CA47-319-343-34 Pace Isaac N 44 MW
CA47-319-343-35 Pace Mary 48 FW
CA47-319-343-36 Pace Mary T 11 MW
3W69-607-682-06 Pack Mary 35 FW
3W69-607-682-07 Pack Virginia 13 FW
AS036-285-296-24 Page Carrie 34 FW
AS036-285-296-25 Page Carrie 10 FW
2W66-547-593-19 Page Henry 34 MW
1W60-574-701-16 Page Henry R 24 MW
AS028-212-220-09 Page Priscilla 22 FB
AS036-285-296-23 Page Seldon 40 MW
AS028-212-220-08 Page Washington 40 MB
AS028-212-220-10 Page Wm 6/12 MB
EG20-155-155-12 Paine Adam 40 MB
EG20-155-155-14 Paine Adam 11 MB
4W10-073-099-13 Paine Fanny 25 MM
CA63-429-462-06 Paine Hixey 48 FW
EG20-155-155-16 Paine Jacob 2 MB
EG20-155-155-15 Paine Louisa 4 FB
EG20-155-155-13 Paine Mary 28 FB
EM18-125-150-24 Paine Otis F 26 MW
EM18-125-150-23 Paine Tom L 23 MW
UN05-33-34-03 Palmer Agness 8 FW
UN04-33-34-40 Palmer Benjamin 21 MW
2W31-272-302-15 Palmer Charles 18 MW
4W29-241-348-19 Palmer Charles 18 MW
1W64-612-754-30 Palmer Edward 17 MW
UN04-33-34-38 Palmer H. R. 50 MW
BR064-448-476-17 Palmer Isiah L 53 MW
UN06-49-50-30 Palmer J. H. 22 MW
BR026-183-200-31 Palmer James 20 MB
1W64-612-754-32 Palmer Julia 12 FW
2W31-272-302-14 Palmer Julia 10 FW
UN04-33-34-39 Palmer Julia 37 FW
2W31-272-302-13 Palmer Mary 16 FW
UN06-49-50-31 Palmer Mary 23 FW
BR064-448-476-19 Palmer Mina E 13 FW
1W64-612-754-27 Palmer Robert 48 MW
UN05-33-34-02 Palmer Robert 16 MW
1W64-612-754-28 Palmer Sarah 45 FW
2W31-272-302-12 Palmer Sarah 37 FW
BR064-448-476-18 Palmer Sarah 35 FW
UN05-33-34-01 Palmer Sarah 17 FW
UN05-33-34-04 Palmer Sarah Ann 1 FW
1W80-723-876-06 Palmer Susan 21 FB
1W64-612-754-31 Palmer Washington 15 MW
1W64-612-754-29 Palmer William 22 MW
UN06-49-50-32 Palmer William 4/12 MW
4W11-082-112-10 Pansi Angelo 35 MW
4W11-082-112-11 Pansi Mary 9 FW
1W11-133-167-19 Panzel Charles F 28 MW
4W12-091-127-08 Pararie Isaac 27 MW
1W69-655-810-39 Parcell Catherine 20 FM
BR015-106-118-13 Parcell Dollie 26 FW
BR015-106-118-16 Parcell Edna 1 FW
BR015-106-118-14 Parcell Frank 5 MW
BR015-106-118-12 Parcell Henry 28 MW
BR015-106-118-15 Parcell Orrin 3 MW
1W69-655-810-38 Parcell William 44 MM
1W69-655-810-40 Parcell Willis 18 MM
AS045-361-373-11 Parchman John 16 MW
AS045-361-373-10 Parchman Lewis L 30 MW
3W87-746-827-16 Parchman Louisa 21 FW
BR092-650-683-10 Parham Augusta W 1 FW
BR092-650-683-09 Parham Edward 6 MW
BR092-650-683-06 Parham Emily 35 FW
CB30-254-255-06 Perkins Riley 24 MB
1W48-470-517-26 Perkins Robert 36 MB
CB24-195-194-13 Perkins Robt L 27 MB
CB24-199-198-27 Perkins Rowena 20 FB
CB26-215-214-03 Perkins Sallie 32 FB
CB24-197-196-18 Perkins Samuel 28 MB
CB26-215-214-06 Perkins Sylvia 5 FB
CB24-195-194-08 Perkins Tempa 34 FB
CB29-246-246-08 Perkins Tennessee 22 FB
CB25-211-210-31 Perkins Therry 3 FB
CB30-258-259-22 Perkins Uley 1 FB
CB24-199-198-28 Perkins Washington 17 MB
CB24-201-200-33 Perkins Washington 45 MB
CL08-065-064-26 Perkins Wesley 21 MB
1W48-470-517-27 Perkins William 14 MB
CB06-047-048-18 Perkins William 46 MB
CB06-049-050-24 Perkins Wm 18 MB
CA62-427-460-36 Perry Adaline 26 FW
CA24-155-157-09 Perry Alama 10 FW
EM40-297-336-17 Perry Ann 21 FB
AS022-178-184-16 Perry Arthula 60 FM
CA62-427-460-37 Perry Beatrice 6 FW
AS043-348-360-18 Perry Becky 20 FB
2W12-113-124-34 Perry Bell 6 FM
1W67-636-788-33 Perry Billey 31 MM
3W31-270-322-19 Perry Charley 7/12 MB
2W29-253-281-18 Perry Comodore 16 MM
4W09-066-087-13 Perry David 34 MW
CA64-442-476-33 Perry Dora 17 MW
CA24-155-157-13 Perry Eliza 2 FW
CA24-155-157-06 Perry Elizabeth 37 FW
CA09-054-054-26 Perry Elsha 1 MW
AS019-154-157-14 Perry Emily J 7/12 FW
CA24-155-157-12 Perry Emma 4 FW
