for V-Z

Note that Payatte Twp. isn't listed because it was too light and faint to read.

RW05-31-32-06 Van Pelt Abram 25 MW
RW05-30-31-03 Van Pelt Charity 22 FW
RW05-30-31-05 Van Pelt Elisabeth 5 FW
RW05-30-31-04 Van Pelt Henry 12 MW
RW05-31-32-10 Van Pelt Isaac 2 MW
RW05-31-32-09 Van Pelt Manuel 6 MW
RW05-31-32-07 Van Pelt Martha 30 FW
RW05-31-32-08 Van Pelt Semanthe 8 FW
RW05-30-31-02 Van Pelt Wm 45 MW
MI01-05-05-30 Vanetter Albert A 2 MW
MI01-05-05-29 Vanetter George I 4 MW
MI01-05-05-27 Vanetter John 9 MW
MI01-05-05-26 Vanetter Nancy J 28 FW
MI01-05-05-25 Vanetter Samuel 33 MW
MI01-05-05-28 Vanetter Sarah 6 FW
MI01-05-05-31 Vanetter Thomas 9/12 MW
PR21-148-147-28 Vann Elisha 11 MW
OW02-16-16-31 Vanness Albert 1/12 MW
OW02-16-16-29 Vanness Charles 3 MW
OW02-16-16-32 Vanness Ella 10 FW
OW02-16-16-27 Vanness F 25 MW
OW02-16-16-28 Vanness Helen J 24 FW
OW02-16-16-30 Vanness Joseph 2 MW
PR11-081-081-26 Verser Jane 57 FW
PR11-081-081-27 Verser Nathan 21 MW
PR11-081-081-28 Verser William A 9 MW
PR11-081-081-25 Verser Wm A 51 MW
RW05-35-36-29 Victory Thos 25 MW
RW09-65-65-25 Vitty Henry 24 MW
MI01-03-03-11 Voss A F 40 MW
MI01-03-03-15 Voss Fredericca 5 FW
MI01-03-03-14 Voss Henry 8 MW
MI01-03-03-16 Voss Matilda 1 FW
MI01-03-03-12 Voss Willamine 38 FW
MI01-03-03-13 Voss William 15 MW
MI02-11-11-22 Wade Alice 2 FW
MI02-11-11-20 Wade Fider Ann 23 FW
MI02-11-11-23 Wade Joseph 3/12 MW
MI02-11-11-21 Wade Sarah 3 FW
MI02-11-12-19 Wade Wm 29 MW
MI01-06-06-37 Wait H T 40 MW
MI01-06-06-38 Wait Hattie E 17 FW
RW02-12-12-18 Walker Alice A 3/12 FB
OW03-24-24-31 Walker Caroline 10 FW
RW02-12-12-17 Walker Henrietta 5 FB
OW13-98-100-17 Walker John 28 MW
RW02-12-12-15 Walker John 47 MB
OW08-62-62-10 Walker Loretta 8 FW
RW02-12-12-16 Walker Lucy 39 FB
OW13-98-100-20 Walker Margarett 15 FW
OW13-98-100-18 Walker Mary A 18 FW
OW08-62-62-09 Walker Mary E 20 FW
OW13-98-100-19 Walker Rhoda 7/12 FW
OW08-62-62-08 Walker W P 25 MW
MA09-73-73-32 Wallace Charles G 1 MW
PR29-204-203-24 Wallace Elvira? 23 FW
PR28-197-196-24 Wallace Eunace 34 FW
PR29-204-203-25 Wallace Frances 3 FW
PR29-204-203-23 Wallace Geo W 23 MW
PR28-197-196-23 Wallace Jas G 38 MW
PR28-197-196-28 Wallace Jno H 1 MW
PR28-197-196-26 Wallace John B 4 MW
MA08-62-62-21 Wallace Joseph 30 MB
PR28-197-196-27 Wallace Maggie G 3 FW
OW01-06-06-30 Wallace Malcom 20 MW
MA08-62-62-22 Wallace Maria 20 FB
PR28-197-196-25 Wallace Martha L 7 FW
MA09-73-73-31 Wallace Mary C 52 FW
MA09-73-73-30 Wallace Perry 53 MW
PR29-204-203-26 Wallace Rebecca 2 FW
OW08-60-60-02 Wallairu John 11 MW
MA05-38-38-29 Waller Daniel 9 MW
MA05-38-38-26 Waller John 54 MW
MA05-38-38-27 Waller Mary 50 MW
MA05-38-38-28 Waller Rachel 17 MW (FW?)
