for Q-U

Note that Payatte Twp. isn't listed because it was too light and faint to read.

MI01-03-03-17 Quenett H 22 MW
OW12-94-96-35 Quinton Elizabeth 21 FW
OW12-94-96-34 Quinton James 30 MW
OW12-94-96-38 Quinton Mary 4/12 FW
OW12-94-96-36 Quinton Narcissa 4 FW
OW12-94-96-37 Quinton Susan 3 FW
MA06-43-43-10 Raberck Geo 35 MW
MA06-43-43-11 Raberck Mary 23 FW
MA06-43-43-12 Raberck Sarah 4 FW
PR02-016-016-31 Radiral Jane 21 FM
PR02-016-016-30 Radiral Silas 26 MB
RW05-35-36-30 Ragsdel Ped 23 MW
PL11-79-79-18 Rainsill Cynthia 34 FW
PL11-79-79-19 Rainsill L__y 12 FW
OW05-42-42-27 Rainwater M 35 MW
OW05-42-42-30 Rainwater Rosa 6 FW
OW05-42-42-28 Rainwater Victoria 27 FW
OW05-42-42-29 Rainwater Warren 9 MW
MA06-41-41-03 Ramey Anna 46 FW
MA04-26-26-09 Ramey Julia 15 FW
MA06-41-41-04 Ramey Julia 27 FW
MA04-30-30-32 Ramey Mary 10 FW
MA06-41-41-05 Ramey Mary 15 FW
MA04-30-30-31 Ramey Morrison 14 MW
MA06-41-41-07 Ramey Saml 12 MW
MA06-41-41-06 Ramey Sarah 13 FW
PR03-025-025-38 Raulston Jane 40 FW
PR04-025-025-01 Raulston Marion 16 MW
PR03-025-025-39 Raulston Martha 20 FW
PR03-025-025-37 Raulston Matthew 55 MW
PR03-025-025-40 Raulston Nancy J 18 FW
PR04-025-025-02 Raulston William 12 MW
PL09-65-65-11 Ready James 25 MW
MA06-48-48-37 Reed Andrew 4 MW
PR02-014-014-24 Reed Brantly 15 MW
PL12-87-87-24 Reed Cloe 22 FW
RW02-14-14-35 Reed Dora 3 FM
RW09-68-68-34 Reed Elisabeth 27 FW
PR02-014-014-23 Reed Eliza J 50 FW
RW06-39-40-07 Reed Esther 24 FB
RW09-68-68-37 Reed Fayette 13 MW
RW06-39-40-06 Reed Henry 35 MM
RW02-14-14-33 Reed Ida 8 FM
RW02-14-14-32 Reed John H 11 MM
PR16-116-116-27 Reed John R 23 MW
RW09-67-67-29 Reed John R 29 MW
MA06-48-48-38 Reed Louisa 1 FW
RW02-14-14-31 Reed Lucy 25 FM
RW09-67-67-30 Reed Manda 30 FW
RW09-68-68-36 Reed Manda 10/12 FW
PL12-87-87-23 Reed Margarette 57 FW
RW09-67-67-31 Reed Marietta 4 FW
RW09-67-67-32 Reed Martha R 2 FW
PL12-87-87-26 Reed Mary 14 MW
RW09-68-68-35 Reed Mary A 4 FW
MA06-48-48-36 Reed Milley 20 FW
PR16-116-116-28 Reed Sallie 17 FW
PL12-87-87-22 Reed Samuel 21 MW
RW02-14-14-34 Reed Samuel 6 MM
MA06-48-48-35 Reed Scott 30 MW
PL12-87-87-25 Reed Seth 16 MW
RW02-14-14-30 Reed Simpson 35 MM
RW06-39-40-08 Reed Starks 11 MM
RW09-68-68-33 Reed Wm T 27 MW
PR13-094-094-26 Reep Philip 73 MW
PR13-094-094-27 Reep Susanna 63 FW
PR01-005-005-24 Reid Sarah E 20 FW
PR01-005-005-25 Reid William 1/12 MW
PR01-005-005-23 Reid Wm T 25 MW
MA01-07-07-35 Remmington Celia 12 FB
MA01-06-06-33 Remmington Edward 2 1/2 MB
MA01-07-07-34 Remmington Jenkins D 22 MB
PL03-21-21-22 Renyolds Martha 26 FW
PL03-21-21-21 Renyolds R H 27 MW
MA09-68-68-08 Rhoads Abram 35 MB
MA09-68-68-12 Rhoads John 7/12 MB
MA09-68-68-11 Rhoads Marcy 4 FB
MA09-68-68-09 Rhoads Margaret 35 FB
MA09-68-68-10 Rhoads Mary 15 FB
MA06-44-44-15 Rice John 11 MW
MA06-44-44-16 Rice Josephine 1 FW
