1W02-014-020-16 Uerm Edwin D 7 MW
1W02-014-020-14 Uerm Harriett 46 FW
1W02-014-020-13 Uerm John E 52 MW
1W02-014-020-15 Uerm Otto 12 MW
AS048-392-406-32 Ullers Austin 35? MB
AS048-392-406-34 Ullers Charlie 12 MM
AS048-392-406-37 Ullers Emma 4 FM
AS048-392-406-33 Ullers Jane 32 FB
AS048-392-406-35 Ullers Sallie 10 FM
AS048-392-406-36 Ullers Thomas 11 MB
AS048-392-406-38 Ullers Wm 2 MB
CA39-261-272-12 Ultoe A J 20 MW
BR089-626-659-03 Underwood Jackson 18 MB
BR089-626-659-01 Underwood Maria 40 FB
BR089-626-659-02 Underwood Nancy 20 FB
BR089-626-659-04 Underwood Phebe 16 FB
BR088-626-659-40 Underwood Stephen 47 MB
2W25-219-240-23 Underwood Wm A 26 MW
2W30-260-288-05 Upham Danl P 37 MW
2W30-260-288-06 Upham Lizzie M 37 FW
BR067-466-496-11 Upright George 47 MW
BR081-571-602-17 Upshaw Alex 46 MW
3W22-194-225-10 Upshaw Berryman 48 MB
BR081-571-602-19 Upshaw Concordia 16 FW
BR081-571-602-18 Upshaw Delilah 38 FW
BR081-571-602-20 Upshaw Edward 13 MW
3W17-154-174-39 Upshaw Ellen 8 FM
BR081-571-602-21 Upshaw Fannie 10 FW
BR081-571-602-22 Upshaw George 7 MW
3W22-194-225-15 Upshaw Lee 5 MM
3W17-154-174-35 Upshaw Lizzie 35 FM
3W17-154-174-38 Upshaw Luke 10 MM
3W22-194-225-13 Upshaw Lula 11 FM
3W17-154-174-37 Upshaw Mary 12 FM
3W22-194-225-11 Upshaw Mary 35 FB
3W22-194-225-14 Upshaw Minnie 7 FM
3W17-154-174-40 Upshaw Nannie 5 FM
3W22-194-225-16 Upshaw Richmond 5/12 MM
3W17-154-174-36 Upshaw Robert 21 MM
3W22-194-225-12 Upshaw Sarah 18 FM
1W48-468-515-18 Upton Flora 6 FW
1W48-468-515-16 Upton Geo S 33 MW
1W48-468-515-19 Upton George 4 MW
1W48-468-515-17 Upton Matilda 27 FW

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