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Lackey, Ephriam
Lackey, Theodore Thadeus
Lackey, T. A.
Lackey/Lackie/Lakey, William F.
Lackie (Also see Lakey & Lakey)
Lackie, T. H.
Lafever, Henry
Lakey (Also see Lackey & Lackie)
Langford (Also see Lankford)
Langford, B. F.
Langford, Berry
Langford, Hiram S.
Langford, W. S.
Langford, Willie
Langston, Jesse James "Jim"
Lankford (Also see Langford)
Lankford, B. F.
Lankford, William
Lawrence, Commodore S.
Lawrence, William
Lawrence/Lourance, T. R. / B. R.
Lea, W. C.
Lee, John M.
Lee, John Newton
Lee, John V.
Lee, Samuel
Lee, Samuel
Lee, Thomas V.
Lee, William
Legate, Andrew Jackson
Legate, Charles S.
Legg, James Houston
Lemmons, William H.
Lenderman (Also see Linderman)
Lendermon, Jacob/Joab G.
Lennard (See listing below)
Leonard/Lennard, Reuben
Lepard/Leopard, James
Leptein, Frank
Lightfoot, William C.
Linamon (Also see Lendermon)
Lindaman (Also see Lendermon)
Linderman, W. Henry
Lindley, J. W.
Linsley/Tinsley, N. F
Litton, G. Washington
Livesay, Drury Tucker
Livesay, William Turner
Lloyd/Loyd, Samuel
Lock, F. A.
Lock, John
Lock, John G.
Locke, C. G.
Locke, William B.
Lockridge, Thomas H.
Lockridge, William J.
Lofton/Loftin, John T.
Long, George B.
Long, James George Washington
Long, William J.
Long, Williamson Graves
Loretz, John F.
Lourance (Also see Lawrence)
Lowe, Andrew
Lowe, Gileson B.
Lowenstein/Lowstein, Samuel
Lowry/Lowery, William M.
Lumpkin, Alexander
Lumpkin, William B.
Lynch, Charles F.
Lynn, Hugh McQuiston

Please notify the Prairie County Coordinator of any additions or corrections.

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