for E-H

Note that Payatte Twp. isn't listed because it was too light and faint to read.

RW06-38-39-02 Eades Elisabeth 28 FW
RW06-38-39-04 Eades Ida 1 FW
RW06-38-39-01 Eades Wm 34 MW
RW06-38-39-03 Eades Wm T 4 MW
PR05-033-033-09 Eagle Alexander 50 MW
PR26-183-182-21 Eagle Alexander 11 MW
PR06-038-038-03 Eagle Allisin 12 MW
PR07-045-046-13 Eagle Charity 7 FW
PR06-038-038-01 Eagle Daniel 37 MW
PR05-033-033-13 Eagle David 67 MW
PR05-035-035-24 Eagle David A 2 MW
PR26-183-182-22 Eagle David C 3 MW
PR06-038-038-02 Eagle Elisabeth 30 FW
PR08-054-055-11 Eagle Elisabeth E 8 FW
PR05-033-033-11 Eagle Eliza 55 FW
PR06-038-038-04 Eagle Emily F 9 FW
PR05-035-035-23 Eagle Fanny 5 FW
PR07-045-046-11 Eagle Frances 10 FW
PR07-045-046-06 Eagle Geo A 42 MW
PR07-045-046-15 Eagle George 1 MW
PR26-183-182-18 Eagle Henry 54 MW
PR07-045-046-12 Eagle James 8 MW
PR26-183-182-20 Eagle Jas B 15 MW
PR05-035-035-22 Eagle Jas T 8 MW
PR07-045-046-09 Eagle John 16 MW
PR05-035-035-20 Eagle John D 29 MW
PR05-035-035-25 Eagle John J 9/12 MW
PR08-054-055-09 Eagle Jos L 41 MW
PR05-035-035-26 Eagle Joseph 23 MW
PR07-045-046-10 Eagle Joseph 14 MW
PR05-033-033-12 Eagle M Frances 23 FW
PR06-038-038-05 Eagle Maria A E 4 FW
PR08-054-055-14 Eagle Martha F 6/12 FW
PR08-054-055-13 Eagle Mary A 3 FW
PR05-035-035-21 Eagle Mary E 25 FW
PR26-183-182-19 Eagle Mary J 38 FW
PR08-054-055-12 Eagle Nancy A 5 FW
PR05-033-033-10 Eagle Philip F 45 MW
PR07-045-046-14 Eagle Robert 4 MW
PR07-045-046-07 Eagle S______ 42 FW
PR08-054-055-10 Eagle Sarah A 26 FW
PR07-045-046-08 Eagle William 18 MW
PR06-038-038-06 Eagle Wm C 10/12 MW
PR26-183-182-23 Eagle Wm M 6/12 MW
PR24-169-168-21 Eason Ellen 13 FW
PR04-028-028-23 Eason Geo W 13 MW
PR01-007-007-34 Easton Nannie 22 FW
PR01-007-007-33 Easton Richd F 29 MW
PR01-007-007-35 Easton Thos W 1 MW
PL06-41-41-14 Edmondson Alice 4 FW
PL06-41-41-16 Edmondson Benetta 3/12 FW
PL06-41-41-13 Edmondson Frank 6 MW
PL06-41-41-11 Edmondson M B 26 MW
PL06-41-41-15 Edmondson Manda 2 FW
MA07-55-55-20 Edmondson Martha E 33 FW
PL06-41-41-12 Edmondson Sabrina 23 FW
MA07-55-55-19 Edmondson T J 39 MW
MA07-55-55-21 Edmondson Thomas 14 MW
RW05-33-34-21 Edwards Lewis 37 MB
RW06-38-39-05 Edwards Perry 32 MB
PR03-020-020-06 Edwards Prince 36 MB
PR02-017-017-34 Ellington David 4 MB
PR02-017-017-32 Ellington Edmund 36 MB
PR02-017-017-33 Ellington Susan 27 FB
PR02-017-017-35 Ellington Timothy 2 MB
OW05-36-36-04 Elliott C J 52 MW
OW05-36-36-05 Elliott Jane E 50 FW
OW13-96-98-11 Ellis Caroline 18 FW
OW07-55-55-11 Ellis Jane 63 FW
OW13-96-98-06 Ellis John 30 MW
OW13-96-98-08 Ellis Lizzie 26 FW
OW13-96-98-09 Ellis Martha 24 FW
OW13-96-98-07 Ellis Mary 28 FW
OW07-55-55-10 Ellis Miles 65 MW
OW13-96-98-05 Ellis Milly 60 FW
OW13-96-98-10 Ellis Minerva 19 FW
OW13-96-98-12 Ellis Pierce 15 MW
OW07-55-55-12 Ellis Rosanna 19 FW
OW13-96-98-04 Ellis Samuel 63 MW
PR10-069-070-17 Emmerson Chas E 39 MW
PR10-069-070-20 Emmerson Geo E 7 MW
RW03-20-20-33 Emmerson George F 7/12 MW
RW03-20-20-28 Emmerson Jas M 33 MW
RW03-20-20-31 Emmerson Jas M 7 MW
RW03-20-20-32 Emmerson John N M 3 MW
RW03-20-20-30 Emmerson Lizzie A 11 FW
PR10-069-070-19 Emmerson Lucius M 10 MW
PR10-069-070-18 Emmerson Mary F 31 FW
RW03-20-20-29 Emmerson Selete 32 FW
