Researched by David V. Brannon - Aug. 26, 2000

		This Cemetery no longer exist.  It's present day location is the northwest corner
		of Main Street and Harris Rd., in Jacksonville.  The GPS location is N 34.52.274 W
		092.09.456.  It is not shown on the Rand McNally Little Rock and Vicinity Street
		Finder Page 42.

		It was a small family cemetery containing members of the Davidson family and
		their kin.  It was on what is called the Old Davidson Farm.  This cemetery was
		destroyed by the construction firm of Ford Bacon and Davis in late 1941 or 1942.
		There is a house and a lake on the location where the cemetery once stood.

		The graves were not relocated, but were bulldozed and covered up.  This resulted
		in a law suit filed by the Garvin family (A part of the Davidson family) against
		Ford Bacon and Davis and also the Federal Government  Ford Bacon and Davis was the
		contractor and operator hired by the United States Government to build and operate
		the Arkansas Ordinance Plant during W.W.II.

		In 1955 the Federal Government put in the Little Rock Air Force Base which covered
		most of the Old Arkansas property. but it did not take in this area.  Some time in
		the 1960s housing was built on the site.

		At a later date (approx. 1965) a tombstone was found in the area by a young man,
		Later he reported it to the authorities and tried to find the stone again, but
		could not.  It was reported that the stone had the name of Esther (McCool) Davidson.

		The sources for the information about this cemetery is Charlie T. Smith who first
		told me about the location of the cemetery.  Also Nellie May (Garvin) Matowitz
		who verified the location of the cemetery and told me the history of the cemetery
		being destroyed.  Nellie is the granddaughter of Sallie (Davidson) Garvin.  Mary
		Miller, a Davidson descendant and family researcher relayed the story about the
		tombstone being found.

		It is not known at this time, how many, and who the people that were buried there.
		It is now suspected that Esther (McCool) Davidson and her husband George Davidson
		were there.

		David V. Brannon (8-26-2000)

Researched by David V. Brannon Aug. 26, 2000.
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