1W04-052-067-24 Oakleaf Elizabeth 26 FW
1W04-052-067-23 Oakleaf Nicholas 32 MW
1W20-224-270-39 Oakley Henry 18 MB
2W08-076-084-13 Oaks Louis P 36 MW
2W08-076-084-14 Oaks Sarah 34 FW
CL06-049-049-31 Ober Albert R 62 MW
CL06-049-049-28 Ober Alcinda H 4 FW
CL06-049-049-27 Ober Ida 9 FW
CL06-049-049-26 Ober Jo Davis 10 MW
CL06-049-049-25 Ober Joella 29 FW
CL06-049-049-24 Ober Robert H 37 MW
2W62-523-569-26 OBract Leonard 25 MW
1W47-463-509-34 OBrian Henry 32 MW
1W44-436-480-14 OBrian John 26 MW
1W17-189-233-22 OBrien Charles 19 MW
1W46-450-496-17 OBrien James 27 MW
2W10-089-099-06 OBrien James 41 MW
1W55-530-623-08 OBrien John 24 MW
4W16-125-187-09 OBrien Terry 33 MW
3W72-637-713-21 O'Brien Annie 30 FW
3W72-638-714-25 O'Brien Edward 2/12 MW
3W72-637-713-22 O'Brien James 12 MW
4W06-042-050-20 O'Brien Jessie 26 MW
1W73-679-831-36 O'Brien John 25 MW
3W72-637-713-20 O'Brien John 42 MW
3W72-637-713-23 O'Brien John 11 MW
2W62-523-569-27 OBrister Leopold 24 MW
3W27-236-285-13 OConnell Danl 40 MW
3W27-236-285-16 OConnell Edgar 2 MW
3W27-236-285-14 OConnell Olivia 34 FW
3W27-236-285-15 OConnell Pauline 10 FW
1W58-553-655-01 OConners John 30 MW
4W05-042-050-10 O'Conners John 33 MW
3W29-256-306-33 OConnor Eliza 20 FW
3W29-256-306-32 OConnor Margaret 60 FW
EM11-080-095-31 Odae John 32 MW
EM11-080-095-30 Odae Michael 30 MW
CA55-375-407-22 ODavid J L 24 MW
4W17-133-207-13 O'Dowd Charles 3 MW
4W17-133-207-14 O'Dowd Julia 1 FW
4W17-133-207-11 O'Dowd Michael 33 MW
4W17-133-207-12 O'Dowd Ryan 30 FW
1W42-416-459-02 ODowell Richard 31 MW
CA50-339-367-24 Ofaly D J 34 MW
CA50-339-367-25 Ofaly Sophia B 29 FW
2W55-483-527-23 Ogden George 17 MB
2W55-483-527-24 Ogden Horace 14 MB
2W55-483-527-25 Ogden Millie 10 FM
2W55-483-527-22 Ogden Minnie 42 FB
2W55-483-527-21 Ogen Henry C 45 MB
1W05-063-083-20 Ogonnan Mathew 24 MW
2W40-362-401-22 O'Hara Bridget 18 FW
2W40-362-401-21 O'Hara Jane 45 FW
2W40-362-401-23 O'Hara John 14 MW
2W40-362-401-24 O'Hara Patrick 12 MW
2W40-362-401-20 O'Hara William 40 MW
3W64-570-646-36 OHare John E 32 MW
FO10-067-075-01 Olanders J B 26 MW
FO10-067-075-02 Olanders Mahulda 21 FW
FO10-067-075-03 Olanders Richard 1 MW
1W43-428-472-25 OLean Timothy 27 MW
1W44-437-482-23 Oleary Lawrence 21 MW
BR036-244-266-01 Oliver Bartley 60 MB
BR036-244-266-02 Oliver Caroline 40 FB
BR036-244-266-06 Oliver Charlie 7 MB
BR036-244-266-07 Oliver George 3 MB
BR036-244-266-05 Oliver Hannah 16 FB
4W10-074-100-18 Oliver Hattie 2 FW
BR036-244-266-10 Oliver Hezy 2 MB
BR036-244-266-04 Oliver Janette 23 FB