OW02-12-12-15 Evans James 14 MW
RW10-73-73-25 Ewell Alice 67 FW
RW10-73-73-24 Ewell Frank 12 MW
RW10-73-73-22 Ewell Geo W 35 MW
RW10-72-72-19 Ewell Jas R 17 MW
RW10-73-73-26 Ewell Lela A 5/12 FW
RW10-72-72-20 Ewell Sarah E 11 FW
RW10-73-73-23 Ewell Susan S 20 FW
RW02-14-14-36 Fair Matilda 48 FM
RW02-14-14-37 Farr Peter 42 MB
RW03-17-17-16 Farr Sauney 25 MB
OW06-50-50-29 Farrell B P 37 MW
OW06-50-50-30 Farrell Elizabeth 22 FW
OW06-50-50-32 Farrell Isaac 2 MW
OW06-50-50-31 Farrell Margarett 4 FW
MA08-58-58-06 Faulkner H 35 MB
PR21-149-148-35 Faulkner James 23 MW
MI03-21-22-31 Fears Andrew 9 MW
MI03-22-23-34 Fears George 17 MW
MI03-21-22-30 Fears Henry A 13 MW
MI03-22-23-33 Fears Issabell 23 FW
MI03-22-23-37 Fears John W 11 MW
MI03-22-23-36 Fears Mariam 14 FW
MI03-22-23-35 Fears Marian 18 FW
MI03-22-23-39 Fears Marion 6 MW
MI04-22-23-01 Fears Martha 1 FW
MI03-22-23-38 Fears Mary 9 FW
MI03-22-23-32 Fears Sarah 59 FW
MI03-22-23-40 Fears Sarah 4 FW
PR03-023-023-25 Felton Alice 9 FW
PR30-208-207-13 Felton Conway 16 MW
PR03-023-023-26 Felton George 2 MW
PR03-023-023-24 Felton Grey 13 MW
PR02-012-012-17 Felton James 4 MW
PR02-012-012-15 Felton Jas L 34 MW
PR30-208-207-14 Felton Jasper 7 MW
PR30-208-207-15 Felton John 6 MW
PR30-208-207-12 Felton Louisa 33 FW
PR02-010-010-09 Felton Lucinda 17 FW
PR03-023-023-22 Felton Marion 46 MW
PR03-023-023-23 Felton Mary 20 FW
PR02-010-010-08 Felton Melissa 63 FW
PR02-012-012-16 Felton Virginia 22 FW
MI01-01-01-05 Fenton Carry A 4/12 FW
MI02-09-09-10 Fenton Francis 50 FW
MI02-09-09-11 Fenton George 25 MB
MI02-10-10-12 Fenton George 22 MW
MI01-01-01-04 Fenton James E 2 MW
MI01-01-01-03 Fenton John P 4 MW
MI02-10-10-13 Fenton Manessa 19 FW
MI01-01-01-02 Fenton Mary J 24 FW
MI02-09-09-09 Fenton Patrick 69 MW
MI01-01-01-01 Fenton R Y 30 MW
MI02-10-10-14 Fenton William 2 MW
OW05-44-44-36 Feo Helen S 17 FW
OW05-44-44-34 Feo Joseph 58 MW
OW05-44-44-35 Feo Martha 36 MW
OW05-44-44-37 Feo Sarah 5 FW
RW02-10-10-04 Ferguson Elisabeth M 30 FW
RW02-10-10-06 Ferguson George W 5 MW
PR21-146-145-11 Ferguson Jas F 8 MW
RW02-10-10-03 Ferguson John T 36 MW
RW02-10-10-05 Ferguson Matilda W 9 FW
RW02-10-10-07 Ferguson Thomas 2 FW
OW04-28-28-04 Fewell Benj 49 MW
OW04-28-28-05 Fewell Elizabeth 22 FW
OW04-28-28-07 Fewell Isaac 2 MW
OW04-28-28-06 Fewell Mary E 5 FW
PR29-203-202-14 Fields Alexr 35 MW
PR29-203-202-20 Fields Della 8 FW
PR29-203-202-16 Fields Eliza 18 FW
PR29-203-202-21 Fields Lou Ola 6 FW
PR29-203-202-22 Fields Mack 3 MW
PR29-203-202-17 Fields Margaret 16 FW
PR29-203-202-15 Fields Martha 35 FW
PR29-203-202-19 Fields Millie 12 FW
PR29-203-202-18 Fields Willingby 14 MW
OW03-25-25-35 Finch Adaline 26 FW
OW03-25-25-34 Finch F M 22 MW
OW03-25-25-37 Finch James A 2 MW
OW03-25-25-36 Finch Mary J 3 FW
PR08-052-053-05 Finlay James 11 MW
PR08-052-053-04 Finlay Mary A 19 FW
PR08-052-053-03 Finlay Thomas 37 MW
MA09-71-71-22 Fletcher Carrie 22 FW
MA09-71-71-24 Fletcher Eddie 1 FW
MA09-71-71-21 Fletcher Lewis 27 MW
MA09-71-71-25 Fletcher Mary P 15 FB
MA09-71-71-23 Fletcher Thos W 3 MW
PR07-050-051-38 Flint Richd M 25 MW
MI04-25-27-16 Forbass James 9 MW
MI04-25-27-14 Forbass Jimima 36 FW
MI04-25-27-17 Forbass Richard 3 MW
