Pulaski Co AR

	The Dickey-Morris Family Cemetery is in NE 1/4, section 30, T1S, R10Q. 
	Driving directions: From Scott Ark. drive south on Hwy. 161 for 6 miles to Hwy. 232, 
	turn West and go about .7 miles.  The cemetery is on the South side of the road where
	it intersects with John Branch Rd. and has a wrought iron fence around it.  
	AFH V22-1 Mar 1984;  Has a new grave in 1994;  
	Inventoried 26 Sept. 1995 and 10 Aug. 1996

	BLANN, Edward Robert	 29 Oct 1916	10 Aug 1994
	He was the brother of Mrs. R.S. Bredlow and lived in the area all his life.

	DICKEY, George T	 28 Oct 1881	01 Feb 1882	JTD footstone
	DICKEY, Grover C	 19 Dec 1885	07 Nov 1890	WWD footstone

	The headstone looks like it has been removed.  The base is still there.
	DICKEY, Julia		 18 Jun 1880	26 Jun 1882	JD footstone	  
	MORRIS, George W. "Rev." 10 Oct 1819	27 Apr 1877
	His body was moved there after a flood disinterred it from the fist burial place.

	MORRIS, Nancy C 	        1833	       1901	assumed w/o George W.

	This little family cemetery is inclosed in a wrought iron fence and looks to be
	lovingly taken care of.  
	Shown on Rand McNally Little Rock & Vicinity Map on pg.72, AE-23.


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