MA06-44-44-14 Rice Sophronia 33 FW
MA06-44-44-13 Rice William 36 MW
OW04-33-33-26 Richards David 33 MW
OW10-82-83-37 Richards Hannah 68 FW
OW04-33-33-30 Richards John D 2 MW
OW04-33-33-27 Richards Louisa C 29 FW
OW04-33-33-29 Richards Mary H 11 FW
OW04-33-33-31 Richards Noah L 3/12 MW
OW04-33-33-28 Richards William G 9 MW
PL08-59-59-17 Riffle Elizabeth 5 FW
PL08-59-59-15 Riffle Henry 35 MW
PL08-59-59-19 Riffle James 1/12 MW
PL08-59-59-18 Riffle John 2 MW
PL08-59-59-16 Riffle Martha 25 FW
OW01-04-04-21 Riger Aaron 65 MB
PR16-117-117-34 Riggs Fanny E 8 FW
PR16-117-117-29 Riggs Glisby 46 MW
PR16-117-117-35 Riggs Glisby 5 MW
PR16-117-117-31 Riggs John B 17 MW
PR16-117-117-30 Riggs Margaret 42 FW
PR16-117-117-33 Riggs Martha E 11 FW
PR16-117-117-36 Riggs Nancy V 3 FW
PR16-117-117-32 Riggs William M 16 MW
MA05-34-34-12 Rinze M J 41 FW
MA05-35-35-15 Robertson Amanda 7/12 FW
MA05-35-35-17 Robertson Cicero 16 MW
MA05-35-35-14 Robertson Eddie J 21 FW
MA05-35-35-18 Robertson Francis 14 MW
MA05-35-35-16 Robertson George 50 MW
MA05-35-35-13 Robertson H K 24 MW
MA05-35-35-20 Robertson Mentha 9 MW
MA01-01-01-01 Robertson Susan 32 FW
MA01-01-01-02 Robertson Westley 13 MW
MA05-35-35-19 Robertson Zack 12 MW
PR32-221-221-15 Robinson Cumberland 7 MW
PR04-028-028-21 Robinson Edward 3 MW
PR10-071-072-28 Robinson Ella 9 FW
PR16-111-111-05 Robinson Harriet C 12 FW
PR31-218-218-37 Robinson Henry J 5 MB
PR04-028-028-14 Robinson James 53 MW
PR04-028-028-17 Robinson James 12 MW
RW10-75-75-33 Robinson Jasper 32 MW
PR31-218-218-39 Robinson Jos L 6/12 MM
PR10-071-072-26 Robinson Joseph N 16 MW
PR32-221-221-13 Robinson Josiah 38 MW
PR04-028-028-22 Robinson Lucy E 1 FW
PR01-005-005-22 Robinson Lydia L 16 FW
PR04-028-028-16 Robinson Margaret 14 FW
PR31-218-218-38 Robinson Martha E 3 MM
PR32-221-221-16 Robinson Martin L 4 MW
PR31-218-218-36 Robinson Mary 27 FB
PR04-028-028-19 Robinson Mary A 8 FW
PR10-071-072-25 Robinson Mary E 40 FW
PR10-071-072-27 Robinson Mat 10 MW
PR04-028-028-15 Robinson Matilda 37 FW
RW10-75-75-34 Robinson Mattie 18 FW
PR10-071-072-30 Robinson Minnie 3 FW
PR32-221-221-17 Robinson Moses G 1 MW
PR10-071-072-29 Robinson Samuel 7 MW
PR04-028-028-20 Robinson Sarah C 6 FW
PR32-221-221-14 Robinson Viney 33 FW
PR10-071-072-24 Robinson W J 48 MW
PR31-218-218-35 Robinson Walker 30 MM
PR04-028-028-18 Robinson William F 10 MW
PR01-005-005-21 Robinson Wm H 48 MW
PR09-060-061-14 Rodgers Benjamin 23 MW
PR09-060-061-16 Rodgers Bradford 9/12 MW
PR09-060-061-15 Rodgers Minerva 19 FW
PR32-220-220-11 Rogers D____ M 19 MW
PR32-220-220-12 Rogers Martha 22 FW
MA09-72-72-27 Rogs Andrew 24 MB
MA09-72-72-29 Rogs Dulcia 2 FB
MA09-72-72-28 Rogs Philis 24 FB
MA08-58-58-05 Roland L L 15 MW
PR12-086-086-13 Rollins Alice 12 FW
PR13-090-090-03 Rollins Ann 11 FW
PR13-090-090-04 Rollins Clay 9 MW