MI04-25-27-15 Forbass William 19 MW
PR07-049-050-33 Ford John 26 MW
PR10-065-066-04 Ford Matilda 16 FB
PR07-049-050-34 Ford Sallie 21 FW
PL03-18-18-12 Forester Amanda 7 FW
PL03-18-18-14 Forester Elizabeth 35 FW
PL03-18-18-09 Forester G B 17 MW
PL03-18-18-13 Forester Jane 6 FW
PL03-18-18-11 Forester John T 10 MW
PL03-18-18-10 Forester Margurette 17 FW
MA10-80-80-29 Forsyth J H 25 MW
MA10-80-80-30 Forsyth Mary E 33 FW
MA10-80-80-31 Forsyth William 11 MW
RW05-36-37-34 Fortenbery Sherman 17 MW
MA08-61-61-19 Fortner Elsie 7 FB
MA08-61-61-18 Fortner Lucy 40 MB
MA08-61-61-17 Fortner Wm 60 MB
OW05-35-35-02 Foster Frances 16 MW
RW07-51-51-28 Foster Jacob P 30 MW
OW05-35-35-01 Foster Lewis 11 MW
OW04-35-35-40 Foster Mary 14 FW
OW05-35-35-03 Foster Viola M 1 FW
RW02-10-10-09 Fowler Harriet 22 FW
RW01-08-08-36 Fowler Harriet E 9 FW
RW01-08-08-34 Fowler Joseph J 33 MW
RW01-08-08-35 Fowler Susan 28 FW
RW01-08-08-37 Fowler Susan F 4 FW
PL07-54-54-40 Freeman Matilda 9 FW
PL01-01-01-04 Fuell John A 2 MW
PL01-01-01-01 Fuell John H 33 MW
PL01-01-01-02 Fuell Manerva 27 FW
PL01-01-01-03 Fuell William 6 MW
PL05-37-37-27 Fulgham Ann 40 FW
RW09-69-69-39 Fulgham Christopher C 23 MW
RW09-69-69-40 Fulgham Elizabeth 8 FW
RW10-69-69-02 Fulgham Geo W 10 MW
RW09-69-69-38 Fulgham John 52 MW
RW10-69-69-03 Fulgham John D 13 MW
RW10-69-69-01 Fulgham Martha A 16 FW
PL07-54-54-39 Furgason Ida M 1 FW
PL07-54-54-37 Furgason James 24 MW
PL07-54-54-38 Furgason Margarette 20 FW
PL11-77-77-06 Furguson Eliza 10 FW
PL11-77-77-03 Furguson Elizabeth 16 FW
PL11-77-77-08 Furguson Garilda 8 FW
PL11-77-77-09 Furguson George 6 MW
PL11-77-77-07 Furguson Isabell 9 FW
PL11-77-77-01 Furguson John 63 MW
PL11-77-77-04 Furguson John 13 MW
PL11-77-77-02 Furguson Rebecca 47 FW
PL11-77-77-05 Furguson William 12 MW
PR20-138-138-07 Furlow Maria 55 FW
PR20-138-138-09 Furlow Mary W 15 FW
PR20-138-138-06 Furlow Thomas 59 MW
PR20-138-138-08 Furlow Thos J 20 MW
PR19-132-132-12 Games Elijah 5 MW
PR19-132-132-10 Games Elizabeth 44 FW
PR19-132-132-11 Games John W 9 MW
PR19-132-132-09 Games Riley 62 MW
MA07-52-52-11 Ganst John 20 MW
MA07-52-52-12 Ganst Louisa 21 FW
MA07-51-51-10 Ganst Mary 19 FW
MI02-13-14-32 Garner Willis 29 MW
PR21-148-147-27 Gates Elijah 8 MM
PR24-167-166-04 Gates Elizabeth 45 FW
PR24-167-166-06 Gates Ellen J 18 FW
PR20-140-139-14 Gates Hanna 23 FB
PR20-140-139-15 Gates James 2 MM
PR24-167-166-05 Gates John W 22 MW
PR24-167-166-09 Gates Josiah 6 MW
PR24-167-166-08 Gates Mary A 7 FW
PR24-167-166-07 Gates Rebecca 12 FW
PR24-167-166-10 Gates Robert 15 MW
PR24-166-165-03 Gates Sidney 26 MB
PR04-029-029-31 Gates William 24 MW
RW06-45-46-36 Gatewood Fayette 20 MB
MA05-34-34-11 George John W 8 MW
MA05-34-34-08 George L A 39 FW
MA05-34-34-10 George Margaret 11 FW
MA05-34-34-09 George Silas 14 MW
MI05-31-33-07 Gibson James 35 MW
MI05-31-33-09 Gibson Mary 4 FW
MI05-31-33-10 Gibson Sofronia 2 FW
MI05-31-33-08 Gibson Victoria 27 FW
PR32-220-220-06 Gilbreath Geo W 23 MW
PR32-220-220-07 Gilbreath Phoebe A 17 FW
PR15-106-106-13 Gillum Charles M 10 MW
PR15-106-106-11 Gillum Mary A 34 FW
PR15-106-106-12 Gillum Susan J 13 FW
PR15-106-106-14 Gillum Virginia 3 FW
RW07-48-48-08 Gist Geo N 23 MW
RW07-48-48-09 Gist Savanna 18 FW
