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Babb, Clark K.
Bachan (Also see Beachum)
Bacon, Benjamin Franklin
Bagby, William Marshall
Baileaux (Also see Ballowe & Belew)
Bailey, John M.
Bailey, Samuel L.
Bailey, William J.
Baker, William
Balding, James H.
Baldock, Derastus/Devarty
Baldock, George W.
Baldock, William
Ballew/Baileaux, P. M.
Ballowe, James Carroll
Ballowe, Milton
Ballowe, Samuel
Balsley, George L.
Banks, John G.
Barber, John M.
Barber,Guin/Gwinn D.
Barker, William A.
Barksdale, John H.
Barksdale, W. M. / W. N.
Barly/Barley, Samuel L.
Barnes, B. M.
Barnes, Bartley M.
Barnes, James M.
Barnes, William J.
Barnett, Elijah W.
Barnett, J. A.
Barnett, James J.
Barnett, T. A.
Barnett, William W.
Barrack (Also see Barrett)
Barrett, Anderson J.
Barrett, George V.
Barrett, Wiliam Kindred
Barrow, S. H.
Barton, John
Baskerville, William
Bass, Aphry/Alfrey/Affea B.
Bass, John
Bass, Thomas
Bass/Bess, Giles
Battaile/Battles, Hay
Baugh, Phillip Bruce
Beachum, William T.
Beal, Albert L.
Beard, F. G.
Bearden/Bierdon, Orville/Orvel
Beatty, Arthur C.
Beauregard, William
Beck, E. W.
Beck, Isaac
Beck, Jacob A.
Beckham, Elihu C.
Becton, Frederick B.
Becton, Jacob G.
Becton, John W.
Belcher, George Washington
Belcher, Thomas M.
Bell, Alex
Bell, John C.
Bell, Joseph
Bell, William J.
Bell, William M.
Bellamy, John M.
Bellamy, Russell Thomas
Bellamy, Warren Lafayette
Bennett, Jesse M.
Bennett, John
Bentley, Edward
Benton, Leander T./Leonidas Thornton
Berry, George W.
Berry, James N.
Berry, James Thomas
Bess (Also see Bass)
Bethards/Butard/Betchard, Lemuel
Bethell, Bedford Brown
Bethell, John Pinckney
Bethell, William
Bettesworth, L.
Bier, Charles V.
Biggs, Johnathan L.
Bilbro, James A.
Bilbro, Thadeus T. T.
Bilkiny (Also see Bellamy)
Billingsley, H. G.
Bird, Nathan
Bird, Thomas N. C.
Bird, William H.
Birdsong, M. J.
Birkhead, David Sparks
Bizzell, David William
Black, David P.
Black, William A.
Blackwood, William F.
Blakemore, William Thomas
Blakeney, Benjamin
Blakeney, James Benjamine
Blakeney, James Madison
Blankenship, Benjamin Harrison
Blansett, Daniel W.
Blanton, James W.
Blanton, John Burgess
Blewis/Blewitt, William L.
Blewitt (Also see Blewis)
Blount (Also see Blunt)
Blunt/Blount, James E.
Boals, Dolphin Stephen
Boatright, J. M.
Boatright, J. S.
Boatright, J. T.
Boatright, Joel
Bodman/Bobman, J. F.
Bogard, Erastus L.
Bogard, L. C.
Bogard, Marion A.
Bogard, Thomas M.
Bogard, William C.
Boggan, William Pet
Bolton, Robert D.
Booe, I. W.
Booe, Isaac Dobbins
Booe, Will
Booe, William Washington
Booth, James J.
Bordemur, Jordan
Bost, George W.
Bost, James M.
Bost, Silas Alpheus
Bottom, William J.
Box, Jackson M.
Box, James M.
Boyd, Henry H. L.
Boyd, J. A.
Boyd, James Charles
Boyd, Moses
Boyd, Moses Pharr S.
Boyd, Thomas G./Sloan
Bradford, Henry Taylor
Bradford, J. C.
Bradford, James D.
Bradford, John Hamilton
Bradford, Joseph H.
Bradley, William C.
Branch, A. (A. B.)
Branch, D. F.
Brauner, M.
Brawley, James G.
Brewer, Isaac
Brewer, John A.
Brewer, Nicholas Adam
Brian (Also see Byram, Byrum, O'Brien & O'Brian)
Brians, John H.
Brians, William J.
Bridges, Green Monroe
Brien (Also see Brian & O'Brien)
Brock, William Henry
Bronaugh, Jeremiah William
Brookshire, Richard Weeden
Brown, Andrew Jackson
Brown, E. W.
Brown, H. W.
Brown, Henry
Brown, James T.
Brown, P. T.
Brown, Samuel Robinson
Brown, W.
Brown, W. E.
Brown, Walter Robinson
Brown, William Edgar
Brown, William Edward
Bryant, Benjamin F.
Bryles, Christopher C.
Bryles, William Har.
Buchanan, G. P.
Buchanan, J. R.
Bulls, John H.
Bumgardner, John S.
Bunker, James C.
Burgess, George W.
Burgess, N. C. / H. C.
Burkett, William M.
Burnett, J. M.
Burnett, W. B.
Burney, James W.
Burns, Charles
Burns, Harvey A.
Burns, William Warren
Burrow, Ephram P.
Butler, A. R.
Butler, John C.
Butterworth, Charles Rhodes
Buyley, William
Byram, Henry J.
Byram/Brian, William W.
Byrum, Granderson A.

Please notify the Prairie County Coordinator of any additions or corrections.

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