PR12-090-090-38 Rollins Elisabeth 20 FW
PR13-090-090-07 Rollins Ella 2 FW
PR12-086-086-14 Rollins Emily 9 FW
PR13-090-090-06 Rollins Florence 4 FW
PR12-086-086-17 Rollins Frances 3 FW
PR13-090-090-01 Rollins Hazeltine 14 FW
PR12-086-086-10 Rollins James 21 MW
PR12-090-090-39 Rollins Jane 19 FW
PR12-086-086-15 Rollins John 7 MW
PR13-090-090-02 Rollins John H 12 MW
PR12-090-090-36 Rollins John S 38 MW
PR13-090-090-05 Rollins Louis 7 MW
PR12-090-090-40 Rollins M_____ 16 MW
PR12-086-086-16 Rollins Martha 5 FW
PR12-090-090-37 Rollins Martha 38 FW
PR12-086-086-09 Rollins Mary 38 FW
PR12-086-086-11 Rollins Mary E 17 FW
PR12-086-086-12 Rollins William 14 MW
PR12-086-086-08 Rollins Wm R 40 MW
PR23-162-161-24 Ross Elizabeth 20 FW
PR23-162-161-23 Ross Jno A 23 MW
PR23-161-160-21 Ross Maggie 9/12 FW
PR23-161-160-19 Ross Margaret N 33 FW
PR23-161-160-18 Ross Robt N 33 MW
PR23-161-160-20 Ross Samuel W 2 MW
OW09-74-74-31 Rowland Adaline 23 FW
OW10-79-80-19 Rowland Amy 8 FW
OW10-79-80-17 Rowland Caroline 30 FW
OW09-75-75-37 Rowland Joseph 18 MW
OW09-72-72-23 Rowland M A 13 FW
OW10-79-80-20 Rowland Martha 6 FW
OW09-74-74-30 Rowland R J 23 MW
OW09-74-74-33 Rowland Rebecca 6/12 FW
OW10-79-80-18 Rowland Rufus 10 MW
OW10-79-80-16 Rowland Willis 40 MW
OW09-74-74-32 Rowland Wm 3 MW
OW10-79-80-21 Rowland Wm 2 MW
MA03-24-24-35 Rush John 1 MW
MA03-24-24-34 Rush Mary 20 FW
MA03-24-24-33 Rush Thomas 24 MW
PL04-31-31-35 Russel Cinthia 63 FW
PL04-31-31-36 Russel William 45 MW
PR33-225-225-01 Russell Elijah 51 MW
PR33-225-225-04 Russell Ella 15 FW
PR33-225-225-03 Russell Henry L 19 MW
MA09-69-69-14 Russell Maggie 17 FB
PR33-225-225-02 Russell Nancy E 31 FW
PR33-225-225-05 Russell Oliver B 4 MW
MA09-69-69-13 Russell Sam 19 MB
PR33-225-225-06 Russell Walker 2 MW
MA04-29-29-21 S____ing Catherine 15 FW
MA04-29-29-18 S____ing Elizabeth 53 FW
MA04-29-29-20 S____ing Elizabeth 20 FW
MA04-29-29-17 S____ing John 58 MW
MA04-29-29-19 S____ing Louisa 28 FW
MA04-29-29-22 S____ing Martha 15 FW
PR28-191-190-04 Saddler Anna 7 FW
PR28-191-190-01 Saddler Martha 15 FW
PR28-191-190-02 Saddler Mary O 13 FW
PR28-191-190-05 Saddler Sarah H 5 FW
PR28-191-190-03 Saddler Virginia 10 FW
PR27-191-190-40 Sadler Edward 18 MW
PR27-191-190-39 Sadler Sarah J 33 FW
MA02-16-16-29 Sanl? Daniel K 54 MW
MA02-16-16-31 Sanl? Lamita? 15 FW
MA02-16-16-30 Sanl? Nancy 46 FW
MA02-10-10-07 Sassomar? J 35 MW
MA02-10-10-08 Sassomar? Myra 20 FW
OW11-89-91-39 Sauisar Anna 6 FW
OW11-89-91-34 Sauisar Emily T 16 FW
OW11-89-91-35 Sauisar Fred 13 MW
OW11-89-91-38 Sauisar Hulda 8 FW
OW11-89-91-36 Sauisar Lottie 12 FW
OW11-89-91-37 Sauisar Matilda 11 FW
OW11-89-91-32 Sauisar N M 47 MW
OW11-89-91-33 Sauisar R M 44 FW
PR31-218-217-28 Saunders Anderson 48 MB
PR31-218-217-31 Saunders Anthony 8 MB
PR31-218-217-34 Saunders Edmund L 3/12 MB
