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Sadler, B. F./H.
Sadler, J. W.
Sails (Also see Sales & Sayles)
Sales, William
Sample, William Harold
Sanderlin, I. W.
Sanders, J. B.
Sanders, J. W. / William J.
Sanders, John R.
Sanders, Joseph B. /J. V.
Sanders, Latin
Sanders, William D.
Sanders, William R.
Sanders/Saunders, Alfred Webb/Albert W.
Sanders/Saunders, Britton B.
Satterfield, Carter S.
Saunders (Also see Sanders)
Sayles/Sails, Thomas
Schnebly, Charles Augustus
Schnebly, Melville John
Scott, A. L.
Scott, John
Scott, Joseph
Scroggs, Amos
Scroggs, David L.
Sharp, E. A.
Sharp, William H.
Shay, William Nathan
Sheffield, Henry M.
Shepherd, Christopher J.
Shepherd, W. R.
Sheppard, Frederick J.
Shetter, Martin M.
Shields, Daniel J.
Shock, William D.
Shoemaker, John
Short, Francis M.
Short, George
Short, Lebarn/Saborn
Shouse, Wesley Pressley
Shurley, T. F.
Silvey, William E.
Silvey/Sylvia, Jessee A.
Simmons, J. W.
Simmons, Reuben H.
Simmons, W. B.
Simmons, Will
Simmons, William
Simpson, N. K. / W. K.
Simpson, R. T.
Simpson/Sympson, S. A.
Sims, Columbus
Sims, John
Sims, William
Skillern, Isaac C. A.
Skillern, James C. A.
Skillern, T. A.
Skillern, Terry W.
Skinner, E. P.
Slater, Dock
Slater, George
Sloan, James A.
Sloan, John A.
Small, Richard Wesley
Smart, George
Smart, J. V. / B. V. /Benjamin
Smart, John H.
Smart, Robert H.
Smith, Amon
Smith, Benjamin Franklin
Smith, Brackston "Brack" N.
Smith, C. C. C.
Smith, Chappel E.
Smith, Charles E.
Smith, Charles W.
Smith, Ed
Smith, G. W.
Smith, George W.
Smith, Grayton A. D.
Smith, Harvey R.
Smith, Jacob
Smith, James B.
Smith, James C.
Smith, Jessee A.
Smith, John
Smith, John Franklin
Smith, John M.
Smith, L. R.
Smith, Levi R.
Smith, Phillip Dunn
Smith, Robert
Smith, S. T.
Smith, Stephen M.
Smith, Terrence S.
Smith, Thomas J.
Smith, W. W.
Smith, Warner
Smith, William M.
Smith, William W. W.
Smithee, James Newton
Smithee, Samuel H.
Snibley (Also see Schnebly)
Snow, William Fletcher
Snowden, John W.
Sossman, Henry O. C.
Sparks, Albert
Sparks, Daniel
Sparks, David
Sparks, John M.
Sparks, John Moffitt
Sparks, John S.
Sparks, Minor Lafayette
Sparks, Rufus Neely
Sparks, Spencer Minton
Sparks, William Morrow
Spencer, John M.
Spivey, W. A.
St. Clair, George W.
Staggs, Elihu
Staggs, Ezekiel
Staggs, William W.
Stallings, Isaac B.
Stallings, James B.
Stallings/Steblings, Len Coy
Standley, Jack
Standley, James
Stanley, James W. A.
Stanley, O. H.
Stanley, Thomas M.
Stanley/Standley, John W.
Steaphens, W. P.
Steblings (Also see Stallings)
Steel, A. J. / John
Steele, J. B.
Steele, James D.
Steele, Joseph B.
Steele, Napoleon
Steele, William
Stephens, Thomas J.
Stephens, Thomas J.
Stephenson, A. F.
Stephenson, Hugh S.
Stephenson, John H.
Stephenson, Robert H.
Stewart, William
Stillwell, Charles H.
Stillwell, Daniel
Stone, J. B. / James S.
Stone, Johnathan S.
Stone, Mansel/Marvel/Marble G.
Stovall, Richard Archibald "Archer"
Stratton, Charles A.
Stratton, Edward
Stratton, Robert H.
Street, A. A.
Stubblefield, P.
Suci, W. {?}
Suit, William
Sullivan, Eldridge/Eldenen S./F./G.
Sullivan, Fletcher
Sullivan, W. B.
Summers, Clark
Swaim, Jr., William
Swaim/Swim, Samuel
Swaringen, Samuel G.
Sweetin/Sweeden, Levi
Sweyer, E. T.
Swinney, Davis J.
Sylvia (Also see Silvey)

Please notify the Prairie County Coordinator of any additions or corrections.

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