for A-D

Note that Payatte Twp. isn't listed because it was too light and faint to read.

MI01-01-01-06 Abbot Rosseta 5 FW
RW10-72-72-17 Adam John S 45 MW
RW10-72-72-18 Adam Margaret 47 FW
PR32-219-219-05 Adams Benj F 15 MW
PR31-215-214-19 Adams Benjamin P 4 MW
PR32-219-219-04 Adams Callie E 18 FW
PR30-211-210-35 Adams Charles L 4 MW
PR31-215-214-12 Adams Collin 40 MW
PR30-211-210-36 Adams Cora B 1 FW
PR32-219-219-03 Adams Edwin 21 MW
PR31-215-214-13 Adams Elizabeth 37 FW
PR31-215-214-16 Adams Goodman R 14 MW
RW08-60-60-40 Adams Henry 7 MB
PR30-211-210-34 Adams James D 9 MW
PR30-211-210-29 Adams Jas G 44 MW
PR32-219-219-01 Adams Jno W 60 MW
RW08-60-60-36 Adams John 30 MB
PR31-215-214-15 Adams John W 17 MW
RW08-60-60-39 Adams Joseph 9 MB
RW08-60-60-37 Adams Louisa 20 FB
PR30-211-210-30 Adams Martha S 38 FW
PR31-215-214-14 Adams Mary A W 19 FW
PR30-211-210-32 Adams Mary E 17 FW
PR31-215-214-18 Adams Nancy L 7 FW
PR30-211-210-33 Adams Ophelia J 12 FW
RW08-60-60-38 Adams Peter 13 MB
PR30-211-210-31 Adams Sarah A 20 FW
PR31-215-214-17 Adams Sarah J 10 FW
PR32-219-219-02 Adams Sarah J 57 FW
PL11-80-80-20 Addie Catherine 44 FW
PL11-80-80-21 Addie John 23 MW
MA07-53-53-13 Akridge E T 34 MW
MA07-53-53-14 Akridge Eliza E 17 FW
PR07-050-051-35 Alexander Benj F 27 MW
PR28-199-198-36 Alexander Betty 14 FW
PL05-33-33-05 Alexander Catherine 16 FW
PR07-050-051-36 Alexander Emma V 23 FW
PR28-199-198-33 Alexander J____ R 52 MW
PR28-199-198-35 Alexander Jane 20 FW
PL05-33-33-04 Alexander L C 21 MW
PR07-050-051-37 Alexander Lizzie 3 FW
PR28-199-198-34 Alexander Mary 49 FW
PL02-09-09-02 Alford Ann 4 FW
PL01-09-09-40 Alford Catherine 12 FW
PL01-09-09-38 Alford Eley 28 FW
PL02-09-09-01 Alford John 5 MW
PL02-09-09-03 Alford Samuel 2 MW
PL01-09-09-39 Alford Sarah 14 FW
PL01-09-09-37 Alford Warden 40 MW
MA08-59-59-10 Allen Anna 2 FB
PR21-146-145-13 Allen Anna A 6 FW
PR29-202-201-13 Allen George 30 MB
MA08-59-59-07 Allen Harry 24 MB
PR21-146-145-12 Allen Ivy D 32 FW
MA08-59-59-09 Allen Jimmy 4 MB
MA08-59-59-08 Allen Margaret 27 FB
MA08-59-59-11 Allen Susanna 6/12 FB
MA06-46-46-29 Alltens Constance 15 FW
MA06-46-46-28 Alltens Jos 19 MW
MA06-46-46-30 Alltens Melinda 15 FW
PL01-03-03-15 Anderson Antonette V 22 FW
PL01-02-02-09 Anderson Augustus 16 MW
PL01-02-02-07 Anderson Cathrine 42 FW
PL01-03-03-14 Anderson D A 38 MW
PL01-03-03-16 Anderson Harriette L 11/12 FW
PL01-02-02-08 Anderson James 18 MW
PL01-02-02-06 Anderson Thos 46 MW
MI03-17-18-06 Andrews _____ 39 MW
RW04-23-23-07 Andrews Cynthia 7 FW
MI03-21-22-25 Andrews David 59 MW
MA02-09-09-02 Andrews Elizabeth 9/12 FW
MI03-17-18-08 Andrews Elizabeth 15 FW
MI03-17-18-09 Andrews Ellen J 13 FW
MI03-17-18-13 Andrews George A 4 FW
MA01-09-09-39 Andrews James 33 MW
RW04-23-23-10 Andrews James 2 MW
MI03-17-18-11 Andrews Jefferson 9 MW
RW04-23-23-05 Andrews Jesse 51 MW
MI03-17-18-14 Andrews Margarette 2 FW
MI03-17-18-12 Andrews Martha A 6 FW
MA01-09-09-40 Andrews Mary 33 FW
RW04-23-23-08 Andrews Mary 6 FW
MI03-21-22-26 Andrews Mary A 32 FW
RW04-23-23-06 Andrews Mary M 29 FW
MI03-17-18-10 Andrews Robert 12 MW
MI03-21-22-28 Andrews Samuel 16 MW
RW04-23-23-09 Andrews Sarah 4 FW
MI03-17-18-07 Andrews Susan 35 FW
MI03-21-22-27 Andrews Susan 19 FW
MI03-21-22-29 Andrews Susanna 11 FW
MA02-09-09-01 Andrews Thos J 3 FW
PR17-119-119-10 Arrington John 15 MW
PR01-006-006-29 Atchley Edward G 16 MW
PR01-006-006-30 Atchley Fanny 10 FW
PR01-006-006-28 Atchley Mary 43 FW
PR01-006-006-32 Atchley Mary T 3 FW
PR01-006-006-27 Atchley Thomas 48 MW
PR01-006-006-31 Atchley Thomas 8 MW
MA09-67-67-06 Atkins _____ 15 FW
MA09-67-67-05 Atkins Joseph 18 MW
