Pulaski Co AR

The Orville BEARDEN Family had a large farm along what is now Ark. State highway 5 going 
north from U.S. highway 67/167 near Cabot in Lonoke County.  That was before Hwy. 5 was
there.  They created a cemetery to bury the SLAVES AND INDIANS who worked the farm.
As far as the "Old Timers" (who still live in the area) can remember there never were
any grave markers with names and dates, just field stones with some wooden crosses, and
it was left abandoned.

This was all in Pulaski County, but when Lonoke County was formed in 1872 it was right
on the county line.  It is believed that when Arkansas highway was built they paved right
over the top of this cemetery as no one spoke up to tell of the sacred ground.  The
location as best that can be determined at this time is at the crest of Ark. Hwy 5, just
north of Freshour Construction Co. Inc. gravel quarries, (one on each side of the highway)
They have a Jacksonville Arkansas address.  This would be west from the 6/167 Interstate.

 This information came from three different life long residents of this area.

Submitted by David V. Brannon
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