1/23/1844 10/26/1849

Adams, Catherine, Estate, Edmund Tyler, Adm.; 1/26/1844 pg. 8

Anthony, Jacob, Estate, Emily Anthony, Gud. Minors; 1/24/1844 pg. 2

Ashmore, Joshua, Sheriff to take possession of Estate as Public

Administrator; 4/27/1847 pg. 194

Bailey, Jacob, Jno. W. Jones, Sheriff to take possession of Estate; 4/27/1847 pg. 193

Banks, Richard T., Estate, Hawkins Gregory, Ex.; 1/26/1844 pg. 5

Bennefield, Henderson, Estate, Sarah Bennefield, Admx.; 7/28/1847 pg. 228

Brigance, William, Estate, A. J. Brigance, Adm.; 1/26/1844 pg. 6

Brigance, Jesse F., Estate, Thomas A. Howell, Adm.; 4/25/1848 pg. 265

Brown, Rutha, Estate, Samuel Brown, Adm.; 1/30/1845 pg. 61

Brown, Simon, Estate, Geo. W. Davis, Adm.; 4/28/1848 pg. 286

Brown, William, Estate, Samuel M. Hays, Adm.; 1/26/1844 pg. 9

Burris, John, Estate, Robin D. Ashmore, Adm.; 10/29/1844 pg. 37

Byrum, Marcus P., Estate, W. A. Barker, Adm.; 1/28/1845 pg. 50

Carden, William, Estate, James Carden, Ex.; 4/30/1847 pg. 210

Carter, George W., Estate, Samuel M. Hays, Adm.; Joseph Gibson and Daniel W. Colkett, Gud. Minors, 1/23/1844, pg. 1

Carter, William, Estate, S. M. Hays, Adm.; 4/30/1845, pg. 81

Chambers, James, Estate, Richard Young, Gud. Minors; 7/25/1848 pg.290

Cloud, Milton, Estate, John Sullivan, Adm. Bond and William Baker, Adm. debonnis non-Admís Bond.; 1/26/1844, pg. 10

Crouch, John, Estate, J. H. Williams, Adm.; 4/27/1847, pg. 193

Davis, James R., Estate, Peter B. Davis, Adm.; 1/26/1844 pg. 6

Drury, Christopher, Estate, J. H. Howell, Adm.; 1/30/1846, pg. 147

Duncan, William, Estate, William Foster, Gud. Minors; 7/24/1844 pg. 28

Dyer, George H., Estate, Wm. A. Barker, Adm.; 10/24/1848 pg. 315

Empson, James, Estate, Mary Ann Empson, Gud. Minor; 7/29/1847 pg. 238

Ennes, Wm., Estate, John Maddox filed Est. Inventory; 1/30/1846 pg. 144

Enness, Jacob, Estate, Estate vested in widow (not named); 4/28/1847 pg. 199

Ferguson, Josiah, Minor, James Fairhurst & William Carter, Gudís.; 1/29/1845 pg. 52

Finger, Peter, Estate, Thos. A. Howell, Adm.; 7/27/1847, pg. 228

Fleming, R. R., Estate, Melinda Fleming Widow/Adm; 4/28/1846 pg. 175

Franklin, John, Gud. Minors, Elizabeth Amos, Amasa, Sarah & Martha A.

Franklin; 4/26/1849, pg. 370

Francisco, Simeon, Estate, Wm. Fransisco, Adm.; 8/4/1845 pg. 124

Gardner, Ellis A., Estate, Pernice Gardner, Admx.; 10/29/1844 pg. 37

Gilliun, William, Estate, Est. appraisal/vested in widow; 10/24/1848 pg. 313

Goodrich, Charles, Estate, William Goodrich, Adm.; 1/24/1844, pg. 2

Gorden, John, Isaac, Alfred, Lydia, Minors, Johnson Gibson, Gud.; 1/24/1844 pg. 4

Greer, Newton, Minor, Robert W. Jamison, Gud.; 7/28/1847 pg. 229

Harshfield, Deborah, Estate, Wm. R. Reasoner, Adm.; 4/23/1844 pg. 11

Hays, John, Estate, Sarah Hays, Executor; 1/26/1844, pg. 5

Hazel, Aaron D., Estate, Elizabeth Jane Hazel, Gud. Minor Heir; 7/26/1848 pg. 296

Hogins, Archibald D., Estate, Louisa Hogins, Admx.; 1/29/1845, pg. 58

Horton, Thomas C., Estate, John J. Horton & Geo. P. Williamson, Admís.; 4/29/1847 pg. 204

Hough, Moses, Estate, Thos. A. Howell, Adm.; 4/28/1846 pg. 175

Howell, Rufus H., Gud. of Elizabeth, Amasa, Susan, Elizabeth Howell, minors; 7/25/1848 pg. 293

Howell, James H., Estate (claims against estate); 7/25/1848 pg. 291

Howell, Laban C., Estate, T. A. Howell, Adm.; 1/30/1846 p. 147

Johnson, Jeptha, Estate, Wm. S. Johnson & James Brewton, Exís.; 4/29/1847 pg. 205

Johnson, John W., Estate, Wm. Johnson, Adm., James S. Moffett & A. Bewley, Securities; 10/4/1845 pg. 125

Langford, Benjamin, Estate, Robert S. Bewley, John P. Langford & R. B. Langford, Exís.; 8/10/1844 pg. 42

Langford, Martin, Estate (Note: papers found in Estate of M. P. Byrum, by Wm. Barker); 10/31/1845 pg. 110

Leonard, Harvey S., Estate, J. H. Williams, Adm.; 4/19/1847 pg. 202

(Note: By 7/27/1847 S. M. Norris, was Adm.)

