EM17-119-144-38 Yancey Betty 18 FB
BR007-049-055-32 Yarber Amanda 30 FB
GR12-086-097-09 Yarber Charles 57 MW
GR12-086-097-14 Yarber Charles 12 MW
BR007-049-055-31 Yarber David 40 MB
GR12-086-097-13 Yarber David 15 MW
BR007-049-055-33 Yarber Mary 6 FB
GR12-086-097-10 Yarber Matilda 55 FW
GR12-086-097-11 Yarber Richard 20 MW
GR12-086-097-12 Yarber William 18 MW
CA50-339-367-26 Yarbrough Sarah 10 FW
AS042-342-354-34 Yates Elijah 15 MW
1W61-589-721-40 Yates Emily 24 FW
1W61-589-721-39 Yates William H 32 MW
1W14-166-207-17 Yauger William 29 MW
4W09-067-090-21 Yeakle M M Jr 18 MW
3W22-199-232-34 Yeatman John H 4 MM
3W22-199-232-35 Yeatman Sarah A 3/12 FM
3W22-199-232-33 Yeatman Sarah J 21 FW
3W22-199-232-32 Yeatman William 23 MB
4W34-280-395-13 York L E 19 MW
AS036-288-299-37 Yost John B 33 MW
AS036-288-299-38 Yost Mary F 22 FW
EM14-097-115-36 Young _______ 30 MB
3W52-467-539-15 Young Alice 8 FB
BR049-342-365-39 Young Amanda 21 FB
1W20-221-266-28 Young Amelia 4 FW
EM14-095-113-24 Young Buddy 5/12 FB
AS035-277-288-30 Young Calvin 22 MB
3W31-274-325-33 Young Caroline 45 FB
4W22-191-282-38 Young Cecilia 11 FW
EM15-104-127-30 Young Charles 30 MB
1W20-221-266-26 Young Christian 40 MW
1W20-221-266-29 Young Christian 1 MW
EM14-095-113-21 Young Closanna 11 FB
UN07-55-56-15 Young E. M. 36 MW
3W31-267-317-02 Young Eddie 1 MB
BR049-342-365-40 Young Flora 1 FB
CA02-010-010-25 Young Frank 8 MW
EM19-135-160-32 Young Frank 42 MB
4W22-191-282-36 Young George A 37 MW
AS050-411-425-36 Young Grace A 21 FW
3W41-354-428-02 Young Harry 17 MB
UN07-55-56-19 Young Hattie 4 FW
EM14-095-113-19 Young Haywood 45 MB
EM14-095-113-23 Young Haywood 6 MB
1W44-436-481-20 Young Henry 13 MW
AS006-41-43-05 Young Homer 30 MW
3W31-274-325-34 Young Isaac 16 MB
4W14-106-157-03 Young Isaac B 42 MW
1W43-426-470-14 Young James 39 MM
3W31-267-317-01 Young James 20 MB
4W22-191-282-39 Young James R 8 MW
BR007-046-051-16 Young Jane 10 FB
EM14-095-113-22 Young Jane Y 9 FB
CL03-024-024-32 Young John 22 MW
3W75-661-738-12 Young Jonas 19 MB
AS051-414-428-09 Young Joseph 21 MM
UN07-55-56-20 Young Joseph 2 MW
3W52-467-539-13 Young Lizzie 32 FB
1W44-436-481-19 Young Louisa 25 FW
3W31-274-325-31 Young Louisa 27 FB
BR007-046-051-15 Young Lucy 18 FB
3W57-506-581-25 Young Margaret 20 FB
2W34-315-346-36 Young Maria 26 FB
2W34-315-346-37 Young Maria 1/12 FB
EM14-095-113-20 Young Maria 40 FM
4W22-191-282-37 Young Maria C 32 FW
UN07-55-56-17 Young Martha 10 FW
FO04-028-029-24 Young Martha 44 FW
1W20-221-266-27 Young Mary 11 FW
CA60-411-445-23 Young Mary 46 FW
UN07-55-56-16 Young Mary 28 FW
FO04-028-029-25 Young Mary C 21 FW
3W52-467-539-14 Young Mary J 12 FB
3W52-467-539-12 Young Menter 37 MB
AS035-277-288-31 Young Nancy 18 FB
BR072-505-535-39 Young Nancy 30 FM
EM19-135-160-33 Young Nancy 19 FB
BR007-046-051-14 Young Orange 35 MB
3W14-120-132-22 Young Perry 30 MB
EM15-104-127-31 Young Polly 25 FB
3W52-467-539-16 Young Puss 10/12 FB
EM37-273-312-35 Young Richard 3 MM
CA02-011-011-36 Young S R 12 MW
CA23-148-150-07 Young Sallie 11 FW
4W25-205-307-02 Young Saml 23 MW
4W36-310-426-33 Young Saml W 26 MW
FO04-028-029-26 Young Sarah E 19 FW
AS050-411-425-35 Young Sarah G 30 FW
3W31-274-325-30 Young Thomas 26 MB
CA60-411-445-24 Young Virginia 42 FW
1W44-436-481-18 Young William 30 MW
3W57-506-581-24 Young William 18 MB
3W93-758-840-31 Young William 47 MB
3W93-758-840-32 Young William 53 MW
UN07-55-56-18 Young William 7 MW
BR049-342-365-38 Young Willis 26 MB
AS036-286-297-33 Young Wm Euslie 22 MW
AS050-411-425-34 Young Wm N 37 MW
AS050-411-425-37 Young? Logan W 35 MW
1W05-062-079-12 Youngston Henry 26 MW
2W38-341-378-03 Younts Cena 27 FW
2W38-341-378-02 Younts James A 30 MW
2W38-341-378-04 Younts Johnny 8 MW
2W38-341-378-06 Younts Ledley 1 MW
1W43-422-466-03 Younts Mary 75 FW
2W38-341-378-07 Younts Mary 2 FW
2W38-341-378-05 Younts William 6 MW
BR004-020-023-04 Zackoray Alex 23 MM
3W05-048-055-29 Zeigler John H 30 MW
1W45-441-486-14 Zengler William 31 MW
2W24-208-228-18 Zimmerman Jessee W 35 MW
2W24-208-228-20 Zimmerman Julia 1 FW
2W24-208-228-19 Zimmerman Mary F 31 FW

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