CA64-442-476-36 Perry Forest 6 MW
CA24-155-157-10 Perry Francis 8 FW
CA64-442-476-35 Perry George 12 MW
CA63-429-462-04 Perry H S 20 MW
3W31-270-322-17 Perry Isabella 22 FB
CA24-155-157-14 Perry James 5/12 MW
CA64-442-476-34 Perry James 13 MW
CA33-217-225-16 Perry Jasper 32 MW
CA64-442-476-31 Perry Jno M 57 MW
AS022-178-184-15 Perry John 60 MM
CA09-054-054-25 Perry John 6 MW
CA09-054-054-24 Perry Julia C 10 FW
EM40-297-336-19 Perry Kitty A 1 FB
CA63-429-462-05 Perry Laura J 30 FW
AS019-154-157-13 Perry Louisa 23 FW
CA62-427-460-39 Perry Maggie 4/12 FW
AS022-178-184-18 Perry Manda 17 FM
CA64-442-476-32 Perry Margarett 50 FW
CA24-155-157-08 Perry Martha 12 FW
4W20-167-246-19 Perry Mary 24 FW
CA63-428-461-02 Perry Mary 16 FW
EM40-297-336-18 Perry Mary E 3 FB
CA24-155-157-07 Perry Mary J 15 FW
2W12-113-124-33 Perry Mattie 34 FM
AS043-348-360-17 Perry Miles 30 MB
CA24-155-157-11 Perry Nancy 6 FW
CA09-054-054-21 Perry R H 44 MW
CA63-428-461-01 Perry R H 26 MW
CA33-217-225-17 Perry Rebecca 23 FW
2W12-113-124-32 Perry Reuben 40 MM
3W31-270-322-16 Perry Reuben 45 MB
3W31-270-322-18 Perry Reuben 4 MB
AS022-178-184-17 Perry Samuel 20 MM
CA09-054-054-22 Perry Sarah 35 FW
CA24-155-157-05 Perry W N 37 MW
CA62-427-460-35 Perry W T 29 MW
EM40-297-336-21 Perry Wm 3 MM
AS019-154-157-12 Perry Wm A 24 MW
CA09-054-054-23 Perry Wm T 14 MW
CA62-427-460-38 Perry Wm T 3 MW
EG19-149-148-19 Perryman Jno I 35 MW
CB21-171-170-24 Pervand Gracy 40 FB
CB21-171-170-25 Pervand Horace 15 MB
CB21-171-170-23 Pervand James 50 MB
CB24-193-192-01 Pervand Peter 20 MB
CB23-192-191-37 Pervand Rachel 19 FB
3W57-501-576-06 Peter Peter 15 MB
BR090-639-672-34 Peters Cynthia 19 FB
1W42-416-459-08 Peters John 35 MW
BR090-639-672-33 Peters Margaret 21 FB
3W60-535-611-28 Peters Phebe 38 FM
BR090-639-672-35 Peters Robert 16 MB
BR090-639-672-32 Peters Theodore 46 MB
2W14-127-138-17 Peters William 21 MW
3W60-535-611-27 Peters William 39 MB
BR039-270-293-25 Peterson Christian 27 MW
BR039-270-293-30 Peterson Lysan M 27 MW
EM15-100-119-13 Pettie Joel 17 MM
BR022-156-173-11 Pettis Ann 56 FB
AS044-356-368-21 Pettis Betty 1? FB
BR050-349-373-36 Pettis Cinderella 17 FW
1W79-720-873-33 Pettis Dave 21 MB
AS044-356-368-22 Pettis Eliza 4/12 FB
AS044-356-368-17 Pettis Esther 40 FB
BR022-156-173-12 Pettis Henry 16 MM
EM32-229-265-09 Pettis Joseph 20 MB
3W54-484-557-23 Pettis Julia 33 FM
AS044-356-368-19 Pettis Laura 16 FB
EM32-229-265-08 Pettis Margaret 50 MB
EM32-229-265-07 Pettis Mariah 16 FB
3W54-484-557-24 Pettis Marshall 32 MM
BR022-156-173-10 Pettis Mason 41 MM
AS044-356-368-20 Pettis Pleasant 12 MB
AS044-356-368-16 Pettis Randell 60 MB
BR022-156-173-13 Pettis Rebecca 14 FM
AS044-356-368-18 Pettis Samuel 17 FB
BR022-156-173-14 Pettis Tilda 12 FM
1W70-659-814-26 Pettit Frank 20 MW
BR066-460-489-14 Pettus Alex 18 MB
AS009-78-79-37 Petty Dock 12 MB
EM33-239-276-17 Petty Elisabeth 8 FW
EM32-228-264-01 Petty Emma 9 FB
EM33-239-276-16 Petty Mary 12 FW
BR003-019-021-39 Peyton Ardus 25 MB
1W46-455-501-35 Peyton Caroline 38 FW
3W33-291-345-24 Peyton Charles 25 MM
1W46-455-501-34 Peyton Cravens 44 MW
BR003-019-021-40 Peyton Delia 20 FB
3W33-291-345-26 Peyton Ella 1 FM
3W34-297-356-14 Peyton George 28 MB
BR093-664-698-37 Peyton George 25 MB
BR093-664-698-36 Peyton Harriett 33 FB
BR093-664-698-40 Peyton Henry 13 MB
BR093-664-698-38 Peyton John 23 MB
BR093-664-698-33 Peyton John W 60 MB
3W33-292-349-31 Peyton John Wesley 22 MB
3W34-297-356-17 Peyton Julia 3 FB
BR093-664-698-34 Peyton Julia A 55 FB
3W33-291-345-25 Peyton Maria 20 FM
3W34-297-356-15 Peyton Phebe 24 FB