OW13-95-97-02 Gladden Ann 41 FW
OW13-95-97-03 Gladden James H 14 MW
OW13-95-97-01 Gladden M R 44 MW
MA05-33-33-03 Glaze J R 11 MW
MA05-33-33-04 Glaze John C 9 MW
MA05-33-33-06 Glaze Lilly 3 FW
MA05-33-33-05 Glaze Nannie 7 FW
MA05-33-33-01 Glaze S 35 MW
MA05-33-33-02 Glaze Sarah 28 FW
MA05-33-33-07 Glaze Tommie 1/12 FW
PR27-187-186-19 Glover Celia 24 FW
PR25-175-174-20 Glover Edmund 14 MW
PR14-097-097-06 Glover Elisabeth 20 FW
PR17-122-122-28 Glover Geo W 33 MW
PR17-122-122-34 Glover Geo W 8 MW
PR25-175-174-19 Glover George 18 MW
RW11-77-77-01 Glover Hardy 40 MW
PR25-179-178-37 Glover Henry C 20 MW
PR31-217-216-26 Glover Henry E 3 MW
PR25-177-176-30 Glover Jas M 17 MW
PR25-176-175-24 Glover Jas N 25 MW
PR25-177-176-27 Glover Jas W 48 MW
PR31-217-216-24 Glover Jessie F 29 MW
RW11-77-77-04 Glover John 11 MW
PR14-097-097-05 Glover John E 24 MW
PR17-122-122-31 Glover John H 11 MW
PR25-177-176-31 Glover John H 15 MW
PR25-176-175-26 Glover John L 6/12 MW
RW11-77-77-07 Glover Joseph 2 MW
PR25-175-174-22 Glover Lavinia 10 FW
RW11-77-77-05 Glover Louisa 10 FW
PR25-179-178-38 Glover Lucinda 19 FW
PR25-177-176-33 Glover Lucy M 4 FW
PR14-097-097-07 Glover Luellen 2 FW
PR17-122-122-30 Glover Margaret 12 FW
PR31-217-216-25 Glover Martha 28 FW
PR27-186-185-05 Glover Martha E 5 FW
PR25-176-175-25 Glover Mary 17 FW
RW11-77-77-06 Glover Mary 7 FW
PR25-175-174-18 Glover Mary E 47 FW
PR17-122-122-33 Glover Mary J 4 FW
PR25-177-176-28 Glover Mary J 38 FW
RW11-77-77-03 Glover Melissa 15 FW
PR25-175-174-21 Glover Monroe 11 MW
RW11-77-77-02 Glover Nancy 40 FW
RW11-77-77-08 Glover No Given Name 4/12 FW
PR17-122-122-32 Glover Peter M 9 MW
PR27-186-185-02 Glover Samuel 42 MW
PR27-186-185-04 Glover Samuel S 10 MW
PR17-122-122-29 Glover Sarah E 30 FW
PR25-177-176-32 Glover Sarah J 10 FW
PR27-186-185-03 Glover Sarah J 30 FW
PR27-186-185-06 Glover Vina E 1 FW
PR25-175-174-23 Glover Wiley A 8 MW
PR25-179-178-39 Glover William 7/12 MW
PR25-177-176-29 Glover Wm E 20 MW
PR25-175-174-17 Glover Wm N 52 MW
RW05-35-36-26 Goble Abraham B 25 MW
PR13-091-091-18 Golaher Andrew 7 MW
PR13-091-091-16 Golaher Benjamin 3 MW
PR13-091-091-09 Golaher Bluferd 49 MW
PR13-091-091-19 Golaher Charles 4 MW
PR13-091-091-12 Golaher Dolly L 11 FW
PR13-091-091-15 Golaher Henry 5 MW
PR13-091-091-14 Golaher John 7 MW
PR13-091-091-13 Golaher Martha 9 FW
PR13-091-091-11 Golaher Mary R 13 FW
PR13-091-091-10 Golaher Mervina C 35 FW
PR13-091-091-17 Golaher Tipton 2 MW
PR21-150-149-36 Gooch Geo W 37 MW
PR21-150-149-37 Gooch Mary A 30 FW
PR21-150-149-39 Gooch Mary E 15 FW
PR21-150-149-40 Gooch Sarah P 3 FW
PR21-150-149-38 Gooch William A 4 MW
PR28-195-194-19 Gooding Charles 6 MB
RW01-04-04-15 Goodrain Chas 37 MB
PR32-221-221-20 Goodrain Jane 21 FB
RW01-04-04-16 Goodrain Kate 29 FB
RW01-04-04-17 Goodrain Mary 9 FB
PR32-221-221-21 Goodram Viney 1 FB
OW05-37-37-09 Goodson Albert 3 MW
OW05-38-38-16 Goodson Albert 2 MW
OW05-38-38-15 Goodson Amanda 14 FW
OW05-40-40-20 Goodson Catherine 20 FW
OW05-37-37-08 Goodson Clarissa 19 FW
OW05-38-38-11 Goodson Eliza 57 FW
OW05-38-38-12 Goodson J A 23 MW
OW05-38-38-10 Goodson J T 38 MW
OW05-37-37-07 Goodson Jacob 29 MW
OW05-38-38-14 Goodson Mack 18 MW
OW05-40-40-19 Goodson Nathan 22 MW
