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These are all of the marriages and obituaries that I could find in the paper for this time period and covers the daily and weekly state Gazette.  Scattered here and there are notices and announcements.


December 11, 1866
Helena - Dr. JAM. Allen to Miss Agnes Alpine
Batesville- Mr. John P. Boyd to Miss Elvira Denton
White County- Mr Samuel Gilbert to Miss Henrietta Dawson
Searcy- Mr. G.W. Chambley to Miss Gress
Camden- Maj. J.W. Smythe to Miss Helen S. Goddard
Independence County- M.D. Hulsey to Miss M. Delia Neill
Little Rock- Conway Scott
Little Rock - James Allen
Pulaski County vs. Liberty Bartlett

January 1, 1867
Fort Smith- Mr Michael McFarland to Mrs B. McAuley
Prairie County- Mr Sydney A. Minter to Miss Adeline Douglass
Des Arc- Mr. John Wilson to Miss?
Ashley County- Mr J.R. Bingham to Mrs. M.E. Christian
Arkadelphia- Mr. A.B. Dickie to Miss Ada Buchanan
White County- Mr. Wm. Walker to Miss Elizabeth Holt
Pine Bluff- Mr J.C. H?ay to Miss Sallie Borden
Batesville- Mr I.N. Herd to Miss Emily S. Weaver
Ashley County- Mr Sam F. Aiken to Mrs. M.A. Cooper
Ashley County- J.G. Aiken to Miss V. Crow

January 29, 1867
Ashley County- Rev. W.P. Ketchand to Miss Della Waite
Ouachita County- Mr. Abner M. Graves to Miss Margaret C. Abott
Three Creek- Mr. John Tatum to Fannie Wasson
Independence County- Mr J.H. Craig to Miss. Hester Ann Engles
Des Arc- Mrs. E. Stewart
Des Arc- Miss Sallie Quarles
Des Arc- Maggie Bennett
Des Arc- Mrs. Hexana Cowan
Des Arc- Joseph Griffith
Pine Bluff- Mr. Garland H. Dorris?
Pine Bluff- Mr. Frederick Hilby
Pulaski County- Peter Hanger vs. Andrew J. Ward
Franklin County- J. West vs. John B. Covert
Pulaski County- Jupiter J. West

Washington- Mr. H.G. Conway to Miss Mary Page
Crawford County- Mr. Charles L. Miller to Miss Sarah Harrell
Camden- Mr. T. F. Honnett to Miss Mary Strain
Ouachita County- Mr Clinton A. Broach to Miss C.A. Reynolds
Batesville- Mr Harrison Dwinal to Mrs. Lizzie Poe
Drew County- Mr Jas. A. Cason to Miss Mollie Hester
Drew County- Mr. Jas. Priddy to Miss Dora Allen
Prairie County- Mr J.W. Campbell to Miss A.M. Davis
Hickory Plains- J.W. Williford to Miss Julia Yarber
Red Oak- Mr. F. Thompson to Miss Emma Adams
Helena- Mr. John H. Hanly to Miss Anna Scantland
Van Buren County- James D. Martin to Dhalia Bell
James Fancher
John Greathouse
George P. Harrell

February 12, 1867
William B. Howard
Pulaski- J.E. Mills & Co. vs. James H. Harris

February 24, 1867
Montgomery County- Mr. Isaac H. Stewart to Miss L.A. Strawn
Tulip - Columbia County - Mr. N.H. Young to Miss Cattie A. Smith
Clark County- Dr. W.S. Andrews to Miss Charlotte A. Trigg
Arkadelphia- Maj. E. H. McDaniel to Miss Laura J. Cook
Pulaski - Thomas and Julia M. Frazer vs. Henry James

March 12, 1867
Little Rock- Henry M. McGann to Miss. Mollie R. Griffith
Fort Smith- Mr. Wm. Hook to Minnie Euper
Camden- Mr. T.F. Hodgett to Miss Mary Strain
Camden- Mr. James L. Hudson to Miss Emma A. Elliott

March 19, 1867
Union County- Mr. Washington McRae to Miss Mary E. Dews
Camden- Mr. Geo. M. Wright to Miss Annie Graham
Helena- Mr. J.B. Griffin to Miss Mary C. Gresham