Logan, James B., Estate, Jonathan Logan, Adm.; 7/25/1847 pg. 235

Logan, M. T., Estate, John Logan, Ex.; 10/29/1845 pg. 99

Lovely, Persis, Estate, Richard S. Witt, Ex.; 7/25/1844 pg. 33

Maddin, Thomas, Estate, James Maddin, Adm. (bond for $12,000); 4/28/1848 pg. 286

Maddin, James, Estate, Thomas Maddin, Adm., 1/25/1849 pg. 326

(Note: pg. 412 law suit against the estate dated 1-/26/1847)


Maddin, Philip, Estate, James Maddin, Adm.; 4/29/1847 pg. 205

(Note: see pg. 206 sale of slaves & pg. 244 sale of SE 1/4 Sec. 21-T9N-R22W)

McAnulty/McNulty, Robert, Estate (claims filed, no Ex. named) 40/30/1847 pg. 26

McNulty, R., Estate (claims filed, no Ex. named) 4/25/1848 p. 269

McLeon, Neil, Estate, Wm. A. Barker, Adm.; 10/29/1845 pg. 96

McNairy, John, Estate, James Mathis, Adm.; 7/28/1847 pg. 229

Menefee, James, Estate, Estate vested in widow/no name; 7/24/1849 pg. 377

Moffett, James S., Estate, Estate vested in widow, no name) 10/27/1847 pg. 245 & 261

Murrary, James, Estate (claim filed, no Ex. named) 4/25/1848 pg. 264

Northern, Edward, Estate, Jesse May, Adm.; 4/26/1844 pg. 24

Paschal, Eli, Estate, Joseph Birchett, Adm.; 1/26/1844 pg. 7

Paschal, William, Estate, R. W. Jamison, Adm.; 4/29/1847 pg. 204

Petray, Jacob, Estate, J. M. Shinn, Adm.; 10/28/1845 pg. 92

Pinkston, Peter, Estate, Rebecca A. Garner, Admx.; 4/29/1847 pg. 205

Poe, Joseph, Estate, John Caudle, Adm.; 1/29/1845 pg. 58

Poplin, George, Estate, Joseph H. Brearley, Adm.; 4/29/1847 pg. 205

Poplin, Madison, Estate, Charles E. Tobey, Adm.; 10/29/1848 pg. 3

Poplin, Israel M., Estate, Charles E. Tobey, Adm.; 10/25/1849 pg. 395

Potts, Joseph, Estate, Samuel M. Hays, Public Adm.; 1/26/1844 pg. 9

Price, John, Estate, Wm. A. Barker, Adm.; 10/29/1844 pg. 36

Prior/Pryor, William, Estate, J. B. Logan, Adm.; 4/28/1846 pg. 168

Reed/Read, William Henry (Minor), Melvin Story, Gud.; 10/24/1848 pg. 313

Rice, Samuel, Estate, Samuel M. Hays, Pub. Adm.; 7/25/1844 pg. 35

Ridge, John H., Estate, Benjamin Langford, Adm.; 1/26/1844 pg. 8

Ross, Alfred W., Estate, (Claim against estate) 10/23/1849 pg. 394

Rowland, George, Estate, Gud. for Minor Heirs, 10/30/1844 pg. 41

Rowland, James K. Polk, Minor, Pleasant Tackett, Gud.; 7/25/1848 pg. 290

Rowland, John, Estate, Nathan B. Rowland, Adm. & Martha M. Rowland, Admx.; 4/27/1848 pg. 280

Rushing, David, Estate, (mentioned showing Burrel Rushing, Adm.;) 1/24/1844 pg. 2

Smith, Cyrus, Estate, Wm. J. Duval, Adm.; 4/28/1848 pg. 175

Snyder Estate, Sam M. Hays, Pub. Adm.; 7/25/1844 pg. 35

Spillers, John, Estate, Henry Vick, Gud,; 10/24/1849 pg. 398

Stinnett, Henry, Estate, Catherine Stinnett, Exts.; 4/28/1846 pg. 175

Stennett, William K., Deceased 1845 with Morris B. Stennett, minor age 11 years, Samuel M. Hays, Appointed Gud.; 1/25/1849 pg. 327

Stinnet, Moris B., Apprentice to James Stennet by Samuel M. Hays; 4/25/1849 pg. 364

Sullivan, John, Estate, Margaret A. Sullivan, Admx. & Wm. Barker, Gud. Minors, 1/24/1844 pg. 3

Torick/Torique, Peter, Estate, John W. Jones, Pub. Adm.; 10/28/1845 pg. 89

Tucker, Lewis, Estate, James M. Shinn, Adm.; 11/3/1845 pg. 123

Turnbow, Andrew, Estate, Chesley Turnbow, Adm.; 1/30/1845 pg. 60

Vick, Josiah Anderson, Estate, Thos. A. Howell, Adm.; 4/28/1848 pg. 287

Webb, Merideth B., Estate, Elizabeth Webb, Admx.; 1/30/1846 pg. 147

Webb, William B., Estate, Merideth B. Webb, Adm.; 1/24/1844 pg. 4

Whittle, John, Estate, Ira Brown, Adm.; 1/29/1845 pg. 52

(Note: On 2/1/1845 Ira Brown surrendered his letters of Adm. & Robert

Rankin was appointed pg. 74)

Williams, John Hickey, Estate, Absolom Sims, Ex.; 10/24/1848 pg. 314

Witt, Richard S., Estate, Thos. J. Barnes, Adm.; 4/28/1847 pg. 200

Young, William B., Guardian of his son Darrel Leak Young, a minor,

4/25/1848 pg. 269


Note: The dates and page numbers shown here are the first time they appear in Probate Court Record C. This book is located in the County Clerks Office in the Courthouse. Prepared by Anna Page Fields