3W34-297-356-16 Peyton Sarah 6 FB
BR093-664-698-35 Peyton Thomas T 30 MB
BR093-664-698-39 Peyton William 18 MB
4W20-168-249-27 Pfeifer Joseph 30 MW
1W11-138-173-34 Pheifer Clara 22 FW
1W51-497-555-05 Pheifer Dave 30 MW
3W10-083-093-03 Phelps Amanda 13 FW
BR094-665-699-04 Phelps Ann 50 FB
CB12-102-103-35 Phelps Becky J A 37 FW
AS039-311-323-28 Phelps Chas 26 MW
3W10-083-093-04 Phelps Ellen 10 MW
BR094-665-699-03 Phelps George 55 MB
1W46-448-494-02 Phelps Hugh 30 MW
3W10-083-093-05 Phelps James P 7 MW
BR094-665-699-05 Phelps John 13 MB
CB12-102-103-36 Phelps John 3 MW
AS039-311-323-29 Phelps Margaret 24 FW
CB12-102-103-34 Phelps Martha A 32 FW
3W10-083-093-02 Phelps Mary 35 FW
BR098-691-727-06 Phelps Mason 24 MB
3W10-083-093-01 Phelps Washington 40 MW
AS017-139-142-09 Philip Albert S 30 MW
AS017-139-142-11 Philip James 10/12 MW
AS017-139-142-10 Philip Mary 24 FW
AS017-139-142-15 Philips Patrick H 25 MW
EM42-317-355-13 Phillip Adline 12 FB
EM42-317-355-09 Phillip Georgiana 25 FB
EM42-317-355-12 Phillip Jackson 1 MM
EM42-317-355-08 Phillip John 25 MM
EM42-317-355-11 Phillip Walton 2 MM
EM42-317-355-10 Phillip Wm 6 MM
CA28-182-186-16 Phillips Amanda C 22 FW
3W76-670-749-21 Phillips Charles 28 MB
4W25-207-311-23 Phillips Corline 36 MW
EM42-321-359-35 Phillips Delta I 9/12 FB
1W71-665-820-32 Phillips Dora 27 FW
BR063-441-469-28 Phillips Edward F 18 MW
BR063-441-469-26 Phillips Edward M 42 MW
1W71-665-820-34 Phillips Eva 4 FW
4W12-092-130-13 Phillips George 32 MW
BR063-441-469-27 Phillips Harriett 38 FW
BR063-441-469-29 Phillips Harriett A 9 FW
CA28-182-186-15 Phillips Henry 24 MW
EM42-321-359-34 Phillips Henry 3 MB
BR081-569-600-10 Phillips Isaiah 26 MW
3W28-249-299-36 Phillips James W 3 MM
1W71-665-820-31 Phillips John H 33 MW
BR063-441-469-32 Phillips Katie 1 FW
CA28-182-186-17 Phillips Louisa 3/12 FW
BR063-441-469-30 Phillips Marcia E 7 FW
1W71-665-820-33 Phillips Mary 7 FW
3W28-249-299-35 Phillips Mary 22 FM
EM42-321-359-33 Phillips Mary 24 FB
3W28-249-299-37 Phillips Matilda 1 FM
EM12-084-101-19 Phillips Mollie 25 FM
2W17-152-167-20 Phillips Percy 26 MW
BR063-441-469-31 Phillips Phillip S 5 MW
2W16-147-162-29 Phillips Sarah A 40 FW
CA15-094-094-14 Phillips W S 22 MW
CA18-115-115-23 Phillips Wm 12 MW
EM42-321-359-32 Phillips Wm 34 MB
EM12-084-101-20 Phillips Wyatt J 3 MM
CA56-378-410-06 Pickard Albert 12 MW
CA56-378-410-05 Pickard Eudora 14 FW
CA56-378-410-03 Pickard James 18 MW
CA56-378-410-04 Pickard John 16 MW
CA56-378-410-07 Pickard Julia 10 MW
CA56-378-410-02 Pickard Martha 20 FW
CA56-378-410-01 Pickard Mary 40 FW
FO12-090-099-28 Pickett Jefferson 2 MW
BR081-573-604-33 Pickett Kate A 5 FB
BR081-573-604-32 Pickett Libbie 7 FB
BR081-573-604-31 Pickett Maranda 35 FB
BR081-573-604-30 Pickett Roger 39 MB
EG19-152-152-33 Pierce John C 1 MW
1W48-465-512-05 Pierce John N 30 MW
EG19-152-152-29 Pierce Jordan S 32 MW
1W67-633-784-12 Pierce Mary 22 FW
EG19-152-152-32 Pierce Mary E 4 FW
EG19-152-152-30 Pierce Melinda 30 FW
EG19-152-152-31 Pierce Nancy 10 FW
EG19-152-152-34 Pierce Nancy 63 FW
GR15-111-124-15 Pierce Randolph 35 MW
1W67-633-784-11 Pierce Reuben 30 MW
AS046-372-385-26 Piercy Laura 10 FW
EM28-197-230-11 Pierson Benj 44 MB
EM28-197-230-14 Pierson Charles 8 MB
EM28-197-230-15 Pierson Lydia 11/12 FB
EM28-197-230-12 Pierson Martha 26 FB
1W48-465-512-04 Pierson Robert 36 MW
EM28-197-230-13 Pierson Thomas 4 MB
2W59-511-558-30 Pike Ellen 20 FW
AS012-97-97-08 Pike Jack 21 MB
2W59-511-558-29 Pike Johnson 26 MW
2W48-431-475-14 Pike Lucy 7 FM
2W48-431-475-12 Pike Mary 32 FM
2W48-431-475-13 Pike Mary 11 FM
