for I-L

Note that Payatte Twp. isn't listed because it was too light and faint to read.

MA05-39-39-32 Inman ? 30 FW
MA05-39-39-34 Inman Alice 10 FW
MA05-39-39-35 Inman Jefferson 5 MW
MA05-39-39-36 Inman Mary 2 FW
MA05-39-39-31 Inman R 29 MW
MA05-39-39-33 Inman William 11 MW
PR20-143-142-29 Irvin Catherine 16 FW
PR20-143-142-27 Irvin James 26 MW
PR20-143-142-28 Irvin Jane 30 FW
PR20-137-137-01 Irving Esther 39 FW
PR20-137-137-05 Irving Jennie 3 MW
PL02-10-10-06 Irving Joseph 4 MW
PL02-10-10-05 Irving Mary 26 FW
PR20-137-137-03 Irving Mary 10 FW
PL02-10-10-07 Irving Nelly 1 FW
PL02-10-10-04 Irving R M 46 MW
PR20-137-137-04 Irving Tennessee 5 FW
PR20-137-137-02 Irving Thomas 13 MW
PR03-023-023-27 Irwin John 21 MW
PR09-063-064-33 Jackson Benjamin 2 MW
RW08-54-54-03 Jackson Elisabeth 7 FW
PR09-063-064-30 Jackson Franklin 8 MW
RW08-55-55-07 Jackson George W 13 MW
PR09-063-064-29 Jackson Henry 13 MW
PR09-063-064-32 Jackson Jacob 4 MW
RW08-56-56-10 Jackson James A 1 MW
RW08-56-56-11 Jackson John W 11 MW
PR09-063-064-27 Jackson Leander 35 FW
PR09-063-064-26 Jackson Lemuel MW
PR09-063-064-28 Jackson Mary E 16 FW
PR09-063-064-31 Jackson Patsy 6 FW
RW08-56-56-09 Jackson Sarah C 19 FW
PR06-043-044-38 Jackson William 24 MB
RW08-56-56-08 Jackson Wm A 24 MW
RW08-55-55-06 Jackson Wm E 15 MW
MI05-33-35-23 Jaggers Adaline 3/12 FW
MI05-33-35-19 Jaggers John J 36 MW
MI05-33-35-20 Jaggers Martha 27 FW
MI05-33-35-21 Jaggers Mary 9 FW
MI05-33-35-22 Jaggers Susan 2 FW
MA06-47-47-32 James William 22 MW
PR14-096-096-02 Jeffers Adeline 34 FW
PR14-096-096-01 Jeffers Wm 50 MW
MA03-18-18-07 Jenkins Andrew 12 MW
MA03-18-18-08 Jenkins John 4 MW
PR10-070-071-21 Jenkins Leander 37 MW
MA05-40-40-37 Jenkins M 65 FW
PR10-070-071-22 Jenkins Mary E 31 FW
MA03-18-18-06 Jenkins Melessa 33 FW
PR10-070-071-23 Jenkins Seyburn A 11 MW
MA06-49-49-39 Jennings G C 27 MW
MA06-49-49-40 Jennings Lonah C 21 FW
MA07-49-49-01 Jennings Margaret 58 FW
MA10-76-76-06 Jonagin J G 28 MW
MA10-76-76-08 Jonagin Julia 8/12 FW
MA10-76-76-07 Jonagin Sarah R 38 FW
PR31-214-213-11 Jones Abram 21 MB
PR18-128-128-34 Jones Andrew 22 MW
RW03-18-18-24 Jones Elisabeth 2/12 FW
MA07-50-50-04 Jones Ellen 17 FB
RW03-21-21-35 Jones Frank 18 MW
PR18-128-128-32 Jones Freeman 27 MW
RW01-06-06-26 Jones Hardy 25 MW
RW01-06-06-28 Jones Jacob H 2 MW
RW03-18-18-19 Jones James F 15 MW
PR30-209-208-22 Jones Jas A 53 MW
MA07-50-50-03 Jones Jeff 26 MB
RW03-18-18-21 Jones John H 11 MW
MA06-45-45-24 Jones Jos J 36 MW
RW03-18-18-23 Jones Josaphine 2 FW
RW03-18-18-18 Jones Josephine 32 FW
RW03-21-21-36 Jones Lannie 11 MW
PR18-128-128-33 Jones Laura A 24 FW
RW01-06-06-27 Jones Louisa 23 FW
PR18-128-128-31 Jones Mary 55 MW
RW03-21-21-38 Jones Mary E 28 FW
RW03-21-21-37 Jones Nancy M 2 FW
PR18-128-128-35 Jones Sidney 19 MW
RW03-18-18-20 Jones Thomas 13 MW
