Pulaski County, Arkansas
Lost and Found Tombstones

A tombstone has been found in Pulaski Co. AR
of Margaret Waddle who died April 25, 1905.
There is a number above her name: 3626
Does anyone know of this Margaret, and/or what the
number means? If so, Please contact Charlotte Ramsey


1. could be MARGARET WADDLE was a prisoner, re: the # on her grave?  Check local prisons for women. (L)
2. that number 3626. Could this be the Hebrew Year? (L.T.)
3. it may possibly be the Jewish year? (S.)
4. the number on her gravestone could be her NSDAR National number. (J.H.)
5. Born March 6, 1826? (A.G.) and (T.W.)
6. The number looks to me the same ones that you would see in National cemeteries on veterans markers. (G)
7. Could be her Indian (Cherokee) roll number. (L.S.)
8. Visited a State Hospital Cemetery. All headstones had a number similiar to this. (PDT)
9. On the 1900 census of Grant Co., AR, Madison Township, residence No. 53, there was a 74 year old widow named Margaret Waddle, born in NC in Nov 1825, no relation to the family she was living with. Since Grant Co. is not that far from Pulaski County, is it possible that she ended up in a mental hospital in Little Rock and was given a patient number as shown on the tombstone? If this is the same Margaret Waddle, I think we can rule out a prison inmate. (M.A.)
NOTE: I did an extensive research on Pulaski Co., Saline Co. & Grant Co. Census before I put the info online, found the Margaret Waddle in Grant Co.  I even went to Sheridan, found several folks who might be of help, they gave me numerous phone numbers, and after much studying with the information they gave me, the conclusion is that the Margaret Waddle in Grant Co. isn't this Margaret Waddle. ...CR

Thanks so much for the replies... maybe someday we will solve this puzzle. ...CR

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