March 26, 1867
Estate Notice- Conway Scott
April 2, 1867
Monroe County- Mr. J.W. Harrell to Miss Sallie E. Adams
Des Arc- Mr. John W. Cowgill to Annie M. Dare
Des Arc- Mr. Monroe Ragland to Miss Rebecca E. Butterworth
Drew County- Mr. Joel A. Gulledge to Miss Sue E. Gill
Bill for Divorce- E. Patton vs. John Patton

April 16, 1867
Lily Lake- Capt. N. Terry Roberts to Miss Lucy Norfleet
Jacksonport- Miss Jane A. Baird
Fort Smith- William M. Fishback to Miss Addie Miller
Hempstead County- Mr. Samuel Young to Miss Sarah Melver
Clark County- Dr. Geo. B. Carter to Lucinda Jane Phillips

April 23, 1867
Pocahantas - Mr. William H. Waddell to Miss Augusta Kibler
Paracliftia- Lt. L.H. Norwood to Miss Fras? Gilliam
Pine Bluff- Mr. William P. Gracey to Miss Virginia Val?
Pine Bluff- Mr. William T. Gracey to Miss Rosalie E. Hickey
Jacksonport- Mr. Wm. W. Kerr to Miss Fannie Pascoe
Okalona- Mrs. B.L. Watkins
Des Arc- Dr. J.J. Lane
Camden- Capt. John W. Kingwell
Fort Smith- Mr. S. Thompson
Van Buren- Mr. Alexander H. McIntire
Helena- Asa Dean
Helena- Horace Nealy Locke
Hamburg- Hattie Wallace

May 7, 1867
Little Rock- Dr. John H. Carroll to Miss Rachel A. Casey
May 14, 1867
Chicot County- Mr. Col. Chas H. Carlton to Miss M. Verdie Chapman
Jacksonport- Mr. Thaddeus D. Kinman to Miss M.E. Dillard
Jacksonport- Mr. F.W. Dillard to Miss Jennie Pool
Jackson County- Mr. Wm. Hunter to Miss Jennie Williams
Camden- Nicholas M. McLaughlin
Fort Smith & Little Rock- Mr. Charles Jones
Jacksonport- Mrs. Harriett Arlington
Estate of Francis T. Leak

May 28, 1867
Lagrew Springs- Mr. Wm. Jones to Miss Maggie Fosbee
Arkansas County- Mr. James T. Young to Miss Kate Haigh
Drew County- Mr. D.A. White to Miss Mary E. Wiley
Batesville- Mr. Robt. B. Case to Miss Ella A. Byers
Batesville- Mrs. Mary W. Weaver
Helena- Mrs. Mary A. Oldham
Reward- Simpson Brown for the murder of Doctor Webb
June 1867
Independence County- Mr. J.F. McGee to Miss S.E. Ball
Phillips County- Capt. Thomas Day to Miss Mary A. Robertson
Lewisville- Maj. Chas. B. Fleming to Mrs. Mat O. Milam
Monticello- Capt. H.O. Burke to Miss Charlotte McDermott
Drew County- Mr. J.N. Gilliam to Miss Sallie V. Bowden
Devall's Bluff- Mr. A.G. Ryan to Miss Frankie Thorpe
Prospect Bluff- Mr. Harris W. Howell to Miss Nancy Jane Burmingham
Napoleon- Mr. John J. Cooper to Miss Martha E. Phillips
Jefferson County- Mr. E.M. Measlee to Miss S.M. Gardner
White County- Mr. Goldie Triplett to Miss Jennie Armstrong
Columbia County- Mr. Josepht T. Powell to Miss Margaret Johnson
Prairie County- Mr. John Watson to Miss Nancy M. Bennett
Woodruff County- Mr. Wm. C. Heathcoat to Miss Carrie Camp
Prairie County- Wm. Hicks to Miss Loula Barnes
New Orleans- Joseph Newman
Helena- Zoe Schroder
Prairie County- Sallie Cordell
Magnolia- Mr. James F.C.Jack
Chicot County- Mr. William F. Warner
June 4, 1867
Pennslyvania & Little Rock- Mr. William B. Wait to Miss Fannie Tyler
Pulaski County- Mr. Andrew J. Quindley to Miss Emma S. Martin
Monroe County- Mr. J.W. Harrell to Miss Sallie E. Adams
Little Rock- Mr. Franklin Duford to Mrs. Elizabeth Leon