RW03-18-18-22 Jones Warren J 4 MW
RW03-18-18-25 Jones Wm 76 MW
RW01-06-06-29 Jones Wm A 4/12 MW
RW03-21-21-34 Jones Wm N 20 MW
RW03-18-18-17 Jones Wm R 35 MW
PR20-144-143-30 Jordan Benj E 48 MW
PR20-144-143-37 Jordan Benjamin 3 MW
PR20-144-143-31 Jordan Elizabeth 35 FW
PR20-144-143-32 Jordan James 21 MW
PR20-144-143-35 Jordan Mary E 9 FW
PR20-144-143-36 Jordan Morgan 4 FW
PR20-144-143-33 Jordan Nora 17 FW
PR20-144-143-34 Jordan Sarah 14 FW
PR30-207-206-04 Josey Rufus 20 MW
OW07-54-54-09 Joyce John 10/12 MW
OW07-54-54-08 Joyce Mary 3 FW
OW07-54-54-07 Joyce Matilda 20 FW
OW07-54-54-06 Joyce Wm 26 MW
OW06-51-51-35 Kane Rebecca 8 FW
PL02-12-12-18 Kato Geo 14 MW
PL02-12-12-19 Kato Jane 10 FW
PL03-16-16-02 Kato William 19 MW
MA06-46-46-26 Keeth Ann 57 FW
MA09-67-67-04 Keith Ann 57 FW
RW10-74-74-27 Kelley Henry 40 MW
RW10-74-74-29 Kelley James 15 MW
RW10-74-74-30 Kelley Julia 14 FW
RW10-74-74-32 Kelley Lorenza 5/12 MW
RW10-74-74-28 Kelley Mary 21 FW
RW10-74-74-31 Kelley William 12 MW
PL06-46-46-35 Kelsey Amanda 20 FW
PL05-36-36-17 Kelsey Butcher Eliza 19 FW
PL06-46-46-37 Kelsey Dora 1 FW
PL05-36-36-16 Kelsey Elizabeth 28 FW
PL05-36-36-15 Kelsey J R 33 MW
PL06-46-46-36 Kelsey Johnathan R 4 MW
PL06-46-46-34 Kelsey Samuel 38 MW
MA06-45-45-21 Kennedy A J 2 FW
RW09-66-66-27 Kennedy Aley F 22 FW
OW09-71-71-16 Kennedy Green 28 MW
OW09-71-71-18 Kennedy James 2 MW
PR30-210-209-25 Kennedy John D 22 MW
RW09-66-66-26 Kennedy John W 21 MW
MA06-45-45-23 Kennedy Kate L 2/12 FW
MA06-45-45-22 Kennedy L__ Y 2/12 MW
PR30-210-209-26 Kennedy Margaret 17 FW
MA06-45-45-25 Kennedy Nancy 24 FW
MA06-45-45-18 Kennedy Penelope 33 FW
PR30-210-209-24 Kennedy Sarah F 24 FW
OW09-71-71-17 Kennedy Sarah J 22 FW
MA06-45-45-17 Kennedy W C 32 MW
OW09-71-71-19 Kennedy William 7/12 MW
RW09-66-66-28 Kennedy Wm F 5/12 MW
OW04-35-35-38 Kennelly Emily E 38 FW
OW04-35-35-37 Kennelly J P 59 MW
PR32-222-222-24 King Abigail 14 FW
PR24-168-167-15 King Amanda 12 FW
PR32-222-222-29 King Amos D 2 MW
PR32-222-222-22 King Ann D 33 MW
PR24-168-167-13 King Celia L 17 FW
PR32-222-222-23 King Dolly Ann 24 FW
PR32-223-223-37 King Elisabeth 70 FW
PR24-168-167-12 King Ellender 46 FW
PR24-168-167-16 King James 7 MW
PR32-222-222-28 King John W 3 MW
PR24-168-167-17 King Margaret 3 FW
PR32-222-222-27 King Martha E 8 FW
PR03-021-021-14 King Mary A 20 FW
PR24-168-167-11 King Mourole? 50 MW
PR24-168-167-14 King Rufus R 16 MW
PR32-222-222-26 King Sarah 10 FW
PR03-021-021-13 King Wm M 23 MW
PR32-222-222-25 King Zachary T 11 MW
PR02-018-018-39 Kirk Coleman 6 MB
PR02-018-018-40 Kirk Crittenden 2 MB
PR02-013-013-20 Kirk Geo J 29 MW
PR02-018-018-37 Kirk Manda 26 FB
PR02-018-018-38 Kirk Nora 8 FB
PR02-013-013-22 Kirk Saml H 67 MW
PR02-013-013-21 Kirk Samuel B 27 MW
PR02-013-013-19 Kirk Thomas M 40 MW
PR02-018-018-36 Kirk Wade 25 MM