PR31-218-217-33 Saunders Henderson 3 MB
PR31-218-217-29 Saunders Jane 38 FB
PR32-221-221-18 Saunders Jno B 10 MW
PR31-218-217-30 Saunders Sarah 15 FB
PR31-218-217-32 Saunders Tillman 7 MB
PR32-220-220-08 Schrempshire Jas W 19 MW
PR32-220-220-09 Schrempshire Louisa 19 FW
PR32-220-220-10 Schrempshire Nancy 50 FW
OW06-46-46-07 Scofield Alfred 4 MW
OW06-46-46-05 Scofield D W 28 MW
OW06-46-46-06 Scofield Hannah 24 FW
OW06-46-46-08 Scofield James 1 MW
OW01-07-07-32 Scott Eliza 37 FW
OW01-09-09-40 Scott Eliza J 38 FW
OW02-09-09-01 Scott Horace 15 MW
OW01-07-07-34 Scott Lizzie 3 FW
MA06-45-45-19 Scott Mary J 12 FW
OW02-09-09-02 Scott Mary L 10 FW
OW01-07-07-31 Scott R H 50 MW
OW01-09-09-39 Scott R N 47 MW
OW01-07-07-33 Scott Robert 9 MW
OW02-09-09-03 Scott Robert J 2 MW
MA06-45-45-20 Scott William 10 MW
OW10-81-82-31 Self Malvina 12 FW
PL04-30-30-34 Sh_____ Jane 7 FW
PL04-30-30-32 Sh_____ Mary 30 FW
PL04-30-30-33 Sh_____ Susan 9 FW
PL06-42-42-24 Shaw Babe 8/12 MW
PL06-42-42-18 Shaw Ellen 17 FW
PL06-42-42-23 Shaw George Grant 4 MW
PL06-42-42-19 Shaw Moses F 15 MW
PL06-42-42-17 Shaw R B 40 FW
PL06-42-42-21 Shaw Robert B 10 MW
PL06-42-42-20 Shaw Sarah R 13 FW
PL06-42-42-22 Shaw William S 6 MW
PR12-088-088-27 Shepard Eliza F 14 FW
PR12-088-088-28 Shepard Thomas C 12 MW
OW10-79-80-22 Sheppard H 22 MW
PR32-222-222-30 Sherrill Josiah H 23 MW
RW07-51-51-25 Shields Mary 25 FW
RW07-51-51-27 Shields Paralee 1 FW
RW07-51-51-26 Shields Samuel 4 MW
PL10-72-72-13 Shirly Edward 6/12 MW
PL10-72-72-15 Shirly Elizabeth 40 FW
PL10-72-72-06 Shirly Jemima 35 FW
PL10-72-72-11 Shirly John 2 MW
PL10-72-72-07 Shirly Josephine 8 FW
PL10-72-72-05 Shirly M L 37 MW
PL10-72-72-14 Shirly Madison 6/12 MW
PL10-72-72-10 Shirly Robert 4 MW
PL10-72-72-08 Shirly Sarah 7 FW
PL10-72-72-09 Shirly William 5 MW
PL10-72-72-12 Shirly Woodman 6/12 MW
OW03-18-18-06 Shock Nancy 60 FW
PR18-126-126-09 Simmons Almeda 36 FW
PR18-126-126-10 Simmons Arabella 16 FW
PR18-126-126-14 Simmons Emmet 8 MW
PR18-126-126-12 Simmons Eugenia 12 FW
PR18-126-126-16 Simmons Irene 4 FW
PR18-126-126-11 Simmons James T 14 MW
PR18-126-126-15 Simmons John W 6 MW
PR18-126-126-17 Simmons Murilla 10/12 FW
PR18-126-126-13 Simmons Sammilla 10 FW
PR18-126-126-08 Simmons Wm B 39 MW
OW08-60-60-01 Simpson Adaline 10 FW
MA08-64-64-29 Simpson Fannie L 12 FW
OW08-64-64-19 Simpson Francis 9 FW
MA08-64-64-26 Simpson Jas 35 MW
OW08-64-64-22 Simpson John G 1 MW
OW08-64-64-20 Simpson Josephine 8 FW
MA08-64-64-28 Simpson Lewis 16 MW
OW08-64-64-18 Simpson Louisa 31 FW
OW08-64-64-21 Simpson Robert 4 MW
MA08-64-64-27 Simpson Sophia 35 FW
OW07-60-60-40 Simpson Thos 18 MW
OW08-64-64-17 Simpson W B 35 MW
MA08-64-64-30 Simpson Walter 5 MW
MA02-16-16-35 Singerty Ben 3 FW
MA02-16-16-34 Singerty Florence 9 FW
MA02-16-16-33 Singerty Jerome R 17 MW