OW05-38-38-13 Goodson Sanford 20 MW
PR07-046-047-16 Goole Charles 40 MW
PR16-112-112-07 Gragg Manirvia 44 FW
PR16-112-112-08 Gragg Mary E 4 FW
PR16-112-112-06 Gragg Reason M 38 MW
PL08-55-55-03 Gragham Ben F 14 MW
PL08-55-55-02 Gragham Eliza 36 FW
PL08-56-56-06 Gragham John 25 MW
PL08-55-55-05 Gragham Lucinda 4 FW
PL08-55-55-04 Gragham Mary Ann 12 FW
PL08-56-56-07 Gragham Talby 2 MW
PL08-55-55-01 Gragham W H 53 MW
RW06-40-41-09 Gray Alfred 38 MM
RW06-40-41-10 Gray Ann 32 FM
PR04-026-026-07 Gray Cicely 24 FW
RW08-54-54-01 Gray Elisabeth 53 FW
RW06-40-41-11 Gray Emma 3 FM
RW08-54-54-02 Gray Henry G 20 MB
PR01-003-003-12 Gray Jackson 45 MW
PL11-82-82-29 Green G N 34 MW
PL11-82-82-30 Green Margarett 2 FW
PL11-82-82-31 Green Sarah 9/12 FW
OW13-99-101-23 Green Toney 35 MB
RW04-25-26-20 Greer Elisabeth 25 FW
RW04-25-26-21 Greer Louisa N A 1 FW
PR29-202-201-08 Griffin Alfred 50 MB
PR29-202-201-12 Griffin Charles 2 MB
PR29-202-201-10 Griffin Eliza 20 FB
PR29-202-201-09 Griffin Ellen 40 FB
PR29-202-201-11 Griffin Fannie 3 FB
OW01-06-06-25 Griffith Aurene 47 FW
PL07-52-52-31 Griffith Ben F 22 MW
PL07-52-52-29 Griffith C L 18 MW
OW01-06-06-29 Griffith Catherine 3 FW
OW01-06-06-28 Griffith Cynthia 10 FW
OW01-06-06-24 Griffith Jesse 50 MW
OW01-06-06-27 Griffith Laura F 13 FW
OW01-06-06-26 Griffith Thomas J 21 MW
PL07-52-52-30 Griffith Z E 13 FW
MA07-50-50-05 Grosber Jane 15 FB
RW07-49-49-17 Gunn Clarinda 11 FW
RW07-49-49-11 Gunn Elisha 58 MW
RW07-49-49-14 Gunn Elisha D 20 MW
RW07-49-49-13 Gunn Martha J 25 FW
RW07-49-49-12 Gunn Matilda 54 FW
RW07-49-49-16 Gunn Melina M 15 FW
RW07-49-49-15 Gunn Nathan H 17 MW
RW07-50-50-21 Gurin Chas S 2/12 MW
RW07-50-50-18 Gurin Geo S 28 MW
RW07-50-50-19 Gurin Lucretia 3 FW
RW07-50-50-20 Gurin Thomas G 2/12 MW
RW06-46-47-40 Gurtier Alice 9 FM
RW07-46-47-01 Gurtier Burley 7 MM
RW06-46-47-37 Gurtier C______ 31 MB
RW06-46-47-38 Gurtier Caroline 34 FM
RW07-46-47-05 Gurtier Dublin 9/12 MM
RW06-46-47-39 Gurtier Elisabeth 16 FM
RW07-46-47-04 Gurtier James 4 MM
RW07-46-47-03 Gurtier Moses 5 MM
RW07-46-47-02 Gurtier Virgil 6 MM
OW01-08-08-36 Hall Amelia 31 FB
OW01-08-08-38 Hall Davis 3 MB
OW01-08-08-35 Hall John 49 MB
OW01-08-08-37 Hall Warren 7 MB
OW13-97-99-13 Ham G W 26 MW
OW13-97-99-15 Ham James 3 MW
OW13-97-99-14 Ham Mary E 22 FW
OW13-97-99-16 Ham Wm 7/12 MW
PL07-47-47-04 Hancock Hallie 5/12 MW
PL07-47-47-05 Hancock Mary 8 FW
PL07-47-47-02 Hancock Matilda B 24 FW
PL07-47-47-01 Hancock W H 34 MW
PL07-47-47-03 Hancock Willy L 7 MW
MA07-55-55-22 Hand Jno L 12 MW
MA07-55-55-23 Hand William 10 MW
OW11-87-89-27 Haney Julia 7 FW
MA07-49-49-02 Hanly Eliza H 16 FW
OW06-45-45-01 Hard Sarah W 18 FW
PL09-68-68-27 Hardcastle Cathrine 2 FW
PL09-68-68-22 Hardcastle J L 29 MW
PL09-68-68-28 Hardcastle John 5/12 MW
PL09-68-68-23 Hardcastle Margarette 29 FW
PL09-68-68-25 Hardcastle Martha 5 FW
PL09-68-68-26 Hardcastle Mary 3 FW
PL09-68-68-24 Hardcastle Sarah E 9 FW
PL09-63-63-02 Hardin Amanda 4 FW
PL08-63-63-37 Hardin Elvira 49 FW
PL08-63-63-40 Hardin Evaline 15 FW
PL08-63-63-39 Hardin Tally 17 FW
PL08-63-63-38 Hardin Washington 21 MW
PL09-63-63-01 Hardin William 14 MW
RW06-43-44-29 Harper Frances 65 FB
RW06-43-44-27 Harper Jos 33 MB