MA09-67-67-07 Atkins Malenda 15 FW
PR01-003-003-10 Austin Emma 8 FW
PR01-003-003-09 Austin James 10 MW
PR24-169-168-20 Austin Martha J 23 FW
PR01-003-003-08 Austin Parthina 32 FW
PR24-169-168-19 Austin Saml 30 MW
PR19-134-134-23 Avery Wm H 23 MW
MA10-78-78-20 Baer D____ 29 MW
MA10-78-78-23 Baer George 5/12 MW
MA10-78-78-21 Baer Martha 28 FW
MA10-78-78-22 Baer Mary 3 FW
OW09-69-69-10 Baer Mary 22 FW
OW09-69-69-09 Baer Wm 28 MW
RW11-77-77-09 Bailey Adeline 18 FW
RW07-51-51-23 Bailey Andrew 15 MW
RW07-51-51-22 Bailey Catherine 62 FW
MA11-86-86-08 Bailey Clara 50 FB
OW02-10-10-08 Bailey Clarissa 16 FB
MA11-86-86-10 Bailey Cole 17 MB
MA11-86-86-13 Bailey Edward 9 MB
OW02-10-10-07 Bailey Esther 29 FB
MA11-86-86-11 Bailey Harriet 12 FB
MA11-86-86-12 Bailey Henrietta 10 FB
MA11-86-86-09 Bailey Henry 22 MB
OW02-10-10-04 Bailey James 55 MB
MA11-86-86-07 Bailey Jim 56 MB
RW07-51-51-24 Bailey Mary J 5 FW
OW02-10-10-05 Bailey Silvia 54 FB
OW02-10-10-06 Bailey William 30 MB
PL06-46-46-39 Baily Ada 16 FW
PR07-048-049-28 Bain Emily 50 FW
PL11-81-81-28 Bain Emma 2 FW
PR07-048-049-32 Bain Garabaldi 9 MW
PR07-048-049-31 Bain Henry 10 MW
PR07-048-049-30 Bain James 14 MW
PL11-81-81-27 Bain Jane 7 FW
PR07-048-049-29 Bain Laura J 17 FW
PL11-81-81-25 Bain Martha 11 FW
PL11-81-81-23 Bain Nancy 39 FW
PL11-81-81-26 Bain Nancy 9 FW
PL11-81-81-24 Bain Susanna 13 FW
PR07-048-049-27 Bain Walter 57 MW
PL11-81-81-22 Bain William 39 MW
PR05-031-031-03 Baker Elizabeth 54 FW
PR08-057-058-31 Baker Elizabeth 28 FW
OW04-35-35-39 Baker Emaline 19 FW
PR22-154-153-25 Baker Henry J 3 MW
PR05-032-032-06 Baker Irene 55 FW
PR05-031-031-02 Baker James 48 MW
PR08-057-058-32 Baker Jefferson 9 MW
PR05-032-032-08 Baker Josaphine 37 FW
PR05-031-031-04 Baker Joseph M 16 MW
PR05-031-031-05 Baker Marcus A 14 MW
PR08-057-058-34 Baker Martha 3 FW
PR08-057-058-35 Baker Rilla 1 FW
PR22-154-153-26 Baker Robert A 21 MW
PR08-057-058-33 Baker Robert P 8 MW
PR08-057-058-30 Baker William 30 MW
PR05-032-032-07 Baker Zachary T 22 MW
RW02-13-13-24 Balius Abram 27 MB
RW02-13-13-25 Balius Winnie 39 FB
MA04-29-29-23 Bannglin John 24 MW
OW03-24-24-33 Barington Mary 16 FW
RW01-08-08-38 Barker Jas R 20 MW
RW01-03-03-14 Barker Mona 12 FW
PR29-205-204-28 Barnes Catherine 30 FW
PR29-205-204-31 Barnes Ellen E 14 FW
PR29-205-204-27 Barnes Margaret 56 FW
PR29-205-204-29 Barnes Margaret 20 FW
PR29-205-204-30 Barnes Reuben C 19 MW
PR29-205-204-32 Barnes Susan 3 FW
PL01-04-04-20 Barnis Cynthia H 23 FW
PL01-04-04-19 Barnis M R 50 MW
PL01-04-04-23 Barnis Susan F 8/12 FW
PL01-04-04-21 Barnis Violett E 16 FW
PL01-04-04-22 Barnis William 2 MW
MA10-76-76-15 Barr Anna 21 FW
MA10-76-76-12 Barr Anne 51 FW
MA10-76-76-17 Barr Elden 14 MW
MA10-76-76-14 Barr Ellen 24 FW
MA10-76-76-19 Barr Lee 7 MW
MA10-76-76-16 Barr Louisa 18 FW
MA10-76-76-13 Barr Maiska 26 MW
MA10-76-76-18 Barr Roldan R 11 MW
MA10-76-76-11 Barr W T 59 MW
PR19-134-134-21 Barret John J 10 MW
PR19-134-134-22 Barret Joseph H 3 MW
PR19-134-134-20 Barret Mary E 25 FW
PR08-058-059-39 Barrow Hulda E 34 FW
PR09-058-059-01 Barrow Mary J 9 FW
PR08-058-059-38 Barrow Mary M 57 FW
PR08-058-059-40 Barrow Sophia 32 FW
PR04-026-026-06 Bass Wright P 23 MW
OW03-21-21-16 Batchelder Elizabeth 25 FW
OW03-21-21-15 Batchelder Wm 30 MW
PR02-012-012-18 Beagard Kitty 25 FB
MI04-24-26-13 Bean Frank 9/12 MW
MI04-24-26-09 Bean Malinda 32 FW
MI04-24-26-11 Bean Martha 4 FW
MI04-24-26-12 Bean Mary 4 FW
MI04-24-26-08 Bean Richard 38 MW
MI04-24-26-10 Bean Richard 9 MW
PR08-056-057-26 Beard Clayton C 10 MW
PR08-056-057-23 Beard Edwin L 37 MW
PR08-056-057-25 Beard Jas R M 12 MW