MA02-16-16-32 Singerty May C 18 FW
OW02-11-11-12 Singley A L 25 MW
PR30-207-206-02 Skinner Melisia 20 FW
PR30-207-206-03 Skinner Oliver B 3/12 MW
PR30-207-206-01 Skinner Wiley 24 MW
MA06-40-40-01 Slater P C 2 MW
MA06-40-40-02 Slater Willie E 11/12 MW
MA11-85-85-06 Slocum Mary 18 FW
MA11-85-85-05 Slocum R W 23 MW
PR15-110-110-38 Smart Henry 18 MW
PR15-110-110-37 Smart Polly Ann 16 FW
OW03-17-17-01 Smith Abigal 9 FW
OW02-17-17-35 Smith Anna 34 FW
RW02-12-12-19 Smith Arthur 17 MB
OW02-17-17-34 Smith B 43 MW
PR20-141-140-16 Smith Barnet 56 MW
RW08-57-57-17 Smith Benjamin 4 MW
PR20-141-140-18 Smith Bettie 20 FW
PL01-03-03-18 Smith Charles 19 MW
PR11-083-083-38 Smith Christopher 40 MW
PR15-107-107-19 Smith Cynthia E 5/12 FW
RW08-57-57-12 Smith David 34 MW
OW04-32-32-22 Smith David B 16 MW
PR14-103-103-39 Smith Emma F 2 FW
RW08-57-57-18 Smith Eugenia 2 FW
PR17-124-124-37 Smith Eveline 53 FW
PR13-092-092-21 Smith George 13 MW
PR11-083-083-37 Smith Gustavs 37 MW
PL03-20-20-18 Smith H 43 MW
OW04-32-32-21 Smith Hannah E 15 FW
RW02-12-12-21 Smith Hildy 13 FB
OW04-32-32-19 Smith Holland 38 FW
RW08-57-57-14 Smith Ida 8 FW
MA04-26-26-08 Smith J M 23 MW
PR29-201-200-04 Smith James 9 MW
PR18-126-126-06 Smith Jane E 40 FW
OW04-32-32-23 Smith John F 14 MW
PR14-103-103-34 Smith John F 38 MW
PR17-124-124-38 Smith John N 20 MW
PR13-092-092-20 Smith John W 27 MW
OW02-17-17-38 Smith Lewis 15 MW
OW02-17-17-37 Smith Louisa 18 FW
PL03-20-20-19 Smith Louisa 28 FW
OW03-17-17-02 Smith Lucy 3 FW
PL03-20-20-20 Smith Madella 9 FW
PR14-103-103-36 Smith Marcus A 13 MW
RW02-12-12-20 Smith Marshal 16 MB
OW02-17-17-36 Smith Martha 20 FW
PR15-107-107-18 Smith Martha J 2 FW
OW02-17-17-39 Smith Mary 13 FW
PR20-141-140-17 Smith Mary 58 FW
OW04-32-32-24 Smith Mary A 12 FW
PR18-125-125-04 Smith Mary B 26 FW
RW08-57-57-13 Smith Mary F 30 FW
PR17-124-124-39 Smith Mary J 16 FW
PR18-126-126-07 Smith Mary J 13 FW
PR17-124-124-40 Smith Oliver O 14 MW
PR14-103-103-37 Smith Philip L 11 MW
PR13-092-092-22 Smith Robert 11 MW
RW08-57-57-16 Smith Robert 5 MW
PR20-141-140-19 Smith Samuel 15 MW
PR14-103-103-35 Smith Sarah 34 FW
PR29-201-200-03 Smith Sarah 38 FW
PR15-107-107-16 Smith Sarah A 24 FW
PR11-083-083-39 Smith Sarah J E 42 FW
PR18-125-125-03 Smith Simon T 38 MW
PR18-125-125-02 Smith Stephen 68 MW
PR18-126-126-05 Smith Stephen M 39 MW
PR15-107-107-17 Smith Susan M 3 FW
OW02-17-17-40 Smith Thomas 11 MW
OW04-32-32-25 Smith Thomas 10 MW
PR18-124-124-01 Smith Thos J 10 MW
RW02-12-12-22 Smith Viney 10 FB
OW03-17-17-03 Smith William 2/12 MW
RW08-57-57-15 Smith William 7 MW
PR29-201-200-05 Smith Wm 3 MW
OW04-32-32-20 Smith Wm A 19 FW (MW)
PR29-201-200-02 Smith Wm A 47 MW
PR15-107-107-15 Smith Wm M 30 MW
PR14-103-103-38 Smith Wm S 9 MW
PR08-053-054-06 Smithy Alfred P 24 MW
PR08-053-054-07 Smithy Ellen 20 MW