RW06-43-44-28 Harper Mary A 37 FB
PR27-188-187-22 Harrington Cornelia 15 FW
PR27-188-187-23 Harrington Luella M 11 FW
PR27-188-187-25 Harrington Mathias 7 MW
PR27-188-187-20 Harrington Matthew 54 MW
PR31-217-216-27 Harrington Melvina 22 FW
PR27-188-187-21 Harrington Nancy 47 FW
PR27-188-187-24 Harrington Tabitha T 9 FW
PR27-188-187-26 Harrington Wm J 19 MW
PR25-173-172-08 Harris Caroline 12 FW
PR25-173-172-07 Harris Chas R 14 MW
MA04-32-32-38 Harris Ellen C 13 FW
PR25-173-172-09 Harris Georgiana 9 FW
PR25-173-172-05 Harris Henry 17 MW
PR30-209-208-20 Harris Isard? 2 FW
MA04-32-32-37 Harris Kitty R 15 FW
PR25-173-172-04 Harris Maria 34 FW
PR25-173-172-10 Harris Martha E 6 FW
PR30-209-208-21 Harris Mary 10/12 FW
PR25-173-172-06 Harris Mary E 15 FW
MA04-32-32-36 Harris Nancy 37 FW
PR30-209-208-16 Harris Saml 30 MW
PR30-209-208-17 Harris Sarah 28 FW
PR30-209-208-18 Harris Taylor 9 MW
PR25-173-172-11 Harris William 3 MW
MA04-32-32-35 Harris Wm 47 MW
PR30-209-208-19 Harris Wm 5 MW
PR25-173-172-03 Harris Wm N 44 MW
PR05-034-034-18 Harrison Eli 14 MW
PR05-034-034-17 Harrison Ellen R 16 FW
PR05-034-034-16 Harrison Isabella 18 FW
PR05-034-034-15 Harrison Mary S 39 FW
PR05-034-034-19 Harrison Thos G 11 MW
PR28-200-199-40 Harrold Virginia 14 FW
RW06-45-46-34 Harshaw Ann 20 FB
RW06-45-46-35 Harshaw Charity 6/12 FB
RW06-45-46-33 Harshaw Jerry 25 MM
RW07-47-47-07 Harshaw Lucy 46 FB
PR11-080-080-24 Hart Jacob W 29 MW
MI05-30-32-03 Hartawa? Jake 33 MB
MI05-30-32-04 Hartawa? Kisiah 25 FB
MI05-30-32-06 Hartawa? Sallie 1 FB
MI05-30-32-05 Hartawa? Tom 5 MB
MI01-06-06-40 Haskill William 35 MW
MA04-28-28-16 Hawkins Eliza 23 FW
MA04-28-28-15 Hawkins J W 26 MW
OW11-88-90-29 Hawley Elvira 27 FW
OW11-88-90-30 Hawley James M 3 MW
OW11-88-90-28 Hawley Lewis 24 MW
OW11-88-90-31 Hawley Thomas B 1 MW
PR14-101-101-22 Hays Elisabeth 32 FW
PR14-101-101-21 Hays John W 22 MW
PL05-32-32-02 Hazel Sarah 50 FW
PL05-32-32-01 Hazel T K 60 MW
PL05-32-32-03 Hazel William 17 MW
PR19-133-133-19 Hendey Malissa 54 FW
PR07-046-047-19 Hendricks Andy 18 MB
PR07-046-047-21 Hendricks Carrie 14 FB
MI05-29-31-02 Hendricks Edward 8/12 MW
MI05-29-31-01 Hendricks Everette 3 MW
MI04-29-31-39 Hendricks H 28 MW
MI04-29-31-40 Hendricks Margarett 22 FW
PR07-046-047-20 Hendricks Richard 16 MB
PR26-180-179-02 Henry Lucy 26 FW
PR28-199-198-37 Henry Mary 28 FW
PR26-180-179-01 Henry Mary A 54 FW
PR26-180-179-03 Henry Olivia 19 FW
PR25-180-179-40 Henry Thomas 56 MW
PR28-200-199-38 Henry Wallace M 29 MW
PR15-109-109-30 Hensley Catherine 17 FW
PR15-109-109-26 Hensley Elizabeth 50 FW
PR15-109-109-27 Hensley Felicia A 26 FW
PR15-109-109-31 Hensley Harriet 15 FW
PR15-109-109-28 Hensley Jackson 25 MW
PR15-109-109-25 Hensley Jacob 63 MW
PR15-109-109-33 Hensley Martha 9 FW
PR15-109-109-29 Hensley Martin 21 MW
PR15-109-109-32 Hensley William 13 MW
PR09-059-060-06 Hester Benjamin L 2 MW
PR09-060-061-09 Hester Bradford 23 MW
PR09-060-061-07 Hester Bradford D 60 MW
PR09-060-061-10 Hester Dallas 21 MW
PR09-062-063-24 Hester George 6 MW
PR09-060-061-12 Hester Letha 12 FW
PR09-059-060-03 Hester Lewis 27 MW
PR09-062-063-23 Hester Mary 19 FW
PR09-059-060-04 Hester Mary A 20 FW
PR09-060-061-11 Hester Melissa 17 FW
PR09-060-061-08 Hester Priscilla 48 FW