PR07-046-047-22 Knte Charlotte 80 FB
PR07-046-047-18 Knte Eliza 24 FM
PR07-046-047-17 Knte John 29 MM
MA03-19-19-10 Lamb Larah 23 FW
MA03-19-19-09 Lamb William 20 MW
PR11-079-079-16 Lambert Amanda 26 FW
PR11-079-079-17 Lambert James 4 MW
PR11-079-079-15 Lambert Thos E 30 MW
MA07-55-55-24 Lanay Thos 20 MW
PL10-76-76-35 Landers Alex 12 MW
PL07-52-52-28 Landers Ben F 2 MW
PL07-52-52-25 Landers David 40 MW
PL07-52-52-26 Landers Elizabeth 25 FW
PL09-67-67-19 Landers George 11 MW
PL10-76-76-38 Landers Henry 1 MW
PL09-67-67-18 Landers Jane 13 FW
PL10-76-76-33 Landers Jane 16 FW
PL10-76-76-36 Landers Mike 4 MW
PL09-67-67-16 Landers Mitchell 58 MW
PL09-67-67-20 Landers Mitchell 8 MW
PL10-76-76-37 Landers Olly 3 MW
PL09-67-67-17 Landers Ollz 39 FW
PL07-52-52-27 Landers Robert B 13 MW
PL10-76-76-32 Landers Sarah 45 FW
PL09-67-67-21 Landers Thomas 7 MW
PL10-76-76-31 Landers William 51 MW
PL10-76-76-34 Landers Willis 14 MW
MA08-66-66-40 Lankford _anirtte 28 FW
PL03-24-24-35 Lankford B F 32 MW
PL03-24-24-39 Lankford Joel 3 MW
MA09-66-66-02 Lankford John 1 MW
PL03-24-24-38 Lankford John 6 MW
PL03-24-24-40 Lankford Mary 1 FW
MA09-66-66-01 Lankford Perry 10 MW
PR27-186-185-07 Lankford Stillwell 18 MW
PL03-24-24-36 Lankford Susan 29 FW
PL03-24-24-37 Lankford William 9 MW
MA08-66-66-39 Lankford Wm 30 MW
PR26-181-180-10 Lassiter Harriet 9 FW
PR26-181-180-08 Lassiter Jacob 18 MW
PR26-181-180-07 Lassiter James 19 MW
PR26-181-180-05 Lassiter Jessee 43 MW
PR26-181-180-12 Lassiter Jessie T 6 MW
PR26-181-180-09 Lassiter Margaret 12 FW
PR26-181-180-06 Lassiter Tabitha 44 FW
PR26-181-180-11 Lassiter Tabitha C 6 FW
PR21-149-148-34 Latten Green 18 MW
MA08-65-65-33 Laughlin Effie 1 FW
MA08-63-63-23 Laughlin J P 34 MW
MA08-65-65-32 Laughlin Lucy 23 FW
MA08-63-63-24 Laughlin Mary E 30 FW
MA08-65-65-31 Laughlin W W 23 MW
MA08-65-65-34 Laughlin William 2/12 MW
RW06-41-42-14 Lee Adeline 43 FW
PL07-51-51-21 Lee Brannon 24 MW
PL07-51-51-20 Lee Caroline 45 FW
PL07-51-51-22 Lee Celia Ann 16 FW
PL07-51-51-23 Lee Edna 15 FW
RW06-41-42-15 Lee Elisabeth 19 FW
MI04-25-27-18 Lee John 19 MW
RW06-41-42-13 Lee John 47 MW
RW06-41-42-18 Lee John T 13 MW
RW06-41-42-16 Lee Laura 17 FW
RW06-41-42-22 Lee Mattie O 4 FW
RW06-41-42-19 Lee Merinda 10 FW
PL07-51-51-24 Lee Robert 6 MW
MI04-25-27-19 Lee Rufus 17 MW
RW06-41-42-20 Lee Victoria 7 FW
RW06-41-42-21 Lee Violet 5 FW
RW06-41-42-17 Lee Wm C 15 MW
RW05-36-37-35 Leet Jno 10 MW
MI01-04-04-18 Lehimmi Appling F 71 MW
MI01-04-04-19 Lehimmi Augusta 37 FW
MI01-04-04-20 Lehimmi Bennit 15 MW
MI01-04-04-22 Lehimmi Louisa 10 FW
MI01-04-04-21 Lehimmi Otto 13 MW
MI01-04-04-24 Lehimmi Powell 4 MW
MI01-04-04-23 Lehimmi Robert 9 MW
PR05-036-036-27 Leigh Chas B 28 MW
PR05-036-036-30 Leigh Lilburn 20 MW
PR05-036-036-28 Leigh Melinda 17 FW
PR05-036-036-29 Leigh William 1 MW