PR08-056-057-27 Beard John C 6 MW
PR08-056-057-24 Beard Susan 39 FW
PR08-056-057-28 Beard Thaddeus 3 MW
PR29-206-205-37 Beasley Amanda 16 FW
PR22-157-156-40 Beasley Caroline 26 FW
PR29-206-205-35 Beasley Elisabeth 44 FW
PR29-206-205-39 Beasley Elizabeth 12 FW
PR22-157-156-39 Beasley Ivy 56 MW
PR23-157-156-05 Beasley Ivy 12 MW
PR23-157-156-06 Beasley Jas P 9 MW
PR29-206-205-40 Beasley Lillie 11 FW
PR29-206-205-36 Beasley Lucius 18 MW
PR23-157-156-02 Beasley May C 22 MW
PR29-206-205-38 Beasley Presten 13 MW
PR23-157-156-01 Beasley Prudy 24 FW
PR29-205-204-33 Beasley Reuben 82 MW
PR29-206-205-34 Beasley Reuben 49 MW
PR23-157-156-04 Beasley Sarah 14 FW
PR23-157-156-03 Beasley Thomas 18 MW
RW02-10-10-08 Beaver Virgil V 25 MW
RW09-64-64-20 Becksen Saml 49 MB
PR24-171-170-29 Bell Alexander 23 MW
RW03-17-17-14 Bell Anna 3 FM
PR24-171-170-32 Bell George W 16 MW
PR24-171-170-30 Bell Isabella 20 FW
PR24-171-170-28 Bell Jno C 24 MW
PR24-171-170-31 Bell Mary 19 FW
PR24-171-170-26 Bell Tabitha 51 FW
PR24-171-170-33 Bell William V 11 MW
PR24-171-170-27 Bell Wm J 28 MW
MA10-76-76-10 Bend Alice 17 FW
MA10-76-76-09 Bend Geo 20 MW
PL11-83-83-37 Benedict Eliza 5 FW
PL11-83-83-35 Benedict Emma 11 FW
PL11-83-83-36 Benedict George 7 MW
PL11-83-83-38 Benedict Jane 2 FW
PL11-83-83-32 Benedict Lucy 40 FW
PL11-83-83-34 Benedict Noah 14 MW
PL11-83-83-33 Benedict William 16 MW
OW12-90-92-06 Benham Charles 1 MW
OW12-90-92-01 Benham John 53 MW
OW12-90-92-05 Benham John 8 MW
OW12-90-92-04 Benham Mary 9 FW
OW12-90-92-03 Benham Sam 15 MW
OW12-90-92-02 Benham Sarah 30 FW
OW07-59-59-34 Bennett Adeline 10 FW
OW07-59-59-32 Bennett J B 39 MW
OW07-59-59-37 Bennett Robert H 1/12 MW
OW07-59-59-36 Bennett Sarah C 2 FW
OW07-59-59-33 Bennett Sarah J 33 FW
OW07-59-59-35 Bennett Thos H 8 MW
OW03-26-26-39 Berg Eliza Ann 24 FW
OW03-26-26-40 Berg Francis 8 MW
OW03-26-26-38 Berg N 25 MW
PR10-067-068-11 Berwin Jeff 7 MB
PR10-067-068-12 Berwin Joseph 8/12 MB
PR10-067-068-10 Berwin Judie 25 FB
PR10-067-068-09 Berwin Washington 28 MB
PR02-011-011-11 Betchards Lemuel 29 MW
PR02-011-011-12 Betchards Melissa 29 FW
PR02-011-011-13 Betchards Sarah L 8 FW
PR02-011-011-14 Betchards Wm H 7/12 MW
RW04-22-22-02 Bird Alverada 24 FW
RW04-22-22-04 Bird Charles 10 MW
RW03-22-22-40 Bird Eliza 52 FW
RW03-22-22-39 Bird Nathan 57 MW
RW04-22-22-03 Bird Perlina 14 FW
RW04-22-22-01 Bird Victoria 30 FW
PR19-133-133-18 Blacketon Eliza 22 FW
PR19-133-133-17 Blacketon Wm E 23 MW
MA01-06-06-28 Blackwell Cynthianna 8 FB
MA01-06-06-31 Blackwell Dallas 18 MW
MA01-06-06-30 Blackwell Harry 25 MB
MA01-06-06-26 Blackwell J____ 35 MB
MA01-06-06-29 Blackwell Laura 7 FB
MA01-06-06-27 Blackwell Letitia 35 FB
MA01-06-06-32 Blackwell Sol 16 MB
PR08-056-057-29 Blake Geo D 30 MW
OW11-84-85-07 Bland Angelina 18 FW
OW11-84-85-09 Bland James 14 MW
OW11-84-85-05 Bland Moses 48 MW
OW11-84-85-06 Bland Rebecca 42 FW
OW11-84-85-08 Bland Thomas 16 MW
OW08-61-61-07 Bledsaw Peggy 17 FW
RW02-09-09-02 Bloodworth Jane 20 FW
RW01-09-09-39 Bloodworth Jessie W 26 MW
RW01-09-09-40 Bloodworth Nancy 46 FW
RW02-09-09-01 Bloodworth Olive 22 FW
PR01-005-005-26 Boatwright Geo 15 MW
PR15-104-104-03 Bogard Allen 6/12 MW
PR12-087-087-19 Bogard Ann E 40 FW
PR12-087-087-23 Bogard Charles L 4 MW
PR14-104-104-40 Bogard Erastus L 25 MW
PR12-087-087-22 Bogard James M 8 MW
PR12-087-087-18 Bogard Jesse C 44 MW
PR12-087-087-20 Bogard Joseph J 15 MW
PR15-104-104-01 Bogard Nancy 24 FW
PR15-104-104-04 Bogard Parthea C 17 FW
PR12-087-087-24 Bogard Robert 2 MW
PR15-104-104-02 Bogard Winapher 2 FW
PR12-087-087-21 Bogard Wm J 12 MW
OW10-78-79-11 Boshaur E 39 FW