BR036-249-271-36 Oliver John 29 MB
EM18-127-152-35 Oliver John 22 MB
4W10-074-100-17 Oliver Lousa M 27 FW
BR036-249-271-39 Oliver Martha 5 FB
3W85-732-813-16 Oliver Mary 22 FB
1W01-009-014-30 Oliver Nathan 18 MB
BR002-012-013-40 Oliver Nathan 20 MB
BR036-249-271-38 Oliver Pauline 7 FB
BR036-244-266-03 Oliver Sandy 30 MB
BR036-244-266-08 Oliver Sophia 20 FB
BR036-249-271-37 Oliver Sophia 27 FB
BR003-012-013-01 Oliver Vinex 35 FB
1W15-172-213-12 Oliver William P 24 MW
BR036-244-266-09 Oliver Willie 7 MB
4W10-074-100-16 Oliver Wm S 32 MW
BR020-140-159-20 Oller Missouri 5 FW
BM11-75-77-37 Olmstead Eliza 26 FW
BR088-622-655-22 Olmstead Everett 21 MB
BM11-75-77-38 Olmstead Francis G 10 MW
BM11-75-77-36 Olmstead H J 48 MW
BR088-622-655-21 Olmstead Henry 44 MB
BR088-622-655-24 Olmstead Miranda 16 FB
BR088-622-655-23 Olmstead Oliver 18 MB
BM11-75-77-39 Olmstead Willy 1 MW
3W87-746-827-13 Omeara Mary 35 FW
CA64-440-474-23 ONeal A J 37 MW
CA64-440-474-25 ONeal Jenny 8/12 FW
CA64-440-474-24 ONeal Mary 35 FW
4W05-042-050-13 ONeal Morris J 24 MW
1W59-569-690-35 ONeal Thomas 29 MW
4W20-167-246-24 O'Neal John 23 MW
3W21-181-210-04 O'Neal Kate 26 FW
EM21-145-171-07 ONeil Andrew 26 MW
3W70-619-694-23 ONeil Richard 31 MW
CB31-263-264-06 ONiele Augustus 19 MW
4W22-190-281-35 Openbottom Alice 16 FB
CB19-146-146-03 Opie Lucy 58 FB
BR079-559-590-34 Orange Clinton 13 MB
BR079-559-590-32 Orange Frank 40 MB
BR079-559-590-35 Orange Harry 10 MM
BR007-049-055-29 Orange Henry 22 MB
BR079-559-590-33 Orange Isabella 33 FB
BR007-049-055-30 Orange Marie 20 FB
3W40-347-421-10 Orange Newton 20 MB
1W02-017-024-23 Orcutt Vincent 37 MW
2W46-421-465-35 O'Reiley John 31 MW
FO07-046-049-08 Orick Daniel 15 FW
FO07-046-049-07 Orick Elizabeth 53 FW
FO07-046-049-06 Orick James 55 MW
FO07-046-049-11 Orick John 8 MW
FO07-046-049-09 Orick Martha 14 FW
FO07-046-049-10 Orick Mary 10 FW
1W05-066-088-35 ORiley John 23 MW
CB32-275-280-37 Ormand Ann 3 FM
CB32-275-280-36 Ormand Ellen 25 FM
CB32-275-280-35 Ormand Henry 30 MB
CB33-276-281-01 Ormond Gabriel 7 MM
CB33-279-284-20 Ormond Henry 2 MB
CB32-275-280-33 Ormond Jane 35 FB
CB32-275-280-32 Ormond Joseph 42 MB
CB33-279-284-18 Ormond Major 38 MB
CB31-264-265-11 Ormond Millie 27 FB
CB32-274-279-28 Ormond Seth 44 MB
CB32-274-279-29 Ormond Tennessee 19 FB
CB33-279-284-19 Ormond Tennessee 22 FB
CB31-264-265-13 Ormund Josephine 7/12 FB
CB31-264-265-10 Ormund Minor 31 MB
3W14-119-130-16 Orrick Archie 15 MW
3W14-119-130-15 Orrick Lizzie 12 FW