2W26-230-253-23 Pike Mary H 40 FW
2W59-511-558-31 Pike Rusie 8/12 FW
AS012-97-97-09 Pike Sarah 18 FB
4W06-042-050-11 Pillow B S 24 MW
BR019-136-153-34 Pilot Alick 37 MB
BR019-136-153-37 Pilot Julia 14 FB
BR019-136-153-36 Pilot Margaret 16 FB
BR019-136-153-35 Pilot Sarah 40 FB
2W05-047-054-04 Pimey Charles 38 MW
AS018-147-150-22 Pinckney Caroline 18 FB
4W03-027-035-23 Pinckney Chas C 48 MW
4W03-027-035-24 Pinckney Emily K 43 FW
4W03-027-035-22 Pinckney Henry K 23 MW
AS018-147-150-21 Pinckney John 32 MB
4W03-027-035-25 Pinckney Mary C 21 FW
AS018-147-150-23 Pinckney Priscella 8/12 FB
1W09-112-142-22 Pine Timothy 23 MW
UN09-72-73-11 Pinson James 19 MW
UN09-72-73-10 Pinson Nancy 35 FW
EM21-149-174-38 Pirtle Elisabeth 11 FW
EM21-149-174-39 Pirtle Elnora 2 MW
EM21-149-174-35 Pirtle John 40 MW
EM21-149-174-37 Pirtle John 14 MW
EM21-149-174-36 Pirtle Nancy H 38 FW
1W12-147-184-24 Pischer Carl A 32 MW
1W42-416-459-03 Pitcock William P 25 MW
CA12-072-072-01 Pitman Allen 52 MW
CA12-072-072-07 PItman Azzie 13 FB
CA12-072-072-05 Pitman Clayton 1 MW
CA12-072-072-03 Pitman Fanny G 7 MW
CA12-072-072-06 Pitman Laura 18 FB
CA12-072-072-02 Pitman Lavina 28 FW
CA12-072-072-04 Pitman Sallie 4 MW
AS028-209-217-01 Pitmore Henry 23 MB
1W57-548-645-14 Pitney Edward 24 MB
CB16-128-129-20 Place Mary 18 FB
2W65-540-586-29 Plant Martin 17 MM
3W82-712-793-05 Platt Emma 15 FM
3W82-712-793-07 Platt Frederick 10 MM
3W82-712-793-09 Platt Harry 4 MM
3W82-712-793-08 Platt Jennie 7 FM
3W82-712-793-03 Platt John W 37 MM
3W82-712-793-06 Platt Joshua 11 MM
3W82-712-793-04 Platt Lucy 36 FM
4W10-078-105-37 Platt Robin 29 MW
BR080-560-591-03 Platte Caroline 5 FW
BR080-560-591-05 Platte George 1 MW
BR080-560-591-02 Platte Lydia 24 FW
BR080-560-591-04 Platte Maggie 3 FW
BR080-560-591-01 Platte Richard 33 MW
4W03-032-040-38 Platuer Fred T 22 MW
EG01-004-004-25 Plesman Manda 20 FW
EG01-004-004-24 Plesman Michael __ MW
EG01-004-004-26 Plesman Nancy J 13 FW
EG01-004-004-27 Plesman Susan 2 FW
1W69-647-801-03 Plomey George 6 MW
1W69-647-801-01 Plomey James 34 MW
1W69-647-801-02 Plomey Susan 31 FW
AS041-332-344-33 Plouetts? Adam 36 MW
1W43-422-466-01 Plouf Joseph 36 MW
1W43-422-466-02 Plouf Susan 35 FW
BR080-565-596-29 Plough Alice 17 FB
BR080-565-596-28 Plough Constance 40 FB
BR080-565-596-30 Plough Frank 15 MB
BR080-565-596-31 Plough Peter 12 MB
4W10-073-099-15 Plunket Joseph 28 MW
3W31-273-324-25 Plunket Riley 30 MW
3W31-273-324-26 Plunkett Sarah 20 FW
3W31-273-324-28 Plunkett Thomas 17 MW
4W04-037-045-22 Poalk Carrie 13 FW
4W04-037-045-21 Poalk Charlotte O 50 FW
4W04-037-045-23 Poalk Louis 9 MW
CB09-071-074-11 Poe Caroline 25 MB
4W13-102-147-27 Poe Elnora 9 FW
CB09-071-074-10 Poe Gilbert 25 MB
4W13-102-147-22 Poe Harding 32 MW
4W13-102-147-24 Poe John 19 MW
4W13-102-147-25 Poe Josanna 15 FW
CB09-071-074-12 Poe Nancy J 4 FB
CB09-071-074-13 Poe Nellie 7/12 FB
4W13-102-147-26 Poe Newton 12 MW
4W13-102-147-18 Poe Simon B 57 MW
4W13-102-147-21 Poe Simon W 30 MW
4W13-102-147-20 Poe Wyatt L 24 MW
1W43-424-468-08 Poinier Jacob 60 MW
CL02-012-012-11 Pointer Ann 8 FB
CL02-012-012-10 Pointer Felissia 38 FB
CL02-012-012-09 Pointer Tandy 39 MB
2W66-546-592-16 Poithers Laura 14 FB
2W66-546-592-18 Poithers Moses 6 MB
2W66-546-592-14 Poithers Richard 38 MB
2W66-546-592-15 Poithers Sarah 36 FB
2W66-546-592-17 Poithers Thomas 11 MB
BR052-362-384-19 Pole Hicks 21 MB
1W60-578-707-34 Polk Andrew J 39 MB
1W60-578-707-36 Polk Andy 12 MB
3W24-213-251-25 Polk Ann 22 FB
3W33-292-348-30 Polk Carl 24 MB
3W24-213-251-24 Polk Elbert 31 MB
CB25-214-213-39 Polk Ella 23 FM