PR08-051-052-02 Smithy Joseph 1 MW
PR08-051-052-01 Smithy Laura 2 FW
PR07-051-052-40 Smithy Martha 23 FW
PR07-051-052-39 Smithy Saml 29 MW
OW02-16-16-33 Snider Daniel 22 MW
OW09-70-70-12 Snodgrass Charlotte 20 FW
OW09-70-70-15 Snodgrass Elijah 12 MW
OW09-70-70-13 Snodgrass Joseph 15 MW
OW09-70-70-11 Snodgrass Mary 41 FW
OW09-70-70-14 Snodgrass Robert 14 MW
PR31-216-215-23 Snow Alice 1 FM
PR31-216-215-22 Snow Eddie 4 FM
PR31-216-215-21 Snow Lucinda 22 FM
PR31-216-215-20 Snow Saml 28 MM
PL08-58-58-13 Sparrow Celia 30 FW
PL08-58-58-14 Sparrow Mary 3 FW
PL08-58-58-12 Sparrow William 45 MW
PR06-039-039-08 Springfield Geo W 25 MW
PR06-039-039-09 Springfield Mary 23 FW
PR06-039-039-10 Springfield Wm E 7/12 MW
PR10-065-066-01 St Clair Benj 3/12 MB
PR10-065-066-02 St Clair Clark 10 MB
PR10-065-066-03 St Clair Ellen 17 FB
PR09-065-066-39 St Clair Fanny 22 FM
PR09-065-066-40 St Clair Lula 1 FB
PR11-076-076-06 St Clair Saml 18 MB
PR09-065-066-38 St Clair William 23 MB
PR06-042-043-27 Stagg Catherine 60 FW
PR06-042-043-29 Stagg James 16 MW
PR06-042-043-28 Stagg Margaret 18 FW
PR06-042-043-26 Stagg Samuel 65 MW
RW10-76-76-40 Staggs David 9 MW
RW10-76-76-39 Staggs Louis 11 FW
RW10-76-76-36 Staggs Nancy 40 FW
RW10-76-76-38 Staggs Robert 13 MW
RW10-76-76-35 Staggs Thomas 40 MW
RW10-76-76-37 Staggs William 17 MW
MA09-74-74-40 Starbuck A H 23 MW
PL03-22-22-25 Stephens Anna 13 FW
PL03-22-22-23 Stephens H C 35 MW
PL03-22-22-26 Stephens Henry 10 MW
PL03-22-22-24 Stephens Julia 31 FW
PL03-22-22-27 Stephens Salestenar 5 MW
OW04-30-30-12 Steward John 13 MW
OW06-48-48-22 Steward Mary 18 FW
OW05-36-36-06 Stillwell Susan 13 FW
OW03-24-24-32 Stillwell Thos 20 MW
MI05-32-34-16 Stone _____ 2 FW
MI05-32-34-12 Stone Charlotte 34 FW
RW01-02-02-05 Stone Charlotte 47 FW
MI05-32-34-13 Stone Florence 11 FW
RW01-02-02-07 Stone Francis 21 FW
MI05-32-34-14 Stone Jeff Davis 8 MW
RW01-02-02-06 Stone John H 27 MW
RW01-02-02-09 Stone Lizzie 12 FW
MI05-32-34-15 Stone Mary 4 FW
RW01-02-02-08 Stone Susana 18 FW
RW01-02-02-10 Stone Susana 70 FW
MI05-32-34-11 Stone William 34 MW
MI05-32-34-17 Stone William 6/12 MW
MI02-12-13-25 Strange Adeline 21 FW
MI02-12-13-26 Strange California 2 FW
MI02-12-13-24 Strange James M 38 MW
MI02-12-13-27 Strange Leanna 1 FW
PR06-039-039-11 Strupe Synina 9 FW
RW05-37-38-36 Sullivan Edward 36 MW
RW05-37-38-38 Sullivan John A 9/12 MW
RW05-36-37-33 Sullivan Jos W 19 MW
RW05-36-37-32 Sullivan Rachel 57 FW
RW05-37-38-37 Sullivan Rosana C 29 FW
RW05-36-37-31 Sullivan Washington 61 MW
MA06-46-46-27 Sumpter Jno 20 MW
MA09-67-67-03 Sumpter John 22 MW
OW09-76-76-39 Sutton Amanda 30 FW
OW09-76-76-38 Sutton G W 37 MW
OW10-76-76-02 Sutton George W 7 MW
OW10-76-76-04 Sutton Harriette 2 FW
OW09-76-76-40 Sutton Middleton 14 MW
OW10-76-76-03 Sutton Robert 4 MW