OW10-78-79-12 Boshaur Eliza 14 FW
OW10-78-79-13 Boshaur Thomas 9 MW
OW10-78-79-14 Boshaur Wm 28 MW
OW08-66-66-37 Boshaw Emily 14 FW
OW08-66-66-38 Boshaw Nancy 12 FW
OW08-66-66-35 Boshaw Rebecca 44 FW
OW08-66-66-34 Boshaw Robert 50 MW
OW08-66-66-39 Boshaw Robert 9 MW
OW08-66-66-36 Boshaw Sarah J 17 FW
MA02-09-09-04 Bosheres Henry 14 MW
MA02-09-09-06 Bosheres Jasper 10 MW
MA02-09-09-03 Bosheres M 16 MW
MA02-09-09-05 Bosheres May J 12 FW
PR08-053-054-08 Bottom John 12 MW
OW03-20-20-14 Botz Christina 15 FW
OW03-20-20-13 Botz Julia 18 FW
PR24-166-165-02 Bow Asa 8 MB
PR23-166-165-40 Bow Burrell 14 MB
PR23-166-165-38 Bow Fanny 60 FB
PR23-166-165-39 Bow John 25 MB
PR24-166-165-01 Bow Neziah 12 FB
MI03-20-21-24 Box James 6 MW
MI03-20-21-23 Box Jane 18 FW
OW08-65-65-30 Brackhill Christine 12 FW
OW08-65-65-28 Brackhill Ellen 17 FW
OW08-65-65-31 Brackhill Flora 8 FW
OW08-65-65-26 Brackhill George 25 MW
OW08-65-65-24 Brackhill Jane C 50 FW
OW08-65-65-23 Brackhill John 56 MW
OW08-65-65-33 Brackhill John 6 MW
OW08-65-65-29 Brackhill Lafayette 13 MW
OW08-65-65-27 Brackhill Leonora 18 FW
OW08-65-65-32 Brackhill Richard 8 MW
OW08-65-65-25 Brackhill Sarah 30 FW
PR27-190-189-35 Bradford Arena S 30 FW
PR27-190-189-36 Bradford Elias S 14 MW
PR27-190-189-38 Bradford Frances E A 2 FW
PR25-174-173-16 Bradford Francis 15 MW
PR25-174-173-12 Bradford Henry T 22 MW
PR27-190-189-34 Bradford John 52 MW
PR25-174-173-15 Bradford Martha 1 FW
PR25-174-173-13 Bradford Martha J 20 FW
PR27-190-189-37 Bradford Mary A 10 FW
PR25-174-173-14 Bradford Tennessee 2 FW
PR28-195-194-14 Branch Huy 32 MM
PR28-195-194-15 Branch Mary 30 FB
PR28-195-194-16 Branch Peggy 54 FB
PL02-12-12-17 Brannon Alice 2 FW
PL02-16-16-39 Brannon Allen 23 MW
PL03-16-16-01 Brannon Belva 1 FW
PL02-12-12-14 Brannon James 18 MW
PL02-12-12-12 Brannon John 55 MW
PL02-12-12-15 Brannon Lilly 14 FW
PL02-16-16-40 Brannon Mary 26 FW
PL02-15-15-35 Brannon Obidiah 16 MW
PL02-12-12-13 Brannon Sarah 41 FW
PL02-15-15-33 Brannon Susan 35 FW
PL02-15-15-34 Brannon William 18 MW
PL02-12-12-16 Brannon Willis 10 MW
PL02-15-15-36 Brannon Willis 13 MW
PR21-146-145-06 Brewer Artimisa 27 FW
PR22-152-151-09 Brewer David H 10 MW
PR21-146-145-09 Brewer Florence E 3 FW
PR22-152-151-10 Brewer Francis 2 MW
PR22-152-151-06 Brewer Jno A 37 MW
PR22-153-152-11 Brewer Jno M 19 MW
PR21-146-145-08 Brewer John 10 MW
PR22-152-151-07 Brewer Martha E 36 FW
PR21-146-145-05 Brewer Nicholas 37 MW
PR22-153-152-12 Brewer Sarah 16 FW
PR21-146-145-10 Brewer Saroba A 2 FW
PR22-153-152-13 Brewer Susan 15 FW
PR21-146-145-07 Brewer Thomas 12 MW
MA04-26-26-07 Bringle Dora 4 FW
MA03-25-25-38 Bringle Emily 16 FW
MA03-25-25-40 Bringle Eugene 8 FW
MA03-25-25-36 Bringle H C 46 MW
MA03-25-25-37 Bringle Robnia 20 FW
MA03-25-25-39 Bringle Thomas 12 MW
PL05-38-38-33 Brink Betty 11/12 FB
PL05-38-38-30 Brink Ellen 27 FB
PL05-38-38-31 Brink Jeff 9 MB
PL05-38-38-32 Brink Robert 3 MB
PL01-02-02-13 Brns Robert 20 MW
RW08-57-57-19 Brock Andrew J 17 MW
RW08-58-58-25 Brock Emily 8 FB
RW08-58-58-24 Brock Nathan 10 MB
RW08-58-58-23 Brock Patsy 30 FB
RW08-58-58-22 Brock Thomas 32 MB
RW08-58-58-26 Brock William 5 MB
RW08-58-58-27 Brock Wilson 2 MB
OW13-100-102-28 Brogan Paul 31 MW
RW03-17-17-12 Brown Amy 13 FB
RW03-16-16-08 Brown Ann 22 FB
RW03-17-17-11 Brown Ellen 30 FB
OW03-23-23-27 Brown Francis 6 FW
RW03-18-18-26 Brown Frank 25 MB
PL06-43-43-25 Brown J H 22 MW
OW03-23-23-23 Brown James 38 MW
OW03-23-23-28 Brown James A 2 MW
PL01-06-06-30 Brown James C 3 MW
PR22-152-151-08 Brown Jas W 12 MW
OW03-23-23-24 Brown Josephine 29 FW
PL01-06-06-29 Brown Margrett 22 FW
OW03-23-23-26 Brown Martha 9 FW