4W15-119-178-23 Polk Fanny 15 MM
1W60-578-707-35 Polk James K 16 MB
BR059-413-437-23 Polk James K 20 MB
1W60-578-707-37 Polk Matilda 40 FB
CB25-214-213-40 Polk Mollie 2 FM
CB25-214-213-38 Polk Reuben 30 MM
4W15-119-178-24 Polk Sophia 11 MM
4W15-119-178-22 Polk Susan 46 FB
4W15-119-178-21 Polk Sylvan 45 MM
4W14-107-160-08 Polk William L 53 MW
CB26-214-213-01 Polke John 9/12 MM
2W50-450-492-22 Pollard Amos 18 MW
BR004-026-030-32 Pollard Andrew 26 MB
3W20-175-204-16 Pollard Elsie 27 FB
3W20-175-204-15 Pollard Henry 40 MB
BR058-407-431-23 Pollard Henry 34 MB
BR058-407-431-29 Pollard John 8 MB
3W20-175-204-20 Pollard Johnny 7 MB
BR058-407-431-25 Pollard Joseph 17 MB
3W20-175-204-17 Pollard Louisa 16 FB
BR058-407-431-26 Pollard Louisa 15 FB
3W20-175-204-19 Pollard Mary 11 FB
BR058-407-431-28 Pollard Mary 11 FB
BR058-407-431-24 Pollard Nancy 25 FB
BR058-407-431-30 Pollard Phillip 5 MB
3W20-175-204-18 Pollard Soloman 12 MB
BR058-407-431-27 Pollard Soloman 13 MB
3W55-486-559-01 Pollard William 24 MW
BR063-441-469-33 Pollard William 32 MW
BR100-705-741-14 Polley Elsie 10 MB
BR100-705-741-11 Polley Hester 19 FB
BR100-705-741-13 Polley John H 14 MB
BR100-705-741-09 Polley Reuben 48 MB
BR100-705-741-12 Polley Sallie 16 FB
BR100-705-741-10 Polley Sarah 45 FB
2W49-442-487-13 Pollock Jas A 31 MW
4W12-091-126-07 Pollock Leo 30 MW
2W49-442-487-14 Pollock Lizzie 23 FW
2W49-441-486-12 Pollock Robt A 29 MW
1W46-450-496-08 Pomeroy Albert M 2 MW
1W46-450-496-07 Pomeroy Ann C 24 FW
1W20-220-265-22 Pomeroy James D 40 MW
1W46-450-496-06 Pomeroy Jas M 33 MW
BR060-420-445-32 Pond Anna 2 FM
BR060-420-445-30 Pond Celia 5 FM
BR060-420-445-29 Pond Frank 8 MM
BR060-420-445-28 Pond Grace 29 FM
BR060-420-445-31 Pond Jennie 3 FM
3W64-567-643-29 Ponder Caroline 21 FM
BR050-343-367-08 Ponto Alex 28 MB
BR050-343-367-09 Ponto Julia 22 FM
BR050-343-367-10 Ponto Lydia 2 FM
CA61-418-452-26 Ponuce Coldma 11 FW
CA61-418-452-28 Ponuce George W 4 MW
CA61-418-452-24 Ponuce H I 36 MW
CA61-418-452-25 Ponuce Sarah E 31 FW
CA61-418-452-29 Ponuce Walter J 2 MW
CA61-418-452-27 Ponuce Wm H 9 MW
CA61-418-452-30 Ponuce Zuleka 11/12 FW
BR017-120-135-29 Pool Adam 8 MB
CA25-166-168-36 Pool Benjamin 14 MW
CA26-167-169-02 Pool Columbia 20 FW
BR017-120-135-26 Pool Elvira 35 FB
CA25-166-168-37 Pool George 12 MW
BR017-120-135-30 Pool George K 60 MB
CA25-166-168-31 Pool Hulda 45 FW
CA26-167-169-01 Pool J C 25 MW
CA25-166-168-30 Pool Jas M 47 MW
BR017-120-135-28 Pool Johnny 10 MB
CA25-166-168-39 Pool Lanu 8 FW
CA25-166-168-34 Pool Margarett 18 FW
CA25-166-168-38 Pool Mintie 10 FW
BR017-120-135-25 Pool Nathan 37 MB
BR017-120-135-27 Pool Sallie 15 FB
CA25-166-168-35 Pool Sarah 16 FW
CA25-166-168-32 Pool Thos N 22 MW
CA25-166-168-33 Pool Wiley 20 MW
CB03-024-024-26 Pope Benjamin 41 MW
2W01-006-006-27 Pope Bertrand 14 MW
BR064-450-478-32 Pope Charles 12 MW
BR064-450-478-28 Pope Daniel 42 MW
2W01-006-006-26 Pope Dunbar W 16 MW
BR064-450-478-31 Pope Fannel 15 FW
BR064-450-478-30 Pope Georgia 17 FW
UN01-03-04-18 Pope John 15 MW
EM23-156-181-08 Pope Julia 20 FB
CB03-024-024-27 Pope Lucy 34 FW
BR064-450-478-29 Pope Sarah 38 FW
2W01-006-006-25 Pope Sophia D 46 FW
BR064-450-478-33 Pope Theodore 7 MW
2W01-006-006-24 Pope William F 56 MW
CB01-008-008-35 Por Dicey A 34 FM
CB01-008-008-36 Por Eliza Jane 11 FM
CB01-008-008-37 Por Georgiana 3 FM
CB01-008-008-34 Por John 45 MM
CB01-008-008-38 Por John F 8/12 MM
3W37-323-395-39 Porter Ada 60 FB
FO05-032-034-03 Porter Adaline 2 FB
3W69-608-683-09 Porter Agnes 12 FB
4W35-290-408-11 Porter Ann 41 FB
3W69-608-683-11 Porter Archie 7 MB