June 18, 1867
Batesville- Mr. John L. Ruddell to Miss Mattie Barb
Magnolia- Mr. Adolphus Shippey to Miss Lola Hildreth
Camden- Mr. Frank Austin to Miss Mary L. McLaughlin
Camden- Capt. D.W. Chandler to Miss Fannie L. Rimes
June 25, 1867
Monroe County- Isaac Walker vs. Tom Mullins
Independence County- John H. Jones, D.W. Lester, James Barnes, John Hawkins
Independence County- William Hightower
July 3, 1867
Hot Springs County- Mr. A.S.
Morrison to Miss Pink Riland
Drew County- Capt. H.S. Hudspeth to Miss Bettie A. Royal
Prairie County - Mr. Wm. Vandergirft to Miss Sarah J. Barton
Drew County- Mrs. Ann P. Gales
Little Rock- Mr. Wm. Zonker to Miss Nancy Seylfer
Cherokee Nation - Mr. Edward Kumpe to Miss Eliza Campbell
Prairie County- Minnie Dora Hicks

July 9, 1867
Little Rock- L.J. Fones to Miss T.D. Reaves
Fort Smith- Mr. Richard C. Kernes to Miss Fannie J. Manning
Fort Smith- Mr. Samuel McCloud to Miss Lizzie Kernes
Spring Hill- Mr. R.W. Jones to Miss Laura C. Finley
Camden & Little Rock- Mr. John R. Fellows to Miss Lizzie M. Reynolds
Lafayette County- James Cornish to Miss Martha C. Lester
Saline County- Thomas Pack vs. Larkin Collins
Hot Springs County- Mary A. Jemison vs. William A. Jemison
Pulaski County- Jasper M. Goader vs. James A. Martin

July 16, 1867
Princeton- Capt. E.P. Linzee to Miss Jennie Harley
Little Rock- Mr. John B. Bogenachutz to Miss Mary E. Campbell
Little Rock- Jefferson G. Botsford to Miss C. Adelia Heary
Jefferson County- Mr. Edwin Whitfield to Miss Fannie T. Caldwell
Jefferson County- Mr. R.D. Partee to Miss Georgie Mosby
Columbia County- Mr. T.J. Bolger to Miss Mag Cook
Little Rock- Dr. George Peoples
Sale of Trust- James A. Kinner
Pulaski County- William V. and Martha Ashley vs. Mary Lefevre, widow of Francis G.
Pulaski County- Phillip L. Anthony vs. Mary Anthony
Pulaski County- Phillip Jones vs. Mary Jones

July 23, 1867
Bettie Withers Lay
Pulaski County- Warren Drake and John Flanakin vs. James H. Gatlin
Johnson County- Almeda Boyle vs. John Boyle
Saline County- Mary Francis McDonald vs. John McDonald

July 25, 1867
Lt. Co. Anderson Watkins and Co. J.E. Murray
August 6, 1867
Camden, North Carolina- Mr. Sterling H. Tucker to Miss Mary C. Cantey
Little Rock- Mr. John Janson to Mrs. Olive T. Shipp
Columbia County- Mr. William M. Wallace to Miss Josephine M. Caver
White County- Mr. Joe Hall to Miss Mst E. Holloway
Chicot County- Laura Antoina Mathis
Hampton- Mrs. Mariah W. Black

August 25, 1867
Little Rock- Unknown Faucher to Miss Elizabeth Isom
Batesville- Mr. James Cole to Miss Pathenia Sanders
Independence County- Mr. Wm. M. Nelson to Miss Fannie Gillespie
Drew County- William House to Miss Mary P. Chatham
White County- Rev. G.A. Shaffer to Miss Marga Heard Ozark- Mr. Henry Berry to Miss Sallie Pitner
Prairie County- Mr. J.P. Waller to Miss Virginia McKendree
Batesville- Mr. John N. Benton to Miss Maria Nations
Helena- Mattie Nelson
Des Arc- Hally Poe
Independence County- Elbert Kay
Hamburg- Joel Wilson Jr.
Little Rock- John Guiry
Hamburg- Mr. W.L. Bell

August 28, 1867
Little Rock- Miss Mary Scanlen
Napoleon- Zulieka Johnson

September 10, 1867
Pulaski County- William R. Vaughan vs. Thomas J. and William H.R. Workman
September 11, 1867
Little Rock- Daniel James O'Leary
September 12, 1867
Arkansas- Mr. Walter Stillwell to Miss Cynthia Reeves
Little Rock- Mr. Sam C.W. Lewis to Miss Elizabeth Homes
Augusta- Mr. Geo K. Whitcomb to Miss Cordelia Flynt
Hopefield- Mr. Granvill S. Davidson to Miss Francis S. Hilton
Arkansas County- Mr. H.B. Toombs to Miss Mollie E. Totten
Arkansas County- Mr. W.C. Robinson to Miss
Crawford County- Mr. H.P. King to Miss Rebecca Howell
John D. Kimbell
Napoleon- Warren Benton Johnson

