Do you know where it is located or others in the picture?  If so, let me know at: Charlotte Ramsey

My Great Grandmother was Leanna Maria Shirley Keck, 1874-1947, wife of Louis Daniel Keck, 1881-1956.  She was a daughter of Silas Shirley, 
a former Tax Collector for Logan Co.   They lived in Paris and had a mercantile business - I have a couple of pictures probably taken in 
the late 20s early 30's of their little grocery store.  I am attaching a picture that Leanna is in. It is a large group photo and I have 
no clue when, where or what group it may have been.  I thought there might be someone that could help identify the place, possibly some 
of the other people and maybe the group. The matting, framing the picture has the photographer's stamp on it (Shrader, Little Rock, Ark).  
My guess is the picture was taken 1900-1905 - I base this purely on a guess that Leanna looks to be about 25-30 yrs old. She is the
second person sitting from the bottom on the right next to the banister rail.
Any assistance would be appreciated.  
Sherri Lynn Schrat

Picture submitted by Sherri Lynn Schrat June 2, 2010.

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