MA05-38-38-30 Waller S______ 7 FW
PR23-158-157-09 Walls Andrew J 8 MW
PR23-158-157-08 Walls Catherine C 36 FW
PR23-158-157-11 Walls Frank 3 FW
PR23-158-157-07 Walls Jackson 61 MW
PR23-158-157-10 Walls Nancy L 6 FW
PL07-53-53-36 Wallthall Milton 24 MW
PR32-224-224-40 Wally Dora 2 FW
PR32-224-224-39 Wally Parnicia P 21 FW
PR32-224-224-38 Wally Wm H 24 MW
MA02-17-17-39 Walters Abner 19 MW
MA02-17-17-36 Walters Gilliam 30 MW
MA02-17-17-40 Walters Hester 16 FW
MA02-17-17-38 Walters John 20 MW
MA03-17-17-02 Walters Laura 11 FW
MA02-17-17-37 Walters Margaret P 26 FW
MA03-17-17-01 Walters William 14 MW
MA06-47-47-34 Ward Cal 15 FW
MA06-47-47-31 Ward Martha 42 FW
PR03-025-025-35 Ware Jacob 56 MB
PR03-025-025-36 Ware Sarah 42 FB
PR05-033-033-14 Warren Wm H 32 MW
PR23-164-163-29 Washington Geo 25 MM
PL05-37-37-18 Watson Abe 59 MW
PL05-37-37-20 Watson Anna 17 FW
PL05-37-37-25 Watson Clemch Rebecca 13 FW
PL05-37-37-21 Watson Henry 14 MW
PL05-37-37-22 Watson John 12 MW
PL05-37-37-23 Watson Marion 10 MW
PL05-37-37-19 Watson Nancy C 35 FW
PL05-37-37-26 Watson Sarah W 2 FW
PL05-37-37-24 Watson William 3 MW
PL06-46-46-38 Weaver Henry 16 MW
PL02-13-13-21 Webb Angelina 48 FW
PL02-13-13-22 Webb James 21 MW
PL02-13-13-25 Webb Jenny 11 FW
PL02-13-13-23 Webb Julia 18 FW
PL02-13-13-24 Webb Robert 13 MW
PL02-13-13-20 Webb Steven G 43 MW
RW06-44-45-32 Webb Wm 24 MB
PR11-076-076-05 Webster David 19 MM
PL10-71-71-01 Weddle Edward 24 MW
PL10-71-71-03 Weddle James 4 MW
PL10-71-71-04 Weddle Jenny 2 FW
PL10-71-71-02 Weddle Nancy 18 FW
PL09-71-71-39 Weddle Nat 40 MW
PL09-71-71-40 Weddle Polly 40 FW
MA01-02-02-06 Welden George 2 MW
MA01-02-02-05 Welden James 4 MW
MA01-02-02-03 Welden John 30 MW
MA01-02-02-04 Welden Margaret 23 FW
MA01-02-02-07 Welden Susan 4/12 FW
PR33-225-225-09 Wells Jas M 18 MW
PL03-22-22-28 Wesly Robert 17 MW
PR30-208-207-08 Whilley Calista 22 FW
PR30-208-207-06 Whilley Colula 54 FW
PR30-208-207-09 Whilley Hemit 20 FW
PR30-208-207-11 Whilley Madella 15 FW
PR30-208-207-10 Whilley Margaret 17 FW
PR30-208-207-07 Whilley Mary A 25 FW
PR30-208-207-05 Whilley Taylor 56 MW
OW11-85-87-13 White Fannie 21 FW
PL09-64-64-05 White George 3 MW
OW11-84-86-11 White James 3 MW
OW11-85-87-12 White Joseph 27 MW
PL09-64-64-04 White Mary 23 FW
OW11-85-87-14 White Nancy 1 FW
OW11-84-86-10 White Sarah 25 FW
PL09-64-64-03 White W H 25 MW
PL09-64-64-06 White William 1 MW
MA08-60-61-16 Whitmore Thos 48 MW
OW03-18-18-04 Whitty James 28 MW
OW03-18-18-05 Whitty Nancy 20 FW
RW01-07-07-32 Wicks Ella 9 FW
RW01-07-07-33 Wicks Julia 7 FW
RW01-07-07-30 Wicks Mary L 36 FW
RW01-07-07-31 Wicks Thomas 12 MW
PR18-127-127-30 William Courietta A 1 FW
PR18-127-127-29 William Sarah E 24 FW
PR18-127-127-28 William T 26 MW
MA03-22-22-26 Williams Abram 8 MW
MA03-22-22-21 Williams Allen 21 MW
PR09-064-065-37 Williams Anna 22 MW
PR10-066-067-06 Williams Anna S 20 FW
PR01-002-002-07 Williams Charlotte 20 FW
MA03-22-22-22 Williams George 20 MW
OW02-11-11-10 Williams Harriett 48 MW
MA03-22-22-23 Williams Henry 16 MW
OW02-11-11-09 Williams J M 62 MW
PR04-026-026-04 Williams James 29 MW
MA03-22-22-25 Williams John 11 MW
PR01-002-002-06 Williams John S 26 MW