RW03-16-16-09 Brown Mary 4 FB
PL06-43-43-26 Brown Mary E 23 FW
RW03-16-16-07 Brown Nelson 37 MB
RW03-17-17-10 Brown Samuel 30 MB
RW03-17-17-13 Brown Samuel 12 MB
OW03-23-23-25 Brown Sarah E 11 FW
PL01-06-06-28 Brown W F 80 MW
PL06-43-43-27 Brown William F 1 MW
MA03-20-20-11 Broyne George 21 MW
MA03-20-20-12 Broyne Mary A 45 FW
PL05-35-35-11 Bryant Francis M 11 FW
PL05-35-35-12 Bryant Mary L 7 FW
PL05-35-35-13 Bryant Missouri 3 FW
PL05-35-35-09 Bryant R P 38 MW
PL05-35-35-14 Bryant Rufus C 1 MW
PL05-35-35-10 Bryant Sarah S 33 FW
MA10-79-79-28 Bryant W C 32 MW
PR06-044-045-40 Buck Hellen 42 FW
PR06-044-045-39 Buck Hosea 50 MW
PR07-044-045-05 Buck Hosea 4 MW
PR07-044-045-02 Buck James 18 MW
PR07-044-045-04 Buck Mary E 15 FW
PR07-044-045-01 Buck Tennessee 19 FW
PR07-044-045-03 Buck William 16 MW
PL02-11-11-10 Bullion James C 2 MW
PL02-11-11-09 Bullion Martha J 31 FW
PL02-11-11-08 Bullion W H 31 MW
OW04-29-29-09 Bunn Benj 7 MW
OW04-29-29-08 Bunn Thos 58 MW
PR16-113-113-10 Burkhead Ann 29 FW
PR16-113-113-09 Burkhead John 28 MW
PR16-113-113-11 Burkhead Luada? 1 FW
PL12-86-86-20 Burns Elizabeth 65 FW
PL12-86-86-21 Burns Elizabeth 32 FW
PL12-86-86-19 Burns James 24 MW
PL01-08-08-36 Busby Molly 20 FW
PL01-08-08-35 Busby William 25 MW
PL02-13-13-26 Bush Cidy 13 MW
PL07-53-53-33 Butler Jessee 66 MW
PL07-53-53-34 Butler Margarett 61 FW
PL04-28-28-22 Cain Arkansas 7 FW
PR32-223-223-35 Cain Dora 12 FW
PL04-28-28-20 Cain H____ 16 FW
PL04-28-28-17 Cain John 45 MW
PL04-28-28-23 Cain John 1 MW
PR32-223-223-33 Cain John S 16 MW
PR32-223-223-31 Cain Jos E 49 MW
PR32-223-223-34 Cain Laura 14 FW
PL04-28-28-18 Cain Loduski 40 FW
PL04-28-28-19 Cain Margarette 17 FW
PL04-28-28-21 Cain Sarah 10 FW
PR32-223-223-32 Cain Tennessee 36 FW
PR32-223-223-36 Cain Thomas 9 MW
MA11-84-84-04 Calter Mrs 22 FW
MA11-84-84-03 Calter William 25 MW
PR13-095-095-32 Campbell Idora 1 FW
PR13-095-095-28 Campbell Jas W 29 MW
PR28-200-199-39 Campbell John 7 MW
PR13-095-095-31 Campbell John J 6 MW
PR13-095-095-30 Campbell Martha 8 FW
PR13-095-095-29 Campbell Mary A 24 FW
MA01-08-08-38 Cants/Curls John 1 MW
MA01-08-08-36 Cants/Curls Mary 23 FW
MA01-08-08-37 Cants/Curls William 3 MW
MA07-57-57-33 Cape Betty 24 FW
MA07-57-57-34 Cape Burton 10 MW
MA07-57-57-32 Cape Ester A 22 FW
MA07-57-57-31 Cape F F A 46 MW
MA07-57-57-36 Cape Flora 6 FW
MA07-57-57-37 Cape George 11/12 MW
MA07-51-51-06 Cape John M 50 MB
MA07-51-51-08 Cape Lucinda 13 FW
MA07-57-57-35 Cape Mary 16 FW
MA07-51-51-07 Cape Nancy 37 FW
MA07-51-51-09 Cape Sarah 10 FW
PR30-210-209-27 Carghill Chas A 9 MW
PR30-210-209-28 Carghill Frederick 4 MW
PR30-210-209-23 Carghill Mary 45 FW
PR16-113-113-12 Carris Mary A 7 FW
PR21-147-146-22 Carroll Charles 1 MW
PR21-147-146-15 Carroll Hulda 30 FW
PR21-147-146-21 Carroll Ida 3 FW
PR21-147-146-17 Carroll Louisa 14 FW
PR21-147-146-18 Carroll Martha J 10 FW
PR21-147-146-16 Carroll Orlando 17 MW
PR21-147-146-14 Carroll Thomas 53 MW
PR21-147-146-19 Carroll Thomas 6 MW
PL07-50-50-16 Carter Caroline 30 FW
OW05-39-39-18 Carter Eva 24 FW
PL07-50-50-15 Carter Geo W 30 MW
PR26-180-179-04 Carter John 9 MW
MA05-40-40-40 Carter John H 4 FW (MW)
PL07-50-50-19 Carter Lucy Jane 5/12 FW
OW05-39-39-17 Carter McClellan 22 MW
MA05-40-40-39 Carter Melinda 26 FW
PL07-50-50-17 Carter Nancy 5 FW
MA05-40-40-38 Carter W____ 29 MW
PL07-50-50-18 Carter William 5 MW
PR14-102-102-25 Cato Alford 20 MW
PL10-75-75-29 Cato Cl_____ 51 MW
PR14-102-102-28 Cato Delany 13 MW
PR14-102-102-33 Cato Eliza 2 FW
PL10-75-75-30 Cato James 13 MW
PR14-102-102-30 Cato James 8 MW
PR14-102-102-24 Cato Martha 37 FW
PR14-102-102-23 Cato Martin B 45 MW