September 15, 1867
Pine Bluff- Mr. W. Flower to Miss R.A. Hammond
Cotton Plant- Mr. J.A. Hartsell to Mrs. Prersly
Cotton Plant- Mr. M. Witter to Miss Mollie Crawford
Cotton Plant- Mr. John Blackwell to Mrs. Kazee
Augusta- Mr. Jas. H. Hart to Miss Julia A. Rodd
Fort Smith- Mrs. E.M. Rutherford
Ozark- Fronia Dick Polk
Cane Hill- Harry Wilcox Thomson
Van Buren- Fannie M. Leonard
Fort Smith- Mrs. Esterbrook
Fort Smith- Mrs. P.A. Freeman
September 18, 1867
Helena- Capt. C.B. Watkins and Miss Gussie Hackett
Helena- Mr. J.P. Graham to Miss Mattie Madrin
West Point- Mr. Thomas Oliphant to Miss Georgie Maxwell
Columbia County- Thomas W. Robinson to Miss Julia F. Barlow
Fort Smith- Mr. Paradoe to Miss Mary F. Lane
Augusta- Mr. G.P. Blythe to Mrs. Mary Chenault
White County- Mr. Dee Neely to Miss Elizabeth Goodlow
Pine Bluff- Mr. Gabriel Myer to Miss Bertha Ruebel
Woodruff County- Mr. Morg W. Witters to Miss Olevia A. Crawford
Des Arc- Emma Kate Jackson

September 21, 1867
Pulaski County- Mr. W. Floyd Davidson to Miss Jennie Greathouse
Little Rock- Mr. L.H. Weigel to Miss Mary F.F. Call
Independence County- Mr. Hiram Gideon to Miss Elizabeth Quiet
Drew County- James A. Williams to Miss Percilla Hawkins
Monroe County- Mrs. O.H. Oates
Augusta- Addie Dismukes
Augusta - Joseph H. Terry
Drew County- Dr. Nathaniel B. Payne
Murphreesboro- Mrs. Sarah J. Roberson
Hempstead- Virginia Stuart
Ouachita- Fannie Elliott
Pocahontas- Infant daughter of David C. and Anna Black

October 15, 1867
Monticello- John T. Marsh to Miss Bettie White
Brownsville- Jas S. Thomas to Miss Anna Powell
Augusta- Mr. Oakley to Miss Mattie Harden
Washington- Mr. Geo North to Miss Eva Smith
Fayetteville- C.W. Walker to Miss Serina Jernigan
Hempstead- Geo. A. Oldham to Miss Eliza J. Holt
Crittenden County- Mr. James O. Lusby
Fort Smith- Mrs. Mary E. Brogan
Fort Smith- Mrs. Martha Welch
Fort Smith- M. Perpetus Knobel
Van Buren- James M. Johnson
Prairie County- Lizzie Cooper
Washington County- Rosalie Ellen Black
Augusta- Mrs. Mary Jane Gregory
Augusta- Lillie Ula Moore
Augusta- Edith Rowena Blanchard

October 22, 1867
Chicot County- Charles W. Fry to Miss Fannie W. Davies
Washington- Chas H. Oalson to Miss M.E. McLain
Little River County- W.A. Baird to Miss S.A. Carter
Washington- Mr. Wm. P. Gardner to Miss Jennie McLain
West Point- Henry P. Blakemore to Miss Mattie Oliphant
Prairie County- John R. Reed to Miss Lyde A. Greer
West Point- Squire E. Hatchett
Des Arc- Sallie McPherson
Hillsboro- Mrs. Nannie J. Cooper

December 1867
Little Rock- Jerome B. Lewis
Helena- Mollie Oley
Crockett's Bluff- Clara Leslie
Woodruff County- Mrs. Sarah McCoy
Little Rock- Ellen O'Leary

December 21, 1867
Little Rock- Capt. D. Behen Jr. to Miss Mary E. Walterson
Little Rock- Richard W. Davis to Miss Georgiana Winlock
Saline County- Alex E. Rowland to Miss Maggie Rutherford

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