PR13-093-093-23 Leming Alonzo 23 MW
PR13-093-093-25 Leming Oliver 12 MW
PR13-093-093-24 Leming Sarah A 40 FW
RW05-33-34-19 Lemoyen Henry L 3 MB
RW05-33-34-14 Lemoyen Jennie L 18 FB
RW05-33-34-18 Lemoyen John D A 6 MB
RW05-33-34-17 Lemoyen Mack 9 MB
RW05-33-34-15 Lemoyen Martha 16 MB
RW05-33-34-16 Lemoyen Mary M 10 FM
RW05-33-34-13 Lemoyen Melissa J 27 FM
RW05-33-34-12 Lemoyen Thos 47 MB
RW04-25-26-18 Lendermann Henry 60 MW
RW04-25-26-19 Lendermann Jas A 11 MW
PL04-26-26-06 Lenox John 21 MW
PL04-26-26-07 Lenox Permtha 20 FW
PR27-186-185-08 Leslie Martha 53 FW
MA05-36-36-21 Lester Amanda 45 FW
MA05-36-36-22 Lester Cass 17 MW
MA05-37-37-25 Lester Conzada 17 FW
MA05-37-37-24 Lester Geo W 23 MW
MA05-36-36-23 Lester James 12 MW
MI01-02-02-10 Lewis _____ Ann 10 FB
MI01-02-02-09 Lewis Anderson 29 MB
PL06-40-40-06 Lewis George 17 MW
MI01-02-02-07 Lewis Henry 60 MB
PL04-31-31-37 Lewis Jane 17 FW
PL07-52-52-32 Lewis John 22 MW
MA11-87-87-15 Lewis Louisa 19 FB
PL06-40-40-07 Lewis Lydia 2 FW
PL06-40-40-04 Lewis Mariah 37 FW
MA02-11-11-09 Lewis Mary 42 FW
MA02-11-11-11 Lewis May A 10 FW
PL06-40-40-05 Lewis Nancy E 16 FW
MI01-02-02-08 Lewis Rebecca E 36 FB
MA02-11-11-10 Lewis Thomas 13 MW
MA11-87-87-14 Lewis Wm 35 MB
RW05-29-30-01 Lindsay Doctor 14 MW
RW04-29-30-39 Lindsay Elisabeth 50 FW
RW04-29-30-40 Lindsay John 16 MW
RW04-29-30-38 Lindsay Wm 55 MW
MA04-32-32-39 Line Empty . .
MA04-32-32-40 Line Empty . .
OW08-66-66-40 Line Empty . .
OW11-89-91-40 Line Empty . .
OW12-94-96-39 Line Empty . .
OW12-94-96-40 Line Empty . .
PL06-46-46-40 Line Empty . .
PL10-76-76-39 Line Empty . .
PL10-76-76-40 Line Empty . .
PL11-83-83-39 Line Empty . .
PL11-83-83-40 Line Empty . .
PL07-49-49-14 Lines Malissa 62 FW
RW10-70-70-08 Little Henry E 7 MW
RW10-70-70-09 Little James 4 MW
RW10-70-70-06 Little Virginia 23 FW
RW10-71-71-15 Litton Charles 3 MW
RW10-71-71-16 Litton Geo W 9/12 MW
RW10-71-71-11 Litton George 41 MW
RW10-71-71-13 Litton James W 8 MW
RW10-71-71-14 Litton Laura L 6 FW
RW10-71-71-12 Litton Martha 25 FW
MA10-79-79-24 Locket A L 49 MW
MA10-79-79-26 Locket Fanny 1 FW
MA10-79-79-25 Locket Margaret 39 FW
MA10-79-79-27 Locket William 1 MW
RW04-28-29-37 Loke Anthony 27 MB
PR02-015-015-26 Long Belle 20 FW
PR03-019-019-02 Long Catherine 45 FW
PR24-168-167-18 Long Gabriel B 30 MW
PR03-019-019-01 Long James 54 MW
PR02-015-015-25 Long Jas 28 MW
PR03-019-019-04 Long Martha M 21 FW
PR03-019-019-03 Long Mary C 24 FW
PR03-019-019-05 Long Sarah N 8 FW
RW04-27-28-30 Love Gaston 19 MW
OW06-51-51-33 Loyd John 30 MW
OW06-51-51-34 Loyd Nancy 22 FW
RW01-05-05-20 Lunsford Emma J 3 FW
RW01-05-05-18 Lunsford Jessie S 28 MW
RW01-05-05-19 Lunsford Martha 20 FW
RW01-05-05-21 Lunsford Wm B 1 MW
RW01-05-05-22 Lunsford Wm M 22 MW

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