Granite Mt. Hospital
Little Rock, AR


also called "Junkin's Hospital"
Owned and operated by Dr. Samuel Presley Junkin
husband of Blanche Chenault Junkin

Many East End, Ironton, Landmark and Sweet Home babies were born in Dr. Junkin's Hospital. Mrs. Junkin was a school teacher, teaching 5th grade at East End Elementary School, a civic- minded person who socialized with everyone, and wrote many biographies about local people, that were placed in the Benton Courier in the 1950's.
The Junkin home was on the hill, at Lorance Curve, in Saline County, now the property of the 
It has been stated that Mrs. Junkin rode on the school bus each day, to teach school.
Both Dr. and Mrs. and members of their family are interred in Primrose Cemetery, across the 
street from the hospital, on Dixon Road, Little Rock, Ark. Pulaski County. 
The hospital was torn down many years ago, and the property is now owned by Southwest Nursing 
Samuel Presley Dr. Junkin b.26 Jul 1878 d.22 Aug 1957 Blanche Chenault Junkin b.24 Aug 1882 d. 2 Sep 1962
Children: 1. Guy 'Presley Junkin b.31 Aug 1905 d. Dec 1965 2. Elijah 'Chenault Junkin b.07 Apr 1907 d.19 Jan 1990 3. Mary Elizabeth b.20 Sep 1910 d.16 Jun 1911 4. Abner Kirk Junkin b.02 Nov 1911 d. 5 Dec 2001 Newport AR-Jackson Co. buried: St. Luke's Episcopal Church in NLR WWI DRAFT CARD # 1773 Order# A-283
Name: Samuel Presley Junkin
Home Address: RFD 4 Little Rock Pulaski Ark
Age: 40 Date of Birth: July 26 1878
White Native Born
Occupation: Physician
Employers Name: Self
Place of Employment: RFD 4 Little Rock Pulaski ARk
Nearest Relative: Blanch Junkin
Address: RFD 4 Little Rock Pulaski Ark
Height: Tall Build: Slender
Eyes: Brown
Hair: Grey
Sep 12 1918
Local Board Division No. 1
Pulaski County, Ark. The Junkin family was found in the following census:
1930 PULASKI CO AR Big Rock Twp Ward5 55/78 L:59 I-6 Junkin Samuel P Head O $4000 mw 52 M28 MS NC VA Physician Private Business? Junkin Blanche wife fw 46 M23 AR AR TN Teacher Public School Junkin Shenault son mw 22 s AR MS AR Junkin Guy P son mw 21 s AR MS AR Junkin Abner son mw 18 s AR MS AR 1920 PULASKI CO AR Union Twp Arch St. Pike 48/48 L:98-2 Sht:2B ED:173 SD:5 Jan 5
Junkin S. P. Dr Head O mw 41 M MS SC SC Physician
Junkin Blanch wife fw 40 M AR AR AR Teacher Public School
Junkin Chinault son mw 13 s AR AR AR Home Farm
Junkin Presley son mw 12 s AR AR AR
Junkin Abner son mw 8 s AR AR AR
1910 PULASKI CO AR Badgett Twp 4/5 Sht:3A p27 (North of Frazier Pike Rd) Junkin Samuel P Head mw 31 M5 MS __ SC Physician General Practice Junkin Blanche wife fw 27 M5 AR TN AR Junkin Elisah C son mw 3 s AR MS AR Junkin Guy P son mw 1 s AR MS AR

Picture submitted by Charles Baxley
Research submitted by Charlotte Ramsey- Dec. 15, 2003

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