PR09-059-060-05 Hester Robert A 3 MW
PR09-062-063-25 Hester Sallie 4 FW
PR09-060-061-13 Hester Sidney 9 MW
PR09-062-063-22 Hester William L 31 MW
PR03-022-022-19 Hicks Alice A 10 FW
PR03-022-022-18 Hicks George C 13 MW
PR25-178-177-34 Hicks Henry W 23 MW
PR26-184-183-26 Hicks Howell 58 MW
PR03-022-022-16 Hicks John T 34 MW
PR25-178-177-36 Hicks Lucinda 7/12 FW
PR03-022-022-21 Hicks Margarett 25 FW
PR25-178-177-35 Hicks Martha 23 FW
PR03-022-022-20 Hicks Martha E 8 FW
PR03-022-022-17 Hicks Mary J 32 FW
PR26-184-183-27 Hicks Rebecca 54 FW
PR26-184-183-30 Hicks Robert W 14 MW
PR26-184-183-29 Hicks Samuel B 16 MW
PR26-184-183-28 Hicks Tabitha A 23 FW
PR26-184-183-31 Hicks Virginia E 9 FW
PR11-082-082-33 High Alice 11 FW
PR11-082-082-31 High Dora 15 FW
PR11-082-082-36 High Fanny 3 FW
PR11-082-082-35 High Florence 6 FW
PR11-082-082-32 High George W 12 MW
PR11-082-082-30 High Hellen 37 FW
PR11-082-082-34 High Mattie 8 FW
PR11-082-082-29 High Wm T 39 MW
PR12-088-088-25 Hightower David J 39 MW
PR12-088-088-26 Hightower Martha J 37 FW
PR16-114-114-17 Hill Andrew J 15 MW
PR16-114-114-16 Hill Caroline 19 FW
PR16-115-115-23 Hill Elizabeth 16 FW
PR16-118-118-38 Hill Elizabeth 42 FW
PR16-114-114-21 Hill Harry 5 MW
OW11-87-89-22 Hill J J 20 MW
OW11-87-89-23 Hill Jane E 35 FW
PR17-118-118-06 Hill John R 2 MW
RW02-13-13-29 Hill Maria 80 FB
PR16-114-114-19 Hill Mary 9 FW
OW11-87-89-24 Hill Mary E 24 FW
PR17-118-118-03 Hill Mary E 13 FW
PR16-118-118-39 Hill Matthew J 21 MW
PR16-114-114-20 Hill Minerva 7 FW
PR16-114-114-15 Hill Nancy 37 FW
OW11-87-89-26 Hill Ophelia 15 FW
PR17-118-118-04 Hill Pleasant F 10 MW
OW11-87-89-25 Hill Rebecca 17 FW
PR17-118-118-02 Hill Richard H 14 MW
PR16-118-118-40 Hill Rutha N 17 FW
PR16-118-118-37 Hill Samuel 46 MW
PR17-118-118-05 Hill Samuel L 5 MW
PR17-118-118-01 Hill Sarah A 15 FW
PR16-114-114-18 Hill Susan 12 FW
PR16-115-115-22 Hill William 19 MW
PR16-114-114-14 Hill Wm C 54 MW
RW03-19-19-27 Hill Wm M 25 MW
PL06-40-40-09 Hingston Eliza 14 FW
PL06-40-40-10 Hingston Francis 12 FW
PL06-40-40-08 Hingston Robert 16 MW
PR18-126-126-18 Hitchcock Benj 19 MW
PR18-126-126-22 Hitchcock James 18 MW
PR18-126-126-19 Hitchcock Jas J 49 MW
PR18-126-126-21 Hitchcock John A 22 MW
PR18-126-126-26 Hitchcock Margarett 8 FW
PR18-126-126-27 Hitchcock Martha A 5 FW
PR18-126-126-23 Hitchcock Mary J 14 FW
PR18-126-126-25 Hitchcock Rosana O 10 FW
PR18-126-126-24 Hitchcock Sarah E 11 FW
PR18-126-126-20 Hitchcock Sarah J 47 FW
PR08-055-056-22 Hodges Ann E 4 FW
PR08-055-056-21 Hodges Beverly F 11 MW
PR08-055-056-20 Hodges David P 12 MW
PR08-055-056-17 Hodges Mary 46 FW
PR08-055-056-18 Hodges Mary D 16 FW
PR08-055-056-16 Hodges Wm R 53 MW
PR08-055-056-19 Hodges Wm R 13 MW
PR17-119-119-08 Hoggard Adeline 22 FW
PR17-120-120-17 Hoggard Agatha 9 FW
PR17-120-120-16 Hoggard Ann E 12 FW
PR17-120-120-13 Hoggard Beas S 21 MW
PR17-120-120-14 Hoggard Benjamin 19 MW
PR16-116-116-25 Hoggard Bettie 21 FW
PR17-120-120-15 Hoggard Exer 14 FW
PR17-120-120-20 Hoggard George 2 MW
PR17-120-120-12 Hoggard Hasty 45 FW
PR16-116-116-24 Hoggard Jas C 24 MW
PR17-119-119-07 Hoggard John G 27 MW
PR16-116-116-26 Hoggard Martha 70 FW
PR17-120-120-18 Hoggard Mary L 6 FW