PR14-102-102-26 Cato Nancy 18 FW
PR14-102-102-31 Cato Robert 6 MW
PR14-102-102-32 Cato Samuel 4 MW
PR14-102-102-29 Cato Sarah 10 FW
PR14-102-102-27 Cato William 16 MW
MI02-10-10-15 Cavender John F 10 FW
PR11-084-084-40 Cavin John 27 MW
PR12-084-084-01 Cavin Mary 25 FW
PR12-084-084-03 Cavin Oliver 2 MW
PR12-084-084-02 Cavin William 4 MW
OW01-05-05-22 Chambers James 25 MW
OW01-05-05-23 Chambers Martha 18 FW
MA03-18-18-05 Chandler Alice 8/12 FW
MA03-18-18-03 Chandler G A 27 MW
MA03-18-18-04 Chandler Sarah 24 FW
PR29-200-199-01 Chapman Turnas 65 MW
PR06-038-038-07 Choat Thos Y 21 MW
PL06-45-45-30 Christopher Caroline 40 FW
PL06-45-45-31 Christopher Susan 11 FW
RW05-34-35-22 Church John B 32 MW
RW05-34-35-23 Church Nancy E 23 FW
RW05-34-35-24 Church Robert L 2 MW
RW05-34-35-25 Church Sarah 65 FW
MI05-34-36-31 Clark Alice 2/12 FW
OW12-91-93-13 Clark Asa 3 MW
MI05-34-36-27 Clark Calvin 9 MW
OW12-91-93-14 Clark Debora 1 FW
OW12-91-93-08 Clark Elizabeth 45 FW
OW12-91-93-11 Clark Emma 8 FW
MI05-34-36-29 Clark Francis 4 FW
MI05-34-36-30 Clark Harriett 2 FW
OW12-91-93-12 Clark John 6 MW
MI02-11-11-16 Clark Joseph 36 MW
OW12-91-93-07 Clark Joseph 63 MW
MI05-34-36-25 Clark Laura 14 FW
MI05-34-36-24 Clark Margarette 35 FW
MI02-11-11-17 Clark Martha 45 FW
OW12-91-93-09 Clark Martha 13 FW
MI05-34-36-26 Clark Mary 12 FW
OW12-91-93-10 Clark Mary 10 FW
MI05-34-36-28 Clark Nancy 6 FW
MI02-11-11-18 Clark Rhoda C 19 FW
RW08-57-57-21 Clary Henry 16 MW
MA07-56-56-29 Clay Arkansas 3 FW
MA07-56-56-30 Clay Charlie 6/12 MW
MA07-56-56-25 Clay Chas 39 MW
MA07-56-56-27 Clay Mary 10 FW
MA07-56-56-26 Clay Sarah 32 FW
MA07-56-56-28 Clay Thos 5 MW
PL12-85-85-09 Cobb Caroline 19 FW
PL12-85-85-15 Cobb Emily 7 FW
PL12-85-85-14 Cobb Francis 17 FW
PL12-85-85-16 Cobb Joseph 4 MW
PL12-85-85-08 Cobb Louisa 45 FW
PL12-85-85-13 Cobb Margarette 14 FW
PL12-85-85-12 Cobb Martha 14 FW
PL12-85-85-11 Cobb Mary 15 FW
PL12-85-85-17 Cobb Matilda 8/12 FW
PL12-85-85-07 Cobb W G 50 FW (MW)
PL12-85-85-10 Cobb William 17 MW
PL12-85-85-18 Cobb William 20 MW
PL04-31-31-40 Cobbs Benny 16 MW
PL04-31-31-38 Cobbs Jack 19 MW
PL04-31-31-39 Cobbs Joseph 17 MW
RW05-35-36-27 Coble Cicinia 38 FW
RW06-42-43-23 Cochran Alex 29 MW
RW06-42-43-25 Cochran Arkansas 2 FW
RW06-42-43-24 Cochran Cynthia 25 FW
RW06-42-43-26 Cochran Georgia A 4/12 FW
PR14-100-100-20 Cochrane Nannie 14 FW
OW13-99-101-22 Coffin Saml 35 MW
PR14-099-099-15 Cohen Columbus C 17 MW
PR14-099-099-16 Cohen William E 7 MW
PR11-078-078-14 Coleman Ann 2 FB
PR17-123-123-35 Coleman Dulinda 53 FW
PR11-078-078-13 Coleman Elisabeth 23 FB
PR11-078-078-12 Coleman S_____ 38 MB
PR02-009-009-05 Coleman Thos 22 MW
PR17-123-123-36 Coleman William 20 MW
PL01-01-01-05 Collet Mary E 12 FW
OW11-85-87-15 Collier? Robert 24 MW
MA01-05-05-24 Collin Gabril 7 MW
MA01-05-05-22 Collin Green 29 MW
MA01-05-05-23 Collin Sarah S 31 FW
MA01-05-05-25 Collin Walter J 3/12 MW
OW02-14-14-18 Collins James 47 MW
OW02-14-14-20 Collins Lucinda 24 FW
OW02-14-14-19 Collins Mary 46 FW
OW02-14-14-22 Collins Mary 17 FW
OW02-14-14-21 Collins Sarah 22 FW
OW02-14-14-23 Collins Susanna 15 FW
MA02-13-13-17 Colm Ag_____ 26 FW
MA02-13-13-16 Colm H H 30 MW
MA02-13-13-18 Colm John H 11 MW
MA02-13-13-19 Colm Senter 2 MW
MA02-13-13-20 Colm William C 3/12 MW
MA03-21-21-18 Colwell Elizabeth 5 FW
MA03-21-21-15 Colwell James P 16 MW
MA03-21-21-16 Colwell Nancy 14 FW
MA03-21-21-14 Colwell Rhoda 40 FW
MA03-21-21-17 Colwell Tolnee? 11 FW
MA03-21-21-19 Colwell William 3 MW
MA03-21-21-13 Colwell Wm C 41 MW
PR02-009-009-02 Cook Clemintine 16 FW
PR01-009-009-40 Cook Eliza 43 FW
PR02-015-015-28 Cook Henry 18 MW
