1W08-104-134-35 Illing Anna 19 FW
1W08-104-134-34 Illing August 22 MW
1W08-104-134-40 Illing Caroline 1 FW
1W08-104-134-30 Illing Charles 51 MW
1W08-104-134-33 Illing Charles 24 MW
1W08-104-134-36 Illing Etta 12 FW
1W08-104-134-38 Illing Louis 7 MW
1W08-104-134-31 Illing Minnie 36 FW
1W08-104-134-32 Illing Otto 26 MW
1W08-104-134-39 Illing Willie 4 MW
1W08-104-134-37 Illing Wiloncena 9 MW
1W49-482-536-37 Imbeau Julian 27 MW
1W49-482-536-38 Imbeau Matilda 25 FW
1W49-482-536-39 Imbeau Mollie 4 FW
1W49-482-536-40 Imbeau Peter 1 MW
4W34-280-395-09 ingham No name 16 MW
BR055-386-409-28 Ingram Allen 26 MB
EM20-138-163-01 Ingram Allen 52 MM
BR055-386-409-27 Ingram Betsy 49 FB
1W06-077-101-30 Ingram Charles C 1 MW
BR055-386-409-26 Ingram Dick 65 MB
1W06-077-101-28 Ingram Elizabeth 32 FW
EM20-138-163-03 Ingram Hasty 17 FB
1W06-077-101-27 Ingram John B 34 MW
EM20-138-163-02 Ingram Keziah 35 FB
EM20-138-163-04 Ingram Mansell? 2 MB
BR055-386-409-30 Ingram Needham 21 MB
AS029-223-232-25 Ingram Robert 21 MB
1W06-077-101-29 Ingram Susan 3 FW
BR055-386-409-29 Ingram Troy 23 MB
4W18-144-222-20 Inman Jane 32 FW
4W18-144-222-22 Inman Mollie 14 FW
4W18-144-222-21 Inman William 13 MW
2W46-416-459-09 Ironig Cris 10 MB
2W46-416-459-08 Ironig Dinah 12 FB
2W46-416-459-07 Ironig Louisa 18 FB
2W46-416-459-06 Ironig Matilda 39 FB
2W46-416-459-05 Ironig Washington 39 MB
BR062-430-457-01 Ironig? Jefferson 39 MB
BR062-430-457-04 Ironig? Jennie 12 FB
BR062-430-457-02 Ironig? Matilda 36 FB
BR062-430-457-03 Ironig? Mollie 17 FB
BR062-430-457-05 Ironig? William 6 MB
4W23-194-287-17 Ironiz John W 4 MB
4W23-194-287-16 Ironiz Julia 9 FB
4W23-194-287-15 Ironiz Mary 30 FB
4W23-194-287-14 Ironiz Putney 37 MB
AS030-229-238-05 Irving Albert 35 MB
CB13-104-105-03 Irving Alfred 12 MB
CB18-145-145-36 Irving Andrew 5 MB
CB18-144-144-29 Irving Ann 30 FB
CB18-144-144-31 Irving Benjamin 8 MB
EM33-242-280-29 Irving Benjamin 80 MB
CB18-143-144-28 Irving Buchanan 12 MB
3W45-398-474-27 Irving Carrie 5 FB
3W45-398-474-26 Irving Charles 7 MB
BR099-697-733-07 Irving Chauncey 33 MB
CB24-194-193-02 Irving Daniel 28 M
CB13-104-105-04 Irving Elisabeth 4 FB
3W45-398-474-24 Irving Emanuel 37 MB
BR099-697-733-09 Irving Fannie 6 FB
4W40-351-471-39 Irving Fanny 23 FB
CB19-147-147-06 Irving General 23 MB
CB19-147-147-04 Irving Geo W 27 MB
BR098-694-730-29 Irving George 40 MB
BR099-697-733-10 Irving Henry 4/12 MB
CB18-143-144-24 Irving Henry 53 MB
CB18-144-144-32 Irving Henry 2 MB
CB18-143-144-27 Irving Jack 16 MB
