 1884
Mollie Thorn to James Bennett; Mar.20, 1882
Theodotia Leonard to C.L. Rhodes; Sept.28, 1885
Hattie Wright to Oliver Albright; Nov.22, 1885
M.J. McClelland to Jasper Wright; Dec. 18, 1884
Mary Seaton to Thomas Claton; Mar. 1888
J.H. Huston to M. Phillips; Aug.5, 1888
M.E. Jacobs to R.R. Rutter; Nov. 30, 1902

End of Marriage Register
This is the final post for Claunch's Chapel Church; Baptisms, 1 page:

The following were baptised by A.C. GRIFFIN:
Needham, J.M.; July 27, 1883
Copeland, S.C.; July 27, 1883
Scott, R.D.; July 27, 1883
Bradley, J.W,; Aug.24, 1883
Baker, Dora; July 27, 1883
Roberts, Alice; July 27, 1883
Thrower, Francis; July 27, 1883
Wright, Hattie; July 27, 1883
Roberts, Sarah; July 27, 1883
Rhodes, C.L.; July 29, 1885
Houston, Wm.B.; July 29, 1885
Leonard, Theodatha; July 29, 1885
Dean, Etter; July 29, 1885

Heffner, Barby A.; July 22, 1887 by W.R. FOSTER
Davis, James; July 22, 1887 by W.R. FOSTER

The following were baptised by JOHN P. MAYNARD on Aug. 18, 1884
Kelley, Z.W.
French, R.B.
Hindman, R.A.
Wilson, M.W.
Poff, M.E.
Jacobs, M.E.
Epps, Carrie

The following were baptised by A.J. BLACKMORE on Aug.28, 1892
Gray, Nancy M.
Epps, Mary D.
Epps, Dora
Edwards, Nathaniel
McClelland, Reuben B.
Dillon, James H.
Harden, James A.
Harden, Sarah B.A.

The following were baptised by E.N. BINKLEY
Fry, Joe; Aug. 1897
Allen, Fannie; Aug. 1897
Roberts, Bulah; Aug. 1888

Jaccobs, Bertha J.; dau. of T.J. & Nanie Jacobs; Sept.1884 by Jno.EIDSON
Wright, Thos.J.; son of Joseph & Fannie Wright; Aug. 1897 by E.N.BINKLEY

End of Baptisms

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