PR02-009-009-04 Cook Henry C 10 MW
PR01-007-007-36 Cook Jack 22 MW
PL10-74-74-26 Cook Jane 43 FW
PL10-74-74-27 Cook John C 17 MW
PR02-009-009-03 Cook Margaret E 14 FW
PL10-74-74-28 Cook Mary 15 FW
PR23-158-157-12 Cook Millard F 11 MW
PR01-008-008-38 Cook Samantha 16 FW
PR01-009-009-39 Cook Teter 52 MW
PR02-009-009-01 Cook Thos J 18 MW
PL10-74-74-25 Cook William 51 MW
PR01-008-008-37 Cook Wm A 27 MW
PL06-44-44-28 Cornelle John 23 MW
PL06-44-44-29 Cornelle Laurah 17 FW
PL05-38-38-28 Cornette John 60 MW
PL05-38-38-29 Cornette Mary 62 FW
PR02-015-015-27 Cosley Joseph 14 MW
OW04-34-34-33 Cotton Ellen 20 FW
OW04-34-34-32 Cotton James 23 MW
OW04-34-34-35 Cotton James C 6 MW
OW04-34-34-34 Cotton Mary E 8 FW
OW04-34-34-36 Cotton Wm C 5/12 MW
RW07-53-53-39 Cowan Green 13 MM
RW07-53-53-36 Cowan Henry 4 MB
RW07-53-53-38 Cowan Jane 17 FM
RW07-53-53-32 Cowan Joseph 37 MB
RW07-53-53-40 Cowan Melia E 1 FM
RW07-53-53-33 Cowan Melinda 32 FM
RW07-53-53-35 Cowan Susan 7 FM
RW07-53-53-34 Cowan Thomas 11 MM
RW10-70-70-07 Coyle James 12 MW
RW10-70-70-10 Coyle Joseph 9 FW
RW10-70-70-04 Coyle Margaret 44 FW
RW10-70-70-05 Coyle Robert 21 MW
OW02-12-12-14 Craft Francis 51 FW
OW02-12-12-13 Craft James 25 MW
RW07-47-47-06 Cranford Thomas 35 MM
RW08-59-59-34 Cranshaw Amanda 2 FB
RW08-59-59-31 Cranshaw Dock 12 MB
RW08-59-59-30 Cranshaw George H 14 MB
RW08-59-59-33 Cranshaw Jemima 7 FB
RW08-59-59-28 Cranshaw Killis 37 MB
RW08-59-59-29 Cranshaw Mary 30 FB
RW08-59-59-32 Cranshaw Mary E 10 FB
RW08-59-59-35 Cranshaw William 3/12 MB
MI02-15-16-37 Crone Amanda 27 FW
MI02-15-16-39 Crone Becky Ann 1 FW
MI03-16-17-04 Crone Elijah 1 MW
MI03-16-17-02 Crone Emma 10 FW
MI02-15-16-36 Crone J M 39 MW
MI02-15-16-38 Crone Jane B 4 FW
MI03-16-17-01 Crone Martha 26 FW
MI03-16-17-03 Crone Richard 7 MW
PR28-195-194-17 Crosby David 18 MB
OW11-83-84-02 Crowson Arthur 7 MW
OW11-83-84-04 Crowson Betty 3 FW
OW10-82-83-32 Crowson Elizabeth 45 FW
OW10-82-83-33 Crowson Hannah 19 FW
OW10-82-83-34 Crowson Isaac 18 MW
OW10-83-84-38 Crowson Isaac 40 MW
OW09-75-75-35 Crowson Jane 12 FW
OW10-83-84-39 Crowson Jno T 14 MW
OW09-72-72-22 Crowson Martha 7/12 FW
OW09-75-75-36 Crowson Martha 10 FW
OW09-75-75-34 Crowson Mary 58 FW
OW11-83-84-01 Crowson Mary 9 FW
OW09-72-72-21 Crowson Mary J 18 FW
OW09-72-72-20 Crowson T J 23 MW
OW11-83-84-03 Crowson Victoria 5 FW
OW10-83-84-40 Crowson William 12 MW
PR12-089-089-35 Curry Juby 28 MW
PR01-001-001-04 Curtis Eber 17 MW
PR01-001-001-05 Curtis Ella 8 FW
PR01-001-001-01 Curtis John S 48 MW
PR01-001-001-03 Curtis Rienzie 22 MW
PR01-001-001-02 Curtis Sarah 46 FW
OW07-56-56-20 Curtz Alex 5 MW
OW07-56-56-18 Curtz Christina 11 FW
OW07-56-56-13 Curtz F 41 MW
OW07-56-56-14 Curtz Frederick 18 MW
OW07-56-56-16 Curtz Laura 13 FW
OW07-56-56-19 Curtz Lewis 9 MW
OW07-56-56-15 Curtz Mary 15 FW
OW07-56-56-17 Curtz Rudolph 11 MW
OW07-56-56-21 Curtz Wm 1 MW
OW12-93-95-24 Dale Benj S 25 MW
OW12-93-95-25 Dale Charles 18 FW
OW12-93-95-22 Dale G W 52 MW
OW12-93-95-28 Dale Geo L 4 MW
OW12-93-95-27 Dale Lafayette 13 MW
OW12-93-95-29 Dale Margarett 1 FW
OW12-93-95-23 Dale Mary Ann 37 FW
OW12-93-95-26 Dale Mary J 16 FW
PR28-197-196-29 Dalyrimple Charity 20 FM
MA04-30-30-28 Daniel Amanda 12 FW
MA04-30-30-29 Daniel Ellen C 7 FW
MA04-30-30-24 Daniel H 40 MW
MA04-30-30-30 Daniel John W 10 MW
MA04-30-30-25 Daniel Martha 19 FW
MA04-30-30-27 Daniel Mary J 14 FW
MA04-30-30-26 Daniel Sarah C 16 FW
RW08-55-55-05 Darby Margaret E 35 FW
RW08-55-55-04 Darby Wm J 49 MW
MI03-16-17-05 Davenport I 13 MW
MI04-23-25-06 Davidson Harry 21 MW
MI04-23-25-07 Davidson Mary Ann 12 FW
PR22-154-153-19 Davis Charles A 11 MW