4W07-048-058-16 Porter Benny 6 MW
BR046-316-346-06 Porter Betsey 13 FM
CL01-008-008-32 Porter Carrol 40 MB
EM08-056-067-12 Porter Cora C 15 FW
1W17-191-236-32 Porter Cora J 16 FW
BR007-049-055-35 Porter Cynthia 20 FB
BR007-049-055-34 Porter Cyrus 22 MB
3W12-100-112-19 Porter David 42 MW
BR027-186-203-18 Porter Edward 30 MB
BR046-316-346-04 Porter Elizabeth 37 FM
CL08-061-060-07 Porter Ella 10 FB
CL07-051-050-05 Porter Ellen 14 FM
BR046-316-346-03 Porter Ellis 40 MM
EG06-042-041-19 Porter Emily S 8 FB
CL01-008-008-34 Porter Gus H 10 MB
3W12-100-112-22 Porter Harris 13 MW
EM35-256-294-18 Porter Harrison 23 MB
FO05-032-034-01 Porter Ione 25 MB
4W38-326-443-13 Porter Jackson 30 MB
BR037-256-279-40 Porter James 23 MB
EG06-042-041-16 Porter James 40 MB
3W12-100-112-24 Porter Jane 6 FW
3W69-608-683-12 Porter Jeminia 5 MB
3W43-382-458-39 Porter John 26 MB
BR046-316-346-07 Porter John 10 MM
CL07-059-058-37 Porter John 24 MB
4W07-048-058-15 Porter Julia 29 FW
EG06-042-041-20 Porter Julia B 5 FB
EM08-056-067-14 Porter Lena V 9 FW
CL01-008-008-33 Porter Leonard 17 MB
CL09-075-073-27 Porter Lottie 18 FB
4W38-326-443-14 Porter Louisa 28 FB
EG06-042-041-22 Porter Lucy A 7/12 FB
EG06-042-041-17 Porter Manda 33 FB
3W43-382-458-40 Porter Maria 23 FB
BR007-049-055-36 Porter Maria 7 MB
3W12-100-112-20 Porter Mary 40 FW
3W69-608-683-08 Porter Mary 34 FB
EG06-042-041-18 Porter Mary 12 FB
3W69-608-683-10 Porter Mildred 9 FB
BR046-316-346-08 Porter Morgan 8 MM
EM08-056-067-11 Porter NancyE 41 FW
CL07-059-058-38 Porter Nellie 19 FB
CL07-051-050-01 Porter Rachel 23 FB
BR046-316-346-05 Porter Rebecca 16 FM
FO05-032-034-02 Porter Rebecca 25 FB
CL07-051-050-06 Porter Robert 11 MM
CL08-061-060-06 Porter Robert 10 MB
BR007-049-055-38 Porter Saml 9 MB
CL08-061-060-05 Porter Sandy 21 MB
4W35-290-408-12 Porter Scott 21 MB
EM08-056-067-13 Porter Seth J 15 MW
CL01-008-008-35 Porter Stephen 5 MB
3W12-100-112-21 Porter Susan 15 FW
BR007-049-055-37 Porter Thomas 13 MB
2W07-066-073-12 Porter Thomas J 24 MW
3W12-100-112-23 Porter William 10 MW
3W90-758-840-23 Porter William 21 MB
CL04-026-026-04 Porter Wm 25 MB
EG06-042-041-21 Porter Wm 3 MB
EM08-056-067-10 Porter Wm 52 MW
EM08-056-067-15 Porter Wm Bell 7 FW
CL07-051-050-02 Porter Yancey 2 MB
CL07-059-058-39 Porter Zachariah 5/12 MB
CB10-077-080-11 Posey Lewis C 26 MW
CB30-262-263-40 Potter Alice 22 FB
CB31-262-263-03 Potter Anna 15 FB
CB14-112-113-14 Potter Catherine 60 FW
CB14-112-113-13 Potter Joseph 60 MW
CB31-262-263-02 Potter Letty 4 FB
CB31-262-263-01 Potter Louisa 1 FB
3W34-295-354-09 Potter Mary 17 FB
CB30-262-263-39 Potter Thomas 24 MB
CB14-112-113-15 Potter Wm G 15 FW
2W45-411-454-23 Potts Benjamin 41 MW
BR031-211-228-28 Potts Bettie 23 FB
BR034-231-252-15 Potts Eda 30 FB
1W06-070-092-05 Potts Elizabeth 30 FW
BR031-211-228-29 Potts Georganna 3/12 FB
BR031-211-228-27 Potts Jerry 24 MB
1W06-070-092-04 Potts John 35 MW
1W06-070-092-06 Potts John 12 MW
1W06-070-092-07 Potts Mary E 9 FW
1W06-070-092-09 Potts Theresa 4 MW
BR034-231-252-14 Potts Walker 24 MB
1W06-070-092-08 Potts William F 7 MW
4W09-065-085-09 Powan Joseph 25 MB
4W09-065-085-10 Powan Margaret 22 FM
BR065-455-483-23 Powder Terry 21 MB
EM40-294-333-08 Powel Anthony 14 MM
EM40-294-333-09 Powel Emma 3 MB
EM40-294-333-07 Powel Lucy Ann 18 FM
EM40-294-333-06 Powel Mary 35 FB
EM40-294-333-05 Powel Thomas 50 MB
4W21-174-262-12 Powell Caroline 30 FB
BR075-527-558-37 Powell Clina 30 FB
BR075-527-558-38 Powell Ellen 7 FB
4W23-196-290-28 Powell Harrison 26 MM
3W36-311-375-11 Powell Henry 55 MB
4W20-167-246-23 Powell John 26 MW