1W10-122-155-22 Osborn Cassius 25 MW
3W20-173-202-11 Osborn Charles 10 MW
4W29-242-349-25 Ottenheimer Abe 2 MW
4W38-324-441-01 Ottenheimer Abe 36 MW
4W38-324-441-03 Ottenheimer Addie 4 FW
4W29-242-349-24 Ottenheimer Benj 4 MW
4W38-324-441-02 Ottenheimer Bertha 30 FW
4W29-242-349-21 Ottenheimer Danl 35 MW
4W38-324-441-04 Ottenheimer Jennie 2FW
4W38-324-441-06 Ottenheimer Ludwig 68 MW
4W29-242-349-23 Ottenheimer Matilda 5 FW
4W38-324-441-05 Ottenheimer Robert 73 MW
4W29-242-349-22 Ottenheimer Sallie 28 FW
1W51-502-561-24 Outtan Harriett B 46 MW
1W45-441-486-12 Overhalser Wesley N 32 NW
BR100-707-743-37 Overman Richard 21 MW
2W47-425-469-16 Overpeck Arthur J 10 MW
2W47-425-469-22 Overpeck Belle 22 FW
2W47-425-469-21 Overpeck David 37 MW
2W47-425-469-17 Overpeck Frank S 2 MW
2W47-425-469-15 Overpeck Julia 35 FW
2W47-425-469-14 Overpeck Lewis 35 MW
2W47-425-469-18 Overpeck No Name 1/12 FW
2W47-425-469-23 Overpeck Theo W 21 MW
CA66-453-488-14 Overstreet Adaline 51 FW
3W23-204-239-22 Overstreet John 3 MM
3W58-511-587-07 Overstreet Jordon 31 MB
3W58-511-587-09 Overstreet Jordon 1 MB
3W58-511-587-08 Overstreet Lucinda 30 FB
CA66-453-488-13 Overstreet Wm 46 MW
CA37-252-262-30 Overton Georgianna 10 FW
CA37-252-262-31 Overton Martin 8 MW
CA37-252-262-29 Overton Mary 30 FW
4W24-203-302-26 Overton Millie 19 FW
CA37-252-262-28 Overton Thomas 35 MW
BR087-614-647-21 Owels Caroline 37 FW
BR087-614-647-24 Owels Harrison 11 MW
BR087-614-647-22 Owels India 16 FW
BR087-614-647-23 Owels Mary 14 FW
2W45-408-450-09 Owen Fred R 30 MW
1W46-455-501-38 Owen Henry 6 MM
AS042-337-349-11 Owen John 4 MW
3W08-070-078-26 Owen Mary 20 FW
3W08-070-078-27 Owen Phelix 25 MW
3W71-630-705-30 Owenfort Anna 27 FB
3W71-630-705-32 Owenfort Fanny 4 FB
3W71-630-705-31 Owenfort Julia 7 FB
3W71-630-705-29 Owenfort Samuel 29 MB
EM41-311-349-27 Owens Alice 9/12 FW
BR076-527-558-03 Owens Charles 18 MW
EM41-311-349-23 Owens Demarias 28 FW
EM41-311-349-26 Owens Ella 3 FW
2W21-180-199-03 Owens Ellen 49 MW
EM41-311-349-25 Owens Francis V 7 FW
BR101-707-743-01 Owens Mahulda F 11 FW
BR100-707-743-40 Owens Martha J 16 FW
BR100-707-743-38 Owens Mary A 24 FW
EM41-311-349-22 Owens Robert 53 MW
EM41-311-349-24 Owens Robert D 23 MW
BR100-707-743-39 Owens William A 19 MW
CB16-131-132-38 Owens Zachariah 22 MW
3W90-758-840-22 OWheeler John 22 MB
2W63-523-569-13 Owley Maria 24 FM
3W52-470-542-28 Owlin Catherine 25 FW
3W52-470-542-29 Owlin Irene B 3 FW
3W52-470-542-27 Owlin John 30 MW

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