PR17-120-120-11 Hoggard Pleasant 45 MW
PR17-119-119-09 Hoggard Susan A 5/12 FW
PR17-120-120-19 Hoggard William A 4 MW
OW06-47-47-13 Holamback C______ 10 FW
OW06-47-47-10 Holamback Elizabeth 16 FW
OW06-47-47-09 Holamback M 35 FW
OW06-47-47-11 Holamback Mary J 14 FW
OW06-47-47-12 Holamback Thomas 12 MW
OW06-47-47-14 Holamback William 7 MW
MA01-04-04-15 Holladay Abigail 14 FW
MA01-04-04-11 Holladay C C 37 MW
MA01-04-04-17 Holladay Daniel W 10 MW
MA01-04-04-16 Holladay James 10 MW
MA01-04-04-19 Holladay John B 5 MW
MA01-04-04-12 Holladay Leizsa 35 FW
MA01-04-04-20 Holladay Margaret 3 FW
MA01-04-04-14 Holladay Powell 15 MW
MA01-04-04-21 Holladay Robert 1 MW
MA01-04-04-18 Holladay Sarah E 7 FW
MA01-04-04-13 Holladay Thomas 16 MW
MI01-06-06-33 Holland Amanda 15 FW
MI01-06-06-35 Holland John 14 MW
MI01-06-06-34 Holland Loragorda 16 FW
MI01-06-06-32 Holland T W 37 MW
MI01-06-06-36 Holland William 12 MW
OW04-31-31-16 Holmes Charles A 8/12 MW
OW04-31-31-15 Holmes Nancy 40 FW
OW04-31-31-14 Holmes T 35 MW
PL09-64-64-07 Holtzman Eliza 18 FW
PL08-60-60-23 Hooper Francis 14 FW
PL08-60-60-25 Hooper James 5 MW
PL08-60-60-24 Hooper John 12 MW
PL08-60-60-21 Hooper Marcena 39 FW
PL08-60-60-20 Hooper R O 38 MW
PL08-60-60-26 Hooper Richard 3 MW
PL08-60-60-22 Hooper William 16 MW
PR30-211-210-39 Hopper Eliza J 20 FW
PR30-211-210-38 Hopper Richard W 22 MW
PR30-211-210-37 Hopper Wm A 24 MW
PL01-02-02-11 Horn Kisiah 7 MW
PL01-02-02-10 Horn Martha 12 FW
PL01-02-02-12 Horn Thadrins 5 MW
MI02-07-07-03 Horton Emma C 16 FW
MI02-07-07-01 Horton John 19 MW
MI02-07-07-02 Horton Narcissa 20 FW
OW07-53-53-03 Houpt Frederick A 4 MW
OW07-53-53-05 Houpt Gustavus 50 MW
OW07-53-53-04 Houpt Lizzie 2 FW
OW07-53-53-02 Houpts Catherine 28 FW
OW07-53-53-01 Houpts F A 35 MW
PL05-34-34-08 House Edgar M 3 MW
PL05-34-34-06 House J B 24 MW
PL05-34-34-07 House Mary 24 FW
PR22-151-150-03 Howell Ada 2 FW
PR20-139-139-12 Howell Boze A 23 MW
PR20-139-139-10 Howell Dread 56 MW
PR22-151-150-04 Howell Emmett 8/12 MW
PR20-139-139-11 Howell Jeanetta 52 FW
PR22-151-150-01 Howell Jno B 28 MW
PR24-170-169-24 Howell Marietta 3 FW
PR22-151-150-05 Howell Pinckney 18 MW
PR24-170-169-23 Howell Rebecca 23 FW
PR22-151-150-02 Howell Rebecca J 24 FW
PR24-170-169-22 Howell Richard 25 MW
PR24-170-169-25 Howell Robert L 1 MW
PR20-139-139-13 Howell Turner 58 MW
OW04-31-31-18 Hudson C H 36 MW
OW06-52-52-40 Huff Marcus 5 MW
OW06-52-52-39 Huff Margarett 22 FW
OW06-52-52-38 Huff W D 28 MW
PL09-66-66-14 Hughs Amanda 3 FW
PL09-66-66-13 Hughs Eliza 26 MW (FW)
PL09-66-66-12 Hughs Frank 28 MW
PL09-66-66-15 Hughs Thomas 3/12 MW
RW04-23-24-11 Hulsey Cynthia 50 FW
RW04-23-24-13 Hulsey Gilbert 12 MW
RW04-23-24-12 Hulsey Jas A 16 MW
RW04-23-24-14 Hulsey Wm T 7 MW
PR23-159-158-14 Humphries Mary 22 FW
PR23-159-158-15 Humphries Richd 4 MW
PR23-159-158-13 Humphries Thos 28 MW
MA08-58-58-01 Hutchinson Catherina 15 FW
OW10-77-77-05 Hutchinson H 55 FW
MA07-58-58-38 Hutchinson J C 42 MW
MA07-58-58-39 Hutchinson J M 38 MW
OW10-77-77-06 Hutchinson James D 22 MW
MA08-58-58-02 Hutchinson Joseph 11 MW
MA08-58-58-04 Hutchinson Luke 3 MW
MA08-58-58-03 Hutchinson Mary 7 FW
MA07-58-58-40 Hutchinson Thomas 18 MW

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