Clendenin School
Argenta, Arkansas
Now known as North Little Rock

Second Grade Class - about 1909

Names were added in 1975 by Mildred Payne Gregg (1902-1993)

First Row: Rhon Dry, Dewey Dry, Homer Crumb, Sidney Wilmuth, Rosie Pistol, Flossie Walker, Rosa Mae Perry, Emma Lenox, [?] Day or, Richard Cassinelli

Second Row: Sam Havens, Mattie Mossholder, Mildred Nowlin, [?], Flora Bradbury, Pearl Freeman, Zola Boyd, [?] Kellogg, Sadie Rambo, [May be Tommie Rogers], Arthur Hubbard, Oscar Speer

Third Row: Tommie Boyd, Bessie Griebel, Cumi Larry, Mildred Payne, Bellie Ballard, Bernice Gaston. Hettie McCall, Ellen McCall, Walter Funk, [?], [?], [?] Winkler

Half Row: Lewis Havens; Coy McCormick, Mike Makoski, Earl Pyles, [?] May be Homer Lindsey

Fourth Row: Nesta Stevenson - Teacher, Raymond Reeser, [?] May be Gladys Reeser, Etta Lane Funk, Bessie Rogers, Delphia Clark, Delmar Mehaffy


AAA's Tour Book - 1993 Arkansas, Kansas, Missouri, Oklahoma, page 42 says: If one man could be said to have created a city, William C. Faucette created North Little Rock. After he lost the 1903 mayoral election in Little Rock, Faucette and his lawyer friends introduced a bill in the Arkansas General Assembly making the section of Little Rock north of the Arkansas River a separate city. Faucette's bill was passed in 1917, making him a new mayor in a new city.

There are several versions of the story of Argenta and North Little Rock. One says that Argenta was incorporated in 1871, however, according to a December, 1880 issue of the Gazette, "Little Rock called for the town of Argenta to become incorporated in order to stem the 'lawless conditions.' Attempts to incorporate in 1890 were fought by the City of Little Rock and in an election held in April the City of Little Rock annexed as its eighth ward what consisted of most of Argenta."

The name went back and forth between Argenta and North Little Rock for many years. The boundaries of the town also changed, and annexation and secession were all part of the process. Baring Cross also became part of the controversy before it became a permanent part of the municipality of North Little Rock.

Many of the children in this second grade picture grew up in the area, and in my childhood I either knew them or their siblings.

My mother, Mildred Payne, is the third child in the third row. My cousin's uncle, Oscar Speer, is the last child in the second row. The boy next to him, Arthur Hubbard, was the son of one of the first aldermen.

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1915 Argenta Grammar School Graduation