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These are all of the marriages and obituaries that I could find in the paper for this time period and covers the daily and weekly state Gazette.  Scattered here and there are notices and announcements.

January 6, 1869
Near this place"- Samuel Bender
January 9, 1869
J.T. Stone
January 13, 1869
Little Rock- Major William D. ? to Miss Elberta English
January 21, 1869
Texas- Jefferson P. Britt
January 26, 1869
Yell County- Dr. F.M. Rounsaville
January 28, 1869
Chicot County- James Ross
February 3, 1869
Scott County- Charles Humphrey Jr. to Miss Maggie S. Ford
February 7, 1869
Little Rock- Thomas Lafferty to Miss B.N. Poalk
Franklin County- Margaret Saddler
February 11, 1869
Little Rock- Soldier named Ford
February 18, 1869
Little Rock- Hon. Stephen Wheeler to Miss Mary K. Love
February 21, 1869
Arkadelphia- Major A.E. Habicht to Miss Julia A. Reed
Little Rock, Fort Smith- Cassius M. Barnes to Miss Mary E. Bartlett

February 24, 1869
Sevier County- Nannie J. Phillips Hamilton
March 4, 1869
Jefferson County, Pulaski County- Mr. B. Temple to Miss Annie M. Jones
March 5, 1869
Little Rock- Jimmie Tucker
James Anderson - Samuel Barrett
March 11, 1869
Pulaski County- Elizabeth Lamb
March 12, 1869
Little Rock- M. Luther Stowell to Miss Liddie Sherman
March 21, 1869
Brownsville- Mr. S. Martin to Miss Sallie M. Pyburn
March 25, 1869
Sevier County- Capt. W.W. Cocharn to Miss Emma Pettigrew
March 27, 1869
Joshua Harp to Miss Fannie E. Hamlett
March 28, 1869
Philadelphia- Jacob McDowell
April 1, 1869
W.R. McCallum to Miss Mollie Merrick
April 4, 1869
Little Rock- Mr. James M. Pennington to Mrs. Ellen Steed
April 6, 1869
Sebastion County- Otho O. Badgett to Miss Cornelia T. Guion
April 7, 1869
Little Rock- Dr. Robert B. King to Miss Oneitha Badgett
Pulaski County- Theodore Nothwang to Miss Elizabeth Hicks
April 13, 1869
Little Rock- Major Ben J. Field to Miss Mary Weaver
W.T. McCullough
April 22, 1869
Dallas County- C.C. Goss and Family
April 23, 1869
Little Rock- James C. Moore to Miss Fannie G. Botland
April 27, 1869
Pastoria- Mr. Young Goldman and Wife
April 28, 1869
Little Rock- Jos. K. Brantlyto Miss Mary Swindler
April 30, 1869
Little Rock- Dr. R.J. Jennings to Miss Gertrude Elliott
May 2, 1869
Woodruff County- Col. L.M. Ramsaur to Miss Mollie Bland
Brother J.B. Barber
May 6, 1869
Little Rock- Mr. W.M. Thompson to Miss Susan E. Gilpin
May 8, 1869
Little Rock- Mr. Jacob Menkus to Miss Elise Volmer
June 4, 1869
Little Rock- Andrew De Gursey to Miss Carrie M. Hager
June 8, 1869
Huntersville- Margaret I. Stroup
July 25, 1869
Little Rock- Mr. Chas Bourne to Miss L. Zacharine Karnes
July 27, 1869
New Jersey- Matilda C. McKinley
July 29, 1869
Randolph County- Hon. James H. Purkins to Miss Ava I. Payne
August 1, 1869
Hempstead County- Susannah Stuart
August 3, 1869
Frank Lee Hyde
August 6, 1869
Fort Smith, Little Rock- J.L. Moore, also known as Rory Moore
August 8, 1869
Saline County- Jno. F.Walker to Miss  Mattie Smith
August 14, 1869
Lafayette County-Dorothy Davis
August 15, 1869
Jefferson County- Ann Elizabeth Nelon
August 19, 1869
Little Rock- Maj. Wm. D. Alexander to Miss Mary Calhoun
Little Rock- Richard Marshall
August 24, 1869
New York
August 27, 1869
Geo. Kabel to Mrs. Margaret Leymer
August 31, 1869
Saline County- Fred Shoppach to Miss Mary S. Homan
Houston- Mrs.McConaughey
September 1, 1869
Little Rock- Betsey Ann Stills
September 7, 1869
Benton- John F. Moore to Miss Mary Tucker Hockersmith
Washington- Mrs. Eudora Jones Mitchell
September 9, 1869
Kentucky- Frank T. Vaughan
Washington County- William H. Gardiner
Washington County- Rueban Ford's Grandson
September 10, 1869
James Smith Hardy
September 14, 1869
Little Rock- N.J. Warren

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