OW10-76-76-01 Sutton Wm 12 MW
PR22-156-155-38 Swaim Elizabeth 17 FW
PR04-030-030-35 Swaim James D 12 MW
PR22-156-155-37 Swaim Jas A 21 MW
PR22-155-154-29 Swaim Jeremiah 19 MW
PR04-030-030-34 Swaim John 21 MW
PR22-155-154-28 Swaim Mahala J 37 FW
PR22-155-154-30 Swaim Margaret E 16 FW
PR04-030-030-33 Swaim Melvina T 23 FW
PR22-155-154-35 Swaim Naoma A 2 FW
PR22-155-154-31 Swaim Parmelia 14 FW
PR04-030-030-32 Swaim Samuel 47 MW
PR22-155-154-36 Swaim Sophronia 6/12 FW
PR22-155-154-34 Swaim Susan 4 FW
PR22-155-154-33 Swaim Thos R 7 MW
PR04-030-030-36 Swaim Virginia F 1 FW
PR22-155-154-27 Swaim Wm 49 MW
PR22-155-154-32 Swaim Wm G 12 MW
PR17-121-121-25 Swine David 13 MW
PR17-121-121-23 Swine Georginana 17 FW
PR17-121-121-24 Swine Hiram E 15 MW
PR17-121-121-26 Swine Ivy T 11 FW
PR17-121-121-27 Swine James 9 MW
PR17-121-121-22 Swine Lucy J 50 FW
PR17-121-121-21 Swine Moses DF 55 MW
MA03-23-23-32 Tackett Hester A 16 FW
MA03-23-23-27 Tackett Jesse 30 MW
MA03-23-23-31 Tackett Lancaster C 26 MW
MA03-23-23-28 Tackett Louisa 28 FW
MA03-23-23-29 Tackett Sarah M 8 FW
MA03-23-23-30 Tackett William 5/12 MW
PR05-037-037-34 Tanner Alexander 22 MW
PR05-037-037-31 Tanner James 60 MW
PR05-037-037-35 Tanner John M M 19 MW
PR05-037-037-32 Tanner Lucy 57 FW
PR05-037-037-36 Tanner Prudence C 17 FW
PR05-037-037-33 Tanner Thomas H 24 MW
PL04-29-29-26 Teagle Ada 16 FW
PL04-29-29-29 Teagle Berrean 9 FW
PL04-29-29-31 Teagle Cynthia 2 FW
PL07-53-53-35 Teagle Cynthia 20 FW
PL04-29-29-24 Teagle J T 25 MW
PL04-29-29-30 Teagle James 2/12 MW
PL04-29-29-27 Teagle Julia 14 FW
PL04-29-29-25 Teagle Martha 35 FW
PL04-29-29-28 Teagle Maryetta 10 FW
PR19-135-135-27 Thomas Amanda 23 FW
PR04-027-027-09 Thomas Bettie 39 FB
PR04-027-027-13 Thomas Caroline 14 FB
PR19-135-135-29 Thomas David E 19 MW
PR04-027-027-08 Thomas George 25 MW
PR19-135-135-32 Thomas George 10 MW
PR04-027-027-11 Thomas Henry 21 MB
PR09-064-065-36 Thomas Horace N 14 MW
MI03-19-20-21 Thomas James 14 MW
PR04-027-027-10 Thomas James A 1 MB
MI03-19-20-19 Thomas John 36 MW
PR15-110-110-34 Thomas John 71 MW
PR19-135-135-33 Thomas Malachi 6 MW
MI03-19-20-20 Thomas Mary 30 FW
PR19-135-135-30 Thomas Mildred 17 FW
MI03-19-20-22 Thomas Milton 1 MW
PR09-064-065-35 Thomas Nancy T 64 FW
PR09-064-065-34 Thomas Pleasant 65 MW
PR15-110-110-35 Thomas Polly 74 FW
PR15-110-110-36 Thomas Polly Ann 27 FW
PR19-135-135-25 Thomas Susan 47 FW
PR19-135-135-26 Thomas Sussanna 24 FW
PR19-135-135-31 Thomas Thomas 12 MW
PR23-164-163-27 Thomas Thos 25 MM
PR19-135-135-28 Thomas William 21 MW
PR19-135-135-24 Thomas Wm F 58 MW
MA09-74-74-39 Thompson Alex H 1 MW
PR11-075-076-03 Thompson Anna E 3 FW
PR31-213-212-03 Thompson Benj F 31 MW
MA09-74-74-34 Thompson Catherine 34 FW
PR11-080-080-20 Thompson Demas 24 FW
PR10-068-069-16 Thompson Effie 1 FW
RW04-26-27-23 Thompson Elisabeth 26 FB