MA03-22-22-20 Williams L C 39 FW
OW02-11-11-11 Williams Lewis D 5 MW
PR10-066-067-07 Williams Nannie 4/12 FW
PR04-026-026-05 Williams Narcisis 26 FW
PR10-066-067-05 Williams Nathaniel 32 MW
RW05-33-34-20 Williams Saml 22 MB
MA03-22-22-24 Williams Sarah 14 FW
OW13-100-102-27 Willis Lydia 18 FW
PL08-62-62-36 Willson Eva 10/12 FW
PL08-62-62-34 Willson Marion 21 MW
PL08-62-62-35 Willson Sarah 21 FW
PR23-165-164-35 Wilson Alabama 14 FW
OW01-01-01-06 Wilson Albert 12 MB
OW01-01-01-03 Wilson Alex 18 MB
PR23-165-164-32 Wilson Artemisa F 38 FW
PL01-07-07-33 Wilson Catherine 16 FW
MI02-13-14-29 Wilson Darcas 67 FW
OW06-48-48-19 Wilson Edward 4 MW
OW01-01-01-04 Wilson Eliza J 15 FB
MI02-13-14-31 Wilson Ellen 17 FW
MI02-14-15-34 Wilson Emmerelle 23 FW
OW01-01-01-08 Wilson George 7 MB
PL01-07-07-31 Wilson H B 45 MW
MI02-13-14-30 Wilson Harris H 21 FW
OW01-01-01-01 Wilson Henry 30 MB
PR07-047-048-23 Wilson Henry 30 MM
OW06-48-48-20 Wilson Holland V 1 FW
PL01-07-07-34 Wilson James B 10 MW
OW01-01-01-07 Wilson James C 10 MB
PR23-165-164-37 Wilson John 6 MW
RW07-48-48-10 Wilson Joseph 22 MW
OW06-48-48-15 Wilson L 40 MW
OW01-01-01-09 Wilson Lewis 6 MB
PR23-161-160-22 Wilson Lou J 25 FW
OW01-01-01-02 Wilson Louisa 31 FB
PL01-07-07-32 Wilson Louisa E 45 FW
PR23-165-164-36 Wilson Mary 10 FW
OW06-48-48-16 Wilson Mary A 28 MW
PR23-165-164-34 Wilson Nancy 16 FW
OW06-48-48-18 Wilson Orlando 6 MW
OW06-48-48-17 Wilson Sarah 10 FW
MI02-14-15-35 Wilson Tennessee 3 FW
PR23-165-164-33 Wilson Thomas 18 MW
OW01-01-01-05 Wilson Welden 14 MB
MI02-14-15-33 Wilson William 27 MW
PL02-15-15-37 Wily Amanda 14 FW
PL02-15-15-38 Wily Sarah 12 FW
RW05-37-38-40 Winfrey Charity C F 5 FW
RW05-37-38-39 Winfrey Jno B 9 MW
RW01-05-05-25 Witt John O 19 MW
RW01-05-05-23 Witt Mary 59 FW
RW01-05-05-24 Witt Wm 15 MW
RW01-03-03-11 Wolf Adeline 33 FW
RW01-03-03-13 Wolf John 9 MW
RW01-03-03-12 Wolf Sarah J 9 FW
PL09-69-69-29 Wood John 51 MW
PL09-69-69-31 Wood Laura 3 FW
PL09-69-69-30 Wood Sarah 31 FW
PL09-70-70-32 Woodman A 40 MW
PL09-70-70-35 Woodman Catherine 10 FW
PL09-70-70-33 Woodman Eva 24 FW
PL09-70-70-36 Woodman John 5 MW
PL09-70-70-37 Woodman Nancy 3 FW
PL09-70-70-38 Woodman Sammie 1 MW
PL09-70-70-34 Woodman Sarah 12 FW
MI02-15-16-40 Woodruff Frank 20 MW
MI04-27-29-26 Wright Ann 11 FW
RW04-28-29-34 Wright Catherine 7 FB
RW04-28-29-33 Wright Celia 8 FB
MI04-27-29-27 Wright Daniel 19 MW
MI04-27-29-25 Wright Francis 40 FW
RW04-28-29-36 Wright Henry 7 MB
RW04-28-29-35 Wright Jennie 4 FB
MI04-27-29-24 Wright John 50 MW
MI04-27-29-30 Wright John 6 MW
MI04-27-29-31 Wright Joseph 1 MW
MI04-27-29-28 Wright Martha 12 FW
RW04-28-29-32 Wright Nancy 25 FB
RW04-28-29-31 Wright Saml 26 MB
MI04-27-29-29 Wright Willy 10 MW
PR06-040-041-15 Wurley Andrew E 52 MW
PR06-040-041-16 Wurley Cynthia 54 FW
PR06-040-041-17 Wurley Stephen M 22 MW
PL02-14-14-29 Wyatte Alfred 13 MW
PL02-14-14-27 Wyatte G H 36 MW
PL02-14-14-32 Wyatte Georgianna 5 FW
PL02-14-14-30 Wyatte John 10 MW
PL02-14-14-28 Wyatte Sarah 45 FW
PL02-14-14-31 Wyatte Thomas 7 MW
RW08-57-57-20 Yarber Milton 20 MW
PR32-221-221-19 Young Samuel 13 MW
PL03-23-23-34 Young Virginia 40 FW

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