A Letter to Allen Martin in Pulaski County, AR
From John Martin in Jefferson Co., MO
At the State Legislature.

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To: Allen Martin

From his brother John in Jefferson, Missouri at the state legislature.

Envelope reads

Jackson, Mo 18 3/7 Mr. Allen Martin , near Little Rock in Pulaski county A.T.

21 January 1835

My Dear Brother,

Yesterday's mail brought to hand your esteemed letter of the 30th .. instant. I am truly glad to hear of your return, and the completion of your contract. I have experienced much anxiousness on your account, in the doing of the work in such a low and unhealthy section of country. I hope the change from camp living to your house has not produced the result you apprehended. I am extremely sorry to hear of the sickness in brother Jared's family, also of your neighborhood. Influenza is very prevalent in our state, but has not generally ? yet, a very inviolate character, but the month of February is the most fatal time in our country. I have received letters from home almost every week since leaving there, which still gives information of Rebecca, was a little unwell. Major Guild was in Jefferson last week from Jackson and he informed me that she had a much worse spell than any previous to my leaving home. My information has mostly been from persons of the neighborhood. I received letter directly from home until about Christmas which was from Mary A. which informed me that her mother had been quite unwell but was then much better. I am looking every day for a letter from home and if the account is still that she is still in bad health I shall consider it my duty to return home immediately. ... If her health still remains bad when I return and she is able to travel I think it would be best for her to take a trip to the Arkansas or some where else to try what effect traveling will have on her health, the little trip she took to White river last fall a year, improved her health for a ? ? very much. Which gives me great confidence in its good effects again. Legislative business progresses very slowly with us political excitement runs high, which procrastinates our getting along very much. From present appearances it will be March before we can through. I wish to hear from you shortly, it will be but peculiar to direct letters to me at home. I received a letter a few days since from Mary A dated the 8th of this month. Her mother was then mending the ? all well. John William she said was in better health than he had been in for several years or perhaps better than ever before. I am very sorry to hear of the dangerous illness of brother Jared's little daughter, also of his being unwell himself. I am glad to hear of mother's improvement in her health as to crippling. That this finds him, may find you all in good health is my sincere prayer. My own health through Gods Mercy is tolerably good.... John Martin ............to Allen Martin.

NOTE: Allen's contract was surveying business. His father, John Martin Jr. had left Allen his surveying tools in his will of 1808. Mary A. is his daughter, 16 yrs old at this time. John served 4 sessions in lower house from 1829 - 1836.

Submitted by Meredith Gibson (1924-2002) a 2nd great granddaughter of Jared Martin.

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