BR038-259-282-13 Irving James 18 MB
CB18-143-144-26 Irving James 32 MB
AS030-229-238-09 Irving James N 4/12 MB
CB18-144-144-30 Irving Jeff D 10 MB
4W40-351-471-40 Irving Jimmy 13 MM
4W40-351-471-38 Irving John H 24 MM
CB24-194-193-04 Irving John W H 3 MB
CB24-194-193-03 Irving Josaphine 24 FB
CB13-104-105-06 Irving Joseph 23 MB
EM33-242-280-31 Irving Joseph 16 MB
CB12-103-104-38 Irving Josephine 50 FB
CB18-145-145-38 Irving Judy 19 FB
CB13-104-105-01 Irving Lavinia 40 FB
CB18-143-144-25 Irving Lilla 50 FB
CB12-103-104-39 Irving Louisa 15 FB
CB18-145-145-34 Irving Louisa 26 FB
3W45-398-474-25 Irving Mary 32 FB
AS030-229-238-07 Irving Mary F 5 FB
BR099-697-733-08 Irving Matilda 28 FB
CB13-104-105-05 Irving Matilda 2 FB
CB18-145-145-37 Irving Minty 2 FB
CB12-103-104-37 Irving Moses 70 MB
CB18-145-145-33 Irving Nearer 30 MB
EM33-242-280-30 Irving Parthena 38 FB
CL04-032-032-31 Irving Peter 24 MM
CB18-145-145-35 Irving Price 7 MB
CB13-104-105-02 IRving Sallie 14 FB
CB19-147-147-05 Irving Sallie 23 MB
AS030-229-238-08 Irving Samuel 4 MB
4W38-325-442-12 Irving Sarah 20 FB
2W32-291-323-39 Irving Sukie 60 FB
AS030-229-238-06 Irving Susan 40 FB
BR051-358-380-37 Irving Tom 16 MM
CB12-103-104-40 Irving Washington 12 MB
2W32-291-323-40 Irving Winnie 18 FB
BR034-236-258-39 Isaacs Rosallea 20 FW
BR034-236-258-38 Isaacs Sallie 60 FW
CA45-302-320-11 Isabell Alfred 22 MB
CB31-263-264-04 Isbell Jos E 35 MW
3W30-258-308-08 Ives Adam 1 MW
3W30-258-308-05 Ives David 12 MW
3W30-258-308-04 Ives Elizabeth 16 FW
4W04-040-048-36 Ives Henry 18 MW
FO13-095-104-09 Ives Henry 1 MW
FO13-095-104-07 Ives James 16 MW
FO13-095-104-06 Ives Jane 45 MW
FO13-095-104-08 Ives Janett 5 MW
3W30-258-308-06 Ives John 8 MW
FO13-095-104-05 Ives John M 53 MW
4W04-040-048-37 Ives Louisa 12 FW
3W30-258-308-03 Ives Margaret 17 FW
3W30-258-308-01 Ives Nancy J 34 FW
3W30-258-308-02 Ives Thomas 44 MW
4W04-040-048-35 Ives Thomas 46 MW
3W74-654-731-27 Ivy America 60 FW
BR093-659-692-10 Ivy America 60 FW
4W40-345-464-15 Ivy Andrew 42 MB
CB21-175-174-37 Ivy Carroll 35 MW
4W40-345-464-16 Ivy Ellen 36 FB
3W74-654-731-26 Ivy Henry 48 MW
BR093-659-692-09 Ivy Henry M 48 MW
BM02-09-09-09 Ivy James W 23 MW
CB21-175-174-39 Ivy John 3 MW
4W40-345-464-17 Ivy Liza 8 FB
CB21-175-174-40 Ivy Mary E 1 FW
BM12-78-80-15 Ivy Mary L 23 FW
CB21-175-174-38 Ivy Melvina 22 FW
BM12-78-80-16 Ivy Minnie 4 FW
BM12-78-80-14 Ivy R L 28 MW
BM12-78-80-17 Ivy Thomas B 1 MW

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