PR11-080-080-21 Thompson Ella 4 FW
PR31-213-212-04 Thompson Emma 26 FW
PR11-075-076-02 Thompson Fannie 22 FW
RW04-26-27-22 Thompson Henry M 23 MB
MA09-74-74-35 Thompson James M 11 MW
MA09-74-74-36 Thompson Jane D 8 FW
PR11-075-076-01 Thompson John W 26 MW
PR12-085-085-04 Thompson Joseph 59 MW
PR12-085-085-06 Thompson Joseph W 33 MW
PR10-068-069-14 Thompson Louisa 27 FW
PR11-080-080-23 Thompson Lula 1 FW
PR12-085-085-05 Thompson Maria 66 FW
PR10-074-075-39 Thompson Martha 59 FW
PR12-085-085-07 Thompson Martha J 20 FW
RW04-26-27-24 Thompson Mary J 3 FB
PR10-068-069-15 Thompson Nettie 2 FW
PR11-075-076-04 Thompson Orein 1 MW
MA09-74-74-33 Thompson R W 37 MW
MA09-74-74-38 Thompson Rice R 4 MW
MA09-74-74-37 Thompson Richard W 6 MW
PR10-068-069-13 Thompson Robt S 38 MW
PR31-213-212-06 Thompson Sallie 9/12 FW
PR10-074-075-40 Thompson Virginia 25 FW
PR10-074-075-38 Thompson William 65 MW
PR11-080-080-22 Thompson William 3 MW
PR31-213-212-05 Thompson Wm A 3 MW
PR11-080-080-19 Thompson Wm L 29 MW
MA06-47-47-33 Thri Robert 16 MW
PR14-099-099-14 Thweatt Fannie E 2/12 FW
PR14-098-098-09 Thweatt Frances 54 FW
PR14-098-098-10 Thweatt Martha 20 FW
PR14-098-098-08 Thweatt Peter 58 MW
PR14-099-099-12 Thweatt Sallie 24 FW
PR14-099-099-13 Thweatt William O 3 MW
PR14-099-099-11 Thweatt Wm M 30 MW
MA06-42-42-08 Tmth? G W 37 MW
MA06-42-42-09 Tmth? Rachel 20 FW
OW11-86-88-20 Tollen Angeline 2 FW
OW11-86-88-19 Tollen Howard 5 MW
OW11-86-88-21 Tollen Joanna 2/12 FW
OW11-86-88-17 Tollen Nancy A 21 FW
OW11-86-88-16 Tollen W B 40 MW
OW11-86-88-18 Tollen Wm T 6 MW
MI04-23-24-03 Tompkins Celia 20 FW
MI04-23-24-02 Tompkins Wiley 31 MW
PL01-05-05-24 Toney A K 26 MW
PL01-05-05-26 Toney Edwin 3 MW
PL01-05-05-27 Toney John C 1 FW
PL01-05-05-25 Toney Rhoda A 26 FW
PR31-212-211-01 Toone Hannah 23 FB
PR30-212-211-40 Toone John 29 MB
PR31-212-211-02 Toone Mollie 3 FB
PR08-057-058-37 Townsend Fannie 15 FW
PR08-057-058-36 Townsend Samuel 26 MW
PR25-172-171-01 Travis Benj L 14 MW
PR25-172-171-02 Travis E____ Allen 12 MW
PR24-172-171-35 Travis Geo P 64 MW
PR24-172-171-37 Travis Geo P 24 MW
PR24-172-171-40 Travis Jonathan G 16 MW
PR24-172-171-36 Travis Julia 52 FW
PR24-172-171-39 Travis Mollie 17 FW
PR24-172-171-38 Travis Sallie A 2 FW
PR01-003-003-11 Trimble Geo W 26 MW
PR09-058-059-02 Trimble William H 8 MW
MA07-54-54-17 Trotter Andrew 10 MB
MA07-54-54-16 Trotter Maria 40 FB
MA07-54-54-15 Trotter Richard 30 MB
MA07-54-54-18 Trotter William 5 MB
PR23-164-163-28 Tucker Mary 18 FM
PR06-041-042-24 Turner Charles 4 MW
PR06-041-042-23 Turner Fanny 9 FW
PR06-041-042-21 Turner George 14 MW
PR06-041-042-19 Turner Jessie J 36 MW
PR06-041-042-25 Turner Mary 3 FW
PR06-041-042-20 Turner Melvina 43 FW
PR06-041-042-22 Turner William 12 MW

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