2W04-043-051-31 Powell Justin 21 MW
CB10-080-083-21 Powell Kane 65 MB
2W04-043-051-30 Powell Mary J 48 FW
CB10-080-083-22 Powell Patsy 65 FB
1W12-147-183-23 Powell Phoebe 37 FW
3W88-754-835-20 Powell Susan 19 FM
EG05-039-038-32 Powell Wm 27 MB
2W40-362-401-26 Powers Amanda 22 FB
1W79-716-869-02 Powers Caroline 30 FB
2W62-523-569-30 Powers Charles 22 MW
1W67-634-785-17 Powers Frank 23 MW
3W90-758-840-24 Powers Frank 21 MW
1W79-716-869-03 Powers Jane 7 FB
1W79-716-869-01 Powers Jeff B 33 MB
1W79-716-869-04 Powers John 4 MB
4W15-118-177-19 Powers Julian 29 MB
3W24-207-245-04 Powers Maranda 26 FB
EM38-281-320-28 Powers Marshall 25 MB
4W15-118-177-20 Powers Martha 22 FB
EM38-281-320-30 Powers Mary E 2 FB
EM38-281-320-31 Powers Rachel 5/12 FM
EM38-281-320-29 Powers Susan 25 FB
2W62-523-569-31 Powers Williams 32 MW
2W17-153-169-25 Prage Alex 40 MW
2W17-153-169-27 Prage Alex 8 MW
2W17-153-169-28 Prage Bertie 6 FW
2W17-153-169-26 Prage Maggie 35 FW
2W01-010-013-40 Prage Richard 18 MW
2W17-153-169-29 Prage Willie 3 MW
BR060-419-444-22 Prance Amelia 38 FB
BR060-419-444-24 Prance John W 13 MB
BR060-419-444-23 Prance Rosa 16 FB
BR060-419-444-21 Prance Shaderick 40 MB
BR060-419-444-25 Prance William 8 MB
BR085-603-633-39 Prank John 19 MW
EM27-190-222-19 Pratt Albert 9 MW
EM27-190-222-13 Pratt Anna 44 FW
EM27-190-222-17 Pratt Annie 14 FW
EM27-190-222-18 Pratt Charles 12 MW
EM27-190-222-20 Pratt Gabriel 6 MW
EM27-190-222-21 Pratt Marion 30 MW
EM27-190-222-14 Pratt Mary E 23 FW
EM27-190-222-12 Pratt Samuel 50 MW
EM27-190-222-15 Pratt Samuel 17 MW
EM27-190-222-16 Pratt Thomas 15 MW
EM11-078-090-03 Prayer Margaret E 28 FM
EM11-078-090-04 Prayor James 9 MM
4W35-297-413-32 Prebley Stephen 10 MB
3W69-609-684-15 Preddy Albert 7 MM
3W69-609-684-13 Preddy George 27 MM
3W69-609-684-16 Preddy George 4 MM
3W69-609-684-14 Preddy Jennie 25 FM
FO15-116-125-22 Predy Emaline 21 FW
FO15-116-125-21 Predy L L 27 MW
FO15-116-125-23 Predy Price 15 MW
3W36-314-382-31 Prentice Caroline 16 FB
EM19-132-157-17 Prescott Martha 20 FW
EM19-132-157-16 Prescott Wm 24 MW
EM19-132-157-18 Prescott Wm 1 MW
1W70-659-814-21 Preston James 31 MW
AS027-224-232-23 Preston James 22 MB
UN03-18-19-04 Preston Mary 46 FB
BR088-624-657-32 Prewett Elizabeth 35 FW
BR088-624-657-33 Prewett Louisa 11 FW
BR088-624-657-34 Prewett Soloman 7 MW
BR088-624-657-31 Prewett William 40 MW
2W23-197-217-07 Preyor Francis 36 MW
2W23-197-217-09 Preyor Julia 3/12 FW
2W23-197-217-08 Preyor Lizzie 28 FW
2W23-197-217-10 Preyor Philip 22 MW
BR055-380-403-02 Preytor Amand 35 FB
BR055-380-403-03 Preytor Chester 1 MB
BR055-380-403-01 Preytor Wyatt 40 MB
3W85-735-816-28 Price Addie L 5 MW
EM29-201-234-02 Price Aminght 5 FM
3W85-735-816-26 Price Anna L 10 FW
CB21-169-168-19 Price Archie 10/12 MB
1W73-673-828-08 Price David 31 MW
BR086-609-640-36 Price Edwin 5 MB
2W31-281-311-40 Price Ellie 8 MM
FO02-014-014-29 Price Esther 47 FW
BR086-609-640-35 Price Fannie 11 FB
EG23-176-178-09 Price Fanny L 35 FW
3W85-735-816-23 Price George C 49 MW
EM29-201-234-01 Price Henry 14 MM
1W42-416-459-07 Price Hugh 21 MB
BR086-609-640-34 Price Isabella 30 FB
EG23-176-178-08 Price Jas M 35 MW
4W08-057-073-14 Price John G 38 MW
3W68-602-677-26 Price Lasan 10 FB
BR086-609-640-33 Price Laurence 40 MB
3W68-602-677-25 Price Maria 14 FB
CB21-169-168-18 Price Martha 28 FB
4W08-057-073-15 Price Mary B 24 FW
3W85-735-816-24 Price Mary J 46 FW
3W85-735-816-27 Price Mary S 8 FW
CL03-018-018-01 Price Moses 25 MB
2W31-281-311-39 Price Norsis 22 FM
3W68-602-677-24 Price Peter 16 MB
3W11-096-108-35 Price Porter 60 MB
FO02-014-014-30 Price Susan 12 FW