OW10-78-79-15 Davis Elizabeth 20 FW
PR26-183-182-24 Davis George 16 MW
PR22-154-153-16 Davis Joseph 64 MW
PR22-154-153-18 Davis Joseph A 13 MW
PR22-154-153-17 Davis Levisa 52 FW
OW06-49-49-28 Davis M E 8 FW
PR26-183-182-25 Davis Serena 11 FW
PR13-095-095-38 Deal Berry T 8 MW
PR14-100-100-19 Deal Christiana E 10/12 FW
PR13-095-095-36 Deal Emily 19 FW
PR13-095-095-34 Deal Fanny L 47 FW
PR13-095-095-33 Deal Jacob 54 MW
PR13-095-095-35 Deal Jacob S 17 MW
PR13-095-095-37 Deal LaFayette 16 MW
PR13-095-095-40 Deal Lucy 13 FM
PR14-100-100-18 Deal Mary S 22 FW
PR14-100-100-17 Deal Philip S 26 MW
PR13-095-095-39 Deal Wade 5 MW
PR02-010-010-10 Dearbury John A 12 MW
MI05-32-34-18 DePriest? Daniel 40 MW
PR20-144-143-39 Derryberry Allen H 71 MW
PR20-144-143-38 Derryberry James 14 MW
PR20-144-143-40 Derryberry Jefferson 8 MW
PR33-226-226-11 Dickerson Avis 24 FW
PR31-218-218-40 Dickerson Chas 16 MB
PR21-148-147-25 Dickerson David 18 MW
PR21-148-147-24 Dickerson Edwin 21 MW
PR21-148-147-26 Dickerson Martha 25 FW
PR21-148-147-23 Dickerson Parthenia 56 FW
PR33-226-226-10 Dickerson William 27 MW
PR33-226-226-12 Dickerson William 4 MW
PR21-145-144-01 Dickinson John 23 MW
PR21-145-144-04 Dickinson Orella 10/12 FW
PR21-145-144-02 Dickinson Tennessee 22 FW
PR21-145-144-03 Dickinson Thomas L 3 MW
MA08-61-61-20 Dickrey Nelson 40 MB
PR20-142-141-20 Dnoial Alex 52 MW
PR20-142-141-23 Dnoial Jas A 2 MW
PR20-142-141-24 Dnoial Martha E 19 FW
PR20-142-141-21 Dnoial Nancy 49 FW
PR20-142-141-22 Dnoial Richard M 23 MW
PR20-142-141-25 Dnoial Wm D 17 MW
OW07-60-60-38 Dodson J W 33 MW
OW07-60-60-39 Dodson Lucinda 29 FW
PR33-225-225-07 Donald Elizabeth 14 FW
PR33-225-225-08 Donald Parmelia 11 FW
MI04-28-30-37 Dorr Joan 7 FW
MI04-28-30-38 Dorr William 1 MW
RW02-11-11-10 Dotson Hardy 39 MB
RW02-11-11-11 Dotson Harriet 12 FB
RW02-11-11-13 Dotson Jeff D 8 MB
RW02-11-11-12 Dotson Jim 11 MB
RW02-11-11-14 Dotson Lee 6 MB
PR23-164-163-31 Dotson Thomas 15 MB
PL07-49-49-11 Draper J P 21 MW
MA08-63-63-25 Draper J W 10 MW
PL07-49-49-12 Draper Mary 21 FW
PL07-49-49-13 Draper William 1 MW
PR05-037-037-37 Driver Lucy J 32 FW
PR05-037-037-38 Driver Lucy J 10 FW
PR05-037-037-39 Driver Virginia 7 FW
MA02-12-12-15 Dubois? Frances 12 FW
PR04-025-025-03 Duffle Amanda 24 FW
PR15-111-111-40 Duke Catherine 37 FW
PR16-111-111-03 Duke Cora A 8 FW
PR16-111-111-02 Duke Mary E 10 FW
PR16-111-111-04 Duke O____ 2 MW
PR15-111-111-39 Duke Robert S 37 MW
PR16-111-111-01 Duke Robert W 12 MW
MA09-72-72-26 Duman C C 24 MW
PL06-39-39-03 Duncan Albert 2 FW
PL05-39-39-34 Duncan Jackson 59 MW
PL05-39-39-39 Duncan Jimmie 13 MW
PL06-39-39-02 Duncan Josephine 2 FW
PL05-39-39-35 Duncan Louisa 39 FW
PL06-39-39-01 Duncan Luella 8 FW
PL05-39-39-38 Duncan Malinda 15 FW
PL05-39-39-37 Duncan Mary 19 FW
PL05-39-39-36 Duncan Sarah E 22 FW
PL05-39-39-40 Duncan William 11 MW
MA02-12-12-13 Dunlap Catherine 38 FW
MA02-12-12-12 Dunlap J H 36 MW
MA02-12-12-14 Dunlap Robert 4/12 MW
OW09-67-67-01 Dunlapp Ben 21 MW
OW09-67-67-02 Dunlapp Emaline 22 FW
OW09-67-67-03 Dunlapp Wm 5/12 MW
OW05-41-41-25 Dunn Andrew 11 MW
OW05-41-41-24 Dunn Edward 13 MW
OW05-41-41-23 Dunn Eliza 15 FW
OW05-41-41-21 Dunn J W 35 MW
OW06-48-48-23 Dunn Liscomb 18 FW
OW05-41-41-22 Dunn Lucinda E 32 FW
OW05-41-41-26 Dunn Mary 9 FW
PL04-27-27-14 Dunnaway Emily F 26 FW
PL04-27-27-13 Dunnaway J 28 MW
PL04-27-27-16 Dunnaway Julian 1 MW
PL04-27-27-15 Dunnaway Willie 3 MW
OW10-77-78-07 Durr Antonette 25 FW
OW10-77-78-10 Durr Dan I 2 FW
OW10-77-78-09 Durr James T 5 MW
OW10-77-78-08 Durr Nancy C 9 FW

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