3W85-735-816-25 Price Wallace C 13 MW
2W32-281-311-01 Price William 4 MM
4W10-071-096-03 Price William 23 MW
CB21-169-168-17 Price Wm T 22 MB
BR054-377-400-28 Prichard Amanda 23 FB
FO11-081-089-26 Prichard Amanda 26 FW
BR054-377-400-29 Prichard Burnett 2 MB
FO11-081-089-30 Prichard Dora M 3/12 FW
FO11-080-088-20 Prichard Elizabeth 15 FW
FO11-081-089-27 Prichard Elizabeth 10 FW
FO11-080-088-17 Prichard Esther M 22 FW
BR054-377-400-27 Prichard Henry 27 MB
BR054-377-400-30 Prichard James 1 MB
FO11-080-088-16 Prichard Jane 48 FW
FO11-080-088-18 Prichard Jane H 19 FW
FO11-080-088-19 Prichard John F 17 MW
FO11-081-089-29 Prichard John H 4 MW
FO11-081-089-25 Prichard John T 31 MW
FO11-080-088-23 Prichard Luther C 7 MW
2W49-441-486-09 Prichard Margaret B 38 FW
FO11-080-088-24 Prichard Maria W 4 FW
FO11-081-089-28 Prichard Martha 7 FW
FO11-080-088-15 Prichard R J 41 MW
2W49-441-486-08 Prichard Reese 54 MW
FO11-080-088-22 Prichard Robt J 9 MW
FO11-080-088-21 Prichard Shady A 12 FW
BR065-453-481-11 Priddy George 24 MB
3W21-181-210-03 Priddy Harriett 24 FW
CL08-065-064-27 Prim Silas 30 MB
3W83-722-803-31 Prince Sarah 18 FB
1W13-158-198-31 Prior Anna 11 FM
3W29-251-301-12 Prior Holley 17 FB
1W13-158-198-29 Prior Louis 34 MM
2W34-309-339-15 Prior Manda 26 FB
1W13-158-198-30 Prior Mary 28 FM
2W34-309-339-14 Prior Sam J 30 MB
2W18-159-175-15 Prior Sussie 3 MW
3W04-036-043-21 Probst Charley W 10/12 MW
3W04-036-043-20 Probst Eva 22 FW
3W04-036-043-19 Probst William J 30 MW
2W26-232-256-30 Prodie Rachel 41 FM
AS047-383-396-37 Pruett Chas D 6 MW
AS047-383-396-35 Pruett Chas H 39 MW
CB27-224-223-01 Pruett Grant 2 MB
CA23-148-150-08 Pruett Lilly 10 FW
CB26-224-223-39 Pruett Margaret 27 FB
AS047-383-396-38 Pruett Mary P 3 FW
CB26-224-223-38 Pruett Monroe 40 MB
AS047-383-396-36 Pruett Nancy J 26 FW
CB27-224-223-02 Pruett No Given Name 5/12 FB
CB26-224-223-40 Pruett Reese W 3 MB
BR068-469-499-08 Pruitt Chas B 19 MW
BR024-170-186-19 Pruitt Mollie 22 FM
BR072-501-531-16 Pryor Albert 2 MM
BR072-501-531-14 Pryor Eliza 26 FM
2W36-328-362-19 Pryor George 13 MM
BR072-501-531-13 Pryor Henry 32 MM
2W36-328-362-17 Pryor Lewis 25 MM
BR072-501-531-15 Pryor Lily M 4 FM
2W36-328-362-18 Pryor Mary 24 FM
1W47-461-507-24 Psice Albert 12 MB
1W47-461-507-21 Psice Albert A 48 MB
1W47-461-507-23 Psice Mary 16 FB
1W47-461-507-22 Psice Rebecca 40 FB
2W62-523-569-32 Puck Henry 21 MW
1W55-530-623-17 Puckett William 16 MW
CL08-065-064-25 Pugh Solomon 27 MB
UN01-03-03-10 Pules George 7 MW
UN01-03-03-12 Pules Mary C 2 FW
UN01-03-03-13 Pules Montgomery 19 MW
UN01-03-03-09 Pules Sarah 32 FW
UN01-03-03-11 Pules Thomas 5 MW
1W01-005-010-12 Pullen Edward H 30 MW
FO09-059-067-15 Pumprey Amanda 20 FW
FO09-059-067-14 Pumprey W N 35 MW
1W09-112-143-27 Purcell Patrick 48 MW
CA68-469-504-30 Purdam Frank 15 MW
AS033-253-264-02 Purdy Henry 22 MB
AS032-252-263-37 Purdy Soloman 18 MB
BR063-443-471-40 Pyburn Amanda 9 FB
2W16-144-158-17 Pyburn Chaffall 15 MW
BR063-443-471-39 Pyburn Charity 26 FB
BR063-443-471-38 Pyburn Danl 33 MB
2W14-126-137-10 Pyburn Martha 8 FM
2W14-126-137-11 Pyburn Shadrick 18 MM
BR045-312-335-14 Pye Alabama 50 FW
BR045-312-335-19 Pye Curtis 15 MW
2W25-221-242-30 Pye Esther 13 FW
2W25-221-242-27 Pye George 46 MW
2W25-221-242-29 Pye George C 15 MW
BR045-312-335-18 Pye George W 18 MW
BR045-312-335-17 Pye Ida 20 FW
2W25-221-242-28 Pye Mary 48 FW
BR045-312-335-15 Pye Nancy 24 FW
BR045-312-335-13 Pye Nathan 54 MW
BR045-312-335-16 Pye Rebecca 22 FW
2W25-221-242-31